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Restoring Health from skin dis-eases and cancers is completely possible!  

#10 in the series, “Restoring Health

As you can see below there are many skin diseases and probably more not listed here. Skin cancer is included in the list of skin diseases. We have testimonies of many having their “health restored” from different types of skin diseases as well as cancers- from Melanoma to Basal Cell Carcinoma. We are very glad to tell you that most all skin diseases are being completely restored to health by the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols!  

List of skin diseases


NOTE: I added MRSA to the list because although it is in the blood and the symptoms are seen on the skin, people think it is a skin disease. My family and I had it and the skin eruptions were horrible. Thank God, we were able to “restore our health” from MRSA with MMS! For more information about MRSA see:

Because we are seeing great success with many skin diseases, we’d like to focus on skin cancer here. You will see and read testimonies about “restored health” from Eczema, Psoriasis, rashes, MRSA and others.  We feel that the world needs to know how most skin cancers are being caused and how to avoid it.

You’ll see a direct correlation between sunblock and sunscreen and the incidents of skin cancers. Many that spend much time in the sun and use sun blocks have higher rates of skin cancer than those that do not use the sun blocks. The chemicals in the sunscreens and sun blocks are known carcinogens as well.  By blocking the sun’s rays from the skin Vitamin D3 is not being produced.

“Sunscreens effectively block the type of ultraviolet light needed in order for your body to produce vitamin D in response to the exposure. As just mentioned, UVB's are the rays responsible for vitamin D production, while UVA's are the ones responsible for the vast majority of skin damage from excessive sun exposure. 

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in your overall health and well-being. This list of important benefits represents a mere fraction of the many ways vitamin D helps optimize your health. And, although you can obtain vitamin D from natural food sources, experts agree on one thing: Sunlight is by far the best way to get your vitamin D, emphasis mine. The so-called experts who advise you to avoid all sunlight and religiously apply sunscreen are actually encouraging you to increase your risk of cancer, not lower it…”

Benefits of Vitamin D

Protect against cancer, including melanoma
Support healthy kidney function
Enhance your muscle strength
Promote healthy teeth
Help produce optimal blood pressure levels
Help keep your bones strong and healthy
Help maintain a healthy immune system
Support your cardiovascular health


Vitamin D is known to fight against cancers and build the immune system which also fights cancers. People that never go in the sun have skin cancer because they don’t get in the sun or block out the sun’s ultra violet rays from making Vitamin D, not because they stay out of it. Much of the world’s skin cancers are in parts of the body that doesn’t have a lot of normal exposure from the sun! 

The body needs Vitamin D to help keep cancers out of the body. Many cancers are being caused by toxins, like the ones found in the very crèmes and lotions that are being sold to protect us from cancers! We believe “they”, i.e. “Big Pharma” and those that benefit from the sales of these products and the treatments of the cancers they cause, know this and have known this for many years. 

NOTE: The best way to avoid skin cancer is to spend time in the sun daily,(30 mins), and never use sunscreens or sun blocks. 

If you are dealing with a skin disease or cancer, please feel free to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact one of our Genesis II Churches worldwide at: 

There are many different types of skin cancers in this world. Sunlight is by far the best way to get your vitamin D, specifically Vitamin D3.

Types of Skin Cancer 

Actinic Keratosis: Precursor to Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Basal Cell Carcinoma
Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS)
Squamous Cell Carcinoma


“Contrary to popular belief, many sunscreen products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer because they contain vitamin A and its derivatives, retinol and retinyl palmitate, as well as other hazardous ingredients.´-

Sunscreen Causes, Not Prevents Skin Cancer -

Chemicals in Sunscreen -

“Compelling evidence: Slathering on toxic sunscreen and avoiding the sun could jeopardize your health and shorten your life” -

“Anyone who argues that sun exposure causes melanoma, Dr. Ackerman says, needs to explain why blacks and Asians get melanoma almost exclusively on skin that is not exposed to sunlight: the palms, soles, nails and mucous membranes. Even in whites, the most common melanoma sites -- the leg in women, the trunk in men -- are hardly the most sun-exposed body parts. 

