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G2Voice Broadcast: #167 – How to eliminate

the symptoms called AUTISM Spectrum Disorder,

ASD, with Chlorine Dioxide by Kerri Rivera

Sunday, Nov. 24th , 2019



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Preventative Self-Care needs to be taught in today’s toxic world!

Learn it! 



Upcoming G2Church Seminars


Santa Marta, Colombia!

Feb. 15th-16th - English


Contact Bishop Joseph: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This will be our 62nd G2Church Seminar!

Since our 59th seminar the WHOLE G2Church Seminar has changed!

The G2Church Seminars are now covering topics such as:



We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing have been involved in one of the most comprehensive, worldwide, cross cultural broad spectrum voluntary human health studies of this world for the past 7 years. If you include Jim Humble and his studies in Africa, it has been almost 20 years. Ninety-five percent of the world's diseases have been treated with the Genesis II Church Protocols with great success. No monies were received from any pharmaceutical/medical companies wanting a certain result. The people of this world that have followed the G2C protocols have not been paid in anyway, but they have “self-dosed” themselves voluntarily. “Self-care” is what is being taught and encouraged by the Genesis II Church worldwide and it is working incredibly. Every person on this earth has the God-given right to control their own health and not rely on the pharmaceutical/medical industry. Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

Now, that’s scientific  –  Observation and Repeatability. That is why you’ll hear me say we are doing “clinical studies” all of the world with humans with our G2 Sacraments and seeing consistent results! Because that is exactly what we are doing, and I will show you testimonies and how to do it for YOURSELF!

This seminar answers questions like:

  • What is the dis-ease?
  • How does the body become dis-eased?
  • How was the body’s Digestive System designed to work?
  • Should you ASK YOUR DOCTOR anything about health or nutrition?
  • Does the Liver NEED to be cleansed?
  • Why is there so much Cancer in today’s world?
  • How to “restore health” from various types dis-ease of the body?
  • Are there testimonies of people restoring their health without a doctor?
  • How can I be involved with “creating a world without dis-ease?
  • As well as many more questions answered you NEED answered to live a healthy life in this toxic world!

Plan ahead for this seminar and hope to see many there and more importantly many there will know how to practice “self-care” for the rest of their lives!

The rooms are NOT included now but, lunch, Sat. and Sun. and snacks are included in the seminar cost of $300.00 US or 1,000,000 Colombian Pesos.

NOTE: The only EXRA cost is the cost of the hotel you choose for three nights!
There are 73 Lodgings in Rodadero. You choose where you want to stay.


Beautiful Rodadero, Colombia on the Caribbean Sea with the Sierra Nevada Mountains behind! Other places to visit while here:

Minca, Colombia

2nd 3rd

Tayrona Park

4th 5th


We are looking forward to training more health ministers on how to use the G2 Sacramental Protocols. We are seeing so many testimonies coming in weekly from around the world using the G2Church Protocols correctly! People can take control of their own health without relying on the medical industry for the rest of their life! Of course, in case of an emergency you need a hospital's emergency ward, but day to day health can be achieved by:

  1. Detoxing the body with the G2 Sacraments of pathogens i.e. bad bacteri, bad viruses, bad overgrown fungi and molds, overgrown parasite population, heavy metals, cancers and oxidize other synthetic and artificial compounds causing dis-ease in the body!
  2. Minimizing and stopping all the toxins that are coming into the body including medications!
  3. Building up the body's internal complex and efficient defense systems that work in conjunction with the 13 systems of the body with naturally organic foods.
  4. Eliminating Stressful relationships and situations in your life!

Everyone that is planning on coming needs to buy their plane tickets to Santa Marta, Colombia. Rodadero is where the seminar will be held and is 20 minutes from Airport, (SMR). Those coming from US through Miami can save money by flying into Barranquilla, BRQ, and take a bus, 1 ½ hours directly from airport to Rodadero 10 mins from Santa Marta where the G2Seminar will be held. This should save you 300 US! The price of the seminar.
NOTE: Please register as soon as possible because this helps us to plan the seminar to run more efficiently.
Contact Bishop Joseph at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are looking forward to a great Genesis II Church Seminar in beautiful Rodadero, Colombia! Come and spend a few extra days relaxing before or after the G2 Seminar. There are a lot of things to see here from the mountains 30 minutes away to the Caribbean Sea and Tayrona park. Santa Marta is 10 minutes away and it is over 500 years old!

