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Sunday, Mar. 18th 2018



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Dear Mark,

I am writing with not only a dilemma, but also an update on my father-in-law. I will first attempt to explain the dilemma briefly as I know you are incredibly busy. At the beginning of our MMS journey everyone in the family was on board…. Now my sister in law has brought up the subject of Cannabis oil. She along with a friend with ultimately good intentions brought a man to the house to visit and share his story of his daughters experience with Cannabis and Essiac tea, both of which I know to be excellent things, but as I understand are not compatible with MMS. This man who had never heard of MMS listened as I explained that I wasn’t sure Cannabis was compatible with MMS, but he assured me that it would be  because it was a completely natural substance, even though I explained about the effect of antioxidants etc. . Long story short he has made it his mission to research MMS. Today we discovered that he sent all sorts of negative articles and videos about MMS to my sister-in-law. Now my job is to debunk it and prove him wrong. I have spent the better part of the day/night collecting articles and youtube links to send him doing just that.  I believe I still have the trust of my father-in-law, but as he is relying on my opinion, I told them I would email and ask you. So is Cannabis oil indeed not compatible with MMS? I just read that it has extremely high amounts of antioxidants, so I kinda know the answer. Also found a post on the G2 forum with the same question, the answer being that someone had used their test strips and confirmed that it was definitely not compatible, but for the sake of my sister-in-law would you be so kind as to confirm this for me?  Perhaps I am wrong…. after all I’m only human!

Now for the update (my favorite part). My Dad-in-law is doing SOOOOO much better. He has now been on the MMS for exactly 1 month. We are into Protocol 1000+ now per Jim Humbles recommendation of moving a little quicker if fighting a deadly cancer. So we are up to 3 drops MMS1 6 drops DMSO every hr. for 8 hrs. a day. Just 2 days after adding to the DMSO (then we were, only @ 3 drops MMS1 & 3 drops DMSO) He told me he felt better than he had in a long time. Any and all nausea was gone, food now tastes good and is appealing to him. He has gained 7 lbs. back! He’d lost well over 30. He has more energy and doesn’t even take a nap every day. He gains strength literally daily. I am so excited!  All of this has made him into a believer and he is relying on me to research whether or not to take the Cannabis oil and or Essiac Tea. He just wants to do what will help, as do I. But I also believe one of the biggest mistakes people make from what I’ve read is, not following protocol consistently, and also perhaps trying too many things at once! A mistake I DO NOT want to make… we don’t have time for that! He said to me exactly what I was thinking “This stuff is obviously working, why should I change what I’m doing now, it ain’t broke don’t fix it! “  (love how he nearly quotes Jim verbatim without having even read the book!)

I’ve already made this longer than intended, if you could reassure me I would be ever so grateful to you! Your prompt reply was such a blessing last time as I didn’t expect you to be able to reply. I definitely wanted to update you anyway regardless!  And I thank you for the prayers you’ve offered in our behalf. God has been so good!

Thank you so much,




My husband has a bad case of psoriasis and i sprayed mms and activator from his neck down to his thighs. this morning we could see that the 'mangy dog' look had become soft supple skin. for the 1st time in years he did not itch at all. this morning he sees worms when he goes to the toilet and old crap coming out. His belly is going down. today, he is taking 1 drop each of mms and activator every hour. he will do the dmso before bed. this is unbelievably good stuff. my sister has cancer, she took the mms and activator yesterday and immediately feltca cold wind go right up her head. she also has dementia. today she says 'i feel fabulous' and sounds happy.

i took mms with activator yesterday and i immediately felt my left nose cavity open and my breathing is improved. since the stroke i had problem with my nose. it doesn't bother me now. also i need to sleep under three blankets to be warm. last night was the first time i could not tolerate the coverings so my husband removed 2 blankets and covered me with 1 which is unheard of for me. i was warm all night. i couldn't believe it, i think it is the mms. this is great stuff. we will learn to make our own. i have limited funds so i got to wait to get the ingredients. thank you


I am up to three drops today and i feel fine. I was using an etched design glass but i remember seeing all clear glasses in the videos and changed glass. all is good now. i can see my mms a light amber and it works. I am a stroke person of 8 years and today my arm could move pretty far out on it's own. the muscle is working for the 1st time. my husband just looked at it in amazement. thank you


Joseph and Nancy Gill testimony


PLEASE, forward this email to ALL you know AND on Face book.   SEE REMARKABLE  VIDEO LINK  and short letter BELOW

I bet that EVERYONE that receives this email has a family member or friend that is dying of some disease such as cancer and is spending there life savings fighting it, BIG MONEY, Well here is something too good to be true, that IS TRUE, for $20-30 US DOLLARS. When in Columbia a few years back we stayed with Mark Grenon (featured in the video below) and learned more about MMS.  A dedicated, professional, caring person he is now the main spokesperson for MMS.  Jim Humble, now 85, has semi retired and is dedicated to further research.

