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Sunday August 11th, 2019



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“Healing is when the body has been taken from a DIS-EASED state to a state of well-being and balance, homeostasis, with all systems working together unhindered and in synchronicity. This does NOT mean that the body if free from pathogens but now the body can keep them all under control and there is a state of EASE present not only in the body but the mind, soul and spirit” – Bishop Mark S. Grenon, Head Bishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing and author of the book, “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” Is It Possible?


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  • Gangrene

English: : Friends. I am from Bolivia. Let me show you this. They were going to cut both feet. But I got there in time and I gave him the MmS. Three drops are active three times a day and washed feet as well. The last photo is from today. Three months and a few days and healed by complicity. Thank God.


Spanish: Amigos. Soy de Bolivia. Permítame mostrarles esto.le iban a cortar los dos pies.pero llegué a tiempo y le di el MmS. Tres gotas actividas tres veces al día y lavados de pié tambié última foto es de hoy día.tres meses y unos días y sanó por cómpleto. Gracias a Dios.






  • "Great product. - Skin rash disappeared. Allergies have improved. I sleep better. My teeth feel like they have been cleaned professionally. No need to wear deodorant. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health, not only by taking MMS, but by changing their life style. It is an amazing solution!"
  • Great thanks, Todah Rabah- as we say in Hebrew. 10/03/2018

Always a fast delivery, and everyone I introduce your products to are experiencing healing cleansing breakthroughs thank you for continuing to produce and distribute these natural products.

  • I really appreciate the HRG manual... even if it is an extra cost. Very well laid out! A GREAT reference! I don't know how anyone could operate without it. As for the sacraments...I'm only on Day 1 of Protocol 1000 but so far so good. I've haven't had a moment of nausea or any ill effects. No problems with the taste. I have had Parkinson's for the last 13 years and am very hopeful for the benefits of the sacraments. I have already reduced my meds by 20% and on 2 instances by 40% without any "drug shock" ...which I am closely monitoring. I am anxious to get off my meds completely but am following the advice given to proceed slowly as directed.
  • Teeth 09/28/2018

Taking it for teeth and gums, gums bleeding, using 5 drop protocol,  on it for 10 days , no bleeding.

  • This Is a Wonderful Product That Is Working 09/26/2018

I have a large cancerous tumor in my neck the size of a soft ball. After two weeks of using MMS and carefully following the Protocol, the mass is less than half the size. I have a number of tumors in my neck, tonsils, and mouth, but this is the first example.

  • Great product!!! 09/20/2018

My wife took it for a week and her authorities disappeared in her hand and never came back. I have been taking it as well, and I am able to walk better my knees do not sweep up any More. I am a pastor and I consider this product a blessing from the Lord!!!



MMS is natural God-given GIFT FROM GOD- I was first introduced on return home desperately ill from Ethiopia. Knowing my body, I would be at least 6 weeks to START getting well! The NEXT DAY I WAS 95-98% better. Never looked back. It’s been 3 years -WHEN “start” TO GET SICK, I use MMS! USED CORRECTLY, WORKS!!! & for MANY OTHER THINGS. MMS IS # ONE Thank you, JESUS!

Jeanie Murray

  • Leslie Chang

I have hair loss and getting grey, started using MMS for cancer and one of side benefits  is my hair color is coming back, still waiting for hair growth.  Great show Thanks God Bless

  • "Renee B - I just started using the MMS and the Activator 11 days ago. So far so good. I am definitely detoxing so I have been taking is slow."

Health Proverbs by Bishop Mark S. Grenon

He is a fool that……

  • “He is a fool that believes that by becoming a medical doctor he will cure people of any disease”
  • “He is a fool that believes any “health” message from a pharmaceutical corporation”
  • “He is a fool that allows his precious child, a gift from God, to be injected with poisons”
  • "He is a fool that trust one's precious God-given health to a system NOT focused on health but money and sustaining disease by poisoning the body in various ways"
  • “He is a fool that believes any medical doctor who is a fool himself by allowing to be brainwashed by Big Pharma's nonscientific research.”
  • “He is a fool that asks his doctor any question regarding health or nutrition”




Bishop Mark Grenon’s answer to ABC’s Accusations!


