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Help for Alvin Rose (75) Against The Abuse of Health Canada

This is a plea for a small amount of financial aid for a Canadian Minister of Health of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing​.

In the early morning hours, March 2015, a minister of our church, named Alvin Rose (75 years of age), of Marystown Newfoundland, faced a serious trespass by two agents of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) along with two agents of Health Canada over a question concerning the sacraments of our church which is called MMS.  Alvin was woken by a commotion outside his trailer door. Upon opening the door to see what was going on he was confronted by two agents from Health Canada and two RCMP officers stating they had a warrant to enter and search his property. They presented a warrant, but a bond, which is required by Canadian law, was not present with the warrant.  Alvin asked the agents to please get the required bond before returning to search his property, but all the agents ignored his request.

As Alvin then attempted to close the door he was met with force by one of the woman officers who pushed him backwards and moved herself up and into his small entrance. This caught Alvin off guard, scaring him with such physical force.  He began to fall back as he was not solid in his footing. Alvin reacted by reaching out and holding on to the officers arm to prevent serious harm by falling back on a coffee table and possibly​ hitting his head… Alvin was then charged with assault for simply trying to stay on his feet. 

The agents then searched Alvin’s living quarters and found a single bottle of MMS that Alvin used for his own personal use.  Since the police officers could find nothing or any consequence to charge Alvin with, they have made false charges which are—assault on an officer and obstructing an investigation by Health Canada. This apparently is their tactic, that when they can’t find anything to charge you with they simply make up a few things that will sound bad to others using MMS.

Alvin has never had so much as a parking ticket his entire life… yet he has to face a corrupt crown and court attempting to basically show the people of Canada they cannot use MMS.  They could not find enough evidence to prove he is selling it, so they have charged him on anything they could think of. The false charges their court is attempting to apply are assault of a police officer and obstructing an investigation by Health Canada (that was being carried out without lawful papers). 

Alvin is determined to see this through on behalf of us all, so no other man or woman will have to face such disturbing acts of trespass by Government agents.
Alvin is an acting Bishop within the Genesis II Church. This continues to be very difficult and disturbing time for not only Alvin but all of us in this world. He has helped people his entire life including the Cancer Institute in New Zealand for over 10 years, donating his time and research for free to bring about technologies to help all of us should we or a loved one fall ill. He has also helped many people in his community without hesitation when they show up at his door seeking help. 

Now it is Alvin who needs our help and we are rallying around this man to support him given he has harmed no man/woman or property. The Crown has set their trial date for October 15th  2015. Alvin is in need of serious financial help quickly to continue to defend himself properly as he  has a very small pension to support himself which he has drained over this past year to stop this wrong. 

Our target goal is $5,000 to defeat this continued trespass in the near future. 

Here is the link to donate: 

Alvin Rose Defense Fund

----> DONATE NOW <----

Thank you for your time and consideration to support Alvin and his efforts affecting us all.

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