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Two Upcoming Genesis II Church Seminars in Ecuador

Vilcabamba: July 10th – 12th – English/Spanish

Quito: July 17th – 19th – Spanish

Quite a few people in the past couple of years have asked us about doing a seminar in Ecuador. Well, we decided not to have only one seminar but two. How exciting is that? The 1st seminar will be held in Vilcabamba and the 2nd Seminar will be held in Quito. We want to invite as many English speaking people to come to the 1st seminar, although we will be translating to Spanish for the few who do not speak English. The following weekend the seminar will only be in Spanish. This will allow us to give everyone the opportunity to attend a seminar and learn the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols - improvements with the existing protocols - hear what has been happening worldwide including testimonies from others and even leave us with your own recorded testimony, if you have one.   

The location for our 1st seminar is in Vilcabamba, Ecuador which is a stunning and very beautiful place. 


For more information about the seminar in Vilcabamba, please email Bishop Joseph: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The location for our 2nd seminar is in Quito, Ecuador the capital city.



Av. República de el Salvador N34-144 y Moscú

Una cuadra al sur del Colegio Benalcazar y al este del Parque La Carolina

Quito – Ecuador

Facebook page:

For more information about the seminar in Quito, please email Bishop Jonathan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seminar Details:

For prices to enroll in the seminars, (please email above contacts for more details).

Couples receive a $100 USD discount each.  

Health Ministers receive a $100 USD discount. 

What is included for those who enroll in a Genesis II Church Seminar: 

All Seminar Sacraments needed to do the practical protocols. (In Kits.)  

Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols Workbook

Health Minister Photo I.D. Card  

One year membership in the Genesis II Church

Graduation certificates, including: 

1. Certificate of Completion of the Genesis II Church Seminar

2. Health Minister of the Genesis II Church where each graduation student is awarded the “Reverend” title.

3. Membership Certificate

4. Church Creed (PDF)

5. Church Logo (PDF)

6. Certificate of Authorization to open a Genesis II Church Chapter, (when requested) (PDF)

7. Public Announcement of Genesis II Church Chapter (when requested) (PDF)

8. Links to all the Sacramental videos.

9. EBook - “Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium” by Archbishop Jim Humble

10. Much more info to allow you to teach others with ease.

Come and let’s have a great time learning how to Restore Health from 90% of the world’s diseases and maintain that health the rest of your life.

***** Sign up as soon as possible!*****

Extended Video Course Offer:

Until the end of June, we will be offering in English.

The New Genesis II Church Online Video Course for $149.99 U.S.!

Many people have emailed us stating that the new video course is very user friendly and easy to understand. This is our goal to create a course that everyone can do. Therefore encouraging the average person to be a part in changing this world. Join us in this incredible journey to help this broken world. All it takes is one person at a time!!!

We would also like to mention that the Spanish Video Course is being prepared to launch by next month, so be ready for that mis hermanos y hermanas.

Bishop Jonathan




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