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New Genesis II Church
European Restoration Health Center in Bulgaria!

We are proud to announce the opening of our new Genesis II Church restoration health center and drop in clinic for all of Europe.

With 5 star accommodations with an indoor pool for water therapy, spa, massage rooms, private cinema, observatory, power house and much more. Surrounded by lakes and pine trees, clear air and fresh mountain spring water!

We have local farmers that will provide fresh raw milk, cheese, eggs, fruit and veg, honey, all organic.

What a beautiful place to restore health!!

The owner of this hotel has had health restored in many ways and out of gratitude has offered us the use of this great facility.

We will treat everyone free of charge. The only cost implication for you is to pay for your consumption of food and beverage, on a full board basis consisting of 60 Euro per night for accommodation and 25 euro per day per person for Breakfast, light lunch with refreshments and a 3 course evening meal.

When health is restored, a donation to the Church to keep this center running is greatly appreciated, but not obligatory - this is simply a suggestion.

The center will be staffed with a minimum of four full time health ministers including myself, ( Bishop Mark Grenon ), Rev. Jonathan Grenon, Rev. Joseph Grenon as well as Archbishop Jim Humble on occasion.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of our next MMS health training seminar which will be held in Bulgaria and will take place in our very same healing center on October 27th-28th.

We do hope that you take the time out in joining us. The cost implication will be 500 Euro for the training seminar and 60 euro per night for accommodation and 25 euro per day per person for a healthy Breakfast, light lunch with refreshments, and a healthy 3 course evening meal.

Amanda can also assist with airport transfers etc.

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Let's change the world together!
Bishop Mark

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