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G2Voice Broadcast # 158 – Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve?

What is Natural?

Sunday, Sept 22nd, 2019





NOTE: No matter what you do to your body, your DNA tells the story of what and who you are sexually and NOT some “GENDER” classification!


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  • I wanted to share and announce my good news! With only the use of MMS I just got the call that my pituitary tumor is GONE!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 My Dr was aware of my treatment protocol and I will be putting together my medical records to submit for your future use!
    Thank you soooo much!!! Kirchele

  • I think they look great thanks. Hey thank you and your family for what your doing. I'm proud to be a part of the church. I'm on week three as of tomorrow. Looking to see if this gets rid of my allergy to cats. Would be pretty amazing to me.

    I look forward to the podcasts each week and have already listened to all of them.

    I've research many things over the last twenty five years and experimented on myself. Some with good results, but so far I have not seen a movement as selfless as what G2 proclaims.

    I know this is an evil world because I'm an unapologetic Bible believer. Know that you and your family are in my prayers. Please let your dad and Joe know too. Keep up the good work. All glory to God.


·        Dearest Mark.I am an American woman in my late seventies.  This past summer my niece while visiting her grandchildren has to be rushed to the hospital in a diabetic coma. Thank to God she is alive and mending. I have been blessed with a healthy body. I have always been opened minded to new natural medicines.   I heard about Jim Humble an bough his book.  Being a believer in the Great one True God, my mind was opened to accept the truth about MMS.  I have tried it for curing colds and UTi's   that plague me. The most I have been able to watch utube and learn how to use MMS due to your and Jim Humbles videos.  Imagine my horror to find Utube is fighting you and the Genisus 2 ChurchYour videos are no longer available on Utube.  Luckily I get the newsletter you send and Joseph send out   My heart goes out to you and all you have done to rid the world of illness.    May God bless your effortsYours Sincerely,Wilma R Flanagan

  • My eyes was itching very badly. I therefore prepared my eye drop with one drop of MMS with 50ml ozone water. The itching is over after using it three times yesterday.
  • MMS baby is growing strong. God richly bless u too
  • My mother has been sick for the past three month. She has been attending Kukuom Hospital but her situation kept worsening. I therefore asked to come to Accra for my MMS treatment on Friday and she arrived Saturday 24th Aug. She recovered fully the same day. The miracle started 30min after the first dose of MMS. Her appetite was restored instantly and started requesting for food. She is fit and strong and is on her way right now to Kukuom Ahafo Region. She is carrying my last set of MMS.
  • Update: Doing gas x2 times per day and brushing with MMS1/DMSO 3 x a day. Gum is starting to look more like the healthy gum on the other side and I am only getting a very tiny amount of pus from the site.
  • Thanks. Have not been experiencing the asthma today. Feeling pretty good actually. Figured it might be part of the detox. I thought the detox would be a little less intense since I have been detoxing quite a bit the past 1 1/2 years. This stuff is potent! Steve
  • Thankyou for your help....I am happy ,unfortunately I was very ill with autoimmune issues and didn't get on to MMS straight away,as didn't know about it...I had central nervous system issues which affected signals to my brain and gut issues. All which affected my mental health.....unfortunately I made CBD and thc cannabis did not help infact it made me go a bit's great as a rub though. I think my body just doesn't need main problem I have found out is high homocysteine from mthfr mutation...which led to autoimmune and an array of illnesses ..5 years in bed, taking terrible medications ....MMS has been a miracle - Simon
  • I use the mms spray bottle each night on my teeth for the last 12 yrs. Now, I do a MMS1 Bath (2-300) drops 4-5 nights a week. I also alternate with mms2 baths (1 tsp-1tbsp) Great results! Mark



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Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve?

What is Natural?


For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women

did change the natural use into that which is against nature:”,  Romans 1:26


I did NOT decide to cover such a “hot” controversial topic this week to get attention or to have a “shock factor” to my topic this week, but to honestly and sincerely address this issue in regard to what is natural and what is NOT! We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing are all about practicing NATURAL things for the body in which it was designed to work. Anything unnatural influencing the “health” of the human body should be rejected and stopped to prevent the body from becoming “DIS-EASED”, physically, mentally and spiritually! Homosexuality is affecting all the above in the human body.

I want to say right at the onset, we help every person that comes to us with any illness NO matter what their lifestyle is as long as they want to follow our G2Church Sacraments. Isn’t that an example of tolerance? Are you being intolerant right now as you read this? Read on and you will become either more intolerant or will SEE what we are trying to say in this newsletter. I personally don’t involve myself in what ADULTS do in the privacy of their own home BUT when it affects what is going on outside the home and is influencing many people in the wrong way, I have to speak up! Our help is NOT based on people “agreeing” with us  in every detail but agreeing to do follow our G2Church creed in principle and doing  our Sacraments correctly according to the PROVEN protocols developed by us. We are NOT homophobes. In fact, what a stupid statement. Why would we be afraid of homosexuals or offending people that are living a lifestyle that is NOT only hurting them physically, mentally and spiritually BUT is disrupting the natural course of our human existence? We are trying to rid the world of “DIS-EASE” and NOT the opposite. In reality, homosexuality is an attack against the human race and is really apart of depopulating the world along with abortion, sterilizations and pharmaceuticals! Homosexuals can’t reproduce and SHOULD NOT EVER be able to adopt a child and influence them by this unnatural lifestyle! Again, it is unnatural because there is no reproduction possible among two men or two women. All they can do is adopt to have children make a “family” which is totally contrary to nature and logic! Homosexuals should NOT be able to adopt period! Those that allowed these “laws” to exist will be judged and we are all reaping the results by allowing these unnatural “laws” in the world today!

“Nothing is lawfully right, that is morally wrong” – Bishop Mark S. Grenon

Two dads or two moms in bed together is teaching what to an impressionable child? Homosexuality is being portrayed as an acceptable lifestyle like staying single or just another expression of sexuality!

What is natural?

If, for example, we give the most beautiful island on earth to all “male” homosexuals and another equality beautiful island to all “female” homosexuals, in ONE generation they are ALL dead! Why, because they CANNOT reproduce! Their so-called “lifestyle” is UNNATURAL to its core! Why would anyone want to wipe out their own existence by practicing something that would wipe them out completely? How could that be natural and why is it happening? Let’s look further into what is happening worldwide. It is getting to the point of complete insanity!


