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Restoring health from HIV/AIDS is completely possible! #6 in the seriesRestoring health

This is a HOT topic and one that used to scare me but now that we’ve seen so many people have their “health restored” I don’t even consider it a threat to my health at all. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that shows the HIV test is just a big fraud that was developed to enslave people for the rest of their lives by taking the “Big Pharma’s” so-called treatment for HIV, i.e ARV’s.  This is probably why the test was invented in the first place. Please read the following explanation about HIV testing and how unreliable and how many times a “false positive” can be the result. This is why we prefer listening to each individual’s body symptoms to determine if someone is delivered from this horrible disease and not the HIV test. 

Symptoms a person could have when diagnosed as HIV Positive:

Enlarged lymph glands in the neck
• Lack of energy
Weight loss
Frequent fevers and sweats
Persistent or frequent yeast infections
Persistent skin rashes or flaky skin
Short-term memory loss
Mouth, genital, or anal sores from herpes infections.
Cough and shortness of breath
Seizures and lack of coordination
Difficult or painful swallowing
Mental symptoms such as confusion and forgetfulness
Severe and persistent diarrhea
Vision loss
Nausea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting
Weight loss and extreme fatigue
Severe headaches with neck stiffness
Various cancers such as Kaposi sarcoma,
cervical cancer 
Cancers of the immune system known as lymphomas.
Kaposi sarcoma causes round, brown, reddish or purple spots that develop in the skin or in the mouth.

When a person that is tested HIV Pos. and has had one or more of the above symptoms and those symptoms are eliminated after doing the Protocols then we consider that person HIV Neg. no matter what the conventional HIV test results show. This is what we mean by “listening to the body’s symptoms”. 

Note: The body is the best Doctor of all and is reporting the “true” results and not motivated by anything else but the health of that body!

HIV tests are a fraud and if you want more information read books by authors like Harvey Bialy, Jon Rappaport and books like HIV INC etc. Tests are a fraud and there’s NO specific HIV virus therefore, no one can show it to you in a petri dish or slide. It DOESN’T exist. No medical journals say HIV causes Aids. Don’t argue with me - just read up more and see the fraud that is HIV/AIDS.  We know the fraud of Cancer and that it is curable with a little effort. 

The Fraud of HIV testing (And why they want every HIV Positive tested person on ARV’s

Note: I have been reading and researching the HIV topic for many years and this article I came across seems to sum up the HIV testing fraud very clearly including many of other tests given to confirm a specific disease. It is by Hveragerthi on

HIV tests are antibody tests, they do not test for the presence of viruses.  Contrary to what people are told about antibodies, antibodies are not always specific. For example, let's say you want to produce a monoclonal antibody for disease research.  First, you would take a blood sample and separate the serum. You then take an antigen test target and place it in the serum sample so that antibodies attach to this antigen target.  Though these antibodies are not all specific, they are a mixture of high affinity (specific) and low affinity (non-specific) antibodies.  Of course all of these antibodies cannot be used to make monoclonals.  So the antigen test target is placed in a weak solution of sodium sulfate solution to strip off the less specific antibodies.  The target is then placed in a slightly stronger solution to remove the slightly more specific antibodies.  This process is repeated until only high affinity antibodies, with an extremely high level of specificity are left.  These are then used to make monoclonals.  The reason this is so important is because this same principle is used in HIV antibody testing.  Though in this case the antibodies are not differentiated.  So low affinity antibodies reacting on HIV test targets yield false positives.  This is the primary reason HIV antibody tests are known to have over 65 known causes for false positives

Examples in these cases would be false positives due to pregnancy, flu vaccines, typhoid vaccines, polio vaccines, malaria vaccines, and gamma globulin, BLV antibodies from cow's milk or beef, and viral hepatitis. Autoimmune disorders, especially lupus, are also known to yield false positives.  The risk of false positives increases with autoimmune conditions because the immune system shifts from producing predominately high affinity antibodies to predominately low affinity antibodies.  The higher level of low affinity antibodies increases the risk of false positives on antibody tests.  To further compound the problem the primary test for HIV is the ELISA, which is supposed to be confirmed by the Western blot.  Though Western blot is less accurate than ELISA.  The only reason it´s done this way is because ELISA is less expensive than Western blot.  But to use a less accurate test as a confirmation is just totally ludicrous!

