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G2Voice Broadcast # 155 – Why the persecution against G2Church?

Sunday Sept. 1st, 2019



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Our 61st G2Church Seminar

35 Graduated to “go forth and heal!”


“And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.”, Luke 9:2






We held our 61st G2Church Seminar at the

Louise and Vinny were our hosts and the whole place was great! The food was awesome. If anyone is near Buffalo and wants to stay at a VERY nice and QUIET B&B then check out this place!


4th 5th 6th


We were called by our Bishop Patrick in Ireland that was having an MMS workshop! It was great to see and hear from them!

FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, Local Buffalo channel, Telemundo in Spanish countries, Rolling Stone Magazine, Guardian, Business insider, Yahoo News all warned about MMS, Genesis II Church with a “new” FDA warning about MMS. In fact, the current FDA Director made a statement;

“But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.”, I Corinthians 14:38

“FDA Acting Commissioner Dr. Ned Sharpless says, "Miracle Mineral Solution and similar products are not FDA-approved, and ingesting these products is the same as drinking bleach." He went on to warn consumers not to drink any of these liquids under any circumstances. "Parents should not give these products to their children for any reason."

NOTE: Funny how the FDA says this then on the other hand it is approved for water treatment and we are told to drink the water because it is safe and approved! Which is it FDA?

Here is my response to the many reporters requesting a statement from the G2Church.


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August 13, 2019

To Whom It May Concern,

As you know we are having a Church service in Eden N.Y. this Weekend and we don't give interviews about it. We have a G2Voice Broadcast each week and you can see the topics we have covered over the years at: We have also done a documentary you can find at: You can read my FREE eBook at: "Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE" If you want to know about what we do I recommend you do your due diligence and research those areas.

The religious belief that our bodies are our personal temples that our spirits and souls live in, is based on the following Scripture:

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” II Corinthians 3:16-17

The personal right and responsibility to maintain a healthy and clean temple is a fundamental belief of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing ONLY receives donations and is non-commercial as being under the UCC. All donations go into the G2Church and are used to help others.

In regard to your question about FDA. We look at the FDA as a PAY to PLAY Approving board for companies and NOT as an agency looking out for the health of people. Look at who the broad members and executives over the last 20 years are and see where they worked before, they came to the FDA. Also, look into the CDC and EPA. The CDC holds 30+ patterns for vaccines. Is that a conflict of interest?  You have two editors of prestigious medical journals basically telling the world that the studies being done are NOT to be trusted!

Dr. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the Lancet, published a statement declaring that 50% of published peer-reviewed research is fake.

 “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

Dr. Angell cites the case of Dr. Joseph L. Biederman, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and chief of pediatric psychopharmacology at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital. She explains:

“Thanks largely to him, children as young as two years old are now being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with a cocktail of powerful drugs, many of which were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for that purpose, and none of which were approved for children below ten years of age.”

There many instances of Chlorine dioxide being used to be ingested and approved by the FDA! You need to research this amazing molecular structure of Chlorine dioxide found in 1816 by Humphries Davies and now used all over the world to purify water to DRINK, FDA approved. Fruits and vegetables cleanse and the chlorine dioxide is NOT washed off because it does no harm to Humans and animals and that is EPA talking. Meats are sprayed with it before packaging. Cans are cleanse with it before food is put in. In the anthrax scare, buildings were treated with Chlorine Dioxide to kill the spores. It was used to kill black mold after Katrina in New Orleans. Hospitals and Gyms use it to kill MRSA and other bacterium, fungi and viruses. Do you understand why we are being attacked by media, FDA etc?

It works and it is cheap, and the medical/pharma industry does NOT want the truth out!

NOTE: Many countries, if not all, are using chlorine dioxide to treat water and telling their citizens to drink it! Isn’t that proof enough that it is safe?

Look at these FDA approved products:

Approved” Products using Chlorine Dioxide

  • ·     US Army and Johnson and Johnson partner to make Chlorine Dioxide for treating food and not washed off! VERY SAFE!

