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The Bishops Project


Three months ago, we asked everyone on our Genesis II Church Mailing list and on the G2Voice to help us with supplying one of our Bishops in Uganda with MMS ingredients. We received word 2 weeks ago that our Bishop, Samula, in Uganda received the 50 kilo or 110 pounds we sent to him! Here is the letter we received from him this week.

Hello, MARK
Greeting from the MMS community here in Uganda, East Africa. Am writing to tell you that I received the fifty kilograms (50kgs) pack of MMS. Thank you so much for the kindness and the entire Genesis 2 Church members for making our dream come true. We are now more determined with the whole team I work with here to restore health.
As per now, I have managed to introduce and train 13 people locally here to use MMS on those in need of it. And I hope the number to grow in the near future as the MMS news is spreading so fast. I have also initiated a project called the HYGIENIC PROJECT where we are mainly handling hygiene related diseases and purifying water for the local community.
So far, we have already covered two villages with over 80 homes and we are still moving on. Hundreds of people have already used MMS for different health problems and the big number is happy with it. Although the public needs much sensitization on the development but we are doing our best. I again thank everyone who is making this happen mostly through prayer and supplies.
I will be sending you photos and videos of the project including the testimonies i have covered with many diseases being cured.
God bless you MARK.

During our drive to the Gentry, Arkansas Seminar last month, Bishop Jonathan came up with a good idea. We were talking about Samula receiving the 50 kilos of MMS Sacramental mineral salts and he said to me, why don’t we make a list of other Bishops and Health Ministers that we know need help and try to send each one a 50-kilo barrel. We thought of over 20 in Africa, South America, Philippines and India alone! These are people we know are actively helping others. The outcome of that conversation and talking to some other Bishops is to start the Genesis II Church Bishops Project where we raise $7,000 U.S. to provide 10 Bishops or Health Ministers with a 50-kilo drum of MMS Sacramental Mineral salts. It cost around $700 US to purchase the mineral salts, air ship and clear through customs. Each fifty kilo drum can “restore health” from Malaria for 40,000 people one hundred percent of the time or maintain over 1,000 families healthy for a year! Will you help us?
If interested please donate at or contact Bishop Jonathan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body. Problems or “dis-eases” in the mouth can not only affect eating, drinking and smiling, but other organs of the body both indirectly and directly. The mouth is the “first stop” for the majority of things entering the body such as; food and air, but also toxins and other pathogens that can also effect the body as a whole! Many people know that the “flora” in the gut is VERY important to the body’s overall health. But many don’t know about the mouth having its own set of good bacteria, enzymes, acids and body protectors, such as T-cells and B-cells. Here is a good overview of the importance of the mouth and by guarding its natural “ecological” system a lot of dis-eases in the mouth and the body can be eliminated!

An overview of the importance of the mouth

The oral cavity contains some of the most varied and vast flora in the entire human body and is the main entrance for 2 systems vital to human function and physiology, the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. Several diseases involve these 2 systems and manifest in the oral cavity. In addition, a specific pathologic condition, such as periodontitis (ie, inflammation of the periodontal attachment of the teeth and the alveolar bone), may be present in the oral cavity. These specific conditions in the oral cavity may create foci of infection that can affect many other vital systems, such as the cardiovascular and renal systems. Foci of infection in the oral cavity arising from chronic periodontitis or chronic periapical abscesses (ie, inflammation and abscess of the tissue attached to the apex of the root) may lead to subacute bacterial endocarditis (BE) and glomerulonephritis (GN).

In addition to bacterial organisms, oral microorganisms can include fungal, protozoal, and viral species. The bacteria include hundreds of types of organisms of which only "22 predominant ones have been identified." A variety of organisms in the microenvironment of the oral cavity adhere to the teeth, the gingival sulcus, the tongue, and the buccal mucosa. Each site has a unique way of allowing the organisms to establish their residency. The normal flora in healthy individuals maintains similar patterns. When a local or systemic disease process or concomitant use of medications alters this overall pattern, atypical organisms begin to predominate and some normal organisms with a benign nature, such as Candida albicans, become pathogenic.

The microenvironment of the oral cavity changes with the age of the patient, the eruption or loss of teeth, and the appearance of disease states (eg, caries, periodontal disease). Systemic changes, such as pregnancy or drug intake, also alter the number and proportion of flora. These changes are due to alterations in the flow and composition of salivary fluid and in the levels and activity of defense components (eg, immunoglobulins, cytokines) in the saliva.

