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This information was sent in from a friend and man aware in Canada, on behalf of Bishop Alvin Rose, to inform others of corruption carried out by the Canadian Government Agency Health Canada with the disturbing support of the RCMP.

It demonstrates a horrific breakdown of law to justify a trespass against a man who has done no wrong or harm to another man or property.

These blatant acts of trespass by public servants must stop.

Below is an account by Alvin Rose of said event regarding the unlawful actions committed by Health Canada:

Alvin James Rose [also acting at times as Bishop Alvin Rose] has for many years (since February 1998) been doing research into Alternative Medicines and non-drug protocols to eliminate diseases in humans. He has helped many people by teaching them how they can use the sacraments of the Genesis II Church to overcome some very serious diseases. Each person was given the data that they needed and each person had full freedom to determine if they wished to use the sacrament or not. Many chose to use the sacraments as taught, and their recovery was verified with medical doctors, hospitals, cat scans, MRI’s and medical tests and they have been told that they are free of the disease by their doctor’s official reports. You can visit for further data.

Bishop Rose of the Genesis II Church has told me that he is very proud to have helped so many people recover their health by using the sacraments of the Genesis II Church which are the water purification drops.

Bishop Rose’s personal Website is being targeted because of the exposure to the corrupt tactics of Health Canada.

The people of Canada and Newfoundland deserve the truth of what is being done by public servants in the government section called Health Canada, as they attempt to prevent the very people they're supposed to serve, from consuming what they have unlawfully decided to be illegal. (Health Canada does not have the authority to make laws or declare legal items illegal.)

Bishop Rose explained that Health Canada is trying to protect the profits of the Pharmaceutical Drug companies. He points out that Health Canada is doing unlawful raids across Canada which is causing wrong and harm to the people of Canada, and we must stop this abuse.

Below is a recap of what Bishop Rose stated had happened… I know it to be the facts of the case from a number of other reputable sources other than Bishop Rose.

It was written originally by Bishop Rose using language understandable to those who are informed about Common Law. I have taken the liberty to put it in plain English so as to be understood by those who do not understand Common Law language.

Recap of events, March 2015, from Bishop Alvin Rose:

On the morning of March 25, 2015, I was awakened at 8:15 AM as I heard a noise outside my trailer. I went to the front door to see what was going on. When I opened the door, I was confronted by two women [RCMP officers] and two men who were inspectors from Health Canada. These men were Donald Bourgeois and James Barr. They claimed to have a search warrant from a court in St. Johns, Newfoundland. I told them that the warrant was no good here, but they proceeded to trespass, causing further harm.

The two women [RCMP Officers] forced their way into my trailer. One tried to push me back onto a coffee table. I reached out and held on to the lady to prevent myself from falling onto the table. Officer Jones, a third officer, then charged me with assault on an officer and handcuffed me. Then he said he was also charging me with obstruction contrary to section 24 of the Food and Drug Act, but these charges were already written on the warrant which I was forced to sign while handcuffed. I only had bed clothes on and couldn’t read the charges on the papers I signed, except to see that the charges were already written. I signed under duress.

The officers continued to search my home for MMS [my property] which is also a sacrament of the Genesis II Church. While in handcuffs and under arrest, they got some clothes on me and took me to the RCMP building in Marystown. They took off my clothes and put me in a jail cell in my underwear and T-shirt.

After several hours, Bourgeois and Barr came back to interrogate me. I told them that what they were doing was wrong and causing me harm, but obviously they did not care. When they were finished with the interrogation, they left and the RCMP let me out, but only after I was fingerprinted and photographed like a common criminal. It was amazing to see the lengths that Health Canada will go through to protect the Pharmaceutical Drug group’s interest and profits in Canada. It is the suppression of a formula which has been proven time and time again to recover diseases, backed up with certified proof by members of Genesis II Church.

It is hard to believe that this was possible in a country that prides itself for its honesty and compassion around the world.

Certainly, the RCMP has lost its way with Health Canada officers such as Bourgeois and Barr, who have no regard for their fellow man, nor an understanding of the law of this land, especially as public servants, to allow such wrong and harm to occur.

At the Crown Court, a hearing took place regarding my case on June 10th 2015 at the Grand Bank Provincial Courthouse. I did not plea either guilty or not guilty. A man acting as judge was Harold Porter. He did not produce any findings of facts of conclusion in law supporting the said crown court actions against me…and further trespassed by entering a plea of not guilty against my will and without my consent to their court jurisdiction. We will pursue and require an answer under Common Law in a court of record to all acts of trespass.

This case is being watched by many people around the world to see the integrity of our common law courts in Canada, and also the actions of Health Canada. We will address our right as man or woman in said capacity to access public venues (courthouses) to file a claim and move our court under Common Law, to seek justice honorably.

(NOTE: Under common law, man has the right to hold his own court in a public venue and to address the trespasses against him.)

This court will commence very soon and will address the crown court being used by Health Canada on October 15th, 2015 at 9:30 AM against a man [Bishop Rose] and those with him will show the power of Common Law. 

Alvin Rose

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing Is A Free Church Under Common Law With More than 1500 trained Bishops and Ministers of Health and Healing in 110 different countries World Wide.

Additional information from our members in Canada :


Please read with care the following article that exposes unlawful raids that Health Canada deliberately conducts on innocent people. Our documentation for these raids is impeccable and includes both witness testimonies and court records. Every one of these raids was made possible only because Health Canada obtained search warrants under false pretences. This practice is unlawful against a man or woman.

Here are Health Canada’s unlawful tactics:

An official of the Health department falsely alleged to a justice of peace that a crime is taking place. In good faith, the justice issues a search warrant, which your official uses to galvanize the RCMP into action. Police officers, believing that they are going on a “drug bust”, arrive at the innocent person’s home with guns drawn and battering rams at the ready. During the raid, RCMP officers are shocked and disappointed to find out that there is no crime taking place. A typical police comment is, “What, you only sell vitamins here?”