The US Army has primary responsibility to protect the warfighter from exposure to pathogenic microbes such as Bacillus anthracis, Listeria monocytogenes, or Escherichia coli, which can contaminate foods or food contact/handling surfaces. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) inactivates resistant bacterial spores and foodborne pathogens with better material compatibility than other chemical sanitizers, and while minimizing hazards to the user and the environment. The present technology mixes small quantities of two dry powders in water to produce aqueous chlorine dioxide on-site at any concentration desired within minutes. Concentrations can range from 1-10 ppm, 25-100 ppm, to more than 500 ppm, and the chlorine dioxide can be used to clean surfaces anywhere, at home or in the office, in labs or in kitchen/food handling environments, or for use in flumes to rinse fresh produce.


  • Point-of-use generation of ClO2
  • Highly effective surface disinfectant – spray, wipe or immersion
  • Easy mix chemicals for packets or tablets
  • Customizable concentrations
  • Commercially available components
  • Safe for the environment

The Opportunity

  • US patents 8,182,715; 8,366,961 and; 8,337,717 available for license

Articles & Downloads


  • ·     Snoot Nasal spray only Chlorine Dioxide oral rinse with US patent approval




Toothpastes approved with Chlorine Dioxide




Look at the study this company included about Chlorine dioxide:

Walmart sells water purification tablets






At the Genesis, we are now receiving 10-15 testimonies weekly coming in from all over the world of people being CURED of all kinds of illnesses following the G2CHurch Sacraments and that is what they are; "sacred to us".

You can read  our FREE weekly newsletters at:

I have challenged the top scientists, doctors and chemists to a LIVE Debate to once and for all put at rest the lies said about us by the Mass media, FDA,DOJ, FBI, ABC, CBC, BBC, the Guardian and others who either don't know chemistry and physics or are being paid to lie!

The topic of the debate would be; Is chlorine dioxide safe for humans and animals and is there any proven efficacy in regard to healing illnesses in the body.

HINT: Look into patents for treating cancer, HIV and malaria for sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide.

PLEASE ask any honest chemist about chlorine dioxide and its oxygen potential in relationship to pathogens and good bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Our Church service will NOT be interfered with as declared in the U.S. Constitution. If our Church Service is interrupted, then that would be a felony and have in the past by treated as a Capital Crime!

Amendment I

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

I will NOT be responding back and forth with you. I usually don't answer the media but only a rebuttal after we have been lied about to get the truth out. I pray you aren't one like that. Our Homepage and more info about MMS, Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide:

May the Lord guide you into all truth!

Lord bless,

Bishop Mark Grenon, Co-founder of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing



Weekly Testimonies


 Video Testimonies we recorded from our 61st G2Church Seminar!

1. Arthritis, Lyme and Cancer gone - MMS Testimony

2. 20 year body pains and Herpes gone - MMS Testimony

3. Body pains, bee sting and sunburn - MMS Testimony

4. Skin Cancer Melanoma - MMS Testimony

5. Tooth abscess gone and toe nail torn back - MMS Testimony



  • 2017 was a particularly bad year for my husband and I health wise.  It had started out amazing with a World Cruise including a trip to India.  Unfortunately we got sick with the diarrhea for a very uncomfortable day.  But as we went into the airport in New Delhi my husband had what we thought was dehydration symptoms as the airport doctor told us.  We got special hydration powders, my husband was placed in a wheelchair and we were off to catch our plane home which had a stop in Abu Dhabi for a few hours then a flight back to New York.  During the flight my husband discovered that although he could walk well and talk normally, he could not recognize faces, nor read, nor understand his photos on his phone.  The only way he could find me was by my red sneakers.  It was frightening.  As soon as we got to JFK, we got an ambulance to take him to the hospital, Jamaica Hospital, the nearest.  He definitely was badly dehydrated with his tongue having deep fissures.  They immediately hydrated him.  They also diagnosed that he had had a stroke in the area of face recognition.  A small area, but very important.  He also could not recognize men from women or any race.  He could however see their emotions on their faces.

He came home three days later.  He immediately got into his truck and drove it.  No problem there.  As the months progressed his reading ability came back, but it was a chore and was slow.   No more books.  He could not retain the information to be able to enjoy the stories.  He was able to carry on his work but it was terribly difficult.  He is a very strong man and did his best.