Increasing evidence indicates that oral microbiota participates in various systemic diseases. Periodontal disease permits organisms to enter deep systemic tissues, such as the carotid atheroma. An association between periodontal pathogens, such as Porphyromonas gingivalis, and atherosclerosis has been suggested because of the pathogen's possible direct effect on atheroma formation. P gingivalis has also been found in carotid and coronary atheromas. It may also invade and proliferate within heart and coronary artery endothelial cells, and, along with Streptococcus sanguis, it may also induce platelet aggregation associated with thrombus formation. Oral microorganisms may also enter the deeper tissue after trauma or surgery, which contributes to the disease process, particularly when they cause BE.

Periodontitis is a common chronic bacterial infection of the supporting structures of the teeth. The host response to this infection is an important factor in determining the extent and severity of the disease. Systemic conditions may modify the extent of periodontitis principally through their effects on normal immune and inflammatory mechanisms.

Several systemic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, may increase the prevalence, incidence, or severity of gingivitis and periodontitis. Medications such as phenytoin, nifedipine, and cyclosporin are known to predispose to gingival overgrowth and to increase the severity of plaque formation. Immunosuppressive drug therapy and any disease (eg, HIV infection) resulting in suppression of the normal inflammatory and immune mechanisms can cause or enhance severe periodontal diseases. Smoking, which has an adverse effect on periodontal health, also affects this overall disease condition. Specific diseases, such as histiocytosis, may result in necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis.

The severity and prevalence of periodontitis are increased in persons with diabetes and are worse in persons with poorly controlled diabetes. Periodontitis may exacerbate diabetes by decreasing glycemic control. This effect indicates a degree of synergism and a link between the 2 diseases.

The relative risk of cardiovascular disease is doubled in persons with periodontal disease. Periodontal and cardiovascular disease share many common risk and socioeconomic factors, particularly smoking, which is a powerful risk factor for both diseases. The actual underlying etiology of both diseases is complex, as are the potential mechanisms whereby the diseases may be causally linked. The chronic inflammatory state and microbial burden in persons with periodontal disease may predispose to cardiovascular disease in ways proposed for other infections, such as with Chlamydia pneumoniae.




Again, to me the most scientific studies going on in the world with dis-eases are those that are dealing with the whole world and seeing the same results over and over again! Observing and Repeating is the VERY DEFINITION OF SCIENCE! This is what the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing is teaching, guiding and documenting WORLDWIDE! By following a “proven” G2sacramental protocol for the mouth, people are “restoring health” from many different types of oral dis-eases! Below are a few of the testimonies we have received from around the world from people curing themselves of different mouth problems.





MMS Testimony - Receding gums and root canal testimony:
Gums, Bone Spores, Bad Breath, Arthritis - MMS Testimonials:
Throat Cancer, Gum Disease - Success Stories - MMS Testimonials
Vitiligo, Detox and Tongue Cancer - MMS Testimony

1. Oral Herpes

For those of you who can't avoid getting re-infected (ornery spouse), or who have a nasty strain of herpes that regularly comes back I have found that a solution of Ca hypochlorite of 1/4 tsp per 16-20 fl oz of water used via Q-tip cotton swab onto tingling areas (signaling the potential approach of blisters) such as in or around nostrils, corner of lips, around and in eyes (stings a little but never hurt my eyes), has when used morning and evening stopped it from developing further, taken the irritation out, and caused it to subside quickly, ...esp. when an adult takes 15-20 alfalfa tablets, chews up and washes down with lemonade or grapefruit juice at same time.
This same solution makes a very effective tooth and tongue brushing solution. ...have used it for going on 2 years now. ...Not for swallowing. 
Water-pik -ing using a little of the solution in the pik water does a good job of cleaning out most infections holed up in crevices. ...for stubborn infections. I have found a touch of 2% iodine at base of infected tooth (hold mouth open and spit out, after a minute rinse out with water) the iodine will knock things the MMS 2 solution can't ...that is my experience. If done right it won't do anything but help clear out bad microbes. ...these might not be the best solutions for a person with a mouth full of amalgams... but what is. 


