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MMS Call to Action #2 !

Last Friday I sent out a newsletter asking people to WATCH, COMMENT & SHARE the video called "LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS":

You folks did a great job, but we’ve only begun! 

If you haven’t done so, or need to read the newsletter, here’s a link:

We now need to encourage other respected voices out there to cover the story if they haven’t already.

Today’s Call to Action

I’m sure many of you know Mike Adams (aka the Health Ranger) from  I think he is a good guy, but we have no inside track on him.  So, I need you all to send him some encouragement so he will put out a story on his newsletter about the Red Cross situation.  Their direct “News Tips Submission” page is here:

In the “Tip Source” section, please include the Youtube link in my first paragraph above.  What you say in the rest of the page is up to you.  I’m sure you’ll come up with something original and appropriate in the spirit of what we need to do.

Stay tuned for Call to Action #3! I’ll keep ‘em short and simple.  Promise!

With love,
Jim Humble Archbishop of the Genesis 2 Church

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