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Consultations with Jim Humble

Let Jim supervise your recovery to health.  Jim has personally treated more than 6,000 people in Africa, and while many of them were malaria patients, many had other diseases including cancer, hepatitis C, arthritis, many skin diseases, 800 HIV/AIDS cases, and many, many others.  In addition to those treated directly, Jim has answered more than 40,000 emails and 10,000 phone calls.  His secretaries have answered more than 50,000 phone calls, total.

Jim has probably seen more people recover their health from incurable diseases than any other person.  The consultation money will be used to help cover expenses and to pay for some very important projects in Africa.  You will eventually hear about them, as we will tell you first as soon as we possibly can, but for now, let me say that any money you put up will go towards making the world a new and better place.  And it definitely will help with the African project. 

Talk to Jim about the unhealthy condition you would like to recover from and he will explain what MMS can do and why MMS can do a much faster, simpler job without drugs or surgery.  You can be on your way to recovery within hours or days, as opposed to weeks, months, or even years.  MMS is the fastest working sacrament that strengthens the immune system that we have ever heard of. 

People have been telling us for years, but “it is ridiculous to think there is any one thing that can overcome all of the diseases.”

But why is that so?   The human immune system was made to prevent, overcome, or destroy all diseases

It is just that the poisons in our air, food, and in our living spaces have weakened our immune systems.  Monsanto foods now are impossible to avoid and they are also keyed to destroy the immune system.  And, can you believe it, they are trying to make a law that says that their foods must not be labeled as Monsanto foods.  Our immune systems were strong enough to resist all of the incurable diseases at one time, but now with the attacks from every direction, the immune system simply cannot cope.  In order to handle all diseases the immune system needs help -- only because it has been under attack for years.  You need to strengthen the immune system.   MMS does that while also attacking the diseases directly.

Read the newsletter about prevention.  Six drops of MMS daily can overcome all of the poisons that are being thrown at us daily.  But if you are really feeling bad or even have a death sentence, please let Jim supervise your recovery safely.  Of course, you can come to Mexico for face-to-face consultation and help, but if you can’t afford that, at least have a personal consultation over Skype, or the telephone, or even email.  You could also have a personal consultation over VSee, which is an extra private system similar to Skype. 

So let’s get going.

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