Correlation between suntan lotions and sunscreens and Melanoma 

Written MMS Testimonies

#1. Works on skin cancer

I've been applying the MMS directly on my occasional  small (less than 1 inch dia). skin cancer tumors of the basil or Kerotosis  type and it kills the cancer cells and the tumors slowly disappear in about a week or two. Using Noxema to help clear away the dead cells helps for faster healing. It has not stopped them from forming but I can get rid of them as they pop up. Have not taken internally. I have killed about 20 tumors so far. If I did not have this, I would be covered with crusty skin cancer spots.

It also works on warts. Takes while but it does work.

#2. Scorpion Bite 

Greetings to all those who have concerns with an insect or other bites!

I was recently bitten on the "baby toe" by a 1 1/2 inch Scorpion! The smaller, the more potent the sting!
 I was in a poorly lit room, and going to walk out the back door, when I felt like a needle had gone into my toe...  I immediately felt like I was receiving an electric vibrating shock in that very spot on my toe.  I flipped on the light and there was that little scorpion!  I stepped on it immediately so it wouldn’t get the chance to hurt anyone else in my family!  I swiftly walked across the room and into the kitchen.  I opened up the refrigerator for my bottle of CDS!  I poured 1 cup into a bowl and placed 4 ice cubes in to keep it all very cold.  I put my foot into that bowl and kept it covered with the icy CDS solution for at least one hour.  I sat there in the kitchen and read while feeling the Vibrating Electric feeling in my toe.  Soon as I felt enough time was spent, I scooted across the room with my foot still in the bowl, and pulled out the diatameous earth.  I then got some more cold CDS, pouring maybe 1/2 teaspoon into 1 tablespoon D.Earth.  What ever the amounts are so there is a thick paste.  I dried off my foot and applied this to the area that I was bitten, then wrapped it with a CDS moistened light weight strip of white old cotton T-shirt, and wrapped that in a plastic bag so there would be no drip or mess... I went to bed and rested. The shocking feeling never left that very place on my toe that I got bitten!  I went to sleep easily with no pain. In the morning there was no way to find where I got hurt the night before!

One of my friends said someone she knows was bitten by a scorpion, and hurried to the hospital.  The bite was on her foot, and the pain was traveling up her leg!  They told her that the antidote would cost 3 thousand dollars.  She went home hurting.  A child that was bitten was affected through her whole body with trouble in her eyes.

I am so very thankful I had CDS ready with the ability to think fast and take care of myself.  

Hurrah !!!
Thank you Tons... Jim Humble      
Doris Prince

#3. Metal Detox Skin condition HELPED!
I had what I thought was Morgellons for 13 years, but found out that I was suffering from heavy metal poisoning, and I am using Dr, Amin's protocol from  During the detox, my body began to shed damaged and destroyed skin.  It was alarming and I thought I might be getting sicker instead of getting well, in addition, I had lots of open wounds.  I began using MMS per protocol for skin and it was amazing!  It kept infection away, it hastened the shedding of dead tissue and dried up oozing.  I tried MMS topically in the past with limited success, probably because I was so toxic the skin problems were overwhelming.  However, now that I am recovering the MMS is imperative and miraculous!  I use MMS on my skin and, teeth, water and for cleaning and sanitizing everywhere I can, as often as I can.

I LOVE MMS and pray for continued success to all in the MMS congregation.

Sincerely, Sammie

#4Extreme skin problem solved 

My husband had an extreme skin problem, caused (we think) by a toxin build-up.  We had a machine shop and used waste transmission oil for our machines.  One week after getting some oil from a local and different source, he broke out in a small skin rash on his shins, this spread to a full rash on his whole legs.  Then it showed up everywhere on his body except his mid and lower back and face. Now I am not talking about a slow increase, I am talking about a lightning fast attack on his body.  A few hours from first itchy bump to full leg coverage, and the next morning it was a full body experience.

Every part of his body acted in a different way... water filled bubbles on the bottom of his feet, cracking and weeping patches on his arms, neck and upper chest, red burning or itching patches of red everywhere else.  And then there were the boils.... 40 -50 at any one time!!!

We went through all kinds of surface treatments for about 4 months and finally it went away..
Two months later it was back.  Again with everything we could think of to treat it. And it lasted for 5 months.

