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Sunday, May 6th, 2018



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Weekly Testimonies


Hi Roger

Attached are the scan pictures and an outline of my journey.

January 2017 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of an orange. Urgent surgery took place and a six  week course of radiation followed. From the scan which followed the radiation  I  was told there was no tumour left and they were very pleased with the surgery. 

In December 2017 I went for a nine month follow up scan.

I was devastated, the tumour had returned (pic on left shows the swelling and the white tumor area). I was told that they would need to operate again and I would be contacted in approximately March 2018. 

A friend advised me of MMS and suggested that I read the information on line. After doing this I bought the product and started my protocol knowing that my scan was looming and I wanted to see results at that time. I was diligent in taking the product even when at times it was a bit much so reduced my dosage to cope with the taste.

After six weeks of taking the product I had my scan. In myself I felt good and positive that I was doing something to combat the thought of another operation followed by radiation and chemo.

One week later I met with the specialist supposedly to organise the date for the operation. The specialists words were "I don't know what to say I have never experienced this before. The tumor has all but gone and there is no need for an operation or radiation and chemo." (pic on right shows no swelling and very small tumor residue but tumour all but gone)

 I was ecstatic. I am now to have a follow up scan in six months and feel I have MMS to thank for this. 

If you are contemplating alternative treatments this one is not one to be overlooked. 

Tony, Rotorua, New Zealand  25 April 2018.


Marta Alvarez

I Love You Guys. Jim, Mark, Joe, you’re doing a Great job. I’ve known about MMS for at least 15 years but I was brainwashed and afraid to take it. I’m taking it now, just a few drops heard and there, and the results are amazing. I’m 50 year old now, MMS makes me feel like 20. Thank You!!! God Bless You.


My family has been using MMS since 2008.  It is amazing.  We are no longer on antibiotics.  It cures, relieves, and repairs many things.  It is NOT bleach.  Bleach destroys.  If you soak your hand in bleach it becomes dry and yucky.  Soak your hand in MMS and a completely different result.  MMS only attacks the bad where bleach can not distinguish between good and bad.  I thank God For MMS.  I was able to reduce my Hep C viral load from over a million down to under 100,000 in less than  a 3 month time period.


Pat Couch Davis‎ to G2 Voice

I watch every show ... no tv only you tube for me . ... I’ve had cancer Since 2014 . Been doing mms for about 3 months . Feel great . No doctors for me .

Pat Couch Davis Just watched this no. 84 show . I have cancer . Had it since 2014 and I don’t listen to anyone that has MD after their name . No surgery, chemo, radiation or pills . About 3 months ago I started taking MMS and I love it . Thanks so much for doing what you do . I don’t watch TV only you tube and I watch everything that y’all put out . I also love Jim Humble . I follow everything you say . I do the drops , the mms2, and the mms baths . Thanks so much , I told the health store that I deal with about it and she ordered it for some of her cancer patients.
We look at our blood through a microscope which is connected to a computer and we see our blood get healthier and healthier ( by pricking our finger and putting drops of blood on a slide )it’s fantastic. Thank God I found you on You tube .


hey im so glad for your testimony , belief n amen !! i just started the solution today at 7am n i was late getting it together twice by 15 mins i hope its ok but im feeling better and the tight muscle in hip is moving easier ..i believer in the alternatives methods of healing and treatments also n so glad i happened on you site .. but the way of a the church system is brilliant i know that the only w ay through systems is to get another system to counter so im in and yes i know they want to take the good stuff out ...and yea to the church !! blessings

Animals Healed


I have a question about how much MMS can be given to a horse. I recall that you said you have to be very careful because in animals that can't throw up it could be dangerous for them.  This week I checked out a mule with a massive cancer under it's jowls, the owners learned about using MMS from me, they bought the mule knowing it had, had cancer already ,had already been operated on, soon after purchasing the animal the cancer began growing back so without my knowledge they started putting 20 activated drops in its feed twice a day, they have been doing this for a few months,  I know the frequency of cancer and how to muscle test for it,  there was no signs of cancer or walled off cancer, some of the tumor has already fallen off. So I know their way of administering it worked, but what is the safest way to do this and get the job done?  I have two veterinarians that have to see this but they need to know the safest way to administer it.

I enjoy your very informative book, such a great help, I learned about MMS from a regular medical doctor in 2009, I don't get flu or colds anymore, I've cured cellulitis which was really bad, I  gas and brush my teeth with it every day, have had no dental problems since, I never want to be without it. Thank you so much for all your diligent work you are doing  to keep us informed.


