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New Health Restoration Center

Bishop Mark Grenon and Our newest Bishop Jose Luis Rosado:
jose and mark

We are excited to announce our newest Genesis II Church Church / Health Restoration Center in Colombia, South America.

Bishop Jose Luis Rosado is our newest Bishop and the Co-founder of the Guatapuri Church of Valledupar, Colombia. "Guatapuri" means "Pure water" which is quite appropriate seeing we purify water also.

Bishop Rosado has been using MMS for the past two years in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia among the indigenous people, the Arhuacos, in which he is a member. We have many testimonies coming monthly from this area of Colombia. Jose is also working with another Health Minister - Alvaro Torres, who is also an Arhuaco.

We were first informed of these people from another one of our Health Ministers, Asaea. Thank you Asaea for your concern for these people! We also want to thank Shelley, Tim & Edith and Lina for their donations that helped make this all possible.

And, obviously Archbishop James Humble for his discovery of MMS. Archbishop Jim has helped fund all of our projects from the sales of his literature and videos. Without these people helping we wouldn't have seen this project come to fruition. The establishment of the Church is the first step towards reaching out to all of the indigenous of the Sierra Nevada region.

We are now in the planning stages of setting up a 5 day trip to one section of this region. We have seen many restored to health already. One disease we are dealing with is called "Chagas", also called American trypanosomiasis. This disease affects some 11 million people in Latin America. We now have blood samples of 2 people confirmed as being "Chagas free".

The insects that cause "Chagas":
chagas bug

More are coming as we treat others throughout this region. Here are some photos of the Guatapuri Church / Health Restoration Center.

Front of the Guatapuri Church:
new church

Church Sign,
a member of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing International:
church sign

Guatapuri Church Health Office:
church health office

Inside Health Office - Bishop Jose's Bishop Certificate
Church authorization - Church Public Announcement
( which is also printed in the local newspaper) -
and The Genesis II Church Creed:
inside health office

church certificates

Rev. Joseph Grenon, Rev. Jonathan Grenon
and Bishop Mark Grenon as Church Health Advisors:
the revs1

Supplies to make MMS/CDS:
health supplies1

Clay, Moringa supplies:
health supplies2

More supplies:
health supplies4

Health supplies, MMS/CDS, DMSO, spray bottles and test strips:
health supplies

Health Advisors:
health advisors

Mountain Supply kit:
mountain supply kit

Rev. Joe, Rev. Jonathan and Bishop Mark:
the revs

See what happens when people work together. There are only a few people that helped and look what we've seen accomplished! Could you imagine what could happen if more people got involved? We have a lot do do here. There are many living in the Sierra Nevada that are in need of having their health restored as well as all of Colombia. We now have 4 Bishops in Colombia and 3 more Church/Health Restoration Centers are being planned. Will you help?

Guatapuri Church is open to the world!

We are opening this facility to anyone from anywhere that will come to have their health restored. We are offering to restore anyone's health from anywhere in the world. The only prerequisites to be treated are:

1. Agree to complete an affidavit of the experience to be published publicly.
2. Agree to a video testimony to be published as well.
3. Agree to follow the protocols as well as a specific diet that includes meat.

Note: Vegetarians need to know this. We believe it is essential to eat beef in order to restore health. After the health protocols are finished, each person can decide to continue eating beef or not.

4. Agree to give a donation as soon as health is being restored, so we in turn can help others receive the same benefit. If anyone is interested in coming to Colombia for health restoration, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: We do not provide food and lodging, but there are many hotels in the area to fit any budget.

Of course, others may donate to help keep this program ongoing. Donations can be made through our Paypal account, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We want to see this replicated throughout Colombia, Latin America and around the world!

We are beginning a documentary of the work in the Sierra Nevada. Here is an excerpt from Rev. Jonathan and Rev. Joe's trip this past week. We will continue this documentary to convince the world that it is possible to control your own health and teach others to do the same. That is one of the goals of the Genesis II Church.


Can´t see the video above? Check it out on YouTube: Genesis II Church mission work: Healing Chagas in Colombia

One of the ways we are trying to fund these projects is the Genesis II Church Organic Moringa farms we have in the Dominican republic and Colombia. We are planting 50,000 more trees in these locations this year.

jim moringa

Also, we have many requests about Moringa Oleifera mentioned in our Newsletter: "Genesis II Church mission work: Healing Chagas in Colombia ".

Here is more information about Moringa:

For more information about how to purchase Moringa, please write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Peru Seminar postponed

Note: We had to postpone our upcoming seminar in Peru, even though we've paid our deposit on the location. We had some response but not enough to cover our expenses at this time. We will reschedule when we have enough interest. It is too bad because we might not be able to do it for months because of other seminars being planned in other countries.

See upcoming Latin America seminars

Bishop Mark S. Grenon

First Bishop - Genesis II Church

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