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G2Voice Broadcast #102 – Genesis II Church Seminar #59 – Denver was a GREAT SUCCESS!

Sunday, Aug.26th,2018


NOTE: Spanish subtitling is being done each week now for the G2Voice Broadcast

G2Church Denver Grads!


G2Church Seminars

Israel – Mid-October?

Looking for a location to hold a 1-2 day seminar.

Please let us know if you are interested in attending a G2Church Seminar in Israel! Love to share what we know and have learned with the people of Israel! Contact Jonathan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTE: We will make a decision within the next 2 weeks whether to schedule a seminar in Israel or not. Please let us know if interested.


Genesis II Church Online Health Minister Course

If you can’t make a G2Church Seminar do the next best thing, The Online Course

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Weekly Testimonies


  • Tesnicha Barnes

I was diagnosed with MS and had been taking MMS for a couple months and 1 out of 4 lesions on my brain is gone and one lesion has shrunk from 7mm to 5mm. I have MRI proof of this. I'm going back to mms for complete healing..

  • Jean Perrault

Loving the shades and the wicked ripped body, Mark!!! Love it! Been waiting to see episode number 100! My little one is in an MMS bath right now. She doesn't need shampoo she dunks under so much and her hair is CRAZY shiny and clean after these! I love her her skin feels after her MMS baths!

  • bigjj112

Just ordered MINE!!!

  • John Tokarski

Mark. I been watching your videos. I like them and the information you give. THANKYOU.

  • Joseph Lee

Hi Mark, great video and what a story! You are the best at talking about your experiences and very clear and convincing. You are a surviver. I was inspired by your video in 2013 and started studying MMS/CDS. I also learned a lot from Jim Humble, Andrea Kalcker, Kerry Rivera, ... I have used MMS/CDS myself although I do not have any serious health problems yet. I introduced it to my close family members and friends. Most of them are back in China. It is still legal in China to buy and sell it. Since it is dirt cheap, they claim that MMS is given as a gift if anybody buys the juice that helps with the taste. Combined with DMSO, one of friends has used it with great results. We have switched to CDS early on, I found no problem with the taste since CDS does not really have bad taste but only an unpleasant smell to some people.

  • Ritalie

There is a parasite in cat saliva that causes a gluten allergy in Humans, which causes severe facial hives when you eat wheat products. It causes a severe gluten intolerance which causes hives on the face. MMS kills the parasite and your hives go away and your gluten allergy is also permanently gone. I personally saw this. It only took one 3 day treatment with some MMS and the gluten allergy never returned. No person has a "gluten allergy," they have a parasite causing damage to the lining of the intestine. MMS can fix all known food intolerances unless it's genetic. You don't need an elimination diet, you need some MMS.

  • Kuincy Coleman

U can face federal prosecution for healing people? Proof that a reform is definitely in order

  • Matt Salinas

There are no people dead from MMS but hey, there are many dead from FDA approved drugs. Think about that!

  • I have been following y’all for a while now . I take MMS for my cancer . I also give it to my dogs . My daughter has an 18 year old cat . He was on his last leg . We took him to the vet and they were hinting towards putting him down, we were told that if he lived until Friday they would be surprised.
    He was crawling to litter box and falling down , not eating or drinking . This was Wednesday ..... we started massaging him with 4 drops MMS and putting 1 drop MMS in his food . Each day he surprises us .
    My daughter just text me and said Myrt was doing great . Myrt is 18 years old , I can’t believe it , MMS is amazing. Thank you for everything you do!
  • MMS completely eliminated and fixed the chronic inflammation and severe dryness in my eyes that was caused by a chronic viral infection in my brain and the permanent side effects I’ve experienced from when I took the dangerous acne medication Accutane 20 years ago    -Nathan
  • Johanna Ziegler Just got through using MMS to clear up hoof rot on my goats! Only took 5 days of just spraying their hooves once a day to get results. Much better than detrimental 'vaccinations' or other harmful otc concoctions.
  • Ernesto Villavicencio Gutiérrez

EXTRAORDINARIO! La luz que iluminará a muchas vidas.Un millón de gracias, Mark, Jim Humble y todos los que hacen posible este milagro.



Here is our #59th Genesis II Church Seminar Grads!


The G2 Church seminar in Denver went VERY well! What a great bunch of folks! This is the 2nd G2Church seminar since we completely redesigned the G2Church seminar curriculum. The attendees were very satisfied with the new direction we are going. It was good to have our Canadian Bishop with us and helping with some of the teaching and ALL the food! Thanks Pedro! We not only teach the G2Church sacraments and how to heal but cover topics found in my book, “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE”

Here are some of the things we cover in the newly designed G2Church Seminars


We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing have been involved in one of the most comprehensive, worldwide, cross cultural broad spectrum voluntary human health studies of this world for the past 8 years. If you include Jim Humble and his studies in Africa, it has been almost 20 years. Ninety-five percent of the world's diseases have been treated with the Genesis II Church Protocols with great success. No monies were received from any pharmaceutical/medical companies wanting a certain result. The people of this world that have followed the G2C protocols have not been paid in anyway, but they have “self-dosed” themselves voluntarily. “Self-care” is what is being taught and encouraged by the Genesis II Church worldwide and it is working incredibly. Every person on this earth has the God-given right to control their own health and not rely on the pharmaceutical/medical industry. Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

Now, that’s scientific  –  Observation and Repeatability. That is why you’ll hear me say we are doing “clinical studies” all of the world with humans with our G2 Sacraments and seeing consistent results! Because that is exactly what we are doing and I will show you testimonies and how to do it for YOURSELF! Let’s look at the digestive system which to me is where ALL of our problems will start and where 80% of our immune systems defense is designed to stop pathogens.

