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G2 Voice Broadcast #90: Answering Various Questions about G2 Church Sacraments
Sunday, June 3rd, 2018


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Here is where some of our Churches are located worldwide.  Contact Jordan at; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want yours listed.

Note: The Head Bishops will decide who is listed and who isn’t listed. There are some who do not want to be listed due to the religious persecution of their governments. Canada, Ireland and England have aggressively tried to stop the Genesis II Church in the practice of our Sacraments. We have contacted personally The International Common Law Court of Justice(ICLCJ) in Brussels, Belgium to review these cases in their tribunal. For all those that think this isn’t a VALID court, why did Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby resign afterbeing found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. Also, Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands gave up the throne after being tried in this court? She was the Queen of the Netherlands from 30 April 1980 until her abdication on 30 April 2013 after being convicted! Don’t believe the reason the MAINSTREAM MEDIA gives the world for these resignations. You might see the current Pope resigning soon also!

Note: We are in the process of submitting to this court, the International Red Cross for crimes against humanity in regard to repressing the CURE for malaria 100% of the time in 1 day or less! See:

FDA, CDC, EPA, DOJ are next for their crimes against humanity also! We are tired of these agencies and organizations committing crimes all over the world unchecked! No more. The Genesis II Church of Health in Healing is going to expose and drain the world swamp of these evil people! The WHO, the UN and the Bill Gates Foundation are also on our list of evil players.


Last week’s G2Voice Broadcast

G2Voice #089 #89: All the “FDA & EPA  Approved” applications for Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Chlorite (5-27-2018)


NOTE: Spanish subtitling is being done each week now!



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Upcoming 2 day Genesis II Church MMS seminar: Ngatea, North Island, New Zealand: 20th & 21st of July 2018.

Become a Health Minister of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

Bishop Roger is conducting a 2- day training seminar in Ngatea, New Zealand; Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st of July 2018, 9.30am to 5pm. Archbishop Mark will also be paying us a skype visit during the seminar.

The seminar will be held at Ngatea Water Gardens Function Centre, Bratlie Place, Ngatea; (approx 1 hour from Auckland and Hamilton; and one and a half hours from Tauranga).
You will learn about the sacramental protocols of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, and much more … Contact for registration:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Genesis 2 Church Seminar in Denver, Colorado.

Aug 18th-19th

It is a go!!!  We now have enough people interested in attending a Seminar in Denver, although we are still deciding where it will be held.   We will begin enrolling students this weekend.  Preregister now and receive a $50 USD discount.  The donation for the Seminar will be $450 USD once we find the location.  But if you sign up before, you will only have to donate $400 USD.  We also include a “couples” discount, where you may email Bishop Jonathan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.  

Hope to see many in attendance!!!


Israel - October?

Please let us know if you are interested in attending a G2Church Seminar in Israel! Love to share what we know and have learned with the people of Israel! Contact Jonathan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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We have applied for membership in another NEW uncensored site to take the place of YouTube. It is called REAL.Video which will be launched worldwide July 4th by Mike Adams

Health Ranger announces as “the answer to YouTube censorship” bypass tyranny and censorship with p2p file sharing

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You can now donate at: for the PRINTED book, “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE Is IT Possible? In English and Portuguese isnow available!

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NOTE: For those who have access to Amazon Shipping, this might be your best way to secure a copy anywhere in the world!

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Weekly Testimonies

  • Peter T

You have to love this lady! Nobody's dummy, answered very intelligently to uninformed media. So Happy for Lyndsay Wagner! Oh, yeas, since using ClO2 my joint problem of my left wrist disappeared and the calculus forming on my lower teeth vanished in a couple months of recreational use (3drops each NaClO2 + HCl solutions only 3-4 times a day) amazing!!! Also my moms (87) burn from steam while cooking gone in couple hours this was with addition of DMSO. also works great for spider bites, itch gone in a day instead of over a week in my case. Who knows what else it is preventing. When everybody was going through colds/flues I was speared! I am really stoked about it! Great discovery! Chemistry is beautiful: 5 NaClO2 + 4 HCl = 4ClO2 + 5 NaCl + 2 H2O this is Cl free solution of chlorine dioxide the active ingredient.

  • Ryan Kingsbury

This worked well for me - 50 drop solution he mentioned never burned my scalp - just a mild tingling (can't comment on citric acid mix - new mixes use HCL activator, which is what I used). It was noticeable after 2 days - it's very weird to feel the new stubble. My beard line also moved up my cheeks about an inch and now have a fuller beard. Playing around I brought it up to 100 drop solution - too caustic at that point - actually destroys the hair. Seems like 50 is good - 20-30 didn't seem to have much effect. I wonder if a low dose, but with added DMSO, would be just as effective...haven't played with that enough to comment. Copper salicylate mixture also seems good for restoring colour and maybe even encouraging growth.

  • Michelle Gugel

I wonder if I can still cut Margaret's protocol 1000 drink with 1oz of store bought organic apple cider if I add 1 drop of DMSO ?(protocol1000+) We just visited her grandparents in Pennsylvania and they were thrilled with her eye contact and awareness and responsiveness! They baths are a wonderful addition too. Margaret is handling protocol great but recently had to add 1oz of cider to the activated water as she couldn't stand the taste of 3drops. Words cannot describe my thankfulness to you guys and ? ?