2. MMS works, regardless of faith. It works. Were it not for MMS today, I'd be dead. 

MMS has always helped. MMS use whenever you need advice. When not help vitamins, herbs, or when it's too bad that MMS has always helped and got me into a life full of energy. MMS latitudes Regardless of the law, helping people in this way. Free, everyone was surprised by the quick success. On toothache occupies faster than Brufen. For me, it is preferable but MMS2 suffer from acne. After 1 capsule is MMS2 almost immediately after the dissolution of the capsule to see how the inflammation disappears from his face and sores heal very well. Whenever belches "chlorine" odor, I know that MMS is working to correct me. Jim Humble consider to be the greatest man of all time. After God is in 2nd place and all the others as the Dalai Lama, missionaries, and others good-hearted people do not reach him or her ankles. I admire his courage and strength to fight the greatest evil. No one could even a fraction of what this hero worthy of respect.

3. Abscessed tooth
Went to a Dentist for an abscessed tooth, he sent me to a dental surgeon who wanted $1000.00 just to pull it, thanks but no thanks. Told the original dentist I would take care of it myself. How you going to do that, he asks, told him about MMS, I could see I was getting nowhere and got out of there as fast as possible.

Put myself on MMS, 20 drops of each in 16 oz water, drank 1 ounce an hour for about a week.

He called three or four days after my appointment to see how I was doing, told him almost perfect, pain was gone in a day, even then, he still did not want to hear about MMS, well Tim, it's been nice knowing you.

I feel I just beat him out of a payment on his Porsche. 


4. Auto Immune Help
At sixty-six, I feel my whole life has been a big fight to stay alive. At age two I started wearing coke-bottle thick lenses over my crossed eyes and discovered things like numbers on the clock for the first time. My parents decided that since I was so miserable to live with, maybe ripping my tonsils out would help so I lost those that year too! By my early teens the psoriasis lesions (fungal infection) I've been plagued with ever since started up. Eventually I learned that I could not eat sugar, refined grains, or animal products. I've gone for long periods with NO grains. I've done raw and totally organic programs for years at a time. I was basically a fruititarian for a year hoping that would help. Finally, I got diagnosed with Crohn's and have been more strict about living gluten-free since then. Two doctors have told me my absorbtion of nutrients was worse than they've seen in people who were extremely mentally ill. I am grateful for the quality of life I've experienced despite these weaknesses. My parents are in their mid-eighties and their good health for their age inspires me. I am grateful to them for the Seventh-day Adventist legacy that I am certain has spared me worse trials.

Moment of Decision

In recent years, keeping teeth in my head has become very challenging as well. About five years ago I was given a gift of $3,000 of dental work including removing my numerous lead amalgams. A year later I could have spent the same amount again and by now, things had gotten really bad. To the point that even my FRONT teeth are in very active degeneration. Finally the enamel on the top of my upper left front tooth totally collapsed exposing "the dread black hole from hell"!. This is NOT OKAY! Even if I HAD the money to have dentists repair this I wouldn't want to do it because every time they drill, it weakens the tooth even more until it finally dies. I've lost too many teeth already to gum disease and cavities! I CANNOT lose more!

Recently a grandson complained about a painful cavity he planned to have extracted soon. Horrified, I told him, "Why don't you use MMS?" I had some I had used for short periods but hadn't continued with it. I prepared it for him and he used it on his tooth and said it helped but he still had the tooth removed later. I don't think he realized he might have been able to save his tooth if he had seriously used it. He just believed that if your tooth aches, you have to pull it out! His need renewed my interest in MMS and I checked out other people's experience. I decided enough was enough and I'd better do what I was telling my grandson to do!


First I mixed up a about 15 drops of sodium chlorite into a two ounce bottle with a little DMSO and swished some of it around in my mouth about five times a day and swallowed it, consuming all by the end of the day I did that for about a week but felt it was pretty hard on the mucous membranes even though it seemed to help my teeth. Next, I used MMS2 and DMSO in my oral irrigator several times a day. That also seemed to help. The next week I got more courageous andI decided to take MMS2 with DMSO as in Protocol 4 which is what people do for Aids or Cancer..


