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This is a newsletter of a doing of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing; A Mission to the Indigenous People of Northern Colombia.


A great experience!!


In our last newsletter, we announced the establishment of a Genesis II Church of Health and Healing in Colombia. We established the "Guatapuri Church" with our newest Bishop, Jose Luis Rosado, who is a member of the Arhuaco indigenous people of Colombia.

In the Guatapuri Church, we have a Health Restoration Center that has already started to help people freely. We also have had inquiries from people outside of Colombia who want to come to restore their health.

With the help of Bishop Rosado and Rev. Cheyka Torres Zalabata, we were able to travel to the village, Seynimin, in the Arhuaco territory.

It is the most traditional village of the Arhuaco people. It is a very sacred place and the people live only from what they grow.

They sew bags from the wool taken from their sheep. They live a very simple life to say the least. There is no electricity there so we had to take a lot of charged batteries to video tape the experience. It was an amazing 4 days!!

We gathered all the supplies and headed up the mountains in a 4 wheel drive truck. After 2 hours, we left the truck because the path is too narrow and steep.

We walked an hour to where the mules where located. The chief and the people of the village sent them for us, ( And we were sooo glad they did, even if our backsides hurt for 3 days after.) We brought food and MMS to them, and they fed us and provided us a place to set up our tent as well as sending us 20 mules!!

We had a lot of supplies and 8 people as well as guides that walked! It truly was a 20 mule team. You see, these people use the barter system to buy and sell. We really like that system and the fact that we didn't need any money. We wish the whole world was like that. It was for a long time and still is in areas of some countries such as Colombia.

After we reached the mules, we grabbed a quick meal and headed up the mountains, another 5 hours ahead of us and it was 3 p.m. , and the sun sets about 6:30 P.M. We had 4 mountains to traverse before we reached "Seynimin". Well, this is when we thanked God for the mules.

The terrain was VERY steep. The mules were even struggling because of the steepness of the terrain and the weight. The last 2 hours we were in complete blackness in the steep rocky mountain paths!! The mules must have night vision because I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

We arrived at around 9 P.M. We thought we would set up the tent and go to bed but the chiefs, (Mamos), and the people of the village wanted to "check us out and see what were our intentions".

The father of Cheyka is a "Mamo" in the village and was the villages' nurse for years. For one hour he spoke and answered questions about why we were there what we were going to do.

He had been taking MMS/CDS for 2 weeks and his body aches he had been suffering from was almost completely gone! Also, we had treated a few neighbors near him with great results.

One man, Felipe, another Mamo was sent home to die with "chargas". He was doing real well. Out of bed and eating. We visited him on the way back. You'll see him in the pictures and video.

Another one of Antonio's neighbors had a stroke a few years ago and was amazing the doctors after 3 weeks on the 1000 protocol with DMSO i.e.. Protocol 1000+.

Antonio reported the news and they allowed us to pitch our tent and use the abandoned government clinic the next day. It was now 10 P.M,  and we had to pitch the tent, really sore!! We pitched it in the dark and collapsed in our sleeping bags completely exhausted and aching!

The next morning the people of the village rose early, we thought, but it's normal to be up at dawn, when you go to sleep a little past dusk. We awoke with fresh coffee and started to set up the clinic. By 9 a.m., we were receiving families.

People came from four hours away to see us. Most within 1-2 hours that lived outside the village on their farms. We worked until 9 P.M. Using candlelight because many had to return that night to their homes.

We saw over 125 people personally the 1st day! While Jon, Joe and I talked to the people in Spanish, Cheyka interpreted into the Arhuaco tongue. Her and her father were really learning how to treat their people!

Bishop Jose was making more MMS, and Ctric acid to produce MMS/CDS, and keeping us supplied in the clinic.

What was really great was seeing Jose, Cheyka and her dad really learning to help their people. Training others to train others is the best way to reach our goal for this world which is, "Bringing health to the world".

Most of the problems we dealt with the first day were Chargas, Parasites, Flu, Body aches, diarrhea, a lot of vaginal infections and stomach problems.

Well, by the time we left the village, we were already hearing from those who came the first day about how good many were feeling. It is amazing how fast the MMS/CDS works if taken correctly.

Everyone that came to us received a dose immediately. Just doing the 1000 protocol to detox the body usually restores most of a persons health and allows the immune system to rebuild.

We were giving many children that looked malnutritioned Moringa (Moringa oleifera) to take at night after the day's protocol. We've been doing this for the past 6 months in Colombia with phenomenal results.

So, by the end of the day we saw well over 100 people. We worked into the night and finished at 9 P.M. because some people had to return 2 hours home that night!

That night, we were washed out of our tent by the heavy rains. Those poor people of the trails back to their houses! We slept inside the clinic on concrete floors. That just added to the sore bones we already had from the mule ride up!! HAHAHA!

The next morning, we opened the clinic at 9A.M. There were more people present than the day before, 20-30. We dove right in and starting to see people.

By noon time we had saw 75 people. By the time we closed the doors at 8 P.M., we had seen over 200!!!

The Mamos or Chiefs were the last to come and see us. They all, (3), are on on the protocol 1000. The Mamos wanted all their people to go first, which was a nice gesture. What a very good day. We ate then hit the sack, or should I say the concrete!!

The next morning, Rev. Jonathan, Rev. Jose and Rev. Cheyka saw about 30 people while Rev. Joe and I taught a few people how to make a 50% citric acid solution, MMS 28% solution and CDS.

We left enough MMS and citric acid to treat another 500 people.Jose, Cheyka and Antonio are going back next week to treat another 200+ that couldn't make it to us, because they didn't hear in time.

Next Tuesday they are planning a two day clinic. By 11 A.M., we were told we had to go to meet with the "Mamos", (Chiefs).The place was pretty full of people when we arrived, packed and ready to go. Everyone seemed very appreciative for the things given and taught to them.

The Mamos were happy we were coming back, the next week to help more people. The custom is if you come back four times then you are a sincere friend.

Tuesday will be the third time! One more time and we be the fourth time! After our goodbyes, we started walking back on the eight hour trip through the 7 gates we came through four days ago. We walked about an hour then changed to mules. We love mules!

The trip back seemed a lot steeper looking straight down the neck of the mule. Now we were able to see what we couldn't see the other night in the dark. Wow!! Really steep. We really appreciate the mules now more than ever before!

We stopped and check up on Felipe, the guy whom two weeks before was sent home to die in bed with Chagas. He has been on the protocol 1000. When, we arrived at his house he was outside and looked sooo much better. He told us his appetite was back and energy coming slowly back also. He was also taking Moringa every night.

The Moringa seems to regenerate the cells and build the immune system. We've seen it also in people with strokes, M.S., fibromialgia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, epilepsy, and other nerve related disorders. We left him and his family more CDS and were on our way, promising to check on his progress.

We stopped for a quick bath in the beautiful cool Mango river. So refreshing!! We walked the last 1 ½ hours which was pleasant beside the river. The jeep met us and took us the last 1 ½ hours to the apartment/church where for the last week we've been working on the documentary, "7 gates to Seynimin" (An MMS story.) Watch it at the link below.


Documentary: 7 Gates to Seynimin,
an MMS Story of Genesis II Church:



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Hope you enjoy it, we did!! Let's change the world together!



Bishop Mark Grenon

First Bishop – Genesis II Church

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