 I HAVE NO CONNECTION WITH THIS PRODUCT.  I have used it like 10 million other people in 115 countries with all positive results. The fifth biggest killer are pharmaceutical drugs and vaccinations many hundreds of thousands every year.

The most important medical discovery of all time has been here since 1997. The cure to ALL diseases, Nancy and I have taken MMS while we have traveled Central Africa, South America, Asia for 8 years and NEVER got sick

The cure to ALL diseases is here now, YES, We travel the World for 15 years every day in the worst disease zones with NO vaccinations and we NEVER get Malaria, Cancer, diabetes, dengue fever, flu, ETC, ETC.

REMEMBER,,,,,,,Science did not invent the plane, automobile, personal computer, and most other important things.  Most ALL inventions were invented by common people not science.

My father was an orthopedic surgeon, first in the Western USA to put in a full hip replacement, past president of AMA, 3 large hospitals and a senior professor of medicine at the Uni of Oregon.   He told me, "If you ever go for a medical checkup the doctor will find something wrong.  How do you think they make all that money"

The video below is a wonderful introduction to MMS, and you can also easily find many you tube videos on how to use it along with contrary articles also telling you how bad it is;  because of all the money the medical mafia would not be able to extract from our family and friends.


The Mind-Blowing Story of a Simple Cure for 97% of Disease. BUY LINK DOWN IN INFO.


Genesis II Church in Uganda Teaching Others and Helping the Sick!




Vaccinations are ALL TOXIC and should NEVER be injected into the human body. They have NEVER worked and have only tricked the world's population by covering up or masking symptoms to give an appearance of creating "herd immunity" but NEVER accomplishing it, due to- IT ISN"T SCIENTIFIC AT ALL! Vaccines cause injuries! I was injured by the 1976 Swine Flu Shot. Two weeks after receiving that vaccine my vocal chord on the left side became paralyzed! How many children have been injured and are now Autistic? How many girls and EVEN boys injured from HPV vacccine worldwide? How many injured from the Polio vaccine?

In 1977, Dr Jonas Salk, who developed the first polio vaccine, testified along with other scientists that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961. (Science 4/4/77 “Abstracts” )

The Polio Vaccine Myth: “The Vaccine Stopped Polio”

India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes


Read this book, “HORRORS OF VACCINATION” by Dr. Schieferdecker 1870

NOTE: This is a book from 1870!!!! NOTHING has changed!

Dr. Collins, twenty years vaccine physician in London and Edinburgh, writes

“There really exists no change in the virulent character of the small-pox notwithstanding the vaccination-laws; and of those attacked by the disease at the least two-thirds were satisfactorily vaccinated.” He adds: If I had the desire to describe one-third of the victims ruined by vaccination, the blood would stand still in your veins. I have not the least confidence in vaccination; it nauseates me, for it transfers often filthy and dangerous diseases from one to another, without offering any protection whatsoever.”



Some True Disease Statistics

Is it any wonder why these statistics below are real!

There is currently an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in progress. One in 45 children has autism with some statistics say 1% of the world's population has Autism!


  • 1 in 5 have asthma
  • 1 in 10 have dyslexia
  • 1 to 8 in 1,000 have epilepsy
  • 1 in 400 to 1 in 166 has cerebral palsy (2 different sources?)
  • 1 in 20 have attention-deficit disorder

The government/vaccine industry is going to carry on vaccinating, covering up, and making false claims of safety until every child has a vaccine-induced disease. So, we of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing must do everything we can to stop this evil, and we will.

5Here is a great book with vital information you need to know about vaccines and why herd immunity was NEVER attained because it doesn’t work that way with vaccines. The ONLY way you can get immunity for a dis-ease would be like when I was a kid. The parents that were in my neighborhood had “parties” to infect ALL of us. If chicken pox was “going around,” then the mothers would get us all together so we would ALL get it at once to gain immunity. This immunity has lasted me a lifetime as well as mumps and measles. It is called “ACQUIRED IMMUNITY” – the way the Body was designed.

  • Vaccine-Nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time” by Andreas Moritz

To see more detail on vaccines, please read: The Vaccination Racket at That article gives hundreds of pages of details and references on the evils of vaccinations and the terrible harm they are doing to our children.