The following year I got the Bird Flu.  It really was bad.  I became very weak.  I wish I had taken MMS then.  I was so weak I did not think of it.  I had been taking MMS for years.  I became so weak I had to crawl up my stairs at home in New York.  Sometimes I needed a 4 hour nap in the day just to get through it.  My doctor tried everything to help me, but I remained weak.

Christmas of 2018 I decided that I was extremely desperate about my health and wrote to Mark Grenon to see if he would agree to accept me to his Health Restoration Center in Santa Marta, Colombia.  He accepted and I was so very happy.  My husband and I stayed there for a month.  We had raw eggs and raw milk and raw honey in a drink every morning.  These gave us strength.  We also ate a lot of wonderful organic meat which is plentiful in Colombia!!  He wanted us to eat all foods including wheat to which I was allergic.  I declined the bread at that time.  My stomach would blow up and my tongue become white and also I would have brain fog the next day after eating it.  

Along with amazing meals cooked by Mark and Joe and his family, we took MMS1 and DMSO.  We were careful not to eat antioxidant foods as that would cancel the MMS.  We could eat these at the end of the day when MMS was done doing its job.  Otherwise it would cancel out the oxidant work of the MMS.

My husband decided he would take the MMS too.  Mark put us up in a little apartment only a block from the amazing Rodadero Beach.  Part of our healing was to go to the beach in the morning and swim as well as in the afternoon, avoiding the sun at noon.  It was absolutely wonderful there.  The water was clear, being The Caribbean, and was full of fish swimming by as well as birds.  The people there were so friendly.  We had one day off where we went to a local hotel and hit the pools and were able to eat and drink anything we wanted, and no MMS for the day.  

Mark and family took us up into the mountains to see where the raw milk came from and to eat amazing sausages and meat cooked over a fire in a restaurant on a dirt road!  What an adventure.  Mark and his son Joe came every morning to check up on us and every evening and gave us such wonderful care.  They also educated us about MMS.  The food they cooked was delicious and healthy!!

After only a week taking the MMS and DMSO, my husband discovered that he could read well again and started reading Clive Cussler, his favorite.  We read at the beach in our cabana.  He was so happy.  He also thought more clearly.  This was absolutely amazing!!!

Mark made me a special soup of beef legs, pig legs and chicken feet which were cooked in a crock pot for two days, then bones taken out, I ate it.  My knees were full of arthritis and I could hardly walk.  My body needed to replace my cartilage.  It took a few months, as I also made this when I got home.  But my knees are great now. I still make it on and off to keep myself good.  We both ate it.

So it turned out that my husband was the one who really got the most of our MMS treatment!  

We continued the MMS1 and DMSO for two months at home.  I have been on MMS2 on and off this year and I am slowly getting better.  I walk up the stairs now and don’t always need a nap.  Maybe twice a week after gardening too much in the sun.  I walk my dog twice a day now and don’t come home exhausted any more!!!

I decided to try eating wheat!!!  I couldn’t believe it but I could with no ill effects!  I ate pasta, bread, pies!  I did get a little carried away, but this was so wonderful!!  I could go out and eat like a normal human being!!!  Mark had said that this would happen!!  So happy.  I also got rid of the face cancerous cells that used to be burned off from the sides of my face.  I did this by  using the 40/40 drops of MMS  and HCL activator in a spray bottle filled with distilled water.

MMS simply cleans the body.  It is that simple.  The DMSO helps carry the MMS deeper into the body.

I thank Mark and Joe Grenon with all of my heart for the help they have given us.  We also learned that Santa Marta, Colombia is a beautiful, safe and healing place.

  • Dear Bishop Mark,

I am one of the extremely grateful supporters of MMS, which cured me from prostrate cancer 10 years ago. I still try to help friends with their health problems, although I have made very often the experience, that when a disease is a question of life and death, 90 % choose the traditional medical solutions with the known ending.

I cannot obtain your "Health Recovery Guide Book", as my French (I live in France) and German Credit cards are refused. This is why I ask you by email, if I can treat my overactive thyroid with MMS and if yes, how do I have to use it. 

With many thanks in advance for your answer.

Kind regards,

Michael Cohnen

  • Great news!