The Genesis II Church investigates the underworld of

ABC eyewitness news and their “investigative” reporter Lisa Bartley


            Recently, at our Genesis II Church seminar in California one of the employees of ABC News went undercover and attended and recorded what we teach in our seminars. Lisa Bartley was the undercover reporter. She went out to eat lunch with us also as many students do. We talked about many things openly because we have nothing to hide. We are open with all. As we arrived back at the seminar location, we were met with cameras and a reporter from ABC7 Los Angeles. Lisa was on the phone telling them we were coming as we walked back to the hotel. I was asked from the reporter if I would take a few minutes and I told them as I tell all the main media that I was busy in the seminar. I also told him that we have given interviews to CNN, BBC, Sky News and others with none of them reporting what I said so why waste our time. He was persistent about finding out if we cure breast cancer. I finally told him that by the Sacraments of the Genesis II Church we have treated, cure and healed breast cancer. He was appalled that I would say those forbidden words  “cure, heal or treat”. Forbidden by the FDA, U.S. Justice system maybe,  but not a Church! Maybe the AMA can't say that because they are not set up to “cure” anything but only treat symptoms. I told him that he could see for himself testimonies of many diseases “cured” with the Genesis II Church sacraments. People from all over the world are being “restored to health” for the protocols of our Church. ABC released an article and a two-night coverage of a so-called “investigation” into the “unorthodox underworld” of the Genesis II Church. Here is what was aired.

First night on ABC7 Los Angeles: Second Night: Written Article:

            We knew she was there, and we allowed her to stay and listen. We wanted her to see what we are teaching and understand what we are doing. We are not hiding anything we do. It is all out in the open. You can see what we do all over the Internet. From Jim's books, our G2 Church online courses and video testimonies recorded from around the world! We publish where we are and where we will be next. We don't have to hide and won't hide from the truth. The problem is people listen to the main media and we don't have the public platform and the finances that the people that are controlling the world have available, but we are getting the news out!

            The MMS/Genesis II Church documentary “Quantum Leap” as well as the rapid growth of the Genesis II Church worldwide is making the “powers that be” scared and wanting to silence us. Click bank,  where we were using for people to purchase the 20+ videos on how to “restore health” has been shut down! We know that they were told to do that, and this will be rectified soon and quite honestly it will be MUCH better because of the change. The FREE documentary can still be seen at: and Spanish, English subtitles for hearing impaired, French, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian are just about done! We are working on more languages also. This time it won't be shut down! We have still had over 50,000 views of the film in 1 month! This film and what the Genesis II Church is doing worldwide is hurting the bottom lines of those that benefit from people being sick and staying sick. People of this world are waking up to the truth about how our health is being destroyed worldwide and are wanting to take their health back! Recently, doctors that have mentioned vaccines cause Autism and are using alternative means to “restore health” to these vaccine injured children that have been found committing suicide. Coincidence? Conspiracy? We have been slandered on ABC News 7 in Los Angeles by this so-called “investigative” reporter. She didn't do her “due diligence” in reporting the whole truth but focused on a man that says his wife died from taking 2 drops of MMS! No one dies from taking two drops of MMS in a glass of water. So, the reason has to be something else killed her. Even the autopsy results said inconclusive, but ABC makes it sound like MMS killed her. That is not good investigative reporting. Their so-called experts don't even know the difference between Clorox Bleach, Sodium Chlorite or Chlorine Dioxide. They don't tell the people of this world that the governments around the world use Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide daily in many applications in our food supply! Why? Well, the answer is obvious. The governments are paid by the people that want “approval” and we don't pay because we have the right to use whatever we want to cleanse our temples, our bodies!