Let’s Change The World Together!

Bishop Mark S. Grenon



Weekly testimonies


  • Autism These parents’ confidence and joy is absolutely beautiful. I'm almost in tears with hope. I can imagine their dreams of gaining their child's transformation. Praise the Lord for the sovereign providence of God that led them to the help they needed! Albert W Richter
  • GREAT NEWS! After only 5 days on protocol 1000 I had a lump disappear completely! My goal is to eradicate the EBV virus, can't wait to see my test results in a few weeks!!! I'm finally taking control of my own health, way better than the traditional route. Smooth Beaches
  • I started using this Mineral from Heaven 10 months ago.
    I Was suffering from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (Shingles in my ears).
    Which left every nerve in my being  (entered the spinal column ) ravaged and wracked with chronic pain. Physical tremors and shaking.
    Terrible Anxiety. Depression. And  the virus kept coming back every 3 weeks  for 5 years (while using antiviral). GONE
    It has taken a good 6 months to work it out of my system.
    Bonus!: warts, gone. Skin pre cancer sun damage, dried up and fell off. Major fungal infection of sinus and skin Tinea Versicolor, gone.
    Dark spots and overall weird skin thingies, gone. Body odor, gone. Teeth And gums, awesome. Pink eye, gone. Bronchitis, gone. Sprained ankle wrist, no bruising and healed in a week. Chronic heartburn, gas from any foods. No more.
  • I use it on burns and cuts (kills the pain), bug bites. Bath in it wash my hair and entire body brush teeth. I use it as a cleaner. Clean meat veggies and fruit. Put it In my cats water. In my garden plants and yard. Fog my house to kill mold.
    It may seem like had a lot of health issues (56 years old), and I did.
  • Kills Pathogens and Oxidizes toxins, NO LIE.
    I have control over my health, and I feel wonderful. Still have some aches and pains that come up and I put the mineral on em!
    Thank you for making this available to us all.
    I love you Angels.
  • Hi, I am taking mms for 14 days. I started with 4 drops in 1 liter of water 8 times a day and every day I put one more drop. Today I thought 20 drops. In the first week I was weak and tired, couldn’t do anything at the gym, but now I am feeling good. I have acne, candida on my tongue, fungus on my toenails. I’m 50 % cured. Thank you.
  • My name is Nila Ovelar and I am from Paraguay. Five years ago I had an operation on my breasts to remove cysts.  That took place in Santa Casa Campo Grande, Brazil.  They removed more than half a dozen cysts from each side and more than 200 grams of muscular mass from the area where the tumor was branching out.  I had to have plastic surgery for visual esthetics.  Because of this, I had to take out a mortgage on my house to pay for my surgery and my radiation treatment.  Two years after the treatment a tumor started to grow internally on the right side, it looked like I had 3 breasts.  Also I had high fevers and pain in my whole body.  Every day the pain became more unbearable and I had to return to my doctor in Brazil.   After a monographic study he looked at me and told me we have to remove both my breasts and do chemotherapy.  With tears in my eyes I asked the doctor what would be the cost of these treatments and he told me it would cost 20,000 Reales.    I left the office crying and desperate because there was no way I could acquire that amount of money, unless I could sell my house.  But that was not possible because I still owed on my mortgage and some payments where behind.  I also was alone with 2 children to care for,  devastated  health and 2 university careers that were about to end( Law and Clerkship)  I was working independently as a manager for a firm of a clerkman that is a very good friend of mine.   Often times I could not make it to work and she knew it was because of my fever, pain and the impossibility for me to travel on motorbike.   Apart from this I also have degenerative Disc Disease and a hernia in one of my disc.The fever became unbearable.  One day my very good friend called and told me to come by to give me a remedy that her nephew brought from the USA for my husband.   He said it can cure cancer also.  I went and she gave me 5 ml of the Sodium Chlorite.  She explained to me that I had to activate each drop with 5 drops of lime. The first day I took it 5 times and I slept better than I had in months.  The next day I woke up with no fever and went to work.   I continued taking the MMS activated with lemon and did not have a fever- only pains in my muscles.  The 3rd day the tumor did not have the red spots and was a lot softer.  The 5th day I had a very bad case of diarrhea, lucky I was in my office alone because I didn’t notice in time and it was a complete disaster.  I did not have time to get to the bathroom in time.  It was like a cow was giving birth(well I live in the country and that was the only thing I could compare this incident with)  It was like If I didn’t see this, I wouldn’t believe that the human  could expulse this out of the body.  On the 10th day my tumor was completely gone.  On the 15th day I dove in the river and crossed sides, like I had done before ( because I am a swimmer and I hadn’t swam in over 5 months due to the fact that the fever kept me to weak).  While I was returning to the lower shoreline of the river, I floated on my back and yelled with all my might” Thank you God”!!!!!!  I thanked Him for this miracle because I am an orphan of father and mother and only I could take care of my kids.  That is how MMS changed my life, 4 years later I am dedicated to share MMS in my country, because I consider it a crime if it is silenced.  Today with the possibilities and the time that I spend in my work, I dedicate to restore health freely to the people with wounds because I also am a nurse and I see poor and humble people being treated badly and discriminated because of their wounds.  In the name of God and the honor of Mister Jim Humble, I am creating a Restoration Center of the Genesis II Church in Paraguay.  It is a small place that is in construction at the moment but it is to help clean the wounds freely to all who suffer from terrible illnesses. 
  • Hello Mark , would you kindly let me know if you offer any classes in Canada sometime please? I have been using mms for 4 yrs now after curing acute pancreatitis. Among other smaller problems . I’ve been learning quite a bit on line and have read Jim Humble books. Cherri 
  • Bladder cancer completely gone after 2 months (the docs had been ready to remove the bladder).
  • Rheumatic heart disease of 30 years, gone after 2 months. Complete recovery of heart function, which had been at 32% function 2 months prior. Cardiologist was astounded.
  • Asthma of 22 years (since birth), gone after a 3 week protocol 1000.



