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G2Voice Broadcast #64: Is A World Without Dis-ease Possible?

Sunday, Dec. 3rd 10 AM


Most Respected  Mr. Grenon;

First of all, I apologize for bothering You with a private message.

The reason why I write You is because I am very grateful with You for spreading the word about Mms.

Thanks to MMS, now I feel healed and I am again a person who can see a better future not only for me, but for so many people all around the World.

Since few weeks ago, I am having a better quality of LIFE and I want to become part of this great community who is spreading the Truth that is possible to get healed from almost any disease and have a perfect Health.

That is the Truth that I can see and feel after my experience taking MMS: there are not incurable diseases. Having a Perfect Health is possible if We take the right medicine,  eliminate the pathogens and have a proper diet. Let me introduce to You; my name is Tatiana Romero, I am from Colombia and I am Violinist.

( I can say now that I am  a violinist because for almost a decade, due to the neck pain, I avoided to perform violin and also avoided to practice violin, I only did less than half an hour a day and not every day, only when I didn't feel so bad from the neck. I developed a big fear of getting worst from the neck pain if I played violin).

Because of my health condition,  I left the Symphonic Orchestra in Seville ~ Spain  where I used to work for almost 2 decades. That is the reason why I  become a Violin Teacher which is my passion.

Over a long period of almost 2 decades (19 year), I have suffered of Arthritis especially on my neck and my Life has been quite tough after having Neck pain day and night time, with few days or hours of relief.

I was told by 'doctors' that it was because of my profession, but  I was very sure that it was not normal and not because of my profession.

It couldn't be normal that I am the only member of my Family - a Family which has other professional  5 violinists and none of them have the same 'illness' than me.

Since July 2014,  I live in Kuching - capital of Sarawak which is located in the Island of Borneo. Sarawak belongs to Malaysia and is a very beautiful place, the landscape, the Peace and Harmony even though the multiplicity of cultures, religions and races,  is one of the most attractive things here. Unfortunately here the big industry of junk  food is very popular and there are a lot of ignorance about a proper diet. There are many diseases  and obese population. Most of my students have different types of skin allergies and are continuously sick...I would like so much You and your Team t visit Kuching and spread the Truth about health, food and MMS.

Although I live and work in Kuching, I am going to visit soon my beautiful country COLOMBIA during Christmas Time and specifically to the North Coast.

As I saw in one video, You are located in SANTA  MARTA and I would like so much to meet you at the Genesis Church of Health if it coul be possible.

Please let me know if I could to visit your church in Santa Marta and became part of it.

I really want to establish here one community of MMS and spread the Truth about Health. I am very interested of following the course and become a Certified Health Minister under your permission and Mr Jim Humble's permission.

I hope it to be possible!

Your sincerely;



G2Voice Broadcast #64: Is A World Without Dis-ease Possible?


When people hear me say that I believe we CAN see this world become dis-ease free I’m sad to say many can’t see it EVER happening. Do you know the difference between a optimist and a pessimist? A pessimist is an optimist with all the facts! I understand why people believe we just can’t eradicate “dis-ease form this world because they don’t understand just what is causing dis-ease! Whne people understand why we have “dis-ease of the body” in our world today then they could see as I do how we can rid the world of DIS-EASE!

I wrote this book to do just that; to explain why WE HAVE DIS-ease in the world. The plan and the protocols we have a at the Genesis II Church of health and healing is working with all those that follow this simple yet, POWERFUL plan see 95% of the world’s illnesses being healed and health being restored! Here is our 4 point plan to help the world to do the same:

Want to heal yourself from the DIS-EASE of the body?

We, at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, can help you “restore health” by following proven Sacramental Protocols we have developed and have been tried and tested in EVERY country in the world! Here is the simple yet VERY effective strategy we have developed in ridding the body of any dis-ease:

  1. Detoxing the body with the #1 killer of pathogens in the world – Chlorine Dioxide! Chlorine Dioxide is used to sanitize hospitals, schools and government buildings around the world! Water is treating in many parts of the world with chlorine dioxide at much higher concentrations than we use in our oral protocols. We are told to drink water purified by the governments with chlorine dioxide because it is so “safe for humans and animals” according to the EPA! Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chlorine dioxide to dis-infect them before shipping and it is NOT required to be washed off because there is nothing toxic to the body! Meats are sprayed with chlorine dioxide also without having to wash off the residue because the residue is just salt! Here is where everyone starts. We call this Sacrament, The Starting Procedure:


  1. Stopping toxins from entering the body. This includes, medications, vaccines, processed foods, making sure water is clean, the need for clean air, no aluminum pans and foils, no fluoride, no aluminum in detergents, eliminating plastics in food storage as well as clothing, toxic bedding, toxic clothing, toxic oils for cooking, toxic cosmetics and body care products, only eating REAL organic foods as opposed to “food-like” substances, even to the point of leaving jobs that are toxic!

