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A Free Passport

For all who come to The Second ”How to Teach MMS Seminars”.

You may be surprised to know the World Government of World Citizens has been around for longer than 50 years. They issue passports like any government does, but with a lot less red tape.

We thought it would be nice for our Ministers to have this document as it makes a valuable identification document and over 180 countries have accepted it for travel at one time or another. The fact is, when they run this passport through the reader as they do all passports, the message back is that it is a valid passport. Now, if they want to refuse it, they can, but they can’t change the fact that the passport reader validates the passport. This country, the World Government of World Citizens, has been registered with the UN for more than 50 years. The UN is not likely to ever change that as that just happens to be the way the world is set up now.

We will have a lot more information for you when you get here about churches as well as our church and how our church gives us a lot more protection than has previously been thought.

The main thing is that we want you to be able to go out and teach MMS. We are learning more about teaching as we go along and of course, you have heard the old adage “If you want to really learn a subject, TEACH IT.” That’s what we want for you. So once you have taught the course a couple of times you should really know it, and you will be there when your students really need you and eventually they can teach also. We want to start you out kind of slowly, not jumping ahead too soon.

We have a simple introductory course on PowerPoint that you could easily give for the first one, two, or three or more times, to get you used to the idea of teaching. And of course, you would continue to learn when doing that. With PowerPoint you just click the button and then read the lines to your students. It is the way thousands of courses are taught nowadays. The teacher merely reads what is on the screen. Sounds too simple, but it is very effective. The students can then ask questions when necessary.

You can bring your computer if you wish. We will load you up with all kinds of DVD’s and books and information, with DVD’s to show you how to do each thing. If you don’t bring your computer, the memory stick that you get will have all the information plus more than 6.5GB of space for future additional information. Enough to fill 20 books.

We will have the following people here with special machines and programs to treat you if you should wish. These machines treat things, mostly the mind, and do things that are not thought of as in the realm of MMS.

Rama Karni from Israel will be here. Do. Rama does OSTEOPATHIC treatments. Osteopathic treatments start where Chiropractic treatments leave off and I have seen them get phenomenal results when the problem was simply not addressed by MMS.

There will be Jean Philip Goodpeople who does Human Design Analysis that uses your birthdate, name, time and location to help you understand what kind of a person you can best be. Many people have told me this is an amazing science.

Finally there is Monique Michelle who does Biofeedback. She uses one of the well known and popular computer programs that is known for healing people at a distance as well as up close. These computer programs cost upwards from $25,000 and are continuously in demand, even from medical doctors, so no doubt they do get many good results.


Kerri Rivera talks about Autism for several hours giving her successful protocol which has recovered 86 cases of Autism to this point. Don’t miss this lecture as the medical community claims that Autism is incurable.

Also Kerri and her husband maintain a hyperbaric chamber for treatment of many conditions. If anyone should wish to experience the effects, the chamber costs are very reasonable.

We hope you will come to this second seminar on how to teach seminars.

Please contact Bishop Kashambra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested.

Other news:

Kashambra is consecrated as Bishop of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing and The complete class of the First Teaching Seminar.

KERRI RIVERA is consecrated as Archbishop of the the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.

Malignant Melanoma MMS Video Testimonial

Some of you may have heard Archbishop Mark Grenon tell the story about a guy in Thailand who was diagnosed with terminal cancer (malignant melanoma), which qualified him for a life insurance payout before his death. This guy took his payout, bought a boat and sailed around the Caribbean as a lasting memory for his young family before his anticipated death. That was a few years ago.

Today, this guy (whose name is also Mark) is doing just fine back in Thailand, working full-time and enjoying a wonderful family life while all indications are that he’s closing in on being cancer free.

I’m sure you’ve already figured out why he is doing fine and not pushing up daisies as the medical establishment predicted. MMS is the suspected culprit in this miracle cancer reversal.

Dan Bender recently caught up with Mark “Thailand” and recorded his complete testimonial which is virtually unedited so as to be complete and authentic about what he did with MMS to save his own life.

This is not a one minute sound-bite, but rather an enlightening 40 minute narrative worth watching. Please pass it on to your friends and especially any “Doubting Thomas” you may know. Might wake up a few…

Here’s the video testimony link:

Just a reminder, we are always happy to post MMS testimonials. Please send them to us so we can share them with the rest of the world.

As always with love,
Archbishop Jim Humble

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