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Keeping the G2Church Sacraments with you at all times is a must in this TOXIC world. It is getting worse every day especially with the poisons found in medications , processed foods and being sprayed in the air on the heavily populated areas of the world! From purifying the water you drink to dealing with allergic reactions from toxins or just daily detoxing the body, the G2Sacraments can keep you healthy in an unhealthy world! We at the G2Church are working hard to keep the donations for our sacraments as inexpensive as possible while other providers are charging double in many cases! There are three main reasons to obtain your sacraments from us:

1. We ensure that your sacraments are prepared correctly which effects the results! We have tested many of the so-called providers and found the solutions to be weak and NOT as effective!

2. We can help guide you with the Sacramental protocols whereas others may or may not know how to use the protocols and are only providing products that might not even be made correctly!

3. We try to keep the donation for the basic kits at around $20 US.

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How to eliminate the symptoms called AUTISM Spectrum Disorder,

ASD, with Chlorine Dioxide by Kerri Rivera


It was really good to ‘catch up’ with Kerri Rivera after 6 years! The last time I talked with her was in 2013 at our MMS Seminar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Wow, time flies! How did this reunion happen? Well, our Bishop Bob in Tennessee has a TV station called I had been on a few times and he also had Kerri come on the station. While they were talking, he mentioned me and the Genesis II Church. Kerri asked Bob for my telephone number and from there it turned into a GREAT reunion with incredible news! Over 550 Autistic children and a few adults have now a ‘non-diagnosis’ of Autism Spectrum Disorder! Kerri told me she believes more than 10,000 have been helped worldwide recover this diagnosis with 10’s of thousands been helped substantially wroldwide!

Listen in this Sunday, Nov. 24th  at: at 10 AM EST

Kerri, Joe and I talked about her being persecuted and even threatened for what she is doing! Pray for her safety! She is doing a great work.


Autism Recovery #502!!!!

In mid-2010, I received a letter from a woman in Mexico named Kerri Rivera. Here is some of our correspondence with her as she was learning the MMS Protocols we were developing at that time!

9-1-2010 I wanted to mention a couple of important points with regards to Jim's comments on ozone and hyperbaric. At my not-for-profit autism clinic in Puerto Vallarta Mexico I have ozone(IV, rectal, vaginal and ear) and hyperbaric. I have never had the results that I am having with MMS. My son's stools never got better with rectal ozone nor hyperbaric for that matter. This is why MMS is so brilliant and heads and shoulders over the other oxygen therapies. And I love what I am seeing with my son. This will translate into something huge.

Thank you all so much for your mission. Day 11...and counting. Kerri Rivera 9-7-2010 Hi there!