While I'm doing this, my husband has started taking pictures of me weekly. In them you can see the stress coming off FAST, plus by now I can tell by the DAY that my pure white hair is getting color back which is a huge surprise! I'm taking about 3/4 tsp. each of MMS2 (yes, real genuine POOL SHOCK!) and DMSO, aiming for six times a day (I weigh 122 pounds). One day I took 1 1/4 tsp. six times a day but that was pretty intense. I never got nauseated but it was very gaggy to say the least! Backing up to just 3/4 tsp. at a time makes it to where I don't dread the next shot so badly! I tell my family I'm drinking "battery acid". This stuff is nasty for sure but if there's a ghost of a chance it could POSSIBLY heal even ONE of these situations with my teeth, skin, hair, and digestion, I don't care how nasty it is--I WANT IT! This is my fourth week of playing with this and I'm noticing the brown spots on my hands going away. I've had a few days when I felt a little zapped which I attripbute to detox reactions but mostly I feel I have more energy and more mental focus. I've also had a few "crabby" moments as well, I'll have to admit. But again, I think there's a lot going on....My skin is better but still has a long way to go to be clear of psoriasis.

I would encourage anyone with autoimmune challenges to TRY this very economical protocol. There is a lot of suffering that goes on in this world that is unnecessary. I am sorry for how long I've known about this but was too ignorant or stubborn or who knows what to give it a fair shot. Thank you, Jim Humble for your faithful work. Also for all the people who have gone before me to help me feel safe to use these products. 


5. Tooth Abscess

I recently ended up with a throbbing tooth abscess preventing any hope of sleeping! I took a 25 drop CDS / 10 drop DMSO dose and swished it around my mouth for a few minutes and then swallowing.; I also rubbed a little DMSO on my aching jaw. I repeated this hourly and by the third dose the pain had completely disappeared. Within three days of continuing the dost about three times a day, the abcess was cleared and history! Thanks Jim for your good stuff :) 

6. Swollen Gums

have two pairs of crowns on my upper jaw (one on the left one on the right side) and about four months ago they became sensitive, having difficulty to chew or touch. My gums were swollen and red. Having used MMS before, I started taking the basic 1MMS to 5CA for the first week and increased gradually to 15 etc in the next five weeks. Well, by the second week I felt such a relief… and praised Jim for his generocity to human kind. The redness disappeared, my gums are strong and I feel great! 

7. Teeth whiting
One of my central incisors was going dark, as the nerve is dead and since I've been taking 7:35 MMS every second day, my tooth has become much whiter.

8. Periodontal Disease
In January 2013, I had a piece of tooth fall out. I went in to see what happened and was told a filling fell out. Upon checking, what else was going on, they told me I had to have deep root plaining done due to periodontal disease. I hadn't been to the dentist for several years so I figured it was pretty bad. I started using MMS once a day when I cleaned my teeth in the morning. I used 8 drops of each solution with a bit of water. When I went back in this week, I was told I only needed a normal cleaning and that my gums were nicely pink and clinging properly to my teeth. No inflamation was found. When I was in in January they took millimeter readings of the space between my teeth and the gums and they got readings up to 5mm. When she took the readings this week the readings were 3mm with one 4mm spot. Needless to say, I was thrilled. 

9. Tooth pain
I had a painful crown and it began to move. My Dentist give an appointment a week in advance. So I took 10 drops of MMS and 50 drops of activator in a half a glass of water 3 times a day. The second day all the pain were gone. The 5th day The Dentist removed the broken crown and did a Root-canal. Told me that no inflammation, no bacteria and all is in good shape. 
P. Fischer

10. No Plaque 
I use MMS frequently as a mouth wash and infection fighter. I also use the MMS because it eliminates the plaque on your teeth. I don't mean some of the plaque! I mean all of the plaque! It's like going to the Dental office every day.
Your teeth will never be so clean. This also defers the taste. I will do this at night before bedtime and then do a six-day protocol to help detoxify. Believe me you will be amazed at how this dilutes the MMS after taste.


11. Toothache from broken 4-face filling
Toothache resulting from a broken 4-face filling which fell out of my upper, left bicusped. In addition, two walls of the tooth broke and I can't re-fill the tooth. Either pull it or get root canal and crown. Cannot afford that. The first time my broken bicusped started to ache, I had a dentist exray it to locate problem. Found inflammation in root. Prescribed 10-day antibiotic dose, which killed my digestion. Two weeks after finishing that, the toothache returned. Now I resort to MMS because it was an infection. I didn't drink MMS, I only applied it topically to the root of the tooth. I mixed up 10 drops of MMS with 10 drops of 10% citric acid, waited 10 minutes and added to one ounce of water. This was my topical mix. I put 2 drops of this on a bit of cotton, added 2 drops of pure liquid DMSO (for increased penetration) and placed the cotton between cheek and gum at the root of my broken tooth. I also put a bit of the cotton inside the hollow tooth, because I could. The pain disappeared for 2 weeks before returning. I reapplied the MMS/DMSO and the pain again disappeared for 2 weeks. I have repeated this for 6 months. Sometimes, if the pain doesn't dissipate after one application, just do it again every 6-12 hours until the pain is gone. 