Hi there, thank you for replying so soon, boy you are right on it ,that's great and so helpful.

The mule only  got diarrhea for a while, that's all they noticed, they never knew that it could be a problem for an animal that couldn't throw up so they weren't paying much attention,  I think it is amazing too that in spite of it being in the grain and a horse that was in the corral at the same time who also ate part of the grain, that this mule has done so well.  I checked the mule for hammerherd of the brain, ( this is grooves that start laying down in the brain before the cancer is detected, research Dr. Hammerherd, cancer)this mule had only a 2 on the scale of 1 to 10 so she will probably be totally well in 2 months, as long as the brain is healed the cancer will not come back. Thats where when people think they are healed of cancer but haven't totally healed the brain grooves the cancer can come back, interesting research!  I have learned to muscle test for it. I don't give them a clean bill of health as long as there is any hammerherd left in the brain.

So how much MMS can you give a 1200 pound Animal in a day?

I just recently healed a dog with major cancer tumors on his spleen, he got oral black salve 2 times a day and several  doses of MMS.  He was totally healed in a month, cancer, brain and all, animals heal faster than humans, could be that they have better immune systems and just need a little help now and then. They get a lot of the same ailments we do, everything is so polluted now.

The best to you

Gall Stones and Chronic Lyme Disease healed with G2Church Sacraments

I have been using mms 6 months it is the best,its a petty that that FDA is fitting it but I understand we or going to win,I was in Jamaica for 2 moth and I brought 5 pair of mms with me an I did not have enough,I start with Family members every one fix,from their eyes to gut ,elephantiasis,I have lots of testimonyns,I did them all for free it felt so good,i am turning 65 in june,and this is watt I WILL BE DOING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE IN JAMAICA, THIS IS Y I TAKE THE TITLE BISHUP LAMBERT HENRY.I WILL BE STAYING IN JAMAICA 6 MONTH A YEAR,

Tyler Jessica Small MMS saved my wife's life. It's just hard to convince anyone about it because people are too indoctrinated by our society to believe something like MMS works, especially with all the propoganda about it on the internet.

MusicLeigh 17 hours ago

I am doing Protocol 1000 for the second time. I am so impressed with this stuff. I had some changes occur that I didn't expect. All Positive → Better focus, more energy, apparently my eyes were swollen before the protocol, I didn't know that until day 3 of the protocol when I noticed that my eye lids looked different, my eyes looked sparkling clear. I thought to myself "Oh MY God, my eyes were swollen ... what the heck? I didn't even know. Thanks to you all and to Jim Humble for bringing this to the public.

Shaun Smith 18 hours ago ·

I just started using MMS. I'm a recovering addict and The Herxheimer Reaction or the ill feeling that I get is kinda like getting off drugs. after three days I feel GREAT! Go slow just like they tell you.dont give up because you don't feel well, its part of the prosses(Sacrament).Your body is flushing the bad stuff out.i hope more people will stop worrying that its not going to do any good, or harm them.IT WORKS! My ONLY REGRET IS I DIDNT KNOW ABOUT IT SOONER!!!

maritimer Man

I've been using MMS for a couple of years and loving it. Putting it simply,, it works. I have many friends now taking it and swearing by it. The first thing most realize is that they don't catch colds and flu's any more. Big pharma hates this product. There was a video on YouTube showing how to make your own, but I only paid twenty dollars Canadian for a couple years supply from a friend who makes it for us. Good health.

Alejandra Walkero

I had a cat with an open wound of 2 inches and infected. The vet wanted to practice a sugery and said it will be a month to keep the cat with the cone around the head.I came home and cleaned the wound with 4 drops of deluted MMS that day and 2 more days. Thats all it took to take the pain away imediately, and just like a Miracle the wound healed and closed and dry in only 5 days; versus the month the vet was expecting.

Mr. Lowery

I was suffering from recurring staph infections in the form of abscesses and I came across MMS while researching the problem. I decided the way MMS destroys gram positive infections like staph made sense so I did the MRSA protocol and haven't had any abscesses since. That was close to five years ago. Before that I would suffer an abscess about every other mon

Micki McGlone

sounds just like DCA. I shrunk my breast cancer rumor from the size of a lemon to the size of a small pea. the docs wanted to do a mastomectomy on me, which I refused. I refused Chemo and radiation, pissing docs off. I've been cancer free niw since early 2011.