Look at just a few of the articles about how crazy the world has become!

·        Planned Parenthood: Teach your preschoolers 'their genitals don’t determine their gender' -

  • Ex Pastor apologizing to the Homo’s

·        WATCH: Drag queen admits he’s ‘grooming’ children at story hour events:

·        Brazilian president moves to protect schoolkids from LGBT gender ideology:

Now, the very change of the meaning of the word – GENDER!

Here is the Noah Webster dictionary from 1828!

GEN'DER, noun [Latin genus, from geno, gigno; beget, or to be born; Eng. kind. Gr. a woman, a wife; Sans. gena, a wife, and genaga, a father. We have begin from the same root. See Begin and Can.]

  1. Properly, kind; sort.
  2. A sex, male or female. Hence,
  3. In grammar, a difference in words to express distinction of sex; usually a difference of termination in nouns, adjectives and participles, to express the distinction of male and female. But although this was the original design of different terminations, yet in the progress of language, other words having no relation to one sex or the other, came to have genders assigned them by custom. Words expressing males are said to be of the masculine gender; those expressing females, of the feminine gender; and in some languages, words expressing things having no sex, are of the neuter or neither gender

GEN'DER, verb transitive To beget; but engender is more generally used.

GEN'DER, verb intransitive To copulate; to breed. Leviticus 19:19.


Now from WIKIPEDIA! The most inaccurate dishonest dictionary of earth!

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”, John 8:44


Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity. Depending on the context, these characteristics may include biological sex (i.e., the state of being male, female, or an intersex variation), sex-based social structures (i.e., gender roles), or gender identity. Most cultures use a gender binary, having two genders (boys/men and girls/women); those who exist outside these groups fall under the umbrella term non-binary or genderqueer. Some societies have specific genders besides "man" and "woman", such as the hijras of South Asia; these are often referred to as third genders (and fourth genders, etc).

Sexologist John Money introduced the terminological distinction between biological sex and gender as a role in 1955. Before his work, it was uncommon to use the word gender to refer to anything but grammatical categories. However, Money's meaning of the word did not become widespread until the 1970s, when feminist theory embraced the concept of a distinction between biological sex and the social construct of gender. Today, the distinction is followed in some contexts, especially the social sciences and documents written by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In other contexts, including some areas of the social sciences, gender includes sex or replaces it. For instance, in non-human animal research, gender is commonly used to refer to the biological sex of the animals. This change in the meaning of gender can be traced to the 1980s.(Emphasis mine) In 1993, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started to use gender instead of sex. Later, in 2011, the FDA reversed its position and began using sex as the biological classification and gender as "a person's self-representation as male or female, or how that person is responded to by social institutions based on the individual's gender presentation."

The social sciences have a branch devoted to gender studies. Other sciences, such as sexology and neuroscience, are also interested in the subject. The social sciences sometimes approach gender as a social construct, and gender studies particularly do, while research in the natural sciences investigates whether biological differences in males and females influence the development of gender in humans; both inform debate about how far biological differences influence the formation of gender identity. In some English literature, there is also a trichotomy between biological sex, psychological gender, and social gender role. This framework first appeared in a feminist paper on transsexualism in 1978.


Surgical Sex

When the practice of sex-change surgery first emerged back in the early 1970s, I would often remind its advocating psychiatrists that with other patients, alcoholics in particular, they would quote the Serenity Prayer, God, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Where did they get the idea that our sexual identity ("gender" was the term they preferred) as men or women was in the category of things that could be changed?





NOTE: No matter what you do to your body, your DNA tells the story of what and who you are sexually and NOT some “GENDER” classification!


I think the first thing that we have to establish is; scientifically is it possible to change genders? The first thing we have to ask in the inquiry is – what determines a person's gender? A baby's gender is determined when they inherit two sex chromosomes from their parents. They get one chromosome from their mother who contributes one of her two “x” chromosomes, and they get one chromosome from their father – either an “x” or “y” chromosome, as he has one of each in his sex genes. It is the father's contribution to their sex genes that determines a baby's sex. If the baby gets the father's “x” chromosome, it becomes a girl. If it gets the “y” chromosome it becomes a boy. From that point on, the developing fetus goes about creating the required sexual organs that go with that chromosome. So, a person's gender is determined by their chromosome makeup.

Can their chromosome makeup be changed? No. So can the gender of a person really be changed? No. A person can have their body surgically mutilated, take hormone shots, wear the clothes of, and even live as the opposite sex, but that does not change their chromosome makeup. All the surgery and artificial hormones in the world are not going to change a person's chromosomes. If a man, who does not want to lose his genitalia, through some horrific accident loses it, does that make him a women? Of course not. So, surgical removal of genitalia is simply a mutilation of the body, not a change of gender. Neither does cosmetically adding fake genitalia change one's chromosomal makeup and alter a person's gender. Hormones simply induce artificial reactions in the body. As women get older, they start growing unwanted facial hair due to a change of hormones in their bodies, brought on by menopause. Does that make them a man? No. Transsexuals are simply fooling themselves when they think they have changed genders. And the world does not help them by accepting the facade. You are what your chromosomes say you are. Having a tail put on cosmetically does not make one a monkey (well maybe some people it would – LOL) or a dog. So surgical alteration or mutilation cannot possibly change one's gender.

Why We Stopped Doing Sex Change Operations by Paul R. McHugh November 2004

The first issue was easier and required only that I encourage the ongoing research of a member of the faculty who was an accomplished student of human sexual behavior. The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Jon Meyer was already developing a means of following up with adults who received sex-change operations at Hopkins in order to see how much the surgery had helped them. He found that most of the patients he tracked down some years after their surgery were contented with what they had done and that only a few regretted it. But in every other respect, they were little changed in their psychological condition. They had much the same problems with relationships, work, and emotions as before. The hope that they would emerge now from their emotional difficulties to flourish psychologically had not been fulfilled.

We saw the results as demonstrating that just as these men enjoyed cross-dressing as women before the operation, so they enjoyed cross-living after it. But they were no better in their psychological integration or any easier to live with. With these facts in hand I concluded that Hopkins was fundamentally cooperating with a mental illness. We psychiatrists, I thought, would do better to concentrate on trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia.

Source: Surgical Sex


Transphobia encompasses a range of negative attitudes, feelings or actions toward transgender or transsexual people, or toward transsexuality. Transphobia can include fear, aversion, hatred, violence, anger, or discomfort felt or expressed towards people who do not conform to society's gender expectation.