  • Also read The Vaccine War: a Forgotten History by Roman Bystrianyk at

We, at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing believe that our bodies are the temples in which we live  and it is OUR responsiblity to take care of its health by any means WE DEEM NECESSARY! This is our Spirtual Belief that we believe was given to us by God! No Authority on earth has control over another person's temple especially when  trying to inject known poisons into it! Below is a letter I wrote to any "authority" trying to mandate this evil unscientific practice that leads to many be damaged and some for life!

An Indictment Against Governmental Vaccination Programs

This is a crime against humanity and needs to be treated as such. We demand that any and ALL governmental authorities involved in vaccination programs cease and desist immediately from this horrible practice and those involved in developing and excecuting the use of vaccines be perscuted for who they really are; poisonmakers and disitributors of such poisons.

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

Co-Founder of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing



Letter of Religious Exemption from vaccinations and/or mandatory medications


November 29, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,


This is in regard to our member:            Mark S. Grenon, Santa Marta, Colombia


            The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing is vehemently opposed to any toxin or poison being introduced into the body, “our temple,” by vaccine or any other means. The religious belief that our bodies are our personal temples that our spirits and souls live in, is based on the following Scripture:

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” I Corinthians 3:16-17

The personal right and responsibility to maintain a healthy and clean temple is a fundamental belief of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.


The following toxins are found in many vaccines being administered to the public:

  • Thimerosol – (Mercury) Highly poisonous to the human body
  • Squalene – adjuvant causing autoimmune response in the body
  • Formaldehyde –  a known cancer-causing agent
  • Aluminum – a neurotoxin that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Triton X-100 – a detergent
  • Phenol – (carbolic acid)
  • Ethylene glycol – (antifreeze)
  • SV-40 – Cancer causing monkey virus
  • Various antibiotics: neomycin, streptomycin, gentamicin – can cause allergic reactions in some people
  • MSG – Known neurotoxin
  • Fluoride – Cancer causing, neurotoxin
  • As well as other toxin substances!

We are not allowing these or any other toxins to be introduced into our temple without our personal consent – period. Below is a more detailed description of what is prohibited into our temples. This is an example of our publicly-declared religious right to ingest whatever we feel necessary to maintain our personal health and wellbeing.

Here is the reverse of the I.D. membership card of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing:



If any of the Genesis II Church members have their religious rights violated by any governmental or private organization, the Genesis II Church will vigorously announce each and every instance of abuse to the world. We are also building a worldwide support group of local Bishops, Health Ministers and Members to come to the aid of any one of our members experiencing any abuse of our religious rights.


Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

 Health Sacrament 2000 - Use for life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and AIDS.  (MMS1 and MMS2)

Video #6:

Sacraments needed:

  • MMS1 is Activated or Acidified MMS, (Sodium Chlorite)
  • MMS2 is Calcium Hypochlorite, (60-72%)
  • DMSO 90-99%, Dimethyl Sulfoxide


Note: The person has already been on the Protocol 1000+ which is 1-3 drops MMS1 and 1-10 drops of DMSO hourly so continue that while adding MMS2 capsule. Adjustments up and down of each are possible with the Protocol 2000. In other words, MMS1, DMSO or MMS2 doses will vary depending on the reaction of the person.

For cancer and other life-threatening diseases –  take as many drops of activated MMS each hour, as a person can handle without becoming any sicker, feeling worse, or developing diarrhea. It must be taken hourly for 10 hours a day, for 3 weeks or until well. It is best to start off with only one drop an hour and quickly build up to as many drops as you can take. Take as many drops as you can, but go easy. Making yourself sicker uses up energy, discourages and makes the recovery go slower.

First, add your number of MMS drops to a clean dry glass then activate with 1 drop of 4% HCL or 50% citric acid for each drop of MMS that is in your glass. Swirl or shake to mix wait 30 seconds add 1/2 to 1 glass of water and drink.

If you don't want to make up a single dose each hour, you can make 10 doses in the morning, and keep the solution in a closed container all day. Just follow the above instructions multiplying all the figures by 10 and then put that liquid in a closed container. Take 1/10th of it each hour. Don't worry, MMS will last hours longer than is needed, so long as you keep the lid on tight.  Be sure to only use water for this all-day solution, as juices will usually reduce the strength or totally kill the MMS1 by the end of the day.


Note: In recent years, we have taught the use of a daily dose bottle – that is, mixing up all your doses at one time for the day – but we have since found that maximum benefit is derived when each hourly dose is made up fresh, and that this method is preferred unless otherwise impossible to do. If for various reasons there is no other choice but to make up an all-day mixture instead of mixing each individual dose, it is certainly well worth your while, and better than no MMS at all. But, my recommendation is if possible, stick to mixing hourly doses. You will have a greater chance of getting well much quicker.