  • I want to hand this stuff out to everyone I know who could benefit, so many people that desperately need this!!!!
    Can you tell me what my best course of action would be, what should I purchase, honestly, I want to have drops handy and ready to hand out!
    I have my life back, suffered for over 6 years with severe fibromyalgia, I'm up and going, gardening, cleaning my home  after 4 years of severe neglect and I believe I'll be able to save my home since I'm on my 3rd mtg, wasn't able to work!!!
    MMS has literally saved my life and given me the chance to live again not just doggy paddle my way through life, absolutely incredible! Once I get my shit together I'll be wanting to take your course, and attend a conference!
    I'm not religious by any means, more on the spiritual side, but I tell you I feel like standing on a corner preaching about this!?
  • Doyley Erica

            I got my mms an activator yesterday i am so thankful .god bless you all .keep up the good   works

  • Hi Mark,

After tons of research, failed used of herbs, natural remedy’s I started mms after researching, but did not know about G2 church. I was not doing it correctly not near enough for what I want to heal. Now after watching several of your videos I am going to do a liver cleanse, and I am going to take on getting rid of asthma,  arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis from being put on steroids for asthma for many years.  I am so hopeful I have prayed and prayed and claimed my healing, I thanked our Heavenly Father for finding you and all the great information you provide for healing. I will be using mms and dmso “for the arthritis” I am making spray bottles of mms and dmso for topical use. I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes! I can’t wait to be healed so I can help others heal! God Bless You, I love you you a Gift! Roann 

  • freda hogue

Awesome !! I used this protocol as well for an abscess tooth...

  • Pip

MMS is amazing. Big pharma wants to demonize anything they can't make billions on. They are the biggest drug dealers on the planet! They've been decriminalized by politicians, who get $$ kickbacks, crooks enabling crooks. And alopathic drs who only treat symptoms, never the cause.

  • Siena Del

MMStestimonials ok I've been trying it and one two days hair is growing back. Thank you for your response! God bless you.

  • Gary A. DePietro

MMS IS POISON! It's poison to the BIG Pharma companies who created the illnesses they want to charge you to cure! MMS works, I've used it for 5+ years and I'm STILL KICKING!

  • Helen Brown

Pasquale Tartaglia well said! Tje harmful chemicals pumped all over our planet are horrendous...yet here they are saying 'dont take something that hasnt been shown to do any harm'...where are the testimonies of its dangerousness? Praise God for giving natural solutions!!

G2 Voice Broadcast #90: Answering various questions about G2 Church Sacraments

We’ve been asked to answer questions, so we are dedicating an entire episode to answering various questions about G2 Church Sacraments.


NOTE: If you have questions please send to me directly at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Questions about G2 Church Sacramental Protocols


  1. What is MMS?
  2. Is MMS bleach?
  3. Where do I get it?
  4. How do I start?
  5. Does the MMS have to be in glass?
  6. DMSO have to be in glass?
  7. How about the MMS Tabs?
  8. Does it need to be amber when activating?
  9. Citric acid or HCl?
  10. Can I put MMS in my eyes?
  11. Can I drink Sodium Chlorite unactivated?
  12. What can I eat while on Sacraments?
  13. Can I give it to my kids?
  14. How about my mom in nursing home?
  15. How about people in the hospital?
  16. Can I take the Sacraments with my meds?
  17. Has the FDA approved these Sacraments?
  18. What type of water should I use?
  19. What is DMSO?
  20. How do I know that I am going too fast?
  21. How do I know I am going too slow?
  22. Will the protocol hurt my teeth enamel?
  23. Will the Sacraments hurt my kidneys?
  24. Will the Sacraments hurt my Stomach?
  25. Will the Sacraments hurt my liver? DMSO?
  26. Can I put it in my eyes?
  27. Can I do an enema with the Sacraments?
  28. How do I make an MMS1 and MMS2 baths?
  29. C an I breath the vapors?
  30. Can a pregnant woman take MMS, DMSO, MMS2?
  31. Can a pregnant woman do a douche?
  32. How long should I take the Protocols?
  33. Where can I buy Sodium Chlorite powder?
  34. Is Sodium Hypochlorite the same?
  35. Brushing with DMSO?
  36. How do I purify a gallon of water?
  37. Do I have to take 3 drops and hour or can I take less?
  38. Can't I take one big dose instead of 8 times?
  39. What is MMS2 for?
  40. Where do I store it?
  41. Can I give my dog MMS?
  42. Will MMS stain clothes?
  43. Can I take MMS with metal in the body?
  44. Where do I get the sacraments?
  45. How long does MMS last?
  46. Where do I go for Sacramental Guidance?
  47. Can I travel with MMS?
  48. How do I pack the sacraments in my luggage?
  49. What books should I read about how to use MMS?
  50. Where is the G2 Church Home Video Course?
  51. Is Jim Humble still part of the G2 Church?
  52. Should I do a Douche with Dmso
  53. Why do a Liver flush? Should I do a colonic first?
  54. Can I take probiotics with MMS?

I’m sure we will cover more questions than this, so send your questions in!

Tune in this Sunday, June 3rd at 10 AM CST

G2 Voice Broadcast #90: Answering various questions about G2 Church Sacraments


Let’s change the world together!


Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

MMS Saves Lives.



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