Homophobia encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).[1][2][3] It has been defined as contempt, prejudice, aversion, hatred or antipathy, may be based on irrational fear and ignorance, and is often related to religious beliefs.[4][5]

Homophobia is observable in critical and hostile behavior such as discrimination and violence on the basis of sexual orientations that are non-heterosexual.[1][2][6] Recognized types of homophobia include institutionalized homophobia, e.g. religious homophobia and state-sponsored homophobia, and internalized homophobia, experienced by people who have same-sex attractions, regardless of how they identify.

Negative attitudes toward identifiable LGBT groups have similar yet specific names: lesbophobia is the intersection of homophobia and sexism directed against lesbians, biphobia targets bisexuality and bisexual people, and transphobia targets transgender and transsexual people and gender variance or gender role nonconformity.[1][3][7] According to 2010 Hate Crimes Statistics released by the FBI National Press Office, 19.3 percent of hate crimes across the United States "were motivated by a sexual orientation bias."[8] Moreover, in a Southern Poverty Law Center 2010 Intelligence Report extrapolating data from fourteen years (1995–2008), which had complete data available at the time, of the FBI's national hate crime statistics found that LGBT people were "far more likely than any other minority group in the United States to be victimized by violent hate crime."[9]

Transphobia - Wikipedia

Religious attitudes

Main article: Religion and homosexuality

Religious protestors at a pride parade in Jerusalem, Israel, with a sign that reads, "Homo sex is immoral (Lev. 18/22)". The association of homosexual sex with immorality or sinfulness is seen by many as a homophobic act.

Many world religions contain anti-homosexual teachings, while other religions have varying degrees of ambivalence, neutrality, or incorporate teachings that regard homosexuals as third gender. Even within some religions which generally discourage homosexuality, there are also people who view homosexuality positively, and some religious denominations bless or conduct same-sex marriages. There also exist so-called Queer religions, dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of LGBTQI persons. Queer theology seeks to provide a counterpoint to religious homophobia.[26] In 2015, attorney and author Roberta Kaplan stated that Kim Davis "is the clearest example of someone who wants to use a religious liberty argument to discriminate [against same-sex couples]."[27]

Christianity and the Bible

Main articles: Christianity and homosexuality and The Bible and homosexuality

Passages commonly interpreted as condemning homosexuality or same-gender sexual relations are found in both Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Leviticus 18:22, says "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is also commonly seen as a condemnation of homosexuality. Christians and Jews who oppose homosexuality often cite such passages; historical context and interpretation is more complicated. Scholarly debate over the interpretation of these passages has focused on placing them in proper historical context, for instance pointing out that Sodom's sins are historically interpreted as being other than homosexuality, and on the translation of rare or unusual words in the passages in question. In Religion Dispatches magazine, Candace Chellew-Hodge argues that the six or so verses that are often cited to condemn LGBT people are referring instead to "abusive sex". She states that the Bible has no condemnation for "loving, committed, gay and lesbian relationships" and that Jesus was silent on the subject.

The official teaching of the Catholic Church regarding homosexuality is that same-sex behavior should not be expressed. The Catechism of the Catholic Church States that, "'homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.'...They are contrary to the natural law.... Under no circumstances can they be approved."

Is God, the Creator, a homophobe or does He have the right as the Creator of All to tell us what He intended for His creation, i.e. natural design, or are you a “biblephobe”. Do you even know what His Word says? Let’s look what has to happen before homosexuality becomes accepted in the world!

NOTE: You will notice throughout history that every country that followed these well-worn paths ended up with the same problems. Apply this to the U.S. today and even your own personal life!

Are we talking about tolerance or rebellion?

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:”, 

Romans 1:26

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:

What Cause?


Romans 1:16-25

16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

Evil plan created and implemented! 1819

NOTE: I had to add this part from the whole-time line because it is the plan that the U.S. educational system is based on, i.e. programming! Pay attention to this! Even our T.V. shows are called “programs”!

NOTE: Excerpt from the book, “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE”

1819 -  Prussian (German) law makes education compulsory. The Humboldt brothers, Stein and others divide German society into three distinct groups:

(1) those who will be policy makers who are taught to think (.5%),

(2) those who will be engineers, lawyers, doctors who are taught to partially think (5.5%) and

(3) the children of the masses (94%), who were to learn obedience and how to follow orders. The school of the masses (volkschulen) divided whole ideas into subjects which did not exist previously.

The result was that people would:

 (1) think what someone else told them to think about,

(2) when to think it,

(3) how long to think about it,

 (4) when to stop thinking about it, and

 (5) when to think of something else. This way, no one in the masses would know anything that's really going on. (Although brilliant, the system is inherently negative in nature - it would lead eventually to German mind control paradigms in the late 19th and 20th century.

The system also weakens or breaks the link between the child and the capacity to read (cross-assimilation creating whole ideas) by replacing the alphabet system of teaching reading with a system of teaching sounds, (breaking into smaller units). The same paradigm relative to reading is currently injected into U.S. Society by the Peabody Foundation, who imposed a northern system of schooling on the U.S. South between 1865 and 1918. The system in the northern U.S. is the Prussian system. Over 48% of the soldiers in the American Revolution against the British, on both the American and British sides, were Prussian (German) mercenaries.

How the Moral Erosion came about in the U.S.

  1. Mandatory School systems! - 1900’s McGuffey readers and one room schoolhouses gone!
  2. Prayer out! - Both prayer and the Bible were taken out of Public Schools 1972. But it didn't happen all at once, they took out one thing at a time. In 1962, the Supreme Court removed prayer from school. In 1963 it removed the Bible, and in 1980 it removed the Ten Commandments from schools.
  3. Abortion legal - During the 1960s and early 1970s, U.S. states began to repeal their bans on abortion. In Roe v. Wade (1973), the U.S. Supreme Court stated that abortion bans were unconstitutional in every state, legalizing abortion throughout the United States.

NOTE: Over 61.500,000 abortions since 1973 in U.S.

Over 1.5 Billion Worldwide since 1980. Abortion is now the #1 killer per year worldwide! Watch the Abortion clock:

  1. Homosexual Marriage made legal: Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 State June 2015

Comparing the ruling to other landmark decisions, NPR's Nina Totenberg says, "This is probably right up there with Brown v. Board of Education, and Roe v. Wade — if you like it or hate it — and today, Obergefell v. Hodges. This was a historic moment." Friday's ruling "affirms what millions across this country already know to be true in their hearts: our love is equal," says lead plaintiff Jim Obergefell, who challenged Ohio's ban on same-sex marriage. Source:

  1. “Tolerance” rampart should be “rebellion” rampart
  2. Now ,rebellion against God and Natural has “laws” to Protect them!