Another problem with antibody tests is they do not prove the presence of a virus for another reason. Let’s say for an example that I had the flu from an influenza virus 2 weeks ago.  So I am now over the flu. If I get tested for influenza antibodies am I going to test positive or negative? I am going to test positive of course, because my immune system has successfully fought off the virus, yielding anti-influenza antibodies in the process.  So I would be influenza antibody positive, but virus negative. The same applies to HIV testing.  If you are exposed to the HIV virus but your immune system is strong enough to fight it off you will have the antibodies temporarily, yielding a false positive HIV test, but you are still virus negative. It was proven a long time ago that the HIV virus cannot infect healthy immune systems.

Then there is the question of what really causes AIDS

HIV was stated as the cause by Robert Gallo after he got busted for scientific fraud.  He tried to reclaim his credibility by claiming before a worldwide AIDS symposium that he had found the cause of AIDS, which he claimed was HIV.  The problems with this claim?  Well, first of all he made it up!  And secondly he was wrong!  He had absolutely no solid research to back his claim.  But the world was scared and had no answers.  So when Gallo lied again the media did not stop to question the fact that there was no evidence of the claim.  So they ran with the claim and it has been a part of AIDS history since. 

As far as Gallo being wrong, you need to understand what AIDS is to understand why he was wrong.  AIDS is not a disease, it is a syndrome, acquired immune deficiency syndrome.   A syndrome is not a disease, it is a group of symptoms.  So if you develop certain symptoms you are given an AIDS diagnosis.  Well under the original definition of AIDS, which was only opportunistic infections, HIV could not cause AIDS! 

So the government was really in a pickle.  Here one of their top scientists had lied and was busted for scientific fraud making the US international fools. Now, one of the government’s top researchers, Robert Gallo, had lied again, which was highly embarrassing to the government if they could not cover the lie before it was widely publicized. So they came up with a solution, they changed the definition of AIDS to fit the HIV virus, so they could honestly claim that HIV could cause AIDS.  Since HIV could not cause any disease in man, that ruled out using any opportunistic infections.  So they went with the only thing the HIV virus could do, which was to drop the CD4 count.  So the definition of AIDS was changed to include a drop in CD4 cells below 200.  Thus a second international embarrassment by Gallo’s lies was averted!

Now for the rest of the story

Gallo had to lie because he had more than his credibility at stake.  Gallo also held the patent rights to the HIV tests.  So as long as people could be fooled into believing that HIV caused AIDS he would continue to make a fortune off of royalties to his HIV tests!

So under the new definition HIV can cause AIDS, but not under the original definition.  The only things that are known to cause AIDS under the original definition are the virus Human Herpes Virus Type 6 variant A (HHV6-A) and the drug AZT (zidovudine), which destroys the bone marrow leading to a drop of stem cells.  This in turn leads to a drop of all immune cells, including CD4 cells.  The drop in CD4 cells leads to an AIDS diagnosis as does the opportunistic infections created by AZT collapsing the immune system.  But that is a whole other story, along with how AIDS came about, etc.

Here is another write-up I read on inaccuracies of HIV testing with an explanation of polymerase chain reaction (PCR, viral load), and why it cannot prove the presence or activity of a virus:

What you are asking is absolutely impossible to provide or prove.  This is because there is no way to determine the cause of AIDS in the first place.  Let's say for example that HIV could cause opportunistic infections, which constituted the original definition. How would we determine whether or not the HIV virus is even present?  People are under the false assumption that a positive HIV test means that you are infected with the HIV virus.  But as I pointed out this is false.  First of all there are over 65 KNOWN causes for false positives on HIV tests, which are antibody tests, not tests for viruses.

1. Most of these false positives occur from serological cross reactivity, which means antibodies of like structure will cross react yielding a false positive.  
2. Antibodies in gamma globulin can also react false positive.  
3. And exposure, without chronic infection, will yield false positives. 

Note: In the last example let's say that I get the influenza (flu) virus.  After a few weeks I have successfully fought it off.  Yet if I go and get an antibody test I will test positive.  Does this mean I have the influenza virus?  Of course not!  Well, the same applies to the use of ELISA and Western blot tests in connection with HIV. So as we can clearly see an HIV+ test does not prove infection with the HIV virus.