            Below is a link to my answer to Lisa and ABC7 which will be used as a response to any other news agency who contacts me. Washington Post just wrote, RCN and Caracol in Colombia want to talk to us and a news station in Canada, CBC just did a segment about Genesis II Church. I will not waste any more time and energy in these so-called investigative news agencies that will not and can't share the truth of what we are really doing because the owners of 95% of these main stream medias, the pharmaceuticals, the paid off Government agencies such as the FDA and even the so-called US Justice Department as well as the major banks of this world all make money from these horrible toxic practices being perpetrated against the innocent people of this world! I for one am tired of it and many of the people that come to our seminars and are members of the Genesis II Church feel strongly the same. We need to stand up to these evil forces that are against us. This is not about a reporter named Lisa for ABC or even ABC. It is far greater and bigger than them. I wrote a response to Lisa's report. You can click on the link below to read it. I will tell you that I was sarcastic and very much to the point about who is really behind ABC and where the problems lie. You don't have to agree with all of what I said, but please read it anyways. I think you will learn somethings you may have never heard before. Do your own research to prove what is true for yourself. They take quotes out of context like I told them in the seminar, “we can sell anything”, “start a Church” and “tell them Jesus heals you as you drink the sacraments”! I was talking about people becoming a Health Minister and they can Start a Church to train others and we use the word “Donation” but in reality, we can sell anything as a Church. And when I mentioned to drink the sacrament I was talking about we can't be stopped taking a sacrament and people can even say Jesus heals us as those TV evangelists do but this really does heal!!! So, they are experts at making things look different than they are. I personally don't even care if they take all that out of context because it is true. Also, I covered the other side of the so-called investigations Lisa did and showed her and hopefully many others what we are doing and what she and ABC needs to be investigating if they are a real news organization interested in truth.

NOTE: This response to Lisa and ABC is my response and not any “official” statement of what the Genesis II Church believes. A person doesn't have to believe as I do about what is going on behind the scenes in our world to be a part of our Church. What we believe in our Church is our Church creed and the Church sacramental protocols to “restore health”. I want everyone to read what I told Lisa and ABC. I will use this response for other news agencies that ask me for an interview.

Here is my response to Lisa Bartley of ABC7 Los Angeles:

            As you can see we brought up a different side of the issue that they cannot and will not cover. The only places we have seen our story get out is the alternative media and even many of them are afraid to cover what we do as a Church. The time is now to make a stand against this evil that is destroying our world. This Bible verse sums it up for about who we are really fighting. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”, Ephesians 6:12 King James Bible. Whether you believe the Bible or not those that are well read in history and have their eyes open know this to be truth throughout history.

We would like everyone that can to write Lisa at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. And tell her what you think and include your personal testimony if you like. The poor girl is either too  evil or too naive to think she did a fair investigation.

This segment was done in Canada::

Here is the letter I wrote to Lisa Bartley, an ABC reporter that went undercover to one of our G2 Church seminars in California.



Answers to a FAKE Investigator and ABC


Dear Lisa

(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.),                                                                          March 4, 2016


            The title of your article, “Eyewitness News investigates unorthodox underworld of Genesis II Church”, (, and the videos that were aired on ABC7 First night on ABC7 Los Angeles: Second Night:  are not consistent with use of the word “investigates”. You are not and either is the company were you work doing a “truthful investigation”. If you were doing that and not representing another agenda for the owners of ABC or should I say Walt Disney Company which is one of the main medias owned by the Vanguard Group which is owned by Rothschild's, the ones that really call the shots in your company! I can go on and show all the connections of 95% of the world's media owned by a handful of evil families! You are all puppets only reporting what your owners tell you. So, maybe that is why you don't have much truth in your investigations. You are kind of like a Mickey Mouse detective huh? I know you really can't report the truth, so this is no surprise to me. I've had interviews with CNN, Sky News, BBC etc. They never report the facts we show them because their corporate owners would not let them. You and ABC are all little tiny insignificant puppets of the “real” owners of these companies and the world and I pity you. One day, and I believe very soon, you and all the evil that your company ABC represents will be judged by the people of this world and ultimately, GOD himself! He will laugh at you according to Proverbs 1:26. The giant Gulliver i.e. the majority of the world, is waking up and you and who owns you, being the evil Lilliputians, will be known as liars, deceivers and the cause for most of the world's problems. All of the “mainstream medias” will be seen for what they are, a monopoly by a few evil families, and be dissolved and the main players put away by the people they kept in darkness. It will be kind of like what happened when people woke up after the “Dark Ages”. The dark ages were a time period of around 1,000 years that the world was kept in darkness because of knowledge being repressed and books destroyed. Even the Bible teaches that, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, Hosea 4:6

