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1 week Health Minister Course
in Puerto Vallarta
at the new World Headquarters:
July 1st-7th


Download this newsletter in .DOC format.

This is not a course for receiving treatment this is an educational opportunity.

Course includes:
1. Seminar will include all meals and lodging at the all-inclusive Canto Del Sol Plaza Vallarta hotel.
Please save money by paying early:

2. Cost Now till May 31st - Single room $1500, Double room $1400 per person
3. June 1 -15th June - Single room $1600, Double $1500 per person
4. June 15th - June 30th - Single room $1750, Double room $1650

(Hotel Sunday evening –Saturday morning) extra nights are on your own.
5. Class starts 9 am Monday morning
6. It is casual environment, shorts and sandals are perfect.
7. You will have internet access in the lobby and seminar room.
8. We serve amazing food mostly vegetarian, vegan and raw small amounts of protein.
9. Please give us all flight information. Take a cab to the hotel cost will be about $10. You will be in a hotel with hot showers and a swimming pool.
10. Additional family members not attending Seminar but may stay at hotel for additional cost.
11. I will send you an invoice to make your payment to our Pay-pal account:

ALL money must be received 3 days before your arrival. We need to make sure you have a room
and your materials printed for the course. If the above fees are not paid we will not have your room or materials needed for the course.

The Fundamentals of MMS: the discovery and evolution of the usage of the world's most important broad spectrum non-toxic anti-microbial agent including these topics:
• Chemistry of 28% Chlorine Dioxide solution, Home manufacture, Basic first aid and diagnosis.
• Working in remote areas: strategies for communication and protection, Legal and FDA
• How MMS attacks different pathogens in the body, The evolution of MMS protocols
• Successful stories with different diseases, Practical applications of MMS for water purification
• Health ministers training and Certificate

1. MMS2 / CDS / All protocols, Question and answers
2. Parasite Protocols
3. Puerto Vallarta can be hot and humid. Please bring a 32oz bottle for water.

Archbishop Jim Humble:
• He has personally seen more people recover from incurable diseases than anyone in the world.
• The man behind MMS, and all of the health benefits. He wants to see health Worldwide.

Bishop Kerri Rivera:
• 40 recovered Children from Autism. Speaker at Autism One in Chicago.

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