So we have a "confirmation" test called viral load or PCR (polymerase chain reaction).  Can we rely on these?  The answer is no! Again contrary to popular belief PCR DOES NOT prove the presence of a particular virus.  PCR only amplifies sections of genetic material, not the whole virus. Yet other viruses share a lot of the genetics of HIV.  For instance the closest known relative to HIV is: 

The sheep maedna visna virus (SVV), which has 53% of the genetic markers of HIV. 
Bovine leukemia virus is the second closest known relative with 51% of the genetic markers and shares the same genetic coding for the production of reverse transcriptase.  

Note: Therefore the amplification of the genetics of these viruses, or others, can yield false positives.  Exposure to the genetics of these viruses can come from lamb, beef, and dairy.  Another problem with PCR is its extreme sensitivity makes it very prone to cross contamination, which has been demonstrated many times.  For instance, there was a claim that a British sailor died of HIV induced AIDS back in 1950.  PCR of preserved tissues seemed to back this claim, but it was later proven that the samples were contaminated in the lab.  And wild caught monkeys were thought to have harbored the HIV, or a similar virus, because of a PCR test.  Again it was found that the samples were contaminated in the lab, and the monkeys were not harboring any viruses.  PCR is also limited by other factors, such as annealing time, which can alter results.  

So as we can see there is absolutely no way to prove that a person is infected with HIV!

HIV Testimonies from the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols

#1. A few years ago a mature woman with full blown AIDS was brought to our church for prayer. My pastor asked me to help her since I had successfully helped other people with very serious illnesses. Since she had already declined to take the anti retroviral medication on her own accord, I put her on Protocol 1000. I also gave her my soft-bounce mini trampoline. Since she could not walk on her own, I gave instructions for her relatives to assist her on the trampoline until she could bounce on her own. She also had several healing scriptures which she had to read 8 times daily, just as with the use of MMS and the trampoline. What happened after blew my mind...
Two weeks later a woman fitting the description of a gym instructor strode into our prayer meeting. It took some convincing to confirm that this was the same shadow of a woman with full blown AIDS! We were dumbfounded: it's TRUE!!! MMS is the real deal!!! I knew MMS works - but not this fast! And so thorough. That very day she had jumped on the trampoline for 1 1/2 hrs! She explained that while the 1st week was exceptionally challenging, she persevered and felt enormously better at the beginning of the 2nd week... and she was only at 2 drops per hour!
MMS is a stand alone powerhouse, and makes other protocols work incredibly better!


#2. Hello Jim Humble, I am very grateful about your gift of MMS to the world and to me because it has healed me completely from Hiv-infection. I use MMS now for over 2 years, with fullest satisfaction. I did the Hiv-test back in 1990 and was put on meds in '96 and I used them up until 2010. Because they were killing me I stopped taking them altogether. But then MMS came and ever since then I live a healthy life. I will go on using it as long as it is available. Thank you Jim Humble for all you did to me.


#3. Dear Jim and Staff
Calling in from South Africa

Am keen to do your video course, so please forward me details.

Am also having amazing success with MMS and assisting rural folk in KwaZulu Natal where poverty, sickness and suffering poor nutrition is rife!

Have one case where a young girl of 8 with TB, HIV (diagnosed with a CD4 count of 83!!!) and TB Meningitis was basically about to be submitted to a mental hospital to probably spend her last days in poor support and care. We got her home and she started MMS on two drops twice a day. For two weeks she had Herxheimer reactions every time she took it. Then she started getting better, eating more and putting on weight. Four weeks later she had lost her “voices” in her head and was interacting with other children normally. She is back at school and happy.
She went to the local government hospital for a checkup last week, and absolutely astounded not only her doctor, but also all the division staff who had never seen a recovery before! They all wanted to know what she had taken, and were told by her brother who accompanied her to hospital, that it was MMS and to Google it if they wanted to step out of “stupidity”! They were up in arms that MMS is not used or known by the medical regime here local! We kept a low profile, as our last President (Mbeki – he was ousted from his chair as he denied HIV claims!) did badly taking on big Pharma and the Health regime!
I look forward to your response.
Love and Blessings
Gavin Phoenix
Trinity Farm
South Africa

