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Plans to reach out to the world with a voice. G2 Voice is coming!


We have had CNN, BBC, SKY News, ABC, CBC News and other TV mainstream media do segments about MMS and the Genesis II Church. They have not covered MMS or Genesis II Church honestly to say the least. We did think that CBC News in Canada has done a fairly good job to show both sides, but  they still had to end featuring Health Canada (the official equivalent to FDA and U.S. Health Dept.), saying that MMS is “dangerous” and not to be ingested. Here is the episode that was done in Canada:

Because we cannot get honest reporting from mainstream media on this earth, we have decided to establish our own voice as a Church, the G2 Voice! This will be an Internet radio that hopefully will be available around the world within 24 hours of broadcasting.

This is not a venture we will be doing on our own. We have someone willing to move to Colombia and work with us here. He was a foreign correspondent in Italy covering the Vatican, and has 20 years of radio and print journalism experience. In addition he has a law degree that might prove helpful to us as well. More to come about this in the future.  He will be setting up the station and working it with us!

We would like to cover on our broadcasts the following type of information:

Live testimonies coming in weekly from our Bishops, Health Ministers and others worldwide.
Interviews with Jim Humble, Mark Grenon and others.
Question and Answers about MMS and G2 sacraments.
Presenting scientific evidence that confirms the safety of sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, MMS2, DMSO, clays, and diatomaceous earth.
Discussion of foods that help build the body's immune system.
Do's and Don'ts of using MMS and the G2 sacraments.
How to become a G2 Member, Health Minister and Bishop.
How to start a G2 Church Chapter in your country.
Many other topics relevant to health.
All of the latest news about G2 Church around the world.
Things needed to know for the survival of mankind.

It is about time we, as a church, have a VERY clear voice in this world. Now is the time to do it! Please, help us get the G2 Voice established.

How can you help? We need $15,000.00 USD to be used for the following:

Note: We have $500.00 USD already donated.

1. Purchase radio equipment – $3,750.00
2. Two computers for radio station use ONLY – $2,000.00
3. Six months rent of an apartment, studio and office as well as housing for two – $6,500.00
4. High speed Internet – $150.00 per month for six months –$900.00 total.
5. Plane ticket from the US $1,000.00

If you'd like to donate to the G2 Voice project, please contact Bishop Jonathan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or myself personally at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have plans to train others around the world to do the same in their native language or at least cover our station in their own language. Spanish will be the first language we set up.

NOTE: We want the G2 VOICE to be totally sponsored by donations and there will be no outside advertising. If the Genesis II Church cannot afford to keep it running then it stops, BUT we know this will be viral once we get it established. The G2 Voice can be a voice to the world, by the world and for the world, and not for any monetary benefit.

The G2 Voice will only use “plain talk” with simplified words for ALL to understand not just a few. There will be no legalese or hidden meaning to our words. We will only use straight, plain talk. Even though the topic might be technical the explanation needs to be simple and easy to be illustrated. We want the entire world to understand what we are doing, and how simple it is to do it.

We have recorded a lot of new videos covering different Sacramental Protocols and are offering them (and uploading more as we speak) FREE to the world at:

Our Health Minister Full Course is offered there as well.

To purchase by donation, sacramental products check out our growing list of G2 Church chapter providers around the world at:

We are really excited about this project. The G2 Voice can give us a wider audience and the information, Q & A's and testimonies will help solidify and convince the world that the Genesis II Church is a Church for all mankind to rid the world of dis-ease.

We are ready to get this project started, so if you want to help, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or my personal e-mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will only raise the $15,000.00 USD then stop the donations. We’d like to only raise the amount needed.

Let's change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon




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