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Newsflash: MMS / CDS & H.I.V.

We have fantastic news for all of our readers and for all the world for that matter!!! We have been treating an HIV Positive patient for the last 8 weeks and after taking the Rapid Antigen HIV test, he is HIV negative!

He had tested HIV positive twice in the past.

Well, you might say what is so incredible about that among the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing seeing that we have 100’s of testimonies of people from around the world of people being symptom free of HIV and back to work, gaining weight and living a normal life again.

Well, symptom free is a great thing and as far as we are concerned they have had their health restored from HIV and no longer have HIV.

The problem is that many still test positive for the HIV antibodies. For that reason they are being tormented with the fact that they still test positive for when taking these type of tests.

The body records the fact that at one time it has contracted and fought one of the following diseases in the past, and if it needs to fight them again it has the power (antibodies) and information needed to battle them again. This is where the immune system, appendix and spleen come into play.

The immune system is really controlled by the lymphatic system in the body so it pays us to have a strong one. This can be accomplished by good nutrition which includes meats, (especially beef), milks, cheeses, eggs, fruits and vegetables, (all organic and unprocessed.)

The appendix comes into play because it is a library of information on what pathogens have entered the body and how to deal with them. A healthy appendix can identify the pathogens and deal with the situation within just a few hours.

If a person has had his or her appendix removed then it can take days to respond and that can give time for the pathogens rake havoc throughout the body.

Note: Maybe that is why the appendix is taking out so often by the medical community to put the body in a compromised position in regard to fighting pathogens.

The Spleen is a blood filter that works in conjunction with the Lymphatic system and liver.

Note: This is often removed when damaged which again compromises the body's defense.

The Medical community loves these test results and the fact that they can pressure these poor individuals into taking their ARV drugs for life! Money, Money, Money for them!! They will also not be able to obtain health insurance due to this result. Not to mention the fact the world scorns people that are tested Positive for HIV as second class citizens when it might only be the body protecting itself from diseases and there is no danger at all of becoming “infected” by HIV from someone that is postive for Antibodies, but clear of HIV.

Case in point: Many babies that are born to HIV-Positive mothers test positive to HIV antibodies, but after a year or so test negative. The reason for that that is the mother gives these antibodies to the baby to protect it and when they are not needed anymore due to the fact that it has not dealt with any of the diseases that the mother obviously had, then it rids the body of the antibodies created to battle the HIV..

Note: All four tests are interpreted visually and require no instrumentation. HIV antigens are af?xed to the test strip or membrane. If HIV antibodies are present in the specimen being tested, they bind to the af?xed antigen.

The test kit’s colorimetric reagent binds to these immunoglobulins creating an indicator that is visually detectable. The test can be a false positive if the body has fought in the past; malaria, hepatitis, TB etc.

See the list below for more diseases that can cause a False-Positive HIV Antibody Test result. These are the diseases that we know that can produce a false positive but there might be many more.