#4. Hello, I will try to keep this short, but my husband and I are herbalist's in Guyana, South America.  We have had enormous success with MMS. The success started when we were training in North Carolina.  Since being here in Guyana, it has been difficult due to the government's resistance to MMS.  Mr. Jim Humble was here himself and was no longer welcomed when he gave his men MMS while in the bush here and they recovered.  I have treated my clients for cancer, malaria, chrohn's disease, sinuses, herpes and some chronic pains of unknown origin.  Two clients who had tested positive for HIV, reported testing negative after taking the solution.  My husband and I use it for the water tanks as our water is rain water, as well as take it on a regular basis.
The only obstacle is the government.  It is so needed in this country.  Would like to attend seminar, but this is a poor country. I totally support MMS and would love to be a teacher.
p.s. wasn't sure about the title.  The name of our business is Tree of Life Natural Herbs.

Lisa Hercules

#5. I was diagnosed as HIV positive in Australia well over a year & a half ago, the doctor who specialized in treatment of HIV recommended I take AZT luckily I wasn't your average bear and told him I would not be going down that path & would use MMS instead , of course he had no idea what I was talking about, before I go on I want to tell you that the psychological benefits of knowing you have MMS to deal with these sorts of conditions is tremendous, the nurse was convinced I would need counseling, as most poor souls simply see it as a death sentence, and told me to make an appointment when the truth of my condition slammed home, This never happened, Knowing I could deal with the condition by myself using MMS was a tremendously empowering position.

I immediately started the protocol 1000 regime, sometimes I missed a hour but plugged away and actually did over 5 to 6 weeks in the end, I got used to drinking it neat with water, mucking around with juices just complicated things, I still to this day drink it neat with water, it's unpleasant but not intolerable, I usually swill it in my mouth before swallowing just to do the teeth as well, My energy levels and overall health are very good with no colds flu, or other indicators of lowered immune efficiency showing up, I have been fighting fit for over a year now since I treated it with the protocols described in the latest e book,

I no longer consider myself HIV positive no matter what my file may say, I know I'm well, On another MMS related story that happened a few days ago, My sister in law became afflicted with Typhus from bad ground water (they live next to a canal here in Indonesia)unfortunately I wasn't informed about her condition until 7 days had gone by ,but once I did find out I went to see her next door & she was laying on the bed in a sore & sorry condition, I gave her 3 drop twice in 2 hours, , the next day waking up well enough to go to work as a teacher, I have given here 2 follow up doses just in case, And she has recovered 100% very quick results I would say.

Mark Jago

#6. Just a quick note. I have been helping someone with HIV using MMS. Today he reports that his viral load is only 125. Last lab was 700. He doctor says his blood work looks almost normal. They are astounded! Asked him what he has been doing and he has not told them as of yet.
He has been doing 6 drops 2 and sometimes 3 times a day over the past 7 weeks. He feels great and has gained weight. We are all very excited here!
Will post more when I have further information.


#7. My name is Almaze I come from Ethiopia , I am HIV positive and I have 1 son but he’s ok from this sickness thanks God .?and I hearing from this MMS before 3 years from one friend of my sister she is also the same like me but thanks God she is completely ok now and I know if I can found this MMS I will be also ok but I don’t know where can I found can you please help me to found this MMS please please by God name I ask you to tell me where I can found or I can buy . From the first day up to now I am looking for , for this but it is not easy to found here in Ethiopia . ?Dear Jim Humble Thanks so much and God bless you where ever you are.

#8. Genesis 2 Canadian news. 
I will be posting personal health reports shortly on the sight.  Since I started taking the MMS and stopped my ARV drugs.  I feel great but most of all, after 6 weeks off meds and on the MMS, my blood work taken last week shows that I am undetectable for any HIV virus.  

This is significant because I attempted to cut back 2 years ago and the virus load went very high and I became very sick.  Another factor the medication was stopping my bones from producing red blood cells....after being off meds for 6 weeks my hemoglobin has remained within the normal range.  

It will be a couple of weeks until I get results on my cancer...which will be another success story to publish.  My doctor was very excited for me and wants to be kept abreast of what happens.   

