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G2Voice Broadcast #69: How is the body becoming dis-eased?

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Happy New Year to all! 2017 was a VERY busy year for the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. We are looking forward to growing more and helping more worldwide in our quest to see, “A World Without Disease”.

Worldwide Members: 2966

Worldwide Health Ministers: 1870

Worldwide Bishops: 106

Worldwide Churches: 225

I believe we can prove that 95% of the time, the reason the body is dis-eased is toxicity.

I want to show you the different ways toxins are entering the body. By indentifying what they are it is easier to eliminate them from your life which in turn will stop them from being adsorbed by the body. Make sense? So, pay attention and rid toxins from every aspect of your life! This is one of the four steps for maintaining health by the Genesis II Church sacramental protocols which are:


Steps to Follow to Maintain Health

We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing can help you “restore health” by following proven Sacramental Protocols we have developed and have been tried and tested in EVERY country in the world! Here is the simple yet VERY effective strategy we have developed in ridding the body of any dis-ease:

  1. Detoxing the body with the #1 killer of pathogens in the world – Chlorine Dioxide! Chlorine Dioxide is used to sanitize hospitals, schools and government buildings around the world! Water is treated in many parts of the world with chlorine dioxide at much higher concentrations than we use in our oral protocols. We are told to drink water purified by the governments with chlorine dioxide because it is so “safe for humans and animals” according to the EPA! Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chlorine dioxide to dis-infect them before shipping and it is NOT required to be washed off because there is nothing toxic to the body! Meats are sprayed with chlorine dioxide also without having to wash off the residue because the residue is just salt! Here is where everyone starts. We call this Sacrament The Starting Procedure:
  2. Stopping toxins from entering the body. This includes medications, vaccines, processed foods, making sure water is clean, the need for clean air, no aluminum pans and foils, no fluoride, no aluminum in detergents, eliminating plastics in food storage as well as clothing, toxic bedding, toxic clothing, toxic oils for cooking, toxic cosmetics and body care products, only eating REAL organic foods as opposed to “food-like” substances, even to the point of leaving jobs that are toxic!
  3. Recovering the body’s “built-in” immune system as well as providing ALL the systems of the body with essential nutrients to reach “homeostasis” of complete balance. The way we do this is by understanding how the human body really works and not fables from people who are trying to promote some therapy or treatment. The body needs ALL types of foods for ALL foods have unique properties that the others don’t contain. Therefore, we eat all organic foods and the best state is raw. If cooked, then heated slowly, to not destroy its beneficial qualities! If the body is supplied the essential nutrients, it can make plenty of new cells and repair toxic damage to the cells! The body is the ultimate healer and we support that complex, marvelously-created structure with what it needs to do its job of maintaining health and eradicating a “dis-ease” state.
  4. Toxic relationships that cause stress which weakens the immune system and in turn the whole body.

Personal relationships, Family pressures, Stress at work and your lack of a personal relationship with the Creator can all be toxic to the Body, Mind and Spirit, which in turn causes the dis-ease of the body.

If you don’t work on these relationships, your body’s health will slowly deteriorate and not have any quality of life by the time you are 60-65 or earlier!

I think we have covered the first three points pretty well in this book and I will cover more in coming volumes. The Fourth Point in Steps to follow to maintain health is: Toxic relationships that cause stress which weakens the immune system and in turn the whole body.

There are two relationships I want to talk about that will hinder you health.

  1. Your relationship to others
  2. Your relationship to the Creator

Here is a verse from the Bible that covers both that will suffice to relieve stress that contributes to the dis-ease of the body:

And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:29-31

Source: “A World Without Dis-ease, Is It Possible?” Page 398

Chapter 2– How is the body becoming dis-eased?

Source: “A World Without Dis-ease”, Is it Possible? By Mark S. Grenon



Remember: the body is self healing – why can't it do its job?

I want everyone to see how many different ways toxins are entering the body. I by no means have covered all of them, but I hope I’ve pricked your attention enough to do more investigation of your own. Remember, to be healthy, you have to “take control of YOUR own health.”  It’s not healthcare you need but SELFCARE!

Toxicity- The Number #1 killer in the world!


  • Examples
  • Word Origin


  1. of, pertaining to, affected with, or caused by a toxin or poison: a toxic condition.
  2. acting as or having the effect of a poison; poisonous: a toxic drug.
  3. causing unpleasant feelings; harmful or malicious: a toxic boyfriend; toxic criticism.




  1. of, relating to, or caused by a toxin or poison; poisonous
  2. harmful or deadly

Source: See more synonyms on

We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing are always talking about detoxing the body to restore health, as well as building up the body’s NATURAL internal defense systems to maintain said health. So, it only makes sense that by stopping toxins from coming in the body in the first place, one would be less toxic, right? The world we live in is VERY TOXIC today. Toxins are coming at us from many different sources. The #1 Killer in the world is toxicity! The reason I say that is, if you look at the statistics, you will see that Doctors and their pharmaceutical/medical prescribed protocols is added together in 2016, are the #1 killer of mankind. Why? They both are making the human body more toxic –  hence death by doctors and pharmaceuticals!

Iatrogenics” means death by doctors and the protocols they have been taught to prescribe are the causes for death. So, by the very stats we read worldwide, we are seeing doctors are using medications/treatments that are killing many today around the world! Why? These toxins are entering the body by their medications and treatments! The medical industry and the medications are the #1 reason of death in this world. Today’s modern medical industry is not going to cure anyone and the medical schools are teaching a Nazi Lab trained curriculum called, “allopathy!” Allopathic method is based on TOXINS!


