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The Next, "You Can Be an MMS Teacher," Seminar

Monday May 5 to 11. $1200 for everything including your room and breakfast and lunch for the entire time. Email Kashambra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You must buy dinner each evening. Food in restaurants here is about 1/2 the price of restaurants in the US, and some even cheaper.

This last MMS Teacher Seminar was a fantastic success. We had everyone say that it was great, and three people said to me that they expected to learn some great MMS information, but the seminar was 10 times more than they ever expected. Most people who came made friendships for life as we are all of the same mind, helping people.

In the position I am in I meet the greatest people on Earth. You may think that is so much bull ----. But listen to this. Out of the 600 plus people who came to learn MMS 99% of them did not come to learn MMS so they could make money. The fact is they came to learn MMS so they can help people. That’s it, no other reason. I’ve questioned them carefully and I can tell people. These people came here so that they could help people with what they learn. If they make money that’s fine, but that isn’t what they came for.

Everybody can’t help people. Somebody has to go hunting, and playing golf and for sure watch TV. So I am not saying that there is anything wrong with all that, But the people who come here are all several cuts above the rest. They know it and I know it, but they don’t flaunt it, or even mention it, but deep inside they know. It’s a knowledge that they have that they don’t need to mention. Mankind survives because a few people help one another. The rest are interested in getting money. You might think that by saying this I would scare people away. But no, that does not scare people away as the people who come here already know that.

The people that we don’t want are the ones who think I am nuts to mention it. They are the ones that when they get cancer, or something similar, they run down to their doctor and say, “Kill me, Doc, with the most painful drugs that you can possibly find.” Well , they don’t say those exact words, but they might as well. Seven million people died of the treatment for Cancer last year, not cancer, the treatment for cancer. That’s the vast majority of educated humanity that does that. We need those that are a little more brilliant than that.

The ones we want are the ones who mostly know the truth about what’s going on on Earth. They are the ones who are going to be part of the solution to saving mankind rather than a part of the problem. And that is what we are going to do, save mankind. Now I know that should scare most of you off, but it won’t, because if you are reading this the chances are very high that you are one of us.

Most people setting down every night watching TV have no idea that there are those who are working right now to kill us. Of course there are a lot of people who think these people only want to kill 3/4 of us. Now that’s crazy. How do you kill 3/4 of a planet without killing the whole planet . It can’t be done. Mankind has been killing more and more of mankind every century. Now it is our job to prevent that.

Out of the 28 seminars and 600 plus trained Ministers of Health that we have trained at least 95% of them either agreed or came to me and said, (are you ready for this?) They said that they believed that we were once together on a planet far away in the distant past. That we all, that is our group, agreed at that time to meet here on this planet in the distant future. And the reason is, to save mankind, of course. You must realize that is pretty fantastic, that almost all of 600 people all believe the same thing. How could they? I didn’t tell them.

If you are reading this, the chances are that you are one of us and if so, you know full well that mankind needs saving. The chem trails alone are telling you that. But even more amazing is that we all realize that and we realize what we came to do. We are barely getting started, but it is a good start with hundreds of thousands of lives saved around the world. In fact more lives saved than any other group ever has save in all of mankind in all of the years of the past. So if you know this and you know mankind needs saving and you are reading this, the chances are 99% that you are one of us, so come and get trained. You can save lives and if you do join us in the final analysis we will eventually be strong enough to overcome all those who are trying to kill us, and without firing a shot.

Even if you are not one of us, you know it is true anyway, so come join us. We will do the job together. It might take a while, but if we join together we can win because there are a lot more of us than there are of them. And who are they, well there’s not enough room to discuss that here but we can discuss it when you are here. What I am talking about is pretty far out and pretty fantastic, and still it is a fact.

So if you come to our teacher’s class we will have you do all the protocols yourself, on yourself. You will do everything so you can show others how to do the things that will either cause them to be healed and/or save their lives. We don’t heal people we show them how to heal themselves using our sacraments of MMS.

You may not remember, totally, but you know, or at least you feel it somewhere deep inside. In any case though you will want to do what is necessary. If you don’t come now, you will come when you can. After all, we couldn’t handle the masses if everyone decided to come at once. And that is another part that is amazing. People are coming in at just the right amount so we can handle them. So I want you to know that it’s your job and I know you feel it. You will as you know it’s your job. You agreed to it, and after all, it is a job you very much want to do, as we all do. Save mankind from the brutality that has been for 100,000 years that is leading him to self-extinction.

Think about it. I am not asking you do donate a lot of money, or to come spend money with us. I am asking you to come learn how to save lives. First would be saving your own life and then those of your family and finally the lives of mankind, but of course we have to save mankind in order to save ourselves.

It isn’t going to take religion. It is simply going to take those of us who have agreed to always do what is right. Our church was formed to serve and save mankind. We are not going to save mankind for God or for anybody else, we are saving mankind from self-extinction. We will do it by always doing what is right. I expect to see you soon.

As always with love,
Archbishop Jim Humble

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