I am NO longer pre-diabetic!! Glucose went down from 123 to 108 and A1C went from 5.9 to 5.4 (normal range is 5.6). I am on the drops a few months but have a feeling the diabetic symptoms disappeared quickly but today ( a few months into the drops) I had blood-work to actually prove it is gone! Also having best year in like 40 years from allergy sympthoms. To tell you the truth after 4 days on the drops I actually noticed I was able to eat foods much easier and had a lot less sympthoms. I am stil on the drops for other things like a skin condition that may be caused from candida or toxins, not sure and started adding the DMSO because the skin condition is stubborn but believe it will also go in time. Thanks for spreading the word, feeling like this is too good to be true! Thank you Jesus!

Mary Belotti

·        Steve Daugherty This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;Hi Mark,I literally just saw the news a few minutes ago. It was all about a "fake cure" called MMS for autism! Did you see itI'm Steve and you may have heard about how I cured my 12 year old son of melanoma and my skin cancer with MMS. But I haven't ever talked to you before. I did email back and forth with Jim Humble many years ago when he helped me get rid of my sons skin cancer. My son is 22 now and is doing great! I just thought I'd warn you. This is horrible. I have to be careful because I was already shadow-banned years ago when I got into an argument with a government troll about MMS. They purposely are using autism as a way to garner public support since it's about poor innocent kids who are getting poisoned by their parents. I tried to find the news story on YouTube from Fox News, but it's not on there yet. The story said that the FDA vowed to crack down on anyone providing information on how to use it. Even YouTube and Facebook vowed to do more. I know you have the protection from your non-profit church, which is great! But I'm just concerned that they may find a way to shut you down. Jim Humble saved my son's life and I am eternally grateful. And I am so happy that you picked up the torch and are leading the way.  Eternally grateful,SteveThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • My husband had been telling me my breath smelled terrible..I had been brushing my teeth with MMS for  4 months  with just the spray I went all in and activated 15 drops in an ounce of distilled water and brushed with it..about 1 o'clock in morning I woke up and my mouth was filled with ( excuse the graffics) 7 or  more PUS bags..yuk...I did not know what to think...but I kept up the 15 drops and in morning and night and NOW my breath is fine and my gums are heathy and growing back where they had receded badly and my teeth feel clean and are free from plaque!! Thank God  and thank you all first educating us and sharing this miracle!! God Bless!!




Why the persecution against G2Church?


Here’s the main reason we are being attacked! We are CURING Malaria 100% of the time within a day!

Also, testimonies like this:


10th 11th


12th 13th




15th 16th



Stop Using 'Miracle' Solution As A Cure For Autism Or Cancer, Experts Warn

by Kate Prince– on Aug 22, 2019

There are several products on the market at the moment that make some pretty big claims. No, we're not just talking about the skinny tea we see the Kardashians of the world sipping, but "miracle" solutions. These companies allege that these drinks can cure autism, cancer, HIV, hepatitis, flu, acne, and a plethora of other illnesses. According to CNN, the FDA has told consumers to stop using these products immediately, as it's just like drinking bleach. The products, known by several different names including (but not limited to) Miracle or Master Mineral Solution, Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS, Chlorine Dioxide Protocol, and Water Purification Solution or WPS, are currently being sold on numerous websites.

One of the main ingredients in the solutions is sodium chlorite, a substance which was first flagged by the FDA back in 2010. According to their research, sodium chlorite is an industrial-strength chemical often used as a pesticide and wastewater treatment. If ingested, it can cause disastrous side effects, and in some cases, death.

In the "miracle" solutions, producers often combine the substance with lemon or lime juice. Not only does this make it more palatable, but it also has an activating effect which leads it to become chlorine dioxide - aka, bleach.

These products first rose to prominence in 1996, when a man called James Humble thought MMS into fruition. He claimed - and continues to claim - that his solution is an "oxidizer that kills pathogens and destroys poisons." When taken into the body, Humble states it will allow things to "line up" so it can heal.