NOTE: But, NOT against God! Make all the “immoral” laws you want it will make it worse in the end!

“Nothing is lawfully right that is morally wrong” – Mark S. Grenon


Not to mention!

The U.S. Corporation, which took over from the Republic of the United States of American in 1871, has been a disaster for the American people, especially in recent years.  Real living standards for 90% of Americans have been going down since 1972;  the U.S. has the highest prison incarceration rate in the world;  medical expenses are the highest in the world even as lifespans drop;  education standards are dismal;  and Zionist fanatics control a Congress that 90% of Americans do not support.

How can you judge?

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”, John 7:24


 “Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?

Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church.

I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?

But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before the unbelievers.

Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?

Nay, ye do wrong, and defraud, and that your brethren.

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”, 1 Corinthians 6 King James Version (KJV)

Headline, AFA Journal, January 2017: “Science Doesn’t Support ‘Born that Way.’”  The subhead, a quote from researcher Dr. P.R. McHugh reads, “The claim that [the science] is settled now—issues such as ‘born that way,’ or ‘you are fixed, or immutable,’—there is no evidence from the science that those things are correct.”  The short report from AFA Journal follows:

Two researchers, Paul McHugh and Lawrence Mayer, at Johns Hopkins University published a study in the fall 2016 issue of The New Atlantis finding insufficient evidence for the claim that homosexuals are “born that way.” 

The study further examines the higher-than-average rates of mental health problems among transgenders, as well as of other problems such as substance abuse and abusive relationships.  It contends that the prevailing “scientific” explanation of social stressors does not account for the entire disparity. 

The Human Rights Campaign issued a warning that Johns Hopkins Hospital’s score on the HRC’s Healthcare Quality Index could be dramatically reduced unless the medical research facility distanced itself from the study. 

Johns Hopkins circulated a letter reminding employees that it supports a local Baltimore gay pride event and has policies to welcome and support LGBT people.  However, it also maintained that as a research facility, “academic freedom is among our fundamental principles.” 

Linda Harvey of Mission America noted: “They need to do some hard thinking about this and reevaluate (as does every hospital and health care institution) their support—their blind support—of these lifestyles and behaviors.”  [End of quote]

Concerning Dr. McHugh, Decision magazine reports in the January 2017 issue:

That reality, Heyer [former transgender] says, is the reason some 41 percent of the transgender population attempts suicide, a figure cited by multiple sources, including Dr. Paul McHugh, former chief of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, which pioneered so-called sex reassignment procedures.  McHugh now strongly opposes such treatments as psychologically harmful and has written extensively on that subject. [End of quote]

What is the dominant underlying factor that promotes the antisocial sexual activity called homosexuality?  It’s the spirit of rebellion against the God of creation, but it enters an individual’s life through various doors.  Some examples follow:

Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;—Exodus 20:5;

◆ Epigenetic—beyond genetics—influences;

◆ Political promotion;

◆ Promotion by academia and Hollywood;

◆ Peer pressure;

◆ Man tampering with the food chain, from hormones pumped into our meats to a myriad of toxic chemicals.  Consider this example from, February 2016:

Consumers became wary of plastic products containing the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) and began to avoid them after it was determined to be an endocrine disruptor.  More than 130 studies linked BPA to a long list of health problems, including heart disease, breast and prostate cancer, infertility, and the feminization of males. 

Companies responded to consumer concern by removing BPA from many products, including babies’ sippy cups, water bottles, and other soft plastics that come into contact with food. 

Some companies began advertising their products as “BPA-free” and replaced BPA with Bisphenol S (BPS).  But scientists at UCLA have found that BPS may be no safer.  They discovered that BPS influences key brain cells and genes that control the growth and function of organs involved in reproduction.  [End of quote]

◆ Spirits can affect a child in its mother’s womb as a result of her own proclivities. 

◆ Ultimately, as the individual yields to Satan’s influences, the individual is possessed of an unclean spirit. 

Again from the GodSaidManSaid feature, “Homosexuality Updated:”

The Word of God is the authority on the subject of homosexuality, as you should expect, since God created mankind.  He says that homosexuality is a spiritual uncleanness.

Romans 1:24:




Against What is Natural

Not only does this spirit pervert natural affections in relationships with others, but by definition it stands against all that is natural for man; natural roles, natural order...  It is not content to exist on its own; this spirit has to "make of you what it is", as the men of Sodom attempted in Lot's day (Genesis 19:5).  It can only thrive in an environment of lawlessness, as it seeks to change that which is natural into that which is against nature (Romans 1:26). 

As such, there will be a strong denial of gender roles and a push to eliminate gender distinctions; turning men and women inwardly into the opposite of what God has created.  Have you ever wondered why God refers to homosexuals as "effeminate" (I Corinthians 6:9)? Why Jesus berated those sitting in kings' houses seeking "soft" things - same word as effeminate (Matthew 11:8)?  Even in the world, people know subconsciously that a "soft" man or a "hard" woman are indicative of a homosexual spirit.  When you masculinize a woman or feminize a man, this rebellion sows the seeds for the sodomite nature to grow into full stature (homosexuality).  

This spirit is not only seen in rebellion against natural roles, but is also present in a rejection of God's natural order.  A person may not reject their gender but may reject the role in which God has called them to serve.  In outlining this order, God says "...the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God." (I Corinthians 11:3).   Nature itself was designed by God to complement this order (I Corinthians 11:14).   

Some will claim to be "led by the Spirit" in rejecting God's order.  Particularly in the church world, spirituality is used as a cloak for this rebellion by those who refuse to acknowledge and submit to Godly authority (i.e. raising up women to be the spiritual heads of men).  However, while such may be led by a spirit, you can know that it is not the Holy Spirit because it is out of accord with God's word.  When one wars against the natural order of men and women - including the patriarchal authority God instituted - it is the same homosexual spirit at work.



It gets crazier by the year!

We know what LGBT stands for but there are many other terms people now identity with, giving us the acronym LGBTQQIAAP.

The 10 terms cover the different ways people define their gender and sexuality, but the list is not exhaustive.

