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Important personalities
 coming to the 7th of May Seminar
in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

There are a number of interesting personalities that have stated their intention of coming to our first seminar at our new headquarters of MMS here in Puerto Vallarta May 7th to the 11th.  If you would like to talk to any of these people don't miss this seminar.

Andreas Kalcker has said he will be here.  Andreas created the CDS solution and has done much research using chlorine dioxide and various protocols of MMS.  He will lecture and tell about some of his discoveries.

Pavel who sells MMS books, Rife machines, and Videos of Jim and many other health products in the Czech Republic will be here.  The interview of Jim in Prague 2011 that he sponsored in Czech got more than 300,000 answers. 

Leo Koehof sells books by Jim, and MMS and has helped thousands in Africa using MMS. 

Daniel Bender (YouTube: "Straight Talk on MMS" with Andreas Kalcker) who worked with CNN for years, has made many televisions shows, and had the largest of all internet dating services for many years, is also coming.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
May 7th – May 11th 2012

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