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How to cure cancer and the protocol 2000

This is a continuation of last week's broadcast  about Breast Cancer. Last week we talked about breast cancer but this week we will cover cancer in general and how to cure it no matter where it is found in the body!

Yes, we will listen to a few testimonies from people we interviewed in our G2 Seminars we have done worldwide.

We want to show everyone why so many natural cancer cures aren't working today. Many of these natural therapies are really good for the body's systems and do naturally occur in the body while others are not and are toxic. We have had many come to us after trying many of the natural cures for cancer on earth and spent thousands on products, supplements and even going to natural centers without being cured of cancer! Well, we hope this week's G2Voice Broadcast can answer you questions as we show you real people that have been healed of all types of cancer. We pray that this broadcast will take away the confusion we find in the world when it comes to the question, How can I naturally cure my body of cancer?

Please tune in, Sunday 23rd at 10 AM CST.

We believe most people understand and have seen that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are not healthy for the body but they feel have no choice because this is the ONLY way. This is NOT true and we want to show you why. Then, we have those that have their eyes open to the fact that there may be another way or ways to cure cancer but don't know what to do. Also, we have people that have tried so many “natural” ways to cure the body of cancer without success. Why? Is there a cure for cancer naturally? People are confused. Well, I hope this week we can answer that question not only in theory but with REAL people cured of all forms of cancer!

Please tune in this week and listen to last week's broadcast for we laid a foundation to show everyone why Breast Cancer will not be cured by the people that are doing the cancer research based on a Hypothesis not facts : 

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Archbishop Mark S. Grenon


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