Some people may also identify with more than one of these descriptions.

Pride in London, which takes place this year on Saturday 27 June, gives the LGBT+ community a platform to campaign for "freedoms" to have true equality.




LGBT+ is an "inclusive" way to represent all the different identities in the longer acronym but here's a breakdown of what each of the letters in LGBTQQIAAP mean.

L - lesbian: a woman who is attracted to other women

G - gay: a man who is attracted to other men or broadly people who identify as homosexual

B - bisexual: a person who is attracted to both men and women

T - transgender: a person whose gender identity is different from the sex the doctor put down on their birth certificate

Q - queer: originally used as a hate term, some people want to reclaim the word, while others find it offensive. It can be a political statement, suggest that someone doesn't want to identify with "binaries" (e.g. male v female, homosexual v straight) or that they don't want to label themselves only by their sexual activity

Q - questioning: a person who is still exploring their sexuality or gender identity

I - intersex: a person whose body is not definitively male or female. This may be because they have chromosomes which are not XX or XY or because their genitals or reproductive organs are not considered "standard"

A - allies: a person who identifies as straight but supports people in the LGBTQQIAAP community

A - asexual: a person who is not attracted in a sexual way to people of any gender

P - pansexual: a person whose sexual attraction is not based on gender and may themselves be fluid when it comes to gender or sexual identity




Gender identity in 2019 is taken more seriously and Tumblr has a list of total 112 genders currently.




Here are all of them listed alphabetically with a description:

