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Atlanta Genesis II Church Seminar Results!

We just finished our 2nd Genesis II Church in Atlanta! Great group of people. There were 19 new students and 2 returning Health Ministers. There were 5 Doctors in attendance that really wanted to use the new knowledge with their patients. Everyone that attended wants to help others to “restore health” as well as maintain their own health.

The protocol we use 90% of the time in “Restoring Health” is the Protocol 1000. The most used protocols are drilled into the head of the students so they can go forth with confidence and help us change the world!

Bishop Joseph explaining the various uses for the Spray bottle Protocol. A very important and practical protocol. 

Recently recorded video testimonies from the last 2 seminars, uploaded to YouTube:

1. High Blood Pressure and Other Ailments Dealt With - MMS Testimonials

2. Cancer Pulmonar, Deintoxificacion y mas - Spanish - MMS Testimonials

3. Lung Cancer, Detox and more - MMS Testimonials

4. Lyme Disease Testimony - MMS Testimonials

5. Lymphoma and Liver Failure, 3 Dogs restored to health - MMS Testimonials

Our First Canadian Genesis II Church Seminar is next!!!

First Canadian Genesis II Church Seminar, Dec. 13th - 15th

Radium Hot Springs, B.C., Canada

Due to the responses, we are going to do 3 -4 seminars in in 6 weeks as opposed to 7 seminars in 7 weeks. Linguistically, it just works out better this way. As you can see on the map, the location for this seminar is located within comfortable driving distance from, Calgary, Alberta, (3hrs) It would be more of a road trip, let’s say from Vancouver, B.C., (8hrs), Spokane, WA, (5hrs), Kalispell, MT,(4hrs), Missoula, MT (6hrs), Bozeman, MT (8.5hrs), Boise ID,(11hrs),Seattle, WA (9hrs), Portland, OR,(11hrs)

Note: The reason why we included the distances from certain areas, is that maybe some students have some groups from the same area register and all can share a bus or van together as well as driving. So, let us know where you are coming from when you register so we can network with the others coming from your area, if you so choose.

The costs for the seminar include Food and Lodging until Monday, morning the 16th, so people can leave Sunday night after graduation or Monday morning. The cost is the same. We can’t change that, so please don’t ask, ok? 

This will be our 1st Genesis II Church Seminar in Canada. Our first U.S. seminar was held in Florida in September with great success! We are really excited to see and meet others at this next G2 Seminar in Canada! The dates are Dec.13-15th, (Friday night to Sunday night 9 P.M.) Donation $600 U.S. for first time students, $400 U.S. for repeat seminar students and $500 U.S. for graduates of the Home Video Course.

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon
Bishop Jonathan D. Grenon

Please contact Bishop Jonathan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for registration info and options to donate.

The Location is:
This is a very nice and clean location with plenty of room up to 100 people. We could easily have that many attend if we all work together! That is how we have to change the world anyways! 

We’ve now reached our 1,000th Health Minister!!!

Let’s see the next 1,000 trained in 1 year. We’ve seen 45 students trained in the last 2 seminars in the U.S. in 3 weeks and recorded 14 video testimonies. We’d like to see 55 students come to our 1st Canadian Seminar with another 25 video testimonies recorded to help and encourage others around the world! Come and help us change the world!!!

Let’s change the world together!

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon 

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