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The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing Update after 7 years!

August 4th 2017

We now have 2836 members, 1841 Health Ministers, 101 Bishops and 214 Church chapters in 135+ countries! The Genesis II Church is growing worldwide and one way to see this is the establishment of NEW G2 Church chapters. Also, we are now consistently having testimonies coming in from around the world weekly. Through the Bishops Project, we have been able to send 3 Bishops the mineral salts used to make our sacraments! We now have over 1million views on our “MMSTestimonials” YouTube channel. The G2Voice Broadcast is growing weekly with over 65,000 views and 50 videos. Millions have taken MMS worldwide since Jim Humble invented his formula. We have done an MMS introductory documentary video that has been convincing people to check into MMS further, including doctors!
History of the Genesis II Church:

We have a new Church in the South American country, Uruguay! Our Bishop Peter just opened a new Genesis II Church chapter there on August 1st. It might be our smallest Church but it has a BIG heart! God bless you Bishop Peter as you help people in Uruguay. Send testimonies! Bishop Peter can be contacted at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Church in Uruguay!

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Bishops Project Update

$1,100 raised of the $7,000 needed for 10 Bishops to receive one 50 kilo barrel to make MMS.

We have a 50 kilo barrel being sent to our Bishop Sam in Mozambique to help his work there. If anyone wants to help donate to the Bishops Project please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We have many more that need help with supplies.

Bishop Alvaro receiving his Mineral Salts to make MMS


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Our Bishop Alvaro in Nabusimaki just received his package to  produce Sacramental Products!! He has been working for years among his people the Aruhacos, an indigenous group in the Sierra Nevada. He found MMS on the internet and the people started to call it Alvaro's drops! You can see more about his work on Nabusimaki here:

Before and After of a young boy healed of infection

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Upcoming Genesis II Church Seminars

• Sept. 22nd - 24thSanta Marta, Colombia – Spanish
• Sept. 29th- Oct.1st , Santa Marta, Colombia – English


We have secured a beautiful location to hold our next two Colombian Seminars! It is an all-inclusive hotel with conference rooms in Rodadero, Colombia where we live. 

We are able to keep the costs really economical to encourage more to attend this life changing seminar! The seminar donation is $350 U.S. which includes the 3 night stay, including all meals, Wifi, Air Conditioning, Pool, Sauna, (Massage available) and 5 minutes from beautiful beach!  If you prefer a private room the cost is $400 US.Note: It is August and we are now receiiving donations for the G2 Seminars. Get your plane ticket and your reservation as soon as you can! Hope to see you there!

Mark Grenon


Genesis II Church Online Course

If you can’t attend a Genesis II Church Seminar then you can still receive the knowledge and benefits by doing the G2 Church Sacramental Course at:
For Spanish Course:

Shipping to Mexico, Reaching more people!

       We are often asked if we can ship here or there, and our answer is to be able to ship worldwide.  We are slow and steady but our goal is to be able to reach you no matter where you are!!! We have many health ministers and even churches around the world but not all are able to provide sacraments for the people. We are successfully shipping to Canada and want to expand to our other neighbors.  Start close and branch out! The shipping cost outside the U.S., of course, is much more expensive than in the USA.  Many people cannot receive any products or the products near you are very costly.  Also, you may not be sure about the quality of the products near you so we have another option.  Now, you can order our products that WE make and test ourselves!  If you order a large quantity, we have bulk discounts which lowers the cost of your order enabling you to help more people.  For someone you may know in Mexico, please forward them to
and click on!/Acquiring-sacraments-internationally/c/19110021


Weekly Testimony

I saw my heart Dr. Today and great news he said normal test for my age is 50 and I'm a 70. I asked if I would live for another 20 years and he said yes, heart is great no more murder no more heart disease . It got better with u, thanks. I did cancer blood test and my PSA was over 900 now a 140. 4.0 is normal. And the bone cancer went down about 200 points. This is a great start. I still have no pain . NO PAIN. Thanks again.


G2Voice Broadcast #47: Are we being poisoned in the skies? What are Chemtrails?
Tune in this Sunday, July 30
that 10 AM CST on


This Sunday we will look more into how we, as humans on this planet, are being poisoned from the skies and the results; many, many dis-eases!

Are we being poisoned in the skies? What are Chemtrails?


• Smoking Gun Proof Of Atmospheric Spraying ( Dane Wigington )
Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real "MUST WATCH"

Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails:
"Chemtrails" — How They Affect You and What You Can Do:
NASA Expert: Chemtrails are Real and Rogue Geoengineers Could Blackmail the Earth:
• Chemtrails? Watch This! Then Try to Deny It: Documentation Reveals Commercial Aircraft Spraying Chemtrails To Warm Climate:

We, at the Genesis II Church, are looking forward to seeing what the future has for us and a "world without dis-ease"!

Let's change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon


MMS Saves Lives.




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