In most cases, these officers are so embarrassed that they refuse to give their badge numbers when asked.

It is not a crime to sell vitamins and other dietary supplements. It is not a crime to sell vitamins and safe mineral products such as MMS water purifiers. This is one of their favourites (approved on Health Canada’s website) that are suspected of not conforming to Health Canada’s self-made regulations. Your department is using criminal sanctions to coerce compliance with its bureaucratic dictates. Such action in addition to committing trespass under common law is also in violation of their own rules… The Constitution Act, 1867 and must cease immediately. The irony is that Health Canada, under the guise of policing crime, is actually committing trespass against we the people.

The Game Exposed

The Constitution Act, 1867 delineates the powers between the federal and provincial governments. The feds have jurisdiction over crime. Matters of health are the exclusive domain of the provinces. Thus, Health Canada does NOT have any lawful authority to regulate health products, as such over man. The elaborate Natural Health Product (NHP) regulations that classify dietary supplements as “drugs” are nothing more than bureaucratic dictates that have never been sanctioned by Parliament and thus do NOT have the power of law. No one is under any lawful or legal obligation to comply with the NHP regs. Health Canada knows this, but uses intimidation to keep Canadians from finding out.

As a branch of the Federal Government, Health Canada has legitimate policing powers only over crime—nothing else. The Food and Drugs Act gives Health Canada the power to police products that are either adulterated or fraudulently promoted – nothing more than that – because poisoning and defrauding are criminal activities.

Health Canada has zero authority over a man and his property [products that are both safe and honestly promoted].

Health Canada does NOT have any lawful right to restrict a man or woman from safe products simply because they may not conform to their regulations.

This is the basis for the dangerous game that Health Canada is playing. In order to carry out its hidden agenda, Health Canada has to deceive both the RCMP and the courts into believing that selling 100% safe dietary supplements somehow constitutes criminal activity. This they do by falsifying the grounds on which warrants are issued, and working the RCMP up to a “drug bust”.

The deceit is that selling “unapproved” dietary supplements constitutes a crime. Health Canada is only able to maintain this deceit, by itself engaging in unlawful activity. Health Canada agents typically falsify information in order to get a search warrant. The most usual ploy is claim (falsely) to a judge they are acting on complaints from the public.

In a number of cases, Health Canada falsified laboratory tests in an attempt to claim that seized products were adulterated. In two such cases, the suppliers had previously conducted independent lab tests which proved that their products were 100% safe.

Another ploy used to obtain search warrants is to claim to a judge that Health Canada “is not convinced that product X is safe”, plus some pseudo-scientific explanation that may be technically beyond the judge’s ability to know how to question. This is an arrogant argument that reverses the onus. In the absence of demonstrable harm, any given natural product must be presumed to be safe. This is the time honoured tradition of “innocent until proven guilty”.

In fact, all of the products seized in these raids must be considered totally safe: because no deaths and no injuries have ever been documented to have been caused by any of them taken in recommended amounts, not anywhere in the world, not at any time. In the case of EMPower Plus, there is clear evidence that this product actually prevents deaths.

Another ploy that Health Canada uses is to “ban” a product based on some irrelevant biochemical idiosyncrasy. EDTA is a dietary supplement that was a target in some raids. Commercially, EDTA is an extract of yam that is freely available in the U.S. and also has an impeccable safety record. Chemically, EDTA belongs to a large group of substances known as “sterols” (as do vitamin D, bile, and certain hormones). When taken orally, EDTA is a plant sterol that acts as precursor which the body uses safely to make select adrenal hormones as needed. Health Canada galvanized the RCMP into action by intimating that EDTA is an “illicit steroid drug”.

Health Canada does NOT have lawful or legal authority to ban the right of any man to use what he deems safe substance .

Health Canada’s Unlawfulness

In its attempt to make criminals out of innocent vendors of safe dietary supplements, Health Canada is itself engaging in criminal activity. Restricting safe products from the market necessarily deprives consumers of the benefits of those products.

Health Canada’s raids on suppliers of safe dietary supplements, its confiscations of safe products, and their prosecutions of innocent vendors are in apparent violation of at least their own following statutes by which Canada (a corporation) as a country, is bound:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

(The Canadian Government (all Governments) under legalese internationally in addition to common law)

12. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation.

17(2). No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

Canadian Bill of Rights

1(a) The right of the individual to life, liberty, security of person and enjoyment of property and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law.

1(b) The right of the individual to equality before the law and the protection of the law.

None of the business owners raided were doing harm or wrong. There is no law against selling safe dietary supplements that may not conform to regulations. Every other bureaucracy in our country, including the Canada Revenue Agency, warns those who may not be in compliance with a letter or two, then a follow-up phone call. The first warning these vitamin suppliers had was a gun pointed at their face. Health Canada isn’t really concerned about compliance. Its mission is to destroy businesses that sell products it doesn’t like, namely products that offer safe alternatives to prescription drugs. In most of these raids, the suppliers’ entire inventory was confiscated never to be returned, including products that were in totally in compliance with regulations. Shipping tables, supplies and computer hard drives were also seized, preventing the victims from doing any business at all. In many cases Health Canada has told media not to feature any more ads from the raided business, suppliers not to provide any more products to them, and overseas customers not to buy any more product from them.

Health Canada is clearly a rogue bureaucracy that considers itself above the law.

Is this the kind of government that we, as man [Canadians], created for our benefit?

No... it is not.

We have a duty more than ever to come together and hold said public servants accountable when they go off the rails from their foundational purpose to protect the property of man.

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