  1. Abimegender: a gender that is profound, deep, and infinite; meant to resemble when one mirror is reflecting into another mirror creating an infinite paradox.
  2. Adamasgender: a gender which refuses to be categorized.
  3. Aerogender: a gender that is influenced by your surroundings.
  4. Aesthetigender: a gender that is derived from an aesthetic; also known as videgender.
  5. Affectugender: a gender that is affected by mood swings.
  6. Agender: the feeling of no gender/absence of gender or neutral gender.
  7. Agenderflux: being mostly agender except having small shifts towards other genders making them demigenders (because of the constancy of being agender).
  8. Alexigender: a gender that is fluid between more than one gender but the individual cannot tell what those genders are.
  9. Aliusgender: a gender which is removed from common gender descriptors and guidelines.
  10. Amaregender: a gender that changes depending on who you’re in love with.
  11. Ambigender: defined as having the feeling of two genders simultaneously without fluctuation; meant to reflect the concept of being ambidextrous, only with gender.
  12. Ambonec: identifying as both man and woman, yet neither at the same time.
  13. Amicagender: a gender that changes depending on which friend you’re with.
  14. Androgyne: sometimes used in the case of “androgynous presentation”; describes the feeling of being a mix of both masculine and feminine (and sometimes neutral) gender qualities.
  15. Anesigender: feeling like a certain gender yet being more comfortable identifying with another.
  16. Angenital: a desire to be without primary sexual characteristics, without necessarily being genderless; one may be both angenital and identify as any other gender alongside.
  17. Anogender: a gender that fades in and out but always comes back to the same feeling.
  18. Anongender: a gender that is unknown to both yourself and others.
  19. Antegender: a protean gender which has the potential to be anything, but is formless and motionless, and therefore, does not manifest as any particular gender.
  20. Anxiegender: a gender that is affected by anxiety.
  21. Apagender: a feeling of apathy towards ones gender which leads to them not looking any further into it.
  22. Apconsugender: a gender where you know what it isn’t, but not what it is; the gender is hiding itself from you.
  23. Astergender: a gender that feels bright and celestial.
  24. Astralgender: a gender that feels connected to space.
  25. Autigender: a gender that can only be understood in the context of being autistic (POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING).
  26. Autogender: a gender experience that is deeply personal to oneself.
  27. Axigender: when a person experiences two genders that sit on opposite ends of an axis; one being agender and the other being any other gender; these genders are experienced one at a time with no overlapping and with very short transition time.
  28. Bigender: the feeling of having two genders either at the same time or separately; usually used to describe feeling “traditionally male” and “traditionally female”, but does not have to.
  29. Biogender: a gender that feels connected to nature in some way.
  30. Blurgender: the feeling of having more than one gender that are somehow blurred together to the point of not being able to distinguish or identify individual genders; synonymous with genderfuzz.
  31. Boyflux: when one feels mostly or all male most of the time but experience fluctuating intensity of male identity.
  32. Burstgender: and gender that comes in intense bursts of feeling and quickly fades back to the original state.
  33. Caelgender: a gender which shares qualities with outer space or has the aesthetic of space, stars, nebulas, etc.
  34. Cassgender: the feeling of gender is unimportant to you.
  35. Cassflux: when the level of indifference towards your gender fluctuates.
  36. Cavusgender: for people with depression; when you feel one gender when not depressed and another when depressed.
  37. Cendgender: when your gender changes between one and its opposite.
  38. Ceterofluid: when you are ceterogender and your feelings fluctuate between masculine, feminine, and neutral.
  39. Ceterogender: a nonbinary gender with specific masculine, feminine, or neutral feelings.
  40. Cisgender: the feeling of being the gender you were assigned at birth, all the time (assigned (fe)male/feeling (fe)male).
  41. Cloudgender: a gender that cannot be fully realized or seen clearly due to depersonalization/derealization disorder.
  42. Collgender: the feeling of having too many genders simultaneously to describe each one.
  43. Colorgender: a gender associated with one or more colors and the feelings, hues, emotions, and/or objects associated with that color; may be used like pinkgender, bluegender, yellowgender.
  44. Commogender: when you know you aren’t cisgender, but you settled with your assigned gender for the time being.
  45. Condigender: a gender that is only felt during certain circumstances.
  46. Deliciagender: from the Latin word delicia meaning “favorite”, meaning the feeling of having more than one simultaneous gender yet preferring one that fits better.
  47. Demifluid: the feeling your gender being fluid throughout all the demigenders; the feeling of having multiple genders, some static and some fluid.
  48. Demiflux: the feeling of having multiple genders, some static and some fluctuating.
  49. Demigender: a gender that is partially one gender and partially another.
  50. Domgender: having more than one gender yet one being more dominant than the others.
  51. Duragender: from the Latin word dura meaning “long-lasting”, meaning a subcategory of multigender in which one gender is more identifiable, long lasting, and prominent than the other genders.
  52. Egogender: a gender that is so personal to your experience that it can only be described as “you”.
  53. Epicene: sometimes used synonymously with the adjective “androgynous”; the feeling of either having or not displaying characteristics of both or either binary gender; sometimes used to describe feminine male identifying individuals.
  54. Espigender: a gender that is related to being a spirit or exists on a higher or extradimensional plane.
  55. Exgender: the outright refusal to accept or identify in, on, or around the gender spectrum.
  56. Existigender: a gender that only exists or feels present when thought about or when a conscious effort is made to notice it.
  57. Femfluid: having fluctuating or fluid gender feelings that are limited to feminine genders.
  58. Femgender: a nonbinary gender which is feminine in nature.
  59. Fluidflux: the feeling of being fluid between two or more genders that also fluctuate in intensity; a combination of genderfluid and genderflux.
  60. Gemigender: having two opposite genders that work together, being fluid and flux together.
  61. Genderblank: a gender that can only be described as a blank space; when gender is called into question, all that comes to mind is a blank space.
  62. Genderflow: a gender that is fluid between infinite feelings.
  63. Genderfluid: the feeling of fluidity within your gender identity; feeling a different gender as time passes or as situations change; not restricted to any number of genders.
  64. Genderflux: the feeling of your gender fluctuating in intensity; like genderfluid but between one gender and agender.
  65. Genderfuzz: coined by lolzmelmel; the feeling of having more than one gender that are somehow blurred together to the point of not being able to distinguish or identify individual genders; synonymous with blurgender.
  66. Gender Neutral: the feeling of having a neutral gender, whether somewhere in between masculine and feminine or a third gender that is separate from the binary; often paired with neutrois.
  67. Genderpunk: a gender identity that actively resists gender norms.
  68. Genderqueer: originally used as an umbrella term for nonbinary individuals; may be used as an identity; describes a nonbinary gender regardless of whether the individual is masculine or feminine leaning.
  69. Genderwitched: a gender in which one is intrigued or entranced by the idea of a particular gender, but is not certain that they are actually feeling it.
  70. Girlflux: when one feels mostly or all female most of the time but experiences fluctuating intensities of female identity.
  71. Glassgender: a gender that is very sensitive and fragile.
  72. Glimragender: a faintly shining, wavering gender.
  73. Greygender: having a gender that is mostly outside of the binary but is weak and can barely be felt.
  74. Gyragender: having multiple genders but understanding none of them.
  75. Healgender: a gender that once realized, brings lots of peace, clarity, security, and creativity to the individual’s mind.
  76. Heliogender: a gender that is warm and burning.
  77. Hemigender: a gender that is half one gender and half something else; one or both halves may be identifiable genders.
  78. Horogender: a gender that changes over time with the core feeling of remaining the same.
  79. Hydrogender: a gender which shares qualities with water.
  80. Imperigender: a fluid gender that can be controlled by the individual.
  81. Intergender: the feeling of gender falling somewhere on the spectrum between masculine and feminine; note: do not confuse with intersex.
  82. Juxera: a feminine gender similar to girl, but on a separate plane and off to itself.
  83. Libragender: a gender that feels agender but has a strong connection to another gender.
  84. Magigender: a gender that is mostly gender and the rest is something else.
  85. Mascfluid: A gender that is fluid in nature, and restricted only to masculine genders.
  86. Mascgender: a non-binary gender which is masculine in nature.
  87. Maverique: taken from the word maverick; the feeling of having a gender that is separate from masculinity, femininity, and neutrality, but is not agender; a form of third gender.
  88. Mirrorgender: a gender that changes to fit the people around you.
  89. Molligender: a gender that is soft, subtle, and subdued.
  90. Multigender: the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigender and omnigender.
  91. Nanogender: feeling a small part of one gender with the rest being something else.
  92. Neutrois: the feeling of having a neutral gender; sometimes a lack of gender that leads to feeling neutral.
  93. Nonbinary: originally an umbrella term for any gender outside the binary of cisgenders; may be used as an individual identity; occasionally used alongside of genderqueer.
  94. Omnigender: the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigender and polygender.
  95. Oneirogender: coined by anonymous, “being agender, but having recurring fantasies or daydreams of being a certain gender without the dysphoria or desire to actually be that gender day-to-day”.
  96. Pangender: the feeling of having every gender; this is considered problematic by some communities and thus has been used as the concept of relating in some way to all genders as opposed to containing every gender identity; only applies to genders within one’s own culture.
  97. Paragender: the feeling very near one gender and partially something else which keeps you from feeling fully that gender.
  98. Perigender: identifying with a gender but not as a gender.
  99. Polygender: the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigender and omnigender.
  100. Proxvir: a masculine gender similar to boy, but on a separate plane and off to itself.
  101. Quoigender: feeling as if the concept of gender is inapplicable or nonsensical to one’s self.
  102. Subgender: mostly a gender with a bit of another gender.
  103. Surgender: having a gender that is 100% one gender but with more of another gender added on top of that.
  104. Systemgender: a gender that is the sum of all the genders within a multiple or median system.
  105. Tragender: a gender that stretches over the whole spectrum of genders.
  106. Transgender: any gender identity that transcends or does not align with your assigned gender or society’s idea of gender; the feeling of being any gender that does not match your assigned gender.
  107. Trigender: the feeling of having three simultaneous or fluctuating genders.
  108. Vapogender: a gender that sort of feels like smoke; can be seen on a shallow level but once you go deeper, it disappears and you are left with no gender and only tiny wisps of what you thought it was.
  109. Venngender: when two genders overlap creating an entirely new gender; like a Venn diagram.
  110. Verangender: a gender that seems to shift/change the moment it is identified.
  111. Vibragender: a gender that is usually one stable gender but will occasionally changes or fluctuate before stabilizing again.
  112. Vocigender: a gender that is weak or hollow.


However, this list is non-exhaustive, because Tumblr further says that:

All types of attractions may be used as suffixes along with ‘-fluid’ and ‘-flux.

Feel free to mix and match your own prefixes and suffixes to create the orientation that best describes you.