Bastian Maerten

Using MMS for more than 10 years with incredible results for small and big health issues ! even for our animals ;)

Cy Rider

Big thumbs up for promoting the benefits of MMS. I have been using it for 7+ years, it's benefits are limitless. Ever since I added this to my health protocol has made a huge difference. I travel often on commercial airlines and it can be very difficult keeping the bugs at bay.

seany 18 hours ago

You guys are heros, Im saving my first patient with skin cancer now, and hope to be a bishop in your Church one day in Portland, Oregon. God bless Americans and praise Jesus.

G2Voice Broadcast #86: Rf frequencies are TOXIC to LIFE!


·        They Do NOT Want You See This!! - Cell Phone Towers Exposed!  :7:05 – 10:00


·     5G and Smartmeters and other (NOT)Smart things with Jerry Day : from 1:10- 16:00


Cows go nuts when 5G network is tested

Cows in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands go nuts when the 5G network is tested.

Cows in five different livestock companies in an area where a 5G technology is being tested go nuts when the scientists are doing tests with this wireless communication technology.

They put their heads in the air and run around like lunatics. Cows already have hurt themselves.

The tests started last fall  and since then five different livestock companies in the testing area reported their cattle going nuts. It happened simultaneously in the cowsheds at the five companies located miles from each other.

WiFi is Killing Millions –

Electronic Warfare Expert – Dr. Barrie Trower



by Jim Fetzer

Today I conducted one of the most disturbing radio interviews of my life as host of “The Real Deal”, with a British physicist and electronic warfare expert, Barrie Trower.

By the time he had finished his service in the military, Barrie had acquired a great deal of expertise in the microwave field and he extended his research to common electronic systems, including cell phones, iPods, computer games and microwave ovens.

He was appalled to discover that microwave radiation is ubiquitous and extremely hazardous, especially to pregnant women and young children. The risks are so great that the use of WiFi, which is enormously popular, can lead to permanent genetic damage to your children and your children’s children. Here is his personal warning in his own words:

“In the very early 1960’s I trained with the government microwave warfare establishment. I looked at all aspects of microwave warfare and when I finished my time in the military, because I had a lot of expertise in the microwave field, I was asked if I would carry on with this research. We are in a new Cold War and this is why countries are developing this. And this is why all the microwave transmitters are going up everywhere because somebody, if they wanted to, could use them for other effects. The system is up and running.

Years ago our government said to our scientists, when it comes to microwaves you will only talk about things to do with heat, and that is it. So they won’t even discuss anything else. They will deny anything that doesn’t have anything to do with heat. They even deny all their 40 years of research leading up to this, although they’ve said that this can cause cancer and all the damage, they say no it can’t. We’re only looking at heat and heat is all that matters.

So for the last 40 years the English government has been lying to the people. And the American, the Canadian, the Australian, they have been lying. They have been lying to protect industry, to protect their profits, to protect themselves from lawsuits.

So they are really just liars and it is provable, sanctioned by the World Health Organization, without a shadow of a doubt. It is the same people that sit on the ICNAP certificate, sit on our government health protection agencies, sit on the World Health Organization . . . . it is the same people. There are probably no more than 20 of them. But, yes, they are going to, in my opinion, commit the worst genocide this planet has ever known, not just people, but animals and plants. They are probably going to cause more destruction than a global war, and in several hundred years time, people will look back, whoever survives, and look at what we tried to do to stop them.”

Wi-Fi, microwaves and the consequences for our health

Those most powerfully affected are pregnant women, children, women generally, the elderly, men and (least of all) the physically fit. Some persons appear to be invulnerable to exposure, but a significant percentage–from 47.7% to 57.7%–appear to be especially vulnerable, even from most of us might have regarded as low doses that represent minimal risk. The situation, however, turns out to be quite the opposite.

The human female is born with 400,000 follicles of which approximately 400 will eventually mature into eggs with the potential to be fertilized by sperm to produce a zygote, which will develop into an embryo and then into a fetus and, under favorable conditions, will result in a live birth. During the first 4-6 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy, the embryo is most vulnerable, especially because the woman may be unaware that she is pregnant and take no precautions.

Simple Explanation

Risks from Wi-Fi exposure

As Trower has explained, because the brain tissue and bone marrow of children have different electrical conductivity properties than do adults, a child’s absorption of microwave radiation can be ten times higher than an adult’s. Even low frequency exposure to microwave radiation can be extremely damaging and induce oxidative and nitrosative forms of stress, which can cause irreversible mitochondrial (genetic) damage that will be manifest in miscarriages, stillborns and birth defects.