This book answers questions like:

  • What is the dis-ease?
  • How does the body become dis-eased?
  • How was the body’s Digestive System designed to work?
  • Should you ASK YOUR DOCTOR anything about health or nutrition?
  • Does the Liver NEED to be cleansed?
  • Why is there so much Cancer in today’s world?
  • How to “restore health” from various types dis-ease of the body?
  • Are there testimonies of people restoring their health without a doctor?
  • How can I be involved with “creating a world without dis-ease?

Archbishop Mark Grenon’s New Book!


You can now donate at: for the PRINTED book, “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE Is IT Possible? In English and Portuguese now available!

This will help the Genesis II Church to do more worldwide!

NOTE: 100% of ALL donations for this VERY Informative Book go to the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Let’s get this book into tens of thousands of people around the world to open their eyes to the Truth about DIS-EASE and what to do to “restore health” from ANY DIS-EASE of the body!

NOTE: For those who have access to Amazon Shipping, this might be your best way to secure a copy anywhere in the world!

BUT, only 50% goes to the Church when purchased on Amazon.


NOTE: Spanish translation of: “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” by Mark Grenon coming soon!


Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” - Book Reviews

  • I bought your new book you wrote. I love it! It has a lot more detail on foods to eat, what not to eat, and how to do the protocols than the other one I own. I will tell people to get yours for now on since it answers more questions everyone has.
  • Anyway I really enjoyed your Bible, I think it is more than just a book packed with lots of valuable information. There is no other book that I know of with this kind of information. I wish and hope that it becomes a best seller. It is an Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs. It should qualify for a Nobel prize, but, as we know, will not be the case since it is financed by the pharmaceutical crooks. Aldo
  • I am on page 30 and this is the best book I have ever read outside of the BIBLE!!! Bob
  • Congratulations on 100 episodes; you guys have me laughing hard at times; I bought the book and its packed with info and I can only urge people to buy a copy. :)) Peter Martin
  • Blessings! 

I love the work you are doing, and I have read most of your book "a world without disease" and loved it.

  • Just finished reading this informative book. Just now beginning MMS protocol. So excited. Thanks Mark and Jim humble. Both precious. Penny Byron Bay
  • A great book. Bang Nguyen
  • WOW! This Book is a BREAKTHROUGH in Health and Wellness!

May 25, 2018

  • This is a MUST READ Book for anyone who is looking for solutions to DIS-EASE! Amazing information and worth 100X the price. So don't buy the book now buy it RIGHT NOW!
  • I Love it!
    Grenon's work is an easy read and very informative!.
    In a 40 year quest for Vibrant Health my focus is Lifestyle, Super Foods, Natural Remedies and Supplements.
    Found this book to be an Absolute Treasure.
    Thank you Mark Grenon! Mark T.
  • I am truly blown away with this book! I will use it as my NEW health Guidebook! Ron
  • This book will go down as one of the most important of our generation! Karen
  • It is possible!!! Read this book because it can change your life. May God bless us all. Jonathan







Archbishop Mark Grenon Teaching



Bishop Jonathan Teaching



Our Canadian Bishop Pedro Teaching



Archbishop Mark Grenon explaining the G2Church Creed


Recording Testimonies


We recorded 9 testimonies that we will cover this week in our G2Voice Broadcast! HPV healed, Lymphoma in a mother and daughter being healed rapidly, 60+ people in Uganda going out daily healing many, Heart attack stopped and Heart healed, Mouth infections, Severe Brain Injury, Hashimoto Disease cured and other testimonies can be heard below.


Video Testimonies from our #59th G2Seminar!

  1. Hashimoto Disease CURED!


  1. Bad root canal, blood poisoning and tooth infections:


  1. Severe Brain damage and bronchitis healed! -


  1. HPV and vaginal parasites CURED! -


  1. Bob’s MMS Ministry in Uganda:


  1. Heart attack stopped and heart healed -


  1. Breast tumors and Lymphoma -
  1. Mouth Issues and Arthritis - MMS Testimonies -


  1. Migraines and Thyroid issues and heart palpitations CURED! -



We are constantly receiving 10+ testimonies worldwide of “restored health” from our G2Sacraments! This is the “evidence” we have been looking for to PROVE to this world, the G2Sacraments are CURING 90%+ of the illnesses we all face around the world.

We don’t have any G2Seminars planned the rest of the year unless we get a response from people in Israel for October. We are busy with our G2Voice Broadcasts, Translating all our information into Spanish and Portuguese as well as my book, “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE”. 


G2Voice Broadcast #102 – Genesis II Church Seminar #59 – Denver was a GREAT SUCCESS!

Sunday, Aug.26th, 2018


Let’s change the world together!

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon



MMS Saves Lives.




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