Patrick Palmer 

12. Root abscess cured in 36 hours
I bought MMS from an approved supplier and it arrived to me Friday August 5, 2016. I brushed my abscess as Jim demonstrated in his YouTube video using sodium chlorite, citric acid, and DMSO. I did my first treatment Friday evening before bed. Saturday morning the infection had cleared and the puss drained out. I did 4 more treatments on Saturday using the same procedure. I can report that as of now, 10 am Sunday morning, the abscess has cleared and the pain is gone. The tooth is firm and has stopped wiggling. As a side benefit, my whole mouth has started to heal and feel better. My gums are heavily recessed and I can see them growing back, almost hourly. MMS does what has been stated by Jim and others. It works. Thank you everyone that brought this product out for the world to use.


13. Seems to cure anything
I bought MMS on a whim. I buy a lot of products that all seem to work pretty well, such as, clays, parasite cleanses, etc. But MMS seems to cure anything. I had this sitting on my shelf when a terrible abcess tooth pain occured. I tried many things. Cloves, tea packets, iodine, pain killers - but I couldn't shake it. I was completely couch ridden and in horrible pain. My husband said that I needed a root canal because the infection was obviously deep. I told him I'd rather get my tooth pulled and I have to say that I love my teeth. I really take great care of them.
Anyway, I remembered reading a testimonial from someone who had taken MMS for an abscess. I quickly looked up the protocol and did several drops with DMSO on a toothbrush. The pain started to subside almost immediately. I did another dose at night and just one more the next morning. Pain gone. I have gone to the dentist several times since and begrudgingly had him do an xray to look for infection and it's was all clear.
The week of the tooth ache after the pain subsided I decided to take a little internally as well as a precaution. Only 3 drops 3 times a day. A pain that I had been experiencing in my kidney increased then stopped completely after several days. I have since taken MMS periodically when I have a cold or strange pain. I don't take it on going as directed but keep it very handy. 
I did experience a relapse about a year later so realized that maybe I had needed to stay on the internal usage longer. So I went for two weeks and so far so good. There must have been lingering bacteria deep in the tissues. So my only suggestion would be to continue usage for several days or weeks after your cure or pain subsidence insure that the problem is completely healed.
I am awed by the amazing people who have given their lives to find natural and alternative cures.


14. Root Canal / Abcess
Hi all,
I was very sceptical when I discovered my 20 something sons talking about MMS, I ranted at them and told them they were mad for buying stuff from the internet.Anyway wind forward a year or two and I decided to get my teeth done in Hungary, budapest. This was in 2007 and business was doing great so I treated myself, little did I know that the biggest recession in the world was about to hit everyone.6 weeks after coming home to the UK with my shiny new teeth, the bottom dropped out of my business and I almost went under, on top of all this I had started to get an inflammation in my mouth and it wasn’t long before I had a full blown abscess forming. Now I couldn’t afford to fly back to Budapest and in desperation I asked my son if he had any of this so called miracle solution stuff, he did. I started with 5 drops of MMS and 50 of activator ( I used real lemon juice ) the smell was awful, but I drank it and exactly as the video said I was a bit drousy and after an hour I threw up. Sorry to be so graphic, but what came out of my stomach was nothing that I had eaten, it was a black mess inside a clear sort of mucous. Disgusting I know but I thought it important because I had obviously had some sort of major detox. Back to the reason I took the MMS in the first place, my abscess, I also rinsed my mouth with a stronger solution for 2 days when while sucking on the tooth that was hurting me the abscess burst and the contents were quickly spat into a clean sink, the abscess cleared up and I have had no further trouble, I am sure that the dead nerve has been expelled, if it wasn’t the abscess would come back. I use the MMS every now and again to make sure there is nothing nasty in my mouth and it seems to be keeping my new teeth very healthy, I say new, I have had them for seven years now.