Risks from WiFi exposure

The effects are cumulative across generations, where studies by the World Health Organization have established that women exposed to low level dosage of microwave irradiation (below thermal level, where it is felt as heat) had a 47.7% rate of miscarriages prior to the 7th week of gestation. The level of exposure in this case was five microwatts per centimeter squared, which is below what most school girls will receive in a classroom of wi-fi transmitters from the age of approximately five years upward, whose effects can include cancer, memory loss and birth defects.

Why the situation is so desperate

Mitochondrial DNA is ten times more susceptible to oxidative and nitrosative “stress” than the DNA of the cell nucleus. But these effects are transmitted to each successive female generation and, whether these ten-fold increases merge to become 57.7% or are additional and thus equal to 67.7% does not make a significant difference. The consequence is to roughly halve the birth of normal children with each generation, which represents a catastrophe-in-the-making for the species.

During our interview, I explained to Barrie that I thought the prospects for remedying this situation are bleak because:

(1) The American public is scientifically illiterate,

(2) We love the convenience of cell phones, iPods and other electronic devices. (Editor’s Note: We personally believe that advanced technology makes cell phones, and especially smart phones, addictive. Evidence includes new diseases such as “nomphobia” – many people have nervous breakdowns when out of cell range).

(3) The corporations that produce them are going to do everything in their power to maintain their profit margins.

I therefore encourage everyone to consider his appeal for the help of the American public by sharing this study (from which I have quoted here):

Barrie Trower’s appeal for help

Not the least disconcerting aspect of this situation is that, not only was all of this known and documented long before wi-fi was ever put in front of children, but the dangerous biological effects were concealed (as they are to this day) from the general public, in order to protect the industry’s profits:


Do not follow the crowd. (Study proves most people are sheeple).

Do not let your children or workplace have wifi. Homeschool or quit if you have to.

Cancel your smart phone. Get a normal cell phone for emergencies only.

Get ethernet for home. Use cables for computer and phone, and voicemail, like people did just 10 years ago.

Replace the microwave oven with a convection oven.

This article, or parts of this article, may be copied as long as no alterations are made, you mention and link to


Excerpt from Page 151 “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” by Mark Grenon


The easiest thing to do is throw away your microwave!

The Dangers of Microwaves and Their Effects on Our Food

America’s most convenient appliance – microwave ovens seem to be an absolute necessity in today’s fast-paced world. They are currently present in at least 90% of homes in America thanks to their ability to cook and reheat foods or beverages in a simple, rapid way. The majority of people use this kitchen appliance without question and often think microwaves just a simple alternative to conventional ovens. This article shows you to think again before using your microwave, as it could be one of the worst things you do for your own food.

What are microwaves and how do they work?

In short, microwave ovens are kitchen appliances which are used to cook or reheat food by emitting microwaves. Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation and are on the low energy end of the energy spectrum, second to radio waves. The waves are generated by something called a magnetron – something found within every microwave oven.

Magnetrons produce an electromagnetic field with a microwave frequency of approximately 2,450 megaHertz (MGz), which is the equivalent to 2.4 gigaHertz (GHz). Microwaves produced within the microwave oven cause dialectic heating – they bounce around the inside of the oven and are absorbed by whatever is placed in the oven.

In order for something to heat in a microwave oven, water must be present within the substance. If water is not present, heating will not occur and it would remain cool. The reason for this is that water molecules within the food vibrate at incredible speeds, creating molecular friction which is responsible for the heating of the food. The structure of the water molecules is torn apart and vigorously deformed. This is much different than any other method of cooking, as other methods such as convection ovens heat up food by transferring heat conventionally from the outside inward.

Hans Hertel, a Swiss scientist, states:

“There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts… This is how microwave cooking heat is generated – friction from this violence in water molecules. Structures of molecules are torn apart, molecules are forcefully deformed (called structural isomerism) and thus become impaired in quality.”

You might wonder why food is often unevenly heated when taken out of the microwave. The uneven heating occurs because microwaves work with whatever water molecules are present, and since not all areas of food contain the same amount of water, heating becomes uneven.

While microwave cooking does begin within the molecules where water is present, they don’t actually cook from “the inside out” like many people believe. They actually start with the outer layers while the inner layers are mostly heated and cooked simply by transference of heat from the outer layers. This is oftentimes why you’ll find that the outside of the food is extremely hot while the inside seems to have been absent during the re-heating or cooking.