            When a “real investigation” is done it is unbiased and looks at both sides evenly. You did neither. By your own admission you said the autopsy of Sylvia was inconclusive, yet you treat her death as MMS conclusively being the cause. LIE! Investigated? Bullshit! Just an “investigative” question. Did her husband stand to make $$$$$ by her death? Was he in debt? Were they doing cocaine? You ask those type of questions when you investigate no matter how “hard” they may seem. I am sorry for this man's loss but drinking 2 drops of Mms in water WILL NOT kill anyone not even a rat! The studies show that. By listening to the man that lost his wife explain her death, it sounds like she had aneurysm in her brain. Why wasn't the brain autopsied? But, not you, ABC or any other of the so-called main media outlets, owned by a handful of families in this world will show the truth.

            Chlorine dioxide which is what is produced by mixing Sodium Chlorite (MMS) with a food grade acid has been used for at least 100 years. The fact is there are many, many studies that governments agencies, pharmaceutical corporations and even independent laboratories that “sell” FDA approved Chlorine Dioxide proving it is safe! You do the research. You are an investigative reporter. See if I am lying like your owners. It is put in our water supplies and we are told to drink the water. Isn't that what we do?  Meats are sprayed with Chlorine Dioxide while packaging, cans are cleansed with it before filled and sealed with all types of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with it before being released to the public and not one time does it need to be washed off. On top of that, hospitals use it to cleanse without washing it off. The US government used Chlorine Dioxide to clean up Anthrax. The black mold found in houses after the Katrina hurricane crisis was killed with Chlorine Dioxide, The US army from Natick Labs is partnering with a Johnson and Johnson subsidiary to use Chlorine Dioxide in applications for humans. There are FDA approved mouth washes and toothpastes. Chlorine Dioxide is approved to treat ALS. The WHO and its partners are now using Chlorine Dioxide to clean up areas where Ebola is in West Africa. To me you are the same as Wikipedia when it comes to truth. We had someone putting up the “truth” about MMS with research and within an hour or two it was taken down. Wikipedia is trying to hide the truth because their “owners” will not let the world know what we know to be true. It is bad for business. The ones using the FDA approved Chlorine Dioxide paid for that approval which we can't and wouldn't as a Church sacrament either. We created our own sites for truth. One being Did you mention that in your “investigation”? This letter is going worldwide and maybe people will be wise enough to “investigate” what we are saying to be true or not.

I see you reporting that MMS has claimed to cure malaria. Did you show the world the study that was done with before and after blood tests in Uganda? 154 people healed in one day! You can't show that because your “owners” wont let you! Here it is. Put this up on ABC7!

NOTE: Google owns YouTube and Google is invested in GSK which is developing a Malaria Vaccine! WE cure it 100% of the time for pennies!

It won't be allowed, Lisa! The “orders” came from the Red Cross top executives to say it never happened. Why Lisa? They are the same as you. Sold themselves to the corporate media lock, stock and barrel! Malaria is the number #1 killer in this world and is cured 100% of the time with Chlorine Dioxide! Shame on you for not investigating this! You wouldn't be allowed to if you wanted because there is too much money in Malaria treatment at stake. The same people that own the media own the governments of the world and want to use these diseases to “steal” natural resources from these poor nations. In fact, your company's buddies Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and Henry Kissinger all want the population of the world to only be at 1 billion or less so in reality they want all these people dead anyways.

            Why didn't you cover the many people cured and their families found on our websites and others if you are “investigating”? You can find these at our Bit Chute channel, “MMS Testimonials” or our website, and even our main Church site, Your owners tell you no?  Or it is just you don't care or really believe what you have been told to believe? These people in these video testimonies aren't actors and even donated money to come and learn and tell us what happened to them and their family and friends. Why would someone do that unless they are excited about what they are seeing. People cured! The is no money in a cure for the companies that make money from diseases and you know as well as I your company ABC is owned by those people. Conspiracy? I think not. Read Lisa. The truth is out there. Investigate. You can watch the MMS/Genesis II Church documentary at free to see more testimonies.

