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Jim Humble ebooks now on Digiresults!

Commissions are still 50% for every sale, and what's more - affiliate payouts on ebook-sales made through Digiresults, are instantaneous. You get paid right away!

To get started, all you need to do is sign up for a Digiresults account, and link your Paypal account.

Go here:

Once signed up and logged into Digiresults:

  1. Go to "Marketplace".
  2. Search for "jim humble"
  3. Click one of our ebooks in the list
  4. Request to become a reseller / affiliate of our program.
    We will approve your request usually within 24/48 hours.

Once approved as an affiliate, log back into Digiresults:

  1. Go to "Marketplace"
  2. Search for "jim Humble" and click the ebook you want to sell
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and copy the links below the text "Want to promote?". This is your personal promotion link for that particular product, and should look something like this: You can use this promotional link to sell Jim's ebook with a 50% commission on every sale. Each time a customer makes a purchase through your Digiresults link, payouts to your Paypal account happens immediately.

Easy ways to start selling:

  1. An easy way to set up affiliate sales on your website is to simply take an image with one or more of Jim's ebook(s) that you want to sell. You may feel free to use the images in our or shop, and make that image link directly to your Digiresults promotion link.
  2. You could also use simple text such as Download now for $19.99 and make that line of text link to your Digiresults promotion link. The buyer will be taken to a sales page on Digiresults which makes it easy for them to purchase and easily download that one ebook.  

We are also looking into setting up bookpackages. More information will follow on that, but you can keep yourself posted on new products by simply searching for "jim humble" on the Digiresults marketplace. If we add a new product, then that product will show up under the name Jim Humble in the Digiresults marketplace.

For questions or support, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rev. Mac

Jim Humble Affiliate Support
Genesis II Church of Health & Healing

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