The Radiation Effects of Microwaves and Other Forms of Non-Ionizing Radiation

Microwaves are in fact radiation. They are classified as non-ionizing radiation – radiation which can change the position of atoms but is not strong enough to alter their structure, composition, or properties. Even though non-ionizing radiation is not strong enough to alter the structure of atoms, it is still able to cause physical alterations. A clear example of how non-ionizing radiation can harm you is the damage caused to your skin and eyes from the sun. When you use microwave cooking, you are exposing yourself to microwave radiation.

Other forms of ionizing radiation are visible light, ultraviolet and infrared waves, and waves emitted from televisions, cell phones, and electric blankets.

Today we live in a technologically advanced world. We could label the time we live in as the “technology age” as well as the “radiation age.” People today are bombarded with radiation from almost everything around: radio towers, televisions, cell phones, microwave ovens, computers, satellites, broadcast antennas, and so much more. Unfortunately, radiation doesn’t go away over time, in fact, it just accumulates.

Although humankind has conducted study after study concluding that no amount of radiation is safe, we don’t really know what all of this means in the long term. But here is what we do know:

  • When any radiation waves resonate with a body part, the biological effect is intensified. For example, microwave frequencies are very similar to the frequencies of your brain. The effects microwaves have on your brain are greater than those same waves on any other part of the body.
  • Although studies are done to view the effects of radiation, most of these studies are done for short exposure periods at higher intensities. There is an immense shortage of studies using long exposure periods with low-level radiation. More research simply needs to be done.
  • Radiation accumulates over time and never goes away.
  • Due to the amount of radiation everyone is exposed to daily, it is difficult to conduct studies using control groups. Radiation can’t really be controlled anymore due to the unavoidable invasion.

We simply don’t know the long-term effects of radiation, so why risk it by watching your food cook in your microwave day after day and night after night?

Who shouldn’t use microwave ovens and why?

No one should be using microwave ovens. This is especially true if you are a baby, a child, are pregnant, already suffer from illness & disease, or are already bombarded with more radiation than the average person.


You may suffer from “Microwave Sickness”


Tissues directly exposed to microwaves are subject to the same deformities molecules go through, and this can in turn cause you to experience “microwave sickness.” Remember, it isn’t just microwave ovens which emit this kind of radiation. Cell phone towers also emit this type of radiation.

People may experience any or all of the following after being exposed to high levels of microwave radiation.

  1. Impaired cognition
  2. Nausea
  3. Vision problems
  4. Depression and irritability
  5. Weakened immune system
  6. Headaches
  7. Dizziness

Robert O. Becker, author of The Body Electric, stated the following on page 314 in his book:

“It’s [Microwave sickness] first signs are low blood pressure and slow pulse. The later and most common manifestations are chronic excitation of the sympathetic nervous system [stress syndrome] and high blood pressure.

This phase also often includes headache, dizziness, eye pain, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, stomach pain, nervous tension, inability to concentrate, hair loss, plus an increased incidence of appendicitis, cataracts, reproductive problems, and cancer. The chronic symptoms are eventually succeeded by crisis of adrenal exhaustion and ischemic heart disease [the blockage of coronary arteries and heart attacks].”

In another book entitled Health Effects of Microwave Radiation, author Dr. Lita Lee also expressed his concern over the use of microwaves. Dr. Lee observed that the symptoms listed above could be caused by certain observations shown below.

  • Lymphatic disorders were observed, leading to decreased ability to prevent certain types of cancers
  • An elevated rate of cancer cell formation was observed in the blood
  • Increased rates of stomach and intestinal cancers were observed
  • Higher rates of digestive disorders and gradual breakdown of the systems of elimination were observed

Fact: Russians Banned the Microwave Oven after Extensive Studies

Microwaves were first invented by the Nazi’s in order to provide a method of cooking for their troops during World War II. Seeing as though these microwave ovens have been experimental and new, the US War Department was assigned to research these new devices shortly after the war.

Turns out, the U.S. didn’t really perform the extensive research necessary for the new invention. Instead, the Russians decided to tackle the issue with extreme force.

Intrigued by this new device, the Russians conducted in-depth research to discover the biological effects they might possess. The results were staggering enough to lead to a ban of the new device in the Soviet Union. The ban, however, was later lifted during Perestroika, the political movement responsible for the restructuring of the Soviet Union.