            Your title also said, “Unorthodox Underworld of the Genesis II Church”. We are unorthodox for sure. We are not your mainstream orthodox Church by any means. Everyone is welcome in the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Everyone no matter what color, creed, culture, belief, religious, non-religious, Spiritual or not. Absolutely anyone. In fact, we let each individual believe what they want when it comes to their own spiritual belief.  We believe that so much that it doesn't matter to our members that Jim Humble and I don't agree how we got here but we do believe what we have to do while we are here. But, what does Jim's personal beliefs have to do with having or not having something that cures Malaria in 4 hours? Do people ask their doctor about their spiritual beliefs before asking for medical advice? The Genesis II Church is the first Church in the world that is established to serve mankind health wise and protect mankind's God given right to control the body, the temple, with the sacraments we have developed and “whatever means they so choose”. That is unorthodox and not main stream, for sure! By believing and practicing these sacraments we are seeing thousands if not millions of people on this planet “restoring health” and maintaining that health! As far as the word “underworld” is concerned, doesn't it imply something secret, corrupt, controlling, criminal and devious to name a few definitions? That sounds more like the company you work for and the owners to me. We announce, print, videotape and teach openly and publicly EVERYTHING we do without any shame.

            Another thing that you didn't do your “due diligence” in is saying I am a self-proclaimed Archbishop. That is another untruth. Jim Humble the first Archbishop and Founder of the Genesis II Church ordained me from a Bishop that I have been since 1984 to Archbishop publicly and published a newsletter on the 5th of October 2012. Again, Lisa you need to investigate.

            In regard to 911. I am a pilot and you can't fly an ALUMINUM airplane that low that fast into a tower and knock it down. No evidence in aviation history of that occurring and buildings engulfed in flames after being hit by an airplane never fell! Then there are two towers that fell! The building #7 falling down without even being hit. It was announced in England on TV that building #7 fell 15 mins. before it fell in England news channel. It was all Scripted. Building #7 was built like a fortress with gold in it. The owner took out billions of insurance months before it happened. Lucky guy or he knew what was going to happen? Where's all the gold? Lisa, you have to wake up or you know what I am saying is true but choose to be part of it. Time is a friend of truth! I was there the next day for two weeks working with the Red Cross, so I saw all the deaths and people coming from all over the world looking for lost loved ones. If it was planned, then when the world finds out who was responsible, they will pay dearly and never be allowed that kind of power again on our God's green earth! That is what the Genesis II Church is about when we say liberty for all mankind! Telling the truth, no matter who it hurts and who loses money.

            Now, I see you came up with a cute name for us, “the Bleach Church”. Cute but it makes me think how stupid you people are and will look to the world when people see the truth. And it will be going out around the world! Let me explain. “Bleach” as referring to Clorox type bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite. It kills pathogens by chlorination. When chlorination is finished it leaves many carcinogens, cancer causing debris. Sodium Chlorite or MMS is turned into Chlorine Dioxide when acidified and kills 95% of Pathogens, (bacteria’s, viruses, parasites, cancers, fungi, and eliminates toxins by oxidation. Oxidation with Chlorine Dioxide when finished leaves nothing carcinogen and turns into salt after the two oxygen molecules are adsorbed or vented out of the body. Big difference! Any Chemist will know this. It is basic chemistry and many chemists have told me this is correct as I've done my own research as well.  These so-called experts are idiots or paid to say what they say. I think the latter is true! Each one of these chemicals will bleach. Lemons bleach. The sun bleaches. Being able to bleach does not mean something is dangerous so this is a very weak argument and really kind of silly. If the experts are referring to us drinking MMS, then they are again in error. We do not teach nor has anyone been told to drink a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite. That is an outright lie and you know it. What we do tell people is by their own choice after doing their own investigation is to add ¼ drop to 3 drops of Sodium Chlorite in 4 ounces of water. A 3 drop dose in 4 ounces of water is .0004 percent not 28%. Much less than many applications already approved by the FDA and other agencies around the world. The Hydrochloric acid you showed was not 4-5 % as we use. HCL is used as a digestive aid for those who need extra acid. Did you know that your body makes HCL? You need to get your facts right. You see we are not afraid of the truth. I heard one man say that defending the truth is like defending a hungry lion. You just let the lion go and he will defend himself! Time is a friend of truth and ABC and its worldwide owners are running out of time! People aren't accepting the lies anymore!