Factors Known to Cause False-Positive HIV Antibody Test Results

• Anti-carbohydrate antibodies
• Naturally-occurring antibodies
• Passive immunization: receipt of gamma globulin or immune globulin (as prophylaxis against infection which contains antibodies)
• Leprosy
• Tuberculosis
• Mycobacterium avium
• Systemic lupus erythematosus
• Renal (kidney) failure
• Hemodialysis/renal failure
• Alpha interferon therapy in hemodialysis patients
• Flu
• Flu vaccination
• Herpes simplex I
• Herpes simplex II
• Upper respiratory tract infection (cold or flu)
• Recent viral infection or exposure to viral vaccines
• Pregnancy in multiparous women
• Malaria
• High levels of circulating immune complexes
• Hypergammaglobulinemia (high levels of antibodies)
• False positives on other tests, including RPR (rapid plasma reagent) test for syphilis
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Hepatitis B vaccination
• Tetanus vaccination
• Organ transplantation
• Renal transplantation
• Anti-lymphocyte antibodies
• Anti-collagen antibodies (found in gay men, haemophiliacs, Africans of both sexes and people with leprosy)
• Serum-positive for rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibody (both found in rheumatoid arthritis and other autoantibodies)
• Autoimmune diseases : Systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, connective tissue disease, dermatomyositis
• Acute viral infections, DNA viral infections
• Malignant neoplasms (cancers)
• Alcoholic hepatitis/alcoholic liver disease
• Primary sclerosing cholangitis
• Hepatitis
• "Sticky" blood (in Africans)
• Antibodies with a high affinity for polystyrene (used in the test kits)
• Blood transfusions, multiple blood transfusions
• Multiple myeloma
• HLA antibodies (to Class I and II leukocyte antigens)
• Anti-smooth muscle antibody
• Anti-parietal cell antibody
• Anti-hepatitis A IgM (antibody)
• Anti-Hbc IgM
• Administration of human immunoglobulin preparations pooled before 1985
• Haemophilia
• Haematologic malignant disorders/lymphoma
• Primary biliary cirrhosis
• Stevens-Johnson syndrome9,
• Q-fever with associated hepatitis
• Heat-treated specimens
• Lipemic serum (blood with high levels of fat or lipids)
• Haemolyzed serum (blood where haemoglobin is separated from the red cells)
• Hyperbilirubinemia
• Globulins produced during polyclonal gammopathies (which are seen in AIDS risk groups)
• Healthy individuals as a result of poorly-understood cross-reactions
• Normal human ribonucleoproteins
• Other retroviruses
• Anti-mitochondrial antibodies
• Anti-nuclear antibodies
• Anti-microsomal antibodies
• T-cell leukocyte antigen antibodies
• Proteins on the filter paper
• Epstein-Barr virus
• Visceral leishmaniasis
• Receptive anal sex

Note: These are the illnesses that are known to cause a false-positive, but there may be many more!

• We think that we can shorten the time needed to maybe down to 3 weeks of intense protocol therapy to achieve the same results.

For information about the 4 rapid HIV tests see:

Note: This person was strictly supervised during the 8 weeks of Health Sacraments to make sure he was taking these protocols correctly and consistently. For this reason we need more Genesis II Church Health Restoration centers worldwide.

Yes, you can follow protocols that he personally did during the 8 weeks to obtain this result, but there might need to be adjustments because everyone responds differently. We want to teach the protocols we used along with the side effects and adjustments we made for him during the 8 weeks because our aim is to have the whole world benefit from them because we aren't motivated by MONEY and control of one's life here at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

Note: These protocols need to be supervised by a Health Minister of the Genesis II Church to insure it is done right and the MMS/CDS is not neutralized. Obviously, everyone that does these protocols or administers them needs to understand the basic Health Sacraments of our Church.

The only way to do that would be:
• Come to one of our seminars.
See schedule at: Genesis II Forum or

• Take the online video course -
• or come to our Health Restoration Center in Bulgaria.
Website: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

: We are having a two day seminar in Bulgaria at the European Health Restoration Center Nov. 27th & 28th. Jim is really trying to attend. For more information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Check or for other seminars worldwide. Hope to see you here!

If you are a Health minister and need to be updated on new Health Sacraments and techniques you will soon receive the latest Genesis II Church seminar we just finished in Bulgaria as soon as the video is edited, (approximately 3 weeks) and the protocols we used with this individual.

You know that there are a few of us answering the e-mails coming in, so please wait for the updated information coming to you all soon. 

If you can travel to one of our seminars then please do so. Yes, the seminar is still free for health ministers who attended a seminar but the travel costs and room and board is your responsibility.

Note: Health ministers that have only taken the video course pay 50%. This will make it fair for all. After attending the full seminar, they can come for free anywhere in the world where MMS seminars are held - just paying room and board.

In Conclusion: We think we have found a way to rid the body of the presence of the antibodies that give a false-positive result to the HIV Rapid test that so many are being deceived by after taking the MMS or MMS / CDS Health Sacraments of the Genesis II Church.

Now, that is truly a Newsflash and fantastic news that can affect the world as a whole and relieve the world's sufferers of this black mark on their health, mind and spirit!!

Let's change the world together!

Bishop Mark Grenon
First Bishop – Genesis II Church

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