According to the MMS website, over 20 million people have had their lives saved or improved thanks to the solution over the past 23 years. Several media outlets have approached Humble and his company for comment, but MMS seems to be deflecting all attempts.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning people against buying or using “Miracle Mineral Solution” — a product being sold online as a remedy for cancer, autism, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other conditions — calling it a “dangerous” bleach which can have life-threatening effects. Source:

In a press release on Monday, the FDA asked consumers to stop using the solution. The product contains 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water, which is meant to be combined with an acidic “activator” to create chlorine dioxide, which is a “powerful” bleaching agent.




The FDA is warning against a 'miracle' solution claiming to cure autism, cancer (Credit: Getty Images)

“Miracle Mineral Solution and similar products are not FDA-approved, and ingesting these products is the same as drinking bleach,” FDA acting commissioner Ned Sharpless, M.D., said in a statement. “Consumers should not use these products, and parents should not give these products to their children for any reason.”

While the release says that the FDA has been aware of the product and has been warning consumers since 2010 not to use it, it recently received new reports “of people experiencing severe vomiting, severe diarrhea, life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration and acute liver failure after drinking these products.

“The FDA is not aware of any scientific evidence supporting the safety or effectiveness of MMS products, despite claims that the solution is an antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial.”

However, despite the FDA’s warnings that there isn’t any evidence supporting the product, some organizations continue to push back.

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing in Leavenworth, Wash. has continued selling the solution as “sacramental cleansing water.” In April, the non-religious church held a meeting to teach people how the bleach “could save your life, or the life of a loved one sent home to die,” The Guardian reported. The church asked for “donations” of $450 for an individual, or $800 for a couple in exchange for membership to their organization, and packages of the bleach.

Bishop Mark Grenon, a co-founder of the The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the group doesn’t trust the FDA to determine what is appropriate for people to consume.

“We look at the FDA as a pay to play approving board for companies and not as an agency looking out for the health of people,” Grenon says.

He also says that the FDA has previously approved the use of chlorine dioxide in other products, and the chemical has widespread use in other day-to-day situations.

“Meats are sprayed with it before packaging. Cans are cleanse with it before food is put in,” the bishop says. “Hospitals and gyms use it to kill MRSA and other bacteri, fungi and viruses.”

Now, the FDA is also taking measures to regulate the distribution of this harmful solution and protect unsuspecting consumers from potentially life-threatening side effects.

“The FDA will continue to track those selling this dangerous product and take appropriate enforcement actions against those who attempt to evade FDA regulations and market unapproved and potentially dangerous products to the American public,” Sharpless said in his statement. “Our top priority is to protect the public from products that place their health at risk, and we will send a strong and clear message that these products have the potential to cause serious harm.”

An FDA spokesman tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the agency does not discuss potential or ongoing investigations or enforcement actions but says action has been taken against the product in the past.

“However, in 2015, the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations investigated a Spokane, Washington man for selling industrial bleach as a miracle cure for numerous diseases and illnesses,” the spokesman says. “A federal jury found Louis Daniel Smith guilty on three counts of introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce with intent to defraud or mislead, among other charges.”

The “Miracle Mineral Solution” myth has existed for quite some time in the much-debated “treatment” of autism, which doctors have negated.

Dr. David G. Amaral, a distinguished professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of California, Davis, previously told Yahoo Lifestyle that the information that is being spread about the product is dangerous and instances of parents giving the mixture to their children are concerning.

“These stories are indeed horrific. They stem, in part, from the desperation that some parents feel to find a viable treatment for their children,” Amaral said. “There is no basis in fact that this ‘treatment’ has any beneficial effect on children with autism.”

 “They” are stepping up the attack against our G2 Sacraments because they are working!!!

“For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.”, II Corinthians 13:8 KJV


NOTE: Send in a complaint to YouTube for the following videos and see if they get thrown off by 1 complaint like us!


·        FDA: Don't drink bleach to cure autism, cancer, other conditions:

·        Taking 'Miracle' Solution As Cure For Autism Or Cancer Is The 'Same As Drinking Bleach', FDA Say:

·        FDA: Drinking Mineral Miracle Solution will not cure cancer, autism:

·        FDA warns "miracle" remedy for autism, cancer is like drinking bleach:



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G2Voice Broadcast # 155 – Why the persecution against G2Church?



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