#9. A minister who told me that his son had AIDS and he did not expect him to live much longer.  I gave him some MMS1 and MMS2 and told him how to use it.
In 1 month the son was feeling great and in another month got a job in Chicago.  He is now holding down an $84,000.00 a year job.
Marvin Kroeker

#10. Hi everyone!!!
I'm here to share some great news: after my wife tested NEGATIVE for HPV (already mentioned that story here a while ago), it was my turn:
Took the PCR (RNA) test for HIV and guess what???
Results came UNDETECTABLE!!!! I'm so damn happy!!! 

CD4 is still a little low, but the doctors said the Viral Load is THE most important thing and now that NO virus was detected in my blood, he's more than positive CD4 counts will raise.
Also, it's important to note that I couldn't wait the three months as recommended by Jim after finishing the Protocol because my doctor requested my to take the test. 

IMPORTANT: I've been on Protocol 4000 (MMS2) for exactly 105 days (29 days for maintenance)....
And besides the Protocol, Faith and Hope played real important elements, as I prayed a lot with each MMS capsule I took.   Maybe in three months I'll take the elisa test, and God help me that will test negative too!!!
For those who wanted a testimonial, here you have it. I'll try to copy the test results here (sorry for the language, it's in portuguese):

Método: Reação em cadeia da polimerase (PCR) em tempo real
Material: RNA extraído do plasma
Limite de detecção: 20 cópias/mL (34 UI/mL).

NOTA(1): Um resultado "indetectável" indica que a viremia está ausente
ou se encontra abaixo do limite de detecção do teste.
NOTA(2): Este teste não deve ser utilizado para o diagnóstico de
infecção por HIV-1, exceto em situações clínicas bastante

Peace, Love and Health to everyone!
Chris, from Brazil

HIV/AIDS video testimonies

Note: The problem with recording video testimonies for people that tested “positive” for HIV is that people don’t want others to know they were HIV Positive. But, some brave people that want to see others delivered from this horrible disease have recorded their testimonies and we hope more will do the same.

1 – Arsenio
2 - Ron



Note: This is what the WHO is reporting worldwide, so the truth might be much different esp. when they say “there is no cure”!

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has become one of the world’s most serious health and development challenges:

33.4 million are currently living with HIV/AIDS.
More than 25 million people have died of AIDS worldwide since the first cases were reported in 1981.
In 2008, 2 million people died due to HIV/AIDS, and another 2.7 million were newly infected.
While cases have been reported in all regions of the world, almost all those living with HIV (97%) reside in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people living with HIV or at risk for HIV do not have access to prevention, care, and treatment, and there is still no cure.
The HIV epidemic not only affects the health of individuals, it impacts households, communities, and the development and economic growth of nations. Many of the countries hardest hit by HIV also suffer from other infectious diseases, food insecurity, and other serious problems.
Despite these challenges, there have been successes and promising signs. New global efforts have been mounted to address the epidemic, particularly in the last decade. Prevention has helped to reduce HIV prevalence rates in a small but growing number of countries and new HIV infections are believed to be on the decline. In addition, the number of people with HIV receiving treatment in resource poor countries has increased 10-fold since 2002, reaching an estimated 4 million by 2008.

How the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing can help you restore health from HIV/AIDS?

1. Come to one of our “Health Restoration centers” worldwide.

We are presently receiving people at our Colombia Center in Santa Marta, Colombia, South America. Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Note: This is a 1 Month protocol program which includes diet, training and practical experience.

2. Attend one of our Genesis II Church Seminars worldwide.

See Upcoming Genesis II Church MMS seminars.

3. Study a Genesis II Church Home Study video course.

English -
Spanish -

Note: More languages are available at, and others in process.

This is the sixth newsletter in our series called “Restoring Health”. These letters are informative and include testimonies from people using the  Genesis II Church sacramental protocols in regard to specific health issues such as; Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Hepatitis A&B, Lyme disease, Diabetes, Herpes, HIV, Coronary artery disease and MRSA, (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) to name a few. Each newsletter will include “Real Life” testimonies. We hope to use this series of newsletters to record and archive many more testimonies to help others see that they really can, “take control of their OWN health care”.

We are changing the world!!! 
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

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