  1. A- : lack of attraction
  2. Abro- : having an orientation or feelings about it that constantly change and cannot be pinned down for this reason
  3. Aceflux: similar to genderflux where the intensity of sexual attraction you feel fluctuates; asexual to demisexual to allosexual and back
  4. Aego- : feeling attraction or desire only for situations that does not involve oneself; previously known as autochoris-
  5. Akoi- : the feeling of attraction but not wanting it reciprocated or losing it when it is reciprocated; used as an alternative and potentially less problematic form of lithosexual/lithromantic
  6. Aliqua- : not normally feeling attraction, but feeling it on occasion under specific circumstances
  7. Amicus- : when you’re attracted to people you’re platonically attracted to
  8. Amorplatonic: experiencing romantic attraction but only wanting to be in queerplatonic/quasiplatonic relationships
  9. Apothi- : being aromantic/asexual and not experiencing any romantic/sexual feelings in any shape or form; aromantic/asexual individuals who are romance/sex repulsed
  10. Aromantic: feeling no romantic attraction regardless of gender or situation
  11. Aroflux: similar to genderflux where the intensity or romantic attraction you feel fluctuates; aromantic to demiromantic to alloromantic and back
  12. Arospike/Acespike: feeling no attraction except in occasional bursts of intense attraction and then plummeting back to no attraction
  13. Asexual: feeling no sexual attraction regardless of gender or situation
  14. Auto- : the feeling of attraction only towards oneself
  15. Bellusromantic: having interest in conventionally romantic things yet not desiring a relationship; part of the aro spectrum
  16. Bi- : the feeling of attraction towards two or more genders, generally your own gender and other(s)
  17. Borea- : having an exception to your usual orientation
  18. Burst- : having spikes in attraction that fade away after a while
  19. Cass- : feeling utterly indifferent towards attraction and believing its not important
  20. Cease- : usually beeing allo- yet occasionally feeling a sudden loss of attraction and then returning to normal
  21. Cetero- : the feeling of attraction towards nonbinary people; replaces skolio- because “skolio” means bent or broken and implies that nonbinary people must be fixed; this is reserved for trans/nonbinary individuals because cis people were judging nonbinary people based off of presentation alone
  22. Culparomantic: feeling romantic and platonic attraction at the same time
  23. Cupio- : the feeling of having no attraction towards any gender yet still desiring a sexual or romantic relationship
  24. Demi- : not feeling attraction towards someone until a certain closeness or bond has been formed
  25. Desinoromantic: when one does not experience full-on romantic attraction, but experiences “liking” someone instead of loving them romantically, at which point the attraction goes no further
  26. Duo- : having two or more well defined orientations that you switch between
  27. Ficto- : only felling a certain type of attraction towards fictional characters
  28. Fin- : feeling attraction to fem(me) identifying people
  29. Fray- : only experiencing attraction towards those you are less familiar with; the feeling is lost when they become closer or more familiar; the opposite of demi-
  30. Grey- : the feeling of usually not having any attraction except occasionally depending on the situation; typically paired with asexual and aromantic
  31. Heteroflexible: the feeling of having mostly hetero- attraction yet having an openness for other genders
  32. Hetero- : the feeling of being attracted to a gender other than your own
  33. Homoflexible: the feeling of having mostly homo- attraction yet having an openness for other genders
  34. Homo- : the feeling of being attracted to your own gender
  35. Iculasexual: being asexual but open to having sex
  36. Idemromantic: being able to categorize others as having either a platonic or romantic attraction based on outside factors yet feeling no difference in the type of attraction
  37. Kalossexual: the desire to have a sexual relationship yet never feeling sexual attraction; part of the ace spectrum
  38. Lamvano- : feeling no desire to do sexual/romantic things to someone, but wanting to be on the receiving end; opposite of placio-
  39. Lesbian: someone who identifies fully or partially as a woman who is attracted to other fully or partially identified women
  40. Limno- : experiencing attraction towards depictions of attraction (writing or drawings) but not the physical acts
  41. Ma- : feeling attraction to men
  42. Min- : feeling attraction to masculine identifying people
  43. Multi- : attraction to more than one gender
  44. Neu- : feeling attraction towards people who are genderless
  45. Nin- : feeling attraction towards androgynous identifying people
  46. Nocisma- : feeling attraction to everyone except cis men because of associated oppression
  47. Noma- : experiencing attraction to every gender except for self identifying men
  48. Novi- : feeling complicated attraction or lack thereof in such a way that it is difficult or impossible to fit into one word or term
  49. Novo- : when one’s orientation changes with gender
  50. Nowo- : experiencing attraction to every gender except for self identifying women
  51. Omni- : the feeling of a lack of preference in gender and may be attracted to all genders equally; similar to pan-
  52. Pan- : the feeling of attraction towards any gender or all genders; similar to omni-
  53. Penulti- : feeling attraction towards every gender except your own
  54. Platoniromantic: feeling no difference between platonic and romantic attraction
  55. Polar- : feeling either extreme attraction or intense repulsion
  56. Poly- : the feeling of attraction towards most or several genders (but not all)
  57. Pomo- : the feeling of having no orientation
  58. Pre- : a placeholder term for someone who doesn’t think they’ve experienced enough attraction to know their orientation
  59. Proqua- : feeling attracted to feminine people when you yourself are feminine
  60. Proquu- : feeling attracted to masculine people when you yourself are masculine
  61. Queer: the feeling of not being hetero- yet not wanting to further identify with any conventional sexuality
  62. Quoiromantic: from the French word quoi meaning “what”; the feeling of not being able to distinguish romantic from platonic attraction and therefore being unsure if one has experienced it; used to replace wtfromantic because of vulgarity
  63. Recip- : the feeling of only experiencing attraction once someone else has experienced it towards them first
  64. Requies- : not feeling attraction when emotionally exhausted
  65. Sans- : when there’s no trend line in the attraction one feels, it just does what it does
  66. Sensu- : an orientation that is based off of sensuality as opposed to romance, sexuality, etc; different from sensual orientation; when romantic or sexual type pleasure is derived from sensual acts or situations
  67. Skolio- : the feeling of attraction towards nonbinary genders; replaced by cetero- because of problematic wording
  68. Specio- : feeling attraction towards someone based off of specific traits, not gender
  69. Thym- : feeling attraction which varies depending on emotional state
  70. Volit- : feeling attraction that is not directed at anyone in particular.
  71. Woma- : feeling attraction to women.


Comprehensive* List of LGBTQ+ Vocabulary Definitions

To help you make sense of the alphabet soup and be as respectful and accurate as possible when using identifying language.

By Sam Killermann, in Gender / Sexuality / Start Here, tagged G.O.A.T., Guide to Gender, List, Terminology

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So, is this sexuality today?