15. Periodontal disease
I’ve had bleeding gums for years and was totally horrified after an absence away from the dentist to hear that I had developed some pockets in my gums due to mild periodontal disease. This thought was so scary as I had my father as an example of what this can do. His teeth were awful and eventually he had to have dentures all because he could not cure it. Periodontal disease is anaerobic bacteria eating away at flesh and bone! The consequences if left unattended are dire as one could expect. Nasty bacteria they are! I first came across MMS about 10 years ago, and found it all very interesting and bought an MMS set without needing it. Maybe it was the universe getting the order of things mixed up! Another synchronicity happened years later when I got to know the manufacturer of AMS. He told me that the solution attacks anaerobic bacteria. I started thinking that a good way to deal with this would be by applying MMS and submerging the infected pockets with the solution. So, I apply it with a syringe in between each tooth with a high concentrate solution of 10 drops into a small shot glass ¾ filled. I stay still and leave it in there for 1 – 2 minutes and then spit it out. As I have a pocket in my upper teeth, I have to lie down and hang my head to be able to ensure that the bacteria are submerged within the solution. On my last visit to the dentist, she was delighted to see that there was no bleeding anywhere. Her words were “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”. It’s become a ritual using micro brushes between the gaps inside and out, brushing with bicarbonate of soda and then applying the solution through a syringe but it’s a small price to pay to maintain my teeth and gums in a healthy state.

NOTE: So, you can see people that have cured their mouth problems with MMS protocols and maintain that oral health by consistent use.


Mouth Diseases Names List with Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

There are a number of mouth diseases which affect individuals of all ages. Some occur due to microbial infections while others develop because of certain nutritional deficiencies or TOXINS. Although the symptoms vary, most conditions involve the formation of mouth ulcers as well as pain and discomfort in the region. They affect the body parts including the lips, tongue, the inner part of the cheeks and the throat. In severe cases, mouth disorders make it difficult for the victims to eat and drink like normal individuals.

Mouth disease pictures reveal the forbidding symptoms of several conditions including severe ulcers and oral cancer. However, the field of medicine offers different types of treatments. They can lessen the severity of these symptoms or even completely alleviate them.
Although the mouth diseases list is a long one, there are some commonly encountered conditions. Here follows a brief discussion of such conditions:

• Types of Mouth Diseases
Below is a brief description of the most common types of mouth diseases.

Oral Cancer
Oral cancer is one of the most formidable types of mouth diseases. It involves the formation of sores in the mouth which do not heal. Abnormal division of cells in the tissue lining the mouth leads to the oral cancer.

Here are some useful facts about oral cancer:

• The onset of the disease is identifiable by the appearance of a sore on the lips or in the mouth. The sore may be painful and does not heal.

• The lining of the mouth begins to thicken leading to the formation of a lump.

• Other mouth cancer symptoms include pain in the tongue, a sore throat and difficulty in chewing and swallowing food.

• Although the disease occurs mostly due to DNA mutations, it may also be the result of a sexually transmitted virus known as HPV – human papillomavirus.

• Humans who frequently consume tobacco or indulge in heavy use of alcohol are at a higher risk of falling prey to mouth caner.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)

As the name suggests, the disease affects the mouth along with the hands and the feet of the individuals. It is mostly common among children, particularly, little babies. Adults too have equal chances of suffering from it. It is most commonly identifiable by the formation of lesions around the mouth. The lesion formation is one of its primary symptoms.
More facts about the disease are here.

• HFMD results from the action of viruses which belong to the family Picornaviridae.

• The early symptoms of this disease are quite similar to flu or influenza. The disease comes with soreness in the throat.

• The most common symptoms include nausea, fever, fatigue and loss of appetite. In the case of infants and toddlers, HFMD leads to irritability.

• As the disease progresses, the infection leads to the development of blisters in the internal portion of the mouth. Skin lesions develop which you can identify as rashes or small bumps on the skin.

• It is a contagious disease and most commonly spreads through nasopharyngeal secretions.


This is one of the most commonly occurring mouth diseases. Poor oral hygiene is the primary cause of the disease which leads to painful inflammation of the gums.
The following facts discuss more details about gingivitis.

You can diagnose it through swollen and bleeding gums which feel tender. 


• Bad breath is another common symptom of gingivitis.

• The disease occurs due to the accumulation of plaque which consists of bacterial biofilms.

• It is one of the rare mouth disorders which are reversible. Maintaining a good oral hygiene can remove the layer of plaque and alleviate the related symptoms.