I learned about MMS after the last infection was over and purchased some.
Three months later it started up again, but this time I was ready!

I gave him the 6-6 protocol three times that first day. I did the same the next day but didn't really need to, because it was already nearly gone!
A year after and it never came back.
I don't really know what it was... disease from some kind of bacteria that was in the oil, or toxins that had built up over years and the oil was the final straw, but the MMS put it down in a spectacular way!
Chris Apao

#5. My name is Atencio Lopez I live in Toronto Canada. I was diagnosed three years ago with Liken Planus. After visiting several dermatologists they decided to put me on steroids. Due to my financial situation I bought the ointment only once I was supposed to use it for a long period of time. Almost a year later a good friend of mine who was using MMS gave me a small bottle but I did not use it properly, a year later I decided to use MMS and even if I was not doing the treatment the way it was supposed to I started seeing results, until the marks under my armpits and the pubic area disappear 

Atencio Lopez

#6. I started taking MMS because of a chronic infection of herpes zoster (chicken pox) virus that is causing singles in my ear nerve.

I've been suffering from hormone related acne but because I've been so ill with the virus I've put off going on antibiotics.

Last night I mixed the recommended mixture for MMS and MSO and applied it to the affected acne areas.

This morning my acne is gone!  Of course there is still the existing lesions, but the inflammation is gone as well as the pustules that were emerging. 

I've not had such baby soft skin in years!

#7. Skin problem 

Hi, We have a friend who has been suffering from acute psoriasis for the past 7 years both on the hands and feet, the feet being the worst with open and split sores and both hands and feet very itchy and painful at all times. I asked her to try MMS spray for her condition and, although she didn’t know anything about it, said she was willing to try anything that might help even a little. I made up the spray using a 2OZ bottle together with 5 drops of MMS and 5 drops of 50% citric acid and asked her to spray both hands and feet 4 or 5 times a day and told her that I would be back to see her in 3 days as i would need to make up some more solution. Her husband called me the next morning and said that she now had no paid nor itching and was amazed at how fast and how well it worked. It is now 3 weeks after and her hands have almost cleared up with no further itching or pain. Her feet still have a little way to go but again, no pain or itching and the wounds are closed. All in all a great result and I am sure that in another week or so everything will be cleared up and she can continue to do whatever she wants to without the embarrassment of wondering if people are looking at her hands and/or feet.


#8. Psoriasis - the battle of life is over

I’m 22 now and don’t remember when exactly I developed psoriasis but I remember always having it. Before turning 18 years it was very bad all over the body.?Doctors said its genetic and incurable though no one in my family ever had it. I was prescribed using a cream which would help as long as I would be using it. I had to cut off fats and sweets. This did help. After this psoriasis stayed only on the scalp but very,  very badly. People could see it. I tried Chinese holistic center too, drank weird pills, cooked different weird and horrible teas, spent hundreds of pounds sterling there - no result.

I am also HIV positive and found about MMS and took it due to this condition. I took MMS for three weeks and noticed my psoriasis going away. Finished the protocol 1000 and within the next two months my scalp is clear and beautiful no more psoriasis patches on my body.

I just can’t believe that this can be over. Am very,  very happy now it is time for HIV.


#9. Dry scalp (or Dandruff) (or both) cured in days!

I had dry scalp or dandruff (really do not know which) since I was a child ever since I tried my dads anti-dandruff shampoo. Since then its been with me on and off, better or worse, but _always_ there. Usually it would get worse if I used hair gel etc.

Well, I made the 4oz spray bottle (40 drops mms + 40 drops 50% solution Citric acid and fill up with water)
Started spraying my hair for a good 10 minutes, massaging it down in the scalp and that same day it became a lot better. Now 4 days later there is no dry scalp at all.

I mean usually I would just touch my hair and it would snow down on my clothes, right? Well, that problem is gone. It doesn’t even snow if I start scratching hard! The dry scalp is just gone!

It’s GONE. Outstanding!!!