            Again, I am a pilot and Chem trails are not exhausts. So much has been released about these programs being real! You guys know this and prey on the ignorance of the people that watch your slanted opinions and outright lies. Barium and aluminum are just a few of the things being sprayed into the air daily around the world. I've seen in Sofia, Bulgaria, Istanbul, Mexico City, Bogota, Colombia, Vancouver, B.C., London, Amsterdam, Miami, Tampa, L.A., Auckland, New Zealand, Johannesburg, S.A. Lagos, Nigeria, Rome, Lisbon, Paris and many other areas. The world is being polluted and “NEW” diseases are cropping up every year. Toxins are being spread all over the world. By you, ABC and all the other mainstream media deciding not to report the truth you are part of the problem. Indecision is a decision, but I believe ABC is purposely oppressing the truth by using misinformation to distract people from the truth. Even the “talking heads” that read the tele-prompters are brain washed in their training to make certain faces to promote a certain ABC ideology or outright lie.

            Why don't you cover the fact that chemotherapy spreads cancer as well as radiation and surgery?  Morphine spreads cancer. Cover those issues if you are a “real” investigative reporter. Study why the “Cancer Act' of 1937 was written. Watch Bill Gates declare we need to bring down the population to 1 billion people and his favorite way is using vaccines! From the mouth of the evil ass himself. Cover all the countries that are throwing out Monsanto, one of Bill Gates' company as well as investigate Blackwater. Research those truths. ABC wouldn't allow you even if you wanted to. Prove it to yourself and try it. Publish the fact that the Rockefellers own the pattern on Zika since 1937! How about the CDC owning over 30 patents for vaccines? Ebola is patented by U.S. Govt. Research who publishes most of the medical books that the universities teach. Who funds them? Are they pharmaceuticals? Check out “fast track” FDA approval that costs 200 million for a drug approval without clinical trials and exempt from persecution if anyone dies or is damaged from the approved drug. Investigate approved drugs that have killed and taken off the market only to be renamed and “approved” and put back on the market to kill again! Prescriptions drugs are #4 in the cause of deaths in the U.S. How many heads of FDA and CDC go on to be executives in BIG pharmaceutical companies with huge salaries after leave said agencies! You are looking for more real investigation, I have many. You are either blind to the truth, naive or are knowing reporting as you have done. The company you work for is controlled by evil greedy people that are just about finished. Look at what Putin said. He must know things you don’t, or you are consciously refusing to report.




In the Package insert form all the Pharmaceutical companies you can read the “adverse reactions, interactions, contradictions” and see exactly what problems these toxins are causing by their own literature. One of the adverse reactions from the MMR vaccine is “autism”! There are many studies showing the relationship between vaccines and autism as well as diabetes, cancers etc. Do your “investigations” on that topic. There are even dead doctors who came about the relationship of vaccines and diseases. Make that public ABC! You can read and see on YouTube videos of parents describing the day after or a week after their children's behavior changing before their eyes. Some sadly died after multiple vaccines. In Colombia the HPV vaccine was given to young girls in a town and over 20 died and 100's hospitalized! Cover that news! I was vaccinated by the 1976 Swine Flu at my high school and two weeks later vocal cords on the left side of my throat were paralyzed and have been ever since! Over 20 people died in the U.S. and over 500 had the Gillian Barre syndrome. Class actions suit against the drug company was settled for over 5 billion. Did you cover that on ABC? Just read since vaccines have entered our society until now and look at the “new” diseases we have among us. A good book to read is, “Vaccine Nation” by Andreas Moritz. He is also dead. Maybe that book is why? Conspiracy? Coincidence? Another person I had read and studied was a man named, Aarjonas Vonderplanitz, the author of “Primal Diet and we want to live”. He cured himself from Autism, and two types of cancer by raw food! He fell off a balcony in Thailand before I could see him.