Another common name in the mouth diseases list is thrush. You can also refer to it as oral candidiasis. It occurs due to a fungal infection. The most common identifying symptom of the disease is a whitish tongue. The whitish tongue appears owing to the formation of small white bumps.
More information about oral thrush is here in the following facts.

• The fungus which leads to the development of oral thrush is Candida albicans.

• The most common victims of the diseases are infants and toddlers. It causes them to become irritable and fussy due to the discomfort from the symptoms of the disease.

• You can identify it by the formation of cracks on skin at the corners of the mouth. Other symptoms of oral thrush include formation of white bumps on the tongue as well as the inner cheeks and gums. In severe cases, there is pain and difficulty in swallowing food.

• Usually, the disease is treatable with the help of antifungal medication.

Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are among the most common mouth diseases and vary in severity. These ulcers are sores which may appear on the tongue or the inside of the cheeks. They may occur due to a variety of reasons.
The following facts provide more information about this condition.

• These ulcers have also got the name of ‘aphthous ulcers’.

• The sores may cause discomfort while eating or brushing the teeth.

• Mouth ulcers can be the minor ulcers, major ulcers and herpetiform ulcers. Minor ulcers consist of sores which range from 2 to 8mm in diameter
and heal within two weeks. On the other hand, major ulcers are bigger in size and take longer than two weeks to heal. Lastly, herpetiform ulcers consist of dozens of small sores. The sores cluster together and lead to the most discomfort and pain. 


• A mouth ulcer which lasts longer than a period of two weeks without showing any improvement may be a sign of a more serious condition – oral cancer.

• Some of the most common causes of mouth ulcers include tissue injury, braces or dentures and gastrointestinal diseases. Nutritional deficiency including the deficiency of iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and folic acid is another factor.

• Mouth ulcers usually disappear without treatment. However, larger and painful sores need various remedies.

This was a brief overview of some of the most frequently occurring mouth diseases. The mouth diseases list is long and diverse. Although a very significant and important part of the human body, mouth is often neglected by individuals. People fail to maintain proper hygiene. One should always follow a good cleaning routine of the oral cavity.


Disease Prevention Begins in the Mouth
Periodontal Disease Linked with Cancer
The link between oral health and cancer remains somewhat controversial, largely because this information is so new. But a recently published study by researchers at the Imperial College of London and Harvard School of Public Health has shed new light on the matter. By carefully eliminating potential confounding factors, such as a patient’s history of cigarette smoking, these scientists sought to identify any statistically significant associations between oral health and the incidence of cancer. Their conclusion is chilling. “Periodontal disease was associated with a small, but significant, increase in overall cancer risk, which persisted in never-smokers,” write the collaborators, in the medical journal Lancet Oncology. This conclusion has profound implications. The fact that it arises from data gathered from more than 48,000 men over the course of approximately 18 years lends additional gravity to the findings.
The research team also found significant associations among oral health status and lung, kidney, and pancreatic cancers, as well as cancers of the blood. The investigators note that their results need independent confirmation, but they offer this speculation regarding the implications of the findings: “…periodontal disease might be a marker of a susceptible immune system or might directly affect cancer risk.” In either case, periodontal disease takes on new significance, and appears to pose more of a threat to health than has previously been recognized.
Furthermore, a recent study by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health tentatively concludes that periodontitis is associated with an increased risk of one of the most deadly cancers. “Compared with no periodontal disease, history of periodontal disease was associated with increased pancreatic cancer risk,” write the Harvard researchers, in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
The American Dental Association agrees that “oral health is important for overall health” and indicates that salivary diagnosis may offer a key tool in health assessment. “A wide range of proteins, nucleic acids, hormones, pharmaceuticals, and pathogens can be measured in saliva, making it an excellent candidate for rapid detection and screening of biomarkers for conditions like caries, periodontal disease, osteoporosis, infectious diseases, and cancer,” it says.