The following important instructions must be followed:

  • You must not make yourself sicker than you already are.
  • Do not cause yourself a lot of nausea, or pain, or diarrhea. If you notice any of these symptoms coming on, take less MMS.
  • Try not to stop taking MMS, just take less. Go from 2 drops an hour of activated MMS to one drop an hour. For example, if you are already taking one drop an hour, then take 1/2 drop and hour, or even 1/4 drop an hour.
  • Try to increase amount of drops an hour as you can, without feeling worse, but do not go over 10 drops an hour. The average dose most people can tolerate hourly is 3 drops 8-10 hours a day. Don’t worry if can’t get past 3 drops an hour. The most important part is a consistent concentration of Chlorine Dioxide in the blood 8-10 hours a day. Be consistent and keep doing it until you are well!

After 3 days, you must add MMS2. Take 1 capsule every other hour (2 hours apart and half hour between taking MMS1) but start with 1/16 and gradually increase to no more than 1/2 capsule. You will be taking 5 capsules each day.

Half fill a small bowl with 60-72% Calcium Hypochlorite.  Dip half of a 0-size capsule into the bowl and start with 1/16 of a capsule. Put the cap on it and take with at least one 240 cc/ml, (8 ounces), glass of water.  Never use more than 1/2 capsule in a size 0 capsule. Start low and build up on your doses. This way you will not have any uncomfortable symptoms.

Start with 1/16, then progress to 1/8 then 1/4 and last 1/2.

Note: Drink lots of water because MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite) is activated by water and produces hypochlorous acid, which your immune system produces naturally.


ALSO NOTE:  Take precautions to store your MMS2 and DMSO separately, as they may combust if accidentally contact each other, esp. when the DMSO is pure.

MMS2 dosing should start at 1/16 capsule and increase slowly to ½ capsule.  Dosing should not be more than ½ capsule at a time.

See illustration below:

Protocol 2000 Daily Schedule



NOTE: This Daily Schedule is different than that for Starting Procedure – Protocol 1000+. We have added two hours more a day to the schedule and MMS2 capsule every two hours on the half hour. Here is how the schedule is for Protocol 2000.


Protocol 2000 Schedule

Breakfast 8:00 AM

9:00 AM 1st Dose MMS1 (Activated MMS)

9:30 AM 1st capsule of MMS2

10:00 AM 2nd Dose MMS1

11:00 AM 3rd Dose MMS1

11:30 AM 2nd capsule of MMS2

12:00 AM 4th Dose

12:30 AM Lunch


NOTE: Things that Neutralize Chlorine Dioxide are: Vitamin C, Any Antioxidant, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Alcohol, chocolate, many supplements and medications.


1:30 PM 5th Dose MMS1

2:00 PM 3rd capsule of MMS2

2:30 PM 6th Dose MMS1

3:30 PM 7th Dose MMS1

4:00 PM 4th capsule of MMS2

4:30 PM 8th Dose MMS1

5:30 PM 9th Dose MMS1

6:00 PM 5th capsule

6:30 PM 10th Dose MMS1


NOTE: Wait one hour after so, after the day’s protocol, eat supper after 7:30 PM.

You could start at 8:00 AM if you want to finish the day’s protocol early which would be 5:30 PM so you could eat supper at 6:30 PM


We always get questions about what to eat for lunch. First of all, you won’t be eating a BIG meal for lunch while on this protocol. The less food in the stomach the better. Here are some ideas of what to eat for lunch from what we do here for people that attend our Health Restoration Center. What is good to eat:

  • Soups including bone broths
  • Sandwiches, meat and cheese, peanut butter,
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Eggs including egg salad
  • Salad with a few tomatoes. Tomatoes have vitamin C but a few are ok.
  • Pasta with a cream sauce or tomato sauce
  • Tacos, chili, burrito, tamale
  • Baked potato with butter with even a little sour cream
  • Vegetables low in vitamin C: Celery, artichokes, carrots, corn, peas, olives. A little avocado is ok.

            Note: When some vegetables are cooked they lose vitamin C


Here is a list of foods with no or low vitamin C: q=&type=food&order_by=vit_c&show_nutrient=vit_c

Remember, we are talking only lunch here during the daily protocol. At night after the daily protocol you can eat almost anything healthy – always organic of course. Remember, you are detoxing. Stay away from processed, canned foods and fast food restaurants! Get off all your toxic medications which are ALL of them.

