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Date: April 17, 2012 @ 9 PM Eastern Time
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I'm about to try something new that will help get people's questions answered.

But, before I go into that, I would like to remind everyone of a few important facts. Each year, about two million people die from malaria. These lives could be saved if they received proper treatment.

Those familiar with MMS know it cures malaria in 4 hours. I know that sounds like a miracle to the uninformed. That's why I called it the Miracle Mineral Solution at first, and later the Master Mineral Solution. I personally successfully treated more than 2000 malaria cases in Africa, and those I trained treated more than 75,000 more. It was really a miracle. But the money wasn't there so we couldn't do more.

So why didn't people just start financing it with so much proof? Unfortunately things aren't that simple. I was deep in Africa, in the middle of Kenya. I was alone with the Africans. Well some people believed us, but not the right ones.

You see there are a number of critics who don't care how many people are dying; evidently because they are being paid, else why would they be there? They started right away saying, It doesn't work. It's no good. It's a poison and the same as bleach. They didn't scare the Africans, but they did scare the financial people to the point we couldn't get financed to go back to Africa to begin malaria campaigns either large or small.

But, what I did do was start giving MMS away and getting others to sell it. That helped a lot, but not in Africa where the malaria is. It sold in many places around the world and some people made a lot of money, but not me and the group that wanted to overcome malaria in Africa. Legally, I couldn't both tell about MMS and also sell it. And, I found that people believed me when I said it worked when I wasn't making money from it, else many people thought, why would I say it worked if it didn't?

The fact is that the critics were the main instigator's of evil to prevent us from getting money for malaria in Africa and saving thousands of lives. Either they were paid or they weren't. It doesn't matter does it? They managed to prevent the financing necessary to mount an attack against malaria.

So now what we need to do is to go back to Africa and treat another 1,000 persons while we take pictures, do blood tests--both before and after MMS treatment; and collect affidavits.

Why would this be of any importance to the average person in America (or any other person living in a first world country)? If we can unquestionably prove that MMS works against malaria, then MMS will finally be legitimately recognized. Furthermore, this would open the doors to additional study into other already recognized uses of MMS.

This is where you come in.

I need to raise an estimated $3,000 weekly to send two individuals to Africa to accomplish the above task.

Here's a win-win idea I would like to try.

Many people email me with questions every day. It is challenging to respond to all of them. I would like to try a live web conference in a few days where you can ask me questions and receive answers, while having the benefit of hearing the answers to the questions of others.

This first web conference will be free. However, donations to the paypal address below are encouraged to help us collect the funds needed to do the data collection.

I would like to try and do a web conference like this about once a week depending on my schedule for the week. In an ideal world, enough donations will come in to support the intended activities. If not, I will experiment with another option of pay-per-view mini-conferences, which of course is a more closed approach.

The conference will go about one hour and perhaps longer if the interest and number of participants warrant.

To participate click on the Go to channel below at the designated date and time:

Date: April 17, 2012 @ 9 PM Eastern Time
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