Romantic Orientation- Who you are romantically attracted to meaning wanting to be in a romantic relationship with and is unrelated to sexual attraction.
Sexual Orientation- Who you are sexually attracted to meaning who you get turned on by or who you would want to engage in sexual behaviors with.

Heterosexual- The attraction to a gender different from their own (commonly used to describe someone who is gender binary [female or male] attracted to the other binary gender).
Homosexual- The attraction to a gender the same as their own (commonly used to describe someone who is gender binary [female or male] attracted to the same binary gender).  Sometimess referred to as gay.
Lesbian- Women who are attracted only to other women
Bisexual- When you are attracted to two or more genders.  This term is generally used to describe being attracted to men and women, but can apply to being attracted to any two or more genders. Note that you do not have to be equally attracted to each gender.
Pansexual- When you are attracted to all genders and/or do not concern gender when you are attracted towards someone
Bicurious- People who are open to experiment with genders that are not only their own, but do not know if they are open to forming any sort of relationship with multiple genders.
Polysexual- When you are attracted to many genders
Monosexual- Being attracted to only one gender
Allosexual- When you are not asexual (attracted to at least one gender)
Androsexual- Being attracted to masculine gender presentation
Gynosexual- Being attracted to feminine gender presentation
Questioning- People who are debating their own sexuality/gender
Asexual- Not experiencing sexual attraction (note that you can also be aromantic and you do not necessarily have to be asexual and aromantic at the same time).  Sometimes the term, ace, is used to describe asexuals.
Demisexual- When you only experience sexual attraction after forming a strong emotional bond first or a romantic bond
Grey Asexual- When you only experience attraction rarely, on a very low scale, or only under certain circumstances
Perioriented- When your sexual and romantic orientation targets the same gender (for example being heteromantic and heterosexual or being biromantic and bisexual)
Varioriented- When your sexual and romantic orientations do not target the same set of genders (for example being heteromantic and bisexual or being homoromantic and pansexual)
Heteronormative- The belief that hetersexuality is the norm and that sex, gender, sexuality, and gender roles all align
Erasure- Ignoring the existance of genders and sexualities in the middle of the spectrum
Cishet- Someone who is both cisgendered and heterosexual.  This is sometimes used as a slur.
Polyamorous- An umbrella term referring to people who have or are open to have consensually have relationships with multiple people at the same time
Monoamorous- People who have or or open to have relationships with only one other person at a time.  The term, monogamous, is also sometimes used.
Queer- A reclaimed slur for anybody in the LGBT+ community or who do not identify as cisgender and/or hetersexual/heteromantic
Ally- A supporter of the LGBT+ community that does not identify as LGBT+

Gender & Sex

Sex- Your assigned gender at birth and/or the gender of your reproductive organs
Gender- Where you feel that you personally fall on the spectrum between male and female. Commonly people identify as male or female, but some fall in the middle or move throughout the spectrum.
Cisgender- When you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth
Transgender- When you identify with a gender different than that you were assigned at birth
Transsexual- When you have had Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) to change the sexual organs you were born with to that of a different gender.

Male to Female (MtF)- When somebody that is assigned as a male at birth identifies as a female
Female to Male (FtM)- When somebody that is assigned as a female at birth identifies as a  male
Binary- The genders at each end of the gender spectrum (male and female)
Non-Binary- An umbrella term for genders that fall somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum and are neither strictly male or female.  This can be used as a gender identification without further explanation.  Sometimes the term, genderqueer, is used.
Genderfluid- Moving between genders or having a fluctuating gender identity
Agender- Not identifying with any gender.  Sometimes referred to as being genderless or gendervoid
Bigender-  Identifying as two genders, commonly (but not exclusively) male and female.  Sometimes you feel like both genders at the same time and sometimes you fluctuate.
Polygender- When you identify with multiple genders at once.  Sometimes referred to as multigender.
Neutrois- When you identify as agender, neither male nor female, and/or genderless
Gender Apathetic- When you really do not identify nor care about any particular gender.  You are fine passing off as whatever and you really do not have an opinion towards your own gender.
Androgyne- This term overlaps a lot between gender identification and presentation.  It can be used to describe others and as an identification.   This term is used to describe people who are neither male nor female or are both male and female.  Basically anyone who does not fit into a binary gender category.
Intergender- Somebody who's gender is somewhere between male and female
Demigender- When you feel as if you are one part a defined gender and one or more parts an undefined gender.  Terms can include demigirl, demiboy, demiagender, ect.
Greygender- Somebody with a weak gender identification of themselves
Aporagender- Somebody with a strong gender identification of themselves that is non-binary
Maverique- A non-binary gender that exists outside of the orthodox social bounds of gender
Novigender- A gender that is super complex and impossible to describe in a single term
Designated gender- A gender assigned at birth based on an individuals sex and/or what gender society percieves a person to be
AFAB- Assigned Female At Birth
AMAB- Assigned Male At Birth
Gender roles- Certain behaviors an activities expected/considered acceptable of people in a particular society based upon their designated gender
Gender Presentation- The gender you present yourself to others.  This is sometimes referred to as gender expression
Transitioning- The process of using medical means to change your sex
Intersex- A biological difference in sex that is when people are born with genitals, gonads, and/or chromosomes that do not match up exactly with male or female.  Intersex individuals can have any romantic/sexual orientation and can have any gender identification.  Intersex individuals are about as common as redheads.
Dyadic- Someone who is not intersex and when their gentinals, gonads, and chromosomes can all match into either a male or female category
Trans Woman- Someone who is assigned as a male at birth, but identifies as a woman
Trans Man- Someone who is assigned as a female at birth, but identifies as a man
Trans Feminine- Someone who identifies as feminine, but identifies as neither a man nor a woman.  They must also be assigned male at birth.
Trans Masculine- Someone who identifies as masculine, but identifies as neither a man nor a woman.  They must also be assigned female at birth.
Social Dysphoria- Discomfort experienced when acting in ways socially different than your gender or being addressed in ways different to your gender
Body Dysphoria- Discomfort experienced because of the difference between gender and your sex, role, or gender expression
Butch- A term used to describe someone who's gender expression is more masculine than feminine.  This is commonly used in describing women or lesbians.
Femme (Fem)- A term used to describe someone who's gender expression is more feminine than masculine.  This is commonly used in describing women or lesbians.
Binarism- Putting gender strictly into two categories (male and female) and refusing to acknowledge genders outside of male and female.



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