Smoking and cancer

Introduction to the effect of smoking on the mouth

The role of smoking in the development of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease is well known. It also has a part to play in several diseases and lesions in the mouth; the most common being gum disease. The chance of dental implant failure is more common among smokers than among non-smokers, and gum disease around these implants in those who smoke is also more prevalent.
The following oral diseases and conditions are caused by, or can be attributed to smoking:

• Staining of teeth and dental fillings;

• Reduction of the ability to smell and taste;
• Bad breath;

• Smoker’s palate, where the palate becomes white and a number of little spots project from the surface, each bearing a small red spot at the center that marks the opening of the duct of the gland;

• Smoker’s melanosis, which is associated with cigarette and pipe smoking, and is seen as brown spots inside the mouth;
• Coated tongue, which is the condition where there is a coloured layer composed of mainly food particles, bacteria, and debris from epithelium in the mouth;
• Oral thrush, which is a type of fungal infection that occurs in the mouth;
• Gum disease;
• Tooth decay (dental caries);
• The failure of dental implants; and/or
• Oral precancer and cancer.
These lesions most likely result from the:
• Irritants, and toxic and cancercausing compounds found in the smoke;
• Dryness in the mouth following high temperatures of inhaling smoke;
• pH change;
• Change in immune response; and/or
• Change in ability to handle viral and fungal infections.



Periodontal disease is the scientific name for all gum disease, ranging from gingivitis to periodontitis. Gingivitis is inflammation and swelling of the gums; periodontitis is the last stage of periodontal disease when the ligaments that attach a tooth to bone are inflamed and infected as well as the bone itself, usually resulting in tooth loss.

According to the mainstream dental community, there is one cause and one treatment path for periodontal disease. This is their take on it:
• Our mouths are full of bacteria
• Mucous that covers our teeth mixes with bacteria to form plaque
• If plaque is not brushed and flossed away each day, it turns into tartar
• Tartar attracts more bacteria, resulting in more tartar
• Tartar and bacteria cause infection of the gums
• Pockets form in the gums, gums recede and/or no longer adhere to teeth
• Tartar cannot be brushed away; it must be removed by a dentist.
• Oral hygiene and dental cleanings are the only defense against gum disease
They tell us, while gingivitis can be reversed with better oral hygiene and regular dental cleaning, untreated gingivitis can (and probably will) result in periodontitis. As the infection spreads under the gum line, pockets form between the gums and the teeth and the gum line recedes. In time, the infection breaks down bone and connective tissues. Conventional treatment for periodontitis includes deep cleaning, antibiotics taken orally and or packed into the gum pockets, and surgery (bone grafts and tissue grafts for advanced cases.)


One Body, One Source of Disease

While other causal factors are discussed (smoking, hormonal changes, genetics, diabetes) there is little to no recognition of the mouth being one part of an entire system. We know that the balance of good vs. bad bacteria and keeping Candida in check in our gut is essential to health. Most of us know the same is true of our skin. Why would the inside of the mouth be any different? Why isn’t an infection in our mouth considered a failure of our immune system or our bacterial balance rather than our dental care?
This conventional, accepted theory of periodontal disease and tooth decay and its treatment mirrors conventional medicine where symptoms are treated rather than the cause. But through the work of Weston Price, we have known for more than seventy years that isolated populations who did not practice oral hygiene but ate healthy, indigenous foods were free of dental disease—both tooth decay and gum disease. When the Western diet was introduced, dental disease followed.
Today, we are re-learning that simple truth. When it comes to health, in every part of the body, nutrition is the key.


The bottom line is that nutrition is the one cure for anything that ails you. It’s a little more complicated than that, but not much. Our bodies were made to fight disease, to maintain a balance between good bacteria, bad bacteria, and yeast. The common Western diet does not support this balance. Nor does the Western diet give us the nutrition (vitamins and minerals) we need to promote health and maintain a strong immune system.
A healthy mouth requires a healthy body. In a healthy body, bad bacteria do not run rampant, causing infection and disease. The immune system does not become overwhelmed and incompetent when faced with a minor gum infection.
A healthy diet is a must. If you suffer from periodontal disease, your mouth is telling you to feed your body right.
• Avoid all artificial ingredients: colorings, flavorings, preservatives, and GMOs
• Avoid processed foods
• Avoid pasteurized dairy
• Eat organic as much as possible and stop the toxins from coming in
• Soak or sprout beans, nuts, and grains to release enzyme inhibitors
• Eat at least 80% raw, focusing on a variety of foods with lots of green leafy vegetables
• Eat a balanced diet with plenty of healthy fats
• Drink pure water with NO fluoride or chlorine
• Stop eating refined sugars

By using MMS in your daily oral hygiene, ALL oral problems will be “nipped in the bud” so to speak and eliminate other dis-eases throughout the body! Tune in Sunday and we will teach the G2 Church Sacraments for curing mouth dis-eases and for maintaining health in your mouth and throughout the whole body! Sunday, June 11th on at 10 AM

Let’s change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon



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