  2. Recovering the body’s “built-in” immune system as well as providing ALL the systems of the body with essential nutrients to reach “homeostasis” or complete balance.
    The way we do this is by understanding how the human body really works and not fables from people that are trying to promote some therapy or treatment. The body needs ALL types of foods for ALL foods have unique properties that the others don’t contain. Therefore, we eat all foods organic foods and the best state is raw. If cooked then heated slowly to not destroy its beneficial qualities! If the body is supplied the essential nutrients it can make plenty of new cells and repair toxic damage to the cells! The body is the ultimate healer and we support that complex marvelously created structure with what it needs to do its job of maintaining health and eradicating a “dis-ease” state.

  3. Toxic relationships that cause stress which weakens the immune system and in turn the whole body.

Personal relationships, Family pressures, Stress at work, Spiritual problems can all be toxic to the Body, Mind and Spirit which in turn cause dis-ease of the body. This toxic environment can cause the beginnings of the dis-ease of the body!

I will get into more detail of exactly what to do in Chapter eight, ”How to restore health from the dis-ease of the body.”


mark book 

Mark S. Grenon - Archbishop Genesis 2 Church

100% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing to support its workers and support official G2 Projects around the world to help create, “a world without dis-ease.”



This book covers the following topics:

  • What is the dis-ease of the body?
  • Why is the body dis-eased?
  • How to stop the body from being dis-eased.
  • History of “western medicine” that will open your eyes and hopefully motivate MANY start to do something about it!
  • Who were the key players in developing vaccines and pharmaceuticals?
  • Real written and video testimonies of REAL people with restored health from illnesses
  • How to “restore health” by practicing selfcare NOT healthcare
  • What toxins are doing to the body’s systems
  • How the body was designed to work from “the pie hole to the butt hole”.
  • Why NOT to trust your doctor
  • Should we be afraid of cancer?
  • How important is a clean liver?
  • G2Voice Broadcasts covering 40+ illnesses that cause the body to be DIS-EASED!
  • Genesis II Church 10 sacramental commandments fro “restoring health”.
  • ALL the information about the G2Church you will need in ONE book!

I love books and I have many. In today’s high tech world, everyone has a smart phone. It is AMAZING what an eBook can do. There are great advantages to the  eBook as opposed to physical hard copy.

  • You can have this on your smart phone to read the book and show others information
  • Links you can click on to watch, videos, read articles, protocol videos
  • Show your friends video testimonies
  • All our main protocols at your finger tip with an explanation video with each
  • Read written testimonies of “restored health” from many different illnesses.
  • Listen to the ALL the G2Voice Broadcasts
  • More research, instruction, history, testimonies and G2Sacramental guidance!

Some that have read the rough draft have said:

  • Eye Opening”
  • It’s inspired”,
  • A book to have with you” It answers the question of WHY we have dis-ease , what is it and how to “restore health” again”.
  • a book that tells us not only the why but the how to cure the body of dis-ease”
  • Great book, need to read it again”
  • The history of medicine and vaccines is horrible”
  • Now I know why to Not to trust the Medical Industry”
  • I pray for you cause this book might get you killed”
  • The world needs this information. Too many don’t know”
  • One of the best books explaing “how to take control of your Own health”
  • From the Editor, “I learned so much reading through this. This document is PRICELESS! What a blessing it was for me to work on it.


Be one of the first to get this New book by Archbishop Mark S. Grenon to learn how to live healthy in VERY toxic world-wide

For a minimum donation of $25.00 U.S (some will give more), you receive this 340 page information packed eBook to equip you in this “health revolution”.

NOTE: If you can pay by Bitcoin,it would help us to NOT be shut down as “they” have done before to hinder us.

CLICK HERE To Purchase book:

NOTE: We will have the printed  book soon also.

Portuguese and Spanish translations are in progress!

We will be talking about this new book and some of the topics this Sunday, Dec. 3rd on G2Voice Broadcast #64: “Is A World Without Dis-ease Possible?” at


May the Lord bless this book!

Let’s change the world together!

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

MMS Saves Lives.



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