At the Health Restoration Center, this is what I give attendees for breakfast and supper:

(All organic, of course)

  • Every morning and night a 12-ounce glass of Raw milk, 1-2 Raw eggs, Raw cacao, with Raw honey sometime 1-2 ounces of Raw liver and blend it into a shake. It is delicious and only people with strong sense of taste even taste the liver. Liver is one of the highest foods with B-12 and iron which is essential for building new cells as well as cholesterol. Cholesterol is a major part of every cell in the body!
  • Every night same thing.
  • For breakfast attendees can have a cup of coffee, tea, fruits. It is no problem because they wait 1-2 hours before starting the daily protocol. That food will basically be out of the way because it is liquid.
  • From 9 AM to 7:30 PM DO NOT eat things that Neutralize Chlorine Dioxide: Vitamin C, Any Antioxidant, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Alcohol, chocolate, many supplements and medications.
  • At night after daily protocol, any fruits and vegetables, teas, coffee, juices, and supplements, (the best supplements are food!) are ok. We give Moringa which is a SUPER anti-oxidant with 40+!

Basically, at night you can eat what you want but REAL food and organic. No one goes hungry on these protocols.


Health Sacrament 4000 - Using Cleansing Powder (MMS2)

Video #7:

Health Sacrament 4000 has been used alone to successfully treat 200 cases of HIV in Malawi.  Several testimonies have reported that the Cleansing Powder alone has eliminated diabetes, cancer, Dengue fever and many other ailments and it has proven to be better than the Cleansing Water (MMS1) for prostate cancer. What is great about Protocol 4000 is MMS2 is NOT neutralized by ANY foods!

Note: MMS2 is usually used with Cleansing Water (MMS1) but if MMS1 is not available, use Health Sacrament 4000, which is Cleansing Powder (MMS2) used alone.

This Sacrament is taken as follows (Size 0 Capsules):

Protocol 4000 Daily Schedule (Easy)

  • Start with a 1/16 of a capsule and take every 2 hours for 4 to 5 doses (8 to 10 hours) a day for 2 days.
  • If there is no discomfort you may take 1/8 of a capsule every 2 hour for 2 days.
  • If there is no discomfort you may take 1/4 of a capsule every 2 hour for 2 days.
  • If there is no discomfort you may take a maximum of a 1/2 of a capsule every 2 hour until better.


Note: Take with a minimum of 120ml or 4oz. of water. MMS2 activates in water.


How to make a Cleansing Water (MMS1) spray bottle

Video #8:


The formula is: 10 drops of MMS and 10 drops of Activator to every 30 cc/ml or 1oz.

To prepare a 120cc/ml 4oz bottle:

Mix 40 drops of Cleansing Water, (MMS1), with 40 drops of 4 - 5% solution HCL or 50% citric acid wait 20 -30 seconds or until dark yellow or brown color then add 120 cc/ml of water.


Note: If the activated solution isn’t changing a dark color within 30 seconds, then you probably have weak MMS or Activator.

This may be sprayed on any part of the body. If it gets in your eyes when you spray your face, it is okay, but splash a little clear water in the area to prevent a burning sensation.  When the color gets light, it is losing its strength. Make up a new bottle. It has a multitude of uses – spray in your hair to correct dandruff, as a deodorant and to treat athlete’s foot. Try it on skin problems and use for hygiene of the mouth.

MMS spray bottles can last for up to a couple of weeks without losing much strength – that all depends on how you store it. In the fridge or a cupboard where there is no sunlight, it can maintain its strength for longer periods of time.

8a -  Using (MMS2) Sacramental Powder to make up spray bottles.

Video #8a:
NOTE: The spray bottle protocol that is made with MMS2 is great for skin problems. Do not use in the eyes to avoid irritation.

Equipment & Sacraments needed:

  • A 120 ml/cc or 4 oz. spray bottle.
  • 5-1.0 grams of MMS2 Sacramental Powder.
  • 120 ml/cc or 4 oz. of warm water.


Mix the 0.5 or 1.0 grams of MMS2 Powder with the 120 ml/cc of warm water in the glass cup until completely dissolved. You can use warm water to dissolve it quickly.

Pour into spray bottle and use frequently for best results.

NOTE: Always keep out of the sun to avoid weakening the solution.

G2Voice Broadcast #79: Protocol 2000, 4000, and Spray Bottle

Sunday, Mar. 18th 2018



 Genesis II Church Seminar in 5 Days!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

March 17th & 18th


If you can't make a G2 Church Seminar, then the next best thing is to do the G2 Church Online Course to become proficienct in ALL the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols and a 1 year membership is included!

NOTE: Portuguese is coming soon!!!!

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