Okay, all is going well but the autism recovery has not happened. We are in day 17 with 3 drops every hour for 8-10 hours. My son is 10 and weighs 105 pounds. So...a small adult. He is doing great. I have MMS1 and MMS2. Should I raise the dosage of MMS1 from 3 drops to how many? Should I fold in MMS2 every other hour 4 times a day?

I have parents reading my blog and buying MMS1. I need some direction. Little kids I think a drop every hour might be fine or more? We are totally on the right track. I just need a bit more guidance.

Thanks for your guidance.


9-12-2010 Kerri,
You are doing good.  Keep it up.  Don't go over 3 drops for the time being.  Start on MMS 2 but keep the amount low like 1/4 capsule or even less if it causes stomach problems.  However, the stomach problems are usually caused by not drinking enough water with the MMS2 capsule.  One glass of water should be enough, but right with the capsule.   Use 1/4 capsule by opening it up and dumping out 3/4.  Yes, do the capsule every other hour, which is 4 times a day.  After you are sure he is taking the 1/4 capsule OK go to 1/2 capsule.  Do not do more than 1/2 capsule for a while.  Remember at least 3/4 glass of water with each capsule, but don't overdo these things including don't overdo the water.  EASY DOES IT.  I believe the MMS2 will do the job.  I've seen MMS1 and 2 work many times with things of the brain.  Remember be careful not to get juice with ascorbic acid or vitamin c.  Don't use orange juice.  Let me know how things go.
It could be a wonderful world

As always with love Jim Humble

10-31-2010 Hi Mark,  It has been 70 days since beginning MMS for autism in my group. Officially I have 55 people taking MMS and the stories of the children improving blow me away. Every day or every other day I get an email with a non-verbal child talking and or doing some amazing thing that he/she had never done. Thank you for MMS and thank you for supporting me in my mission to recover children with autism. I feel that MMS is going to prove to be a huge piece of the autism puzzle for recovery. I hope to present a recovered child with autism with MMS in the largest conference on autism in the world in Puerto Rico in March. Wish me luck!Thank you all very much. Kerri RiveraAutismo2Puerto Vallarta Mexico

11-8-1010 I have taken the DVD course. Maybe Jim wants to talk to me. Kerri

11-25-2010 Hi Jim,When you told me to come for the course of November 29th I couldn't find a ticket that wasn't 3 to 4 layovers and a 16 to 24 hour day of flying. I hope to be able to join you in January or February if the offer still stands. I have 65 kids on MMS and 3 kids in the past 30 days lose the diagnosis of autism. I have 2 friends who are DAN! Dr F. is beginning to use MMS with her patients with our protocol. I believe that it is possible to recover children with little to no extra expense each month just by making some dietary changes and adding in MMS. I look forward to presenting autism recovery through MMS at the largest annual conference in the world at the end of March. I am honored to be invited to your compound and look forward to doing it in the first quarter of 2011. Happy Thanksgiving. Kerri 

3-27-11 I just put about 100 people on MMS this weekend at the conference in Puerto Rico and from here I go to Venezuela to put 700 more on MMS. In Venezuela I can actually give the MMS presentation. Here in Puerto Rico I could not give the MMS presentation. No worries. I still spread the word.

All my best, Kerri

4-10-11 Check this out! This is going to be in a magazine in Spain and in their website. This MMS is infiltrating the community of autism like wildfire.



Kerri went on to guide parents to help 502 autistic children ‘lose’ their autism diagnosis as of 10/2019 and many thousands more on their way! Lord bless her and Jim for developing this formula called MMS!

As of Oct. 2019,  I received this newsletter from Kerri!

Dear friends,
Please join me in celebrating Autism Recovery #502!
This child from Venezuela recently found out his ATEC

is below 10 and he is considered recovered!  
Click here for a video greeting from me and my thoughts
on this remarkable family!


            Chlorine Dioxide is what is recovering Autism!


  • Half Children by 2025 will have Autism?


  • Kerri and Dr. Seneff CD Breaks Down Glyphosate and Cures Autism


  •     Bob the Plumber Show "Update on MMS with Kerri Rivera." 07/24/19




Kerri’s homepage

This is the video of Kerri’s latest protocols for Autism

Kerri AutismOne 2019

CD Protocol Video”




G2Voice Broadcast: # 167 – How to eliminate the symptoms called AUTISM Spectrum Disorder,

ASD, with Chlorine Dioxide by Kerri Rivera

Sunday, Nov. 24th , 2019



Let’s change the world together!

Bishop Mark S. Grenon

Head Bishop and Co-founder of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing



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