The findings include:

  • Carcinogenic substances were formed from the microwaving of nearly all foods tested
  • Microwaving milk and grains resulted in carcinogenic substances being formed through the conversion of amino acids
  • Microwaving prepared meats caused cancer-causing agents such as d-Nitrosodienthanolamines to form
  • Microwaving fruits as a method of thawing resulted in the conversion of glucoside and galactoside fractions into carcinogenic substances
  • Extremely short exposure of raw, cooked, or frozen vegetables converted their plant alkaloids into carcinogens
  • Carcinogenic free radicals were formed in microwaved plants, especially root vegetables
  • Structural degradation leading to decreased food value was found to be 60 to 90 percent overall for all foods tested, with significant decreases in bioavailability of B complex vitamins, vitamins C and E, essential minerals, and lipotropics

Twenty years of the Russian research led to the international warning about the damaging biological and environmental effects microwaves possess. The warning also included other similar frequency electronic devices such as cell phones.

Say Goodbye to Your Foods Nutritional Value

Although there haven’t been as many studies on microwaves as say, the importance of various vitamins and minerals, all of the studies generally agree on one thing: nutritional value is significantly reduced if you microwave food. You’d think that studying microwaves would be at the top of the list, given their place in our society, but evidently their role is not significant enough for more thorough testing.

Note that most of these studies have been done prior to 2000. This may be due to the shift of focus from microwaves to a more prevalent threat to humanity: the intense electromagnetic chaos from electromagnetic devices such as cell phones, computers, and advanced technology. Here are some studies illustrating the detrimental effects of microwaves and microwave cooking.

  • This study found that broccoli when microwaved with a little bit of water loses up to 97% of its beneficial antioxidants. Steamed broccoli only lost 11% or less. Some amounts of phenolic compounds and glucosinolates were also lost. The study was published in the November 2003 issue of The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.
  • Vitamin C in asparagus spears was lost during a 1999 Scandinavian study.
  • One study found 60 seconds of microwaving garlic depleted the food of it’s allinase, garlic’s primary cancer-fighting ingredient.
  • Just 6 minutes of microwave heating turned 30-40 percent of the B12 in milk into a dead form, which was found in a Japanese study by Watanabe.
  • An Australian study recently conducted showed that microwaves cause a higher degree of “protein unfolding” than conventional heating.
  • A 1992 study found that breast milk lost lysozyme activity, antibodies, and became a more suitable environment for the potential growth of pathogenic bacteria after being microwaved.

Microwaving Food Leads to a Negative Impact on Human Physiology & the Heart

Hans Hertel, a Swiss food scientist, initiated the first tests on microwaved food and microwave cooking to determine how microwaves affect human physiology and the blood. After studying these effects, Hertel concluded that microwaving food leads to food degeneration. These degenerative changes in nutrients caused changes in blood which could cause health problems.

Health issues which could be caused are:

  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • A plummet in leukocytes (white blood cells), which could suggest poisoning
  • Decreased red blood cell levels
  • Production of radio lytic compounds
  • Decreased hemoglobin levels, which might indicate anemia

Another study found that microwave frequency radiation affects the heart at non-thermal levels – levels which are well below federal safety guidelines. To examine these effects, the study used a 2.4GHz radiation frequency, which is the same frequency emitted by microwave ovens as well as wifi routers.

There is even evidence that this same frequency can cause elevated blood sugar levels in certain people. This points to the possibility that there may be a type 3 diabetes generated by dirty electricity.


There doesn’t seem to be any reason to use microwave ovens when comparing benefits and the risks. Source:


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G2Voice Broadcast #86: Rf frequencies are TOXIC to LIFE!

Sunday, May 6th, 2018


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BUT, only 50% goes to the Church when purchased on Amazon.



NOTE: Spanish translation of: “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” by Mark Grenon coming within the month!


Lifetime Membership in the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing!


Instead of renewing your G2 Church Membership yearly why not pay for a lifetime membership for a donation of 200 U.S. and be a G2  Church Member for LIFE!! For more information contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


G2Church Seminars


Due to a great response, we are NOW scheduling a G2Church Seminar in Colorado! Please contact us if you are interested in attending this seminar in Denver, Colorado please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Denver, Colorado Aug 18th-19th

Israel - October?

Please let us know if you are interested in attending a G2Church Seminar in Israel! Love to share what we know and have learned with the people of Israel! Contact Jonathan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let's change the world together!

Archbishop Mark S, Grenon

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G2 Church Documentary 'Quantum Leap'

Bishop Mark Grenon's MMS Book, Guidance and Protocols

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