Allopathy is a historical term that is widely used "as a referent to harsh medical practices of ... [a specific] era which included bleeding, purging, vomiting and the administration of highly toxic drugs." This article covers the history of allopathy as it was practiced in America from the period of the American Revolutionary War till about 1876, which marks the start of preventive medicine.


Therapeutic nihilism is a contention that it is impossible to cure people or societies of their ills through treatment. In medicine, it was connected to the idea that many "cures" do more harm than good, and that one should instead encourage the body to heal itself. Source: Therapeutic nihilism - Wikipedia

  1. T. Trall, M.D. in a famous speech delivered in 1862 quoted numerous allopathic physicians who were voicing themes of the therapeutic nihilism movement in America.

"It was well known to the physicians of the period that their drugs were damaging. For example, the celebrated Charles D. Meigs, M.D., of Philadelphia said in his work, Observations on Certain of the Diseases of Children (edition of 1850, p. 73): 'It appears to me to be an outrage to give a child a dose of castor-oil, or rhubarb, or magnesia, when it is not required; for such articles cannot be taken into the stomach without exciting the beginning of trains of actions whose end no man can foretell.' The reader will be quick to understand that when these drugs are administered to children when they are supposed to be 'required,' no man can foretell the results. James Stewart, M.D., wrote in his Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children (second edition, 1846, p. 220): 'The use of any medicine must, as a general rule, be regarded as injurious, as the object of medicine is but to create a temporary disease for removal of another; and only applicable when the disease demanding it is itself the greatest source of danger.' This expressed the old fallacy contained in the choice of the lesser of two evils, except that in this case one chooses both evils. The theory that a serious disease can be removed by creating a temporary and less serious one must have been invented in a mad house.'" Source:


NOTE: So, big deal, you are a doctor. A doctor can’t know what he hasn’t been taught. Josef Mengele had a doctorate in medicine from Frankfurt University. A real Nazi trained doctor and the same is going on today! Study the two links below to get REAL history!

History of Big Pharma and the Major Players (Full Documentary)

So, one of the first things everyone on medications should do is not ask their doctors about health, which they know nothing about, and STOP immediately all medications! Why? Because you don’t have the dis-ease they are treating you for because of the lack of the medication you are on! They are only treating a symptom of the dis-ease! Do you see that? And the treatment or medication you are receiving will and does cause many side affects! Why? The toxins they contain! They are even listed in the “FDA Approved” pharmaceutical insert from the manufacturer! Read it!


I wrote a newsletter covering 25 of the most popular "drugs" and their side effects. Check and see if yours is in the list or look yours up. They are ALL there with the information. That is why they can say in court; we told you the risks BUT you didn't read what we publically published!  The problem is most people don't research what they are putting in their bodies and the doctor or pharmacists won’t tell you unless you ask. (Bolded on purpose they it was bolded to emphasize "harm.")


Medications, i.e "pharmaceuticals" are not the only way toxins are entering the body, but a major contributor for sure! The next manner in which toxins enter the body would be by the mouth, i.e. "eating." Toxins are entering our mouths daily through the toxic foods we ingest through the mouth. We will cover how to eliminate many – if not all – of the toxic foods from your diet to help restore and maintain health. To really enjoy life to the fullest, one has to be healthy – physically, spiritually and mentally. Toxicity is destroying the health of all three! Everyone needs to detox every aspect of their lives and one of the fastest and most beneficial ways is to pay attention to everything that enters your mouth! What you eat can either maintain your health or destroy it! It is that plain and simple. You become what you eat. You eat toxic "substances," you become a "toxic substance!" If you eat genetically modified foods, you will genetically modify yourself! Can you see this happening all around you? Today, people are walking, toxic, living beings that are chronically ill! Detox your life! Rid them from your life.

When you stop eating toxic foods, then the body's systems that are being damaged, hindered and even destroyed will repair and rebuild. There are 12 systems in the human body. Look at their basic functions and ask yourself what the effect would be if one of these systems were damaged and not working correctly? What about not working at all? Now, what if all the systems were malfunctioning – what would be the effect on the state of the body? At ease? Or dis-ease? I think everyone knows the answers to these questions.


NOTE: We’ll look into what toxins are in vaccines. I wrote a newsletter and did a G2Voice Broadcast about 25 of the most popular medications people are taking and what are the ingredients and side effects – so read the newsletter and watch the broadcasts.


We are NOT dis-eased because we are drug deficient! Get off Drugs


You have to stop the toxins from getting into your body to allow the systems to work unhindered. Let’s look at the toxins that are present all around us in today’s world.


NOTE: I hope you read the time line of how medical toxins entered our world especially, England, Germany and the United States. That information really tells us how it has affected all of us. Get far away from these toxins!

Let’s identify the toxins that are surrounding us so we can stop them from entering the body. This would be the food we eat, medications, things we wash with, clothes we wear, beds we sleep on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, wifi, cell phones, etc.


How are toxins getting into the body?

The main ways are:

  1. By vaccines/medications – necessary or a scam?
  2. By food – We have to eat.
  3. By water – We have to drink water.
  4. By air we breathe – We have to breathe!
  5. By the skin – Our natural clothing – we live in it.
  6. By clothing – We are to wear clothing.
  7. By food preparations – We have to cook.
  8. By inside the house – We don’t live outside.

Source: “A World Without Dis-ease”, Is it Possible? By Mark S. Grenon

This week we will be discussing the many ways toxins are entering the human body.
To get our sacraments for cleansing out the toxins go to

Tune in Sunday the  7th of Jan. 2018 at 10 AM EST


Let’s Change The World Together!

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon




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