            As far as Daniel Smith is concerned. The whole court case was a sham. We know that the judge, persecutor and the defense were all told what to do. The US “justice” department told them the outcome because the ones that run the court system are the same ones that pay for exclusive rights to sell their poisons, i.e. vaccines, toxic medicines like chemo therapy where you have to wear a hazmat suit to produce these horrible poisons that are legal! Then they inject into the body! Did you know that chemotherapy was derived from “mustard” gas from the 1st world war? Did you know that Chlorine Dioxide was used by the U.S. army in the 1st world war to “cure” gangrene? You think we are stupid and don't understand that the “bar” association that the lawyers and judges are part of is a exclusive group and they decide what the outcome is and not justice! The Spokesman on your report from the U.S. “justice” department is going to have a hard time telling people that they can't use a Church sacrament because they feel it can hurt someone? So now we have to inspect the wafer that is used for the Catholic mass to see if there are pathogens in it? How about maybe Ecoli in the Holy water? Giving alcohol in Churches and Synagogues to minors as a sacrament is legal or illegal mister Spokesman? God knows what they are doing, and it is time for the house of cards to come crashing down on their heads. The persecutor was given the title of assistant attorney general of Pennsylvania within a few days after Daniels case. The defense attorney stood up and said we have no defense and sat down! Who threatened or paid him off? Investigate that, Lisa! You won't because you believe this, don't you? The representative of the US “justice' department doesn't know that difference between Clorox and MMS which makes sense because he is another puppet. So, now a Church cannot claim that people can be healed or cured? Well, I guess you will have to rewrite the Bible. The bottom-line Lisa is, nothing we do in the amounts we ingest is anything stronger than the government already does! The Big Pharma is upset because now we are in 115 countries and Healing and curing so many that it is hurting their bottom line! They pay for Approvals and laws to protect them and they can't stand the fact that we as a Church have the God-given right to worship as we choose and partake in whatever sacrament we consider “sacred” without any government approval! I love what we do and will keep doing it until the Lord says it is enough. I would rather die for something than live for nothing!

            Obviously, I wrote to you Lisa VERY sarcastically for a reason. You need to see who you really work for, if you don't already know, and either quit or admit to yourself you really didn't investigate honestly. Then, quit your dishonest job and get an honest job. But, if you don't believe what I am telling you then at least do your own investigations into these things I have told you. If you do, you will see that what I am telling you is true then you have to decide. Keep going with your lies or stand up and be counted by “investigating” and “reporting” the true evidence from your “real investigating” practices!


May God help you, Lisa. I will pray for you to see the light

            This letter to you will be published all over the world for people to see what the truth is because obviously you, ABC and the rest of the main stream media are not about the truth but protecting the interests of your owners! We are looking into filing with the for crimes against humanity by repressing information that is important to the well-being of mankind. This may be the only place in the world where “real” justice can be found. It is definitely not in the U.S. “justice” system or should I say the U.S. “injustice” system! We will see what a “real” investigation brings up about ABC and its owners in regard to the Religious Persecution of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Stay tuned Lisa because I'm sure you will be called as a witness. So, tell your owners. Popes and Royalties have been tried there and found guilty and a Pope and a Queen resigned recently. Coincidence? Conspiracy? I wonder what will happen when we charge ABC and its owners of “religiously persecuting” the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. You should have done a “real” investigation with facts and let the public make the decision but that is not good for business, is it?



Luke 17:3&4


Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.

And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.


Archbishop Mark. S. Grenon

We have been hit hard with accusations of using bleach and many more things. Below are all the links of the shows they have done on us.

More proof that Chlorine Dioxide is being used SAFELY around the world!


Tune in Sunday!

G2 Voice answers ABC's accusations about MMS and the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

Sunday August 11th, 2019



Let’s change the world together!

Bishop Mark S. Grenon

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