Thank you to the YouTube debaters who would bring up valid points in favor of MMS because I was a skeptic at first but I am glad I gave it a try and I feel bad for everybody I debated about MMS as if I had a clue, I never had a clue I just trusted what "mainstream" science and media fed me and went with that becauseI blindly trusted what they had to say, and for that I feel ashamed now. I will never do so again. I am sorry to everybody who was influenced by what I said and I hope they will come back to realize that MMS works.


#10. MMS cured my Eczema 

I was born with eczema, my mother has suffered from it her whole life. For 28 years I was taking cortisone, which is the only thing dr prescribe to people who suffers from eczema. It came to the point where the cortisone didn´t have any effect on me anymore and was just poisoning my body. I also suffer from many different allergies and Asthma. Since I lost all hope for any help from conventional dr I started to research alternative medicine and herbal cures. One day I met a women who told me about MMS. I started directly, after all I had nothing to loose. I quit using all my cortisone. The first month was horrible, I looked like a burn victim, all the heavy metals and damage tissue that had been stored inside my body from all cortisone started to come up to the surface. It was the hardest time of my life, mostly psychologically but I was just a big sore so there was allot of pain to. But after 3 weeks or so NEW white healed skin started to emerge. It was absolutely amazing to see it! I became better and better, cleaning out my whole body. I noticed mood swings, ups and downs, I became more sensitive, almost like a pregnant woman. I also noticed regulation of my period and less period pains. I know it might sound bad but it was an amazing feeling and overall very positive. I continued up to 15 drops a day. It took me around one year to do that. You have good days and bad days. I am now starting on 6 drops 2 times a week. I have no longer any eczema, my disease of a lifetime that all the dr said I just had to learn how to live with is gone. I feel better than ever before and everyone is amazed with my skin. My allergies have become much lighter too and I’m never sick! I recommend this to anyone who suffers from eczema. No matter what other web pages say, this WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I´ve proven even the most hard headed and skeptical friends wrong, including my boyfriend. Remember it is very hard in the beginning but once you are over that small phase you will just feel better and better. Good luck!


#11. MMS HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING - Eczema gone!!!



MMS Video Testimonies

***This is an amazing story, from a guy with his family that called me one day in the Dominican Republic. Fourth Stage Rare Melanoma

#1. - Vitiligo, Detox and Tongue Cancer

#2. Body Rash

#3. bites

#4. Melanoma

#5. reaction to “Pringamosa” healed quickly with CDS 3000ppm - 

#6. Cancer Help


#8. Melanoma

#9. Scabies





How the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing can help you restore health from skin diseases and cancers?

1. Come to one of our “Health Restoration centers” worldwide.

We are presently receiving people at our Colombia Center in Santa Marta, Colombia, South America. Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Note: This is a 1 Month protocol program which includes diet, training and practical experience.

2. Attend one of our Genesis II Church Seminars worldwide:

Learn more how to use the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols to “restore health” 90% of the world’s diseases and become a Health Minister of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

Upcoming Genesis II Church MMS seminars

Santa Marta, Colombia
September 26th – 28th (Spanish)
October 3rd-5th (English)
Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prague, Czech Republic – September 26th – 28th  
(Czech, Slovak) Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

El Quisco, Chile – October 17-19, 2014 (In Spanish)
Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Johannesburg - Midrand, South Africa – End of October 31st - Nov.2nd , 2014 – (English)
Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In Planning Stages:

Ngatea, North Island, New Zealand -
Nov. 14thth – 16th 2014 - Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Atlanta, Georgia
Nov. 28th -30th 2014 – (Thanksgiving Weekend) – English - Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Study a Genesis II Church Home Study video course.

English -
Spanish -

Note: More languages are available and others in process.

Send your friends and family our sign up link to receive our informative newsletters. Here is the link to our newsletter signup:

This is the tenth newsletter in our series called “Restoring Health”. These letters are informative and include testimonies from people using the  Genesis II Church sacramental protocols in regard to specific health issues such as; Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Hepatitis A,B & C, Lyme disease, Skin diseases, Diabetes, Herpes, HIV, Autism, Coronary artery disease and MRSA, (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) to name a few. Each newsletter will include “Real Life” testimonies. We hope to use this series of newsletters to record and archive many more testimonies to help others see that they really can, “take control of their OWN health care”.

We are changing the world by the 1000’s!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

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