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G2Voice Broadcast #175 - Why ‘Health Care’,

when you have Genesis II Church SELFCARE?

Jan. 19th, 2020



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The G2Church Creed is based on the Holy Scriptures NOT man’s worldly wisdom!


4 weeks before our Colombian G2Church Seminars!

Signup early so help us plan well!

Upcoming G2Church Seminars

English – Feb. 15th-16th 2020

Spanish – Feb. 22nd – 23rd


This will be our 62nd G2Church Seminar!

Since our 59th seminar the WHOLE G2Church Seminar has changed!

The G2Church Seminars are now covering topics such as:



We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing have been involved in one of the most comprehensive, worldwide, cross cultural broad spectrum voluntary human health studies of this world for the past 7 years. If you include Jim Humble and his studies in Africa, it has been almost 20 years. Ninety-five percent of the world's diseases have been treated with the Genesis II Church Protocols with great success. No monies were received from any pharmaceutical/medical companies wanting a certain result. The people of this world that have followed the G2C protocols have not been paid in anyway, but they have “self-dosed” themselves voluntarily. “Self-care” is what is being taught and encouraged by the Genesis II Church worldwide and it is working incredibly. Every person on this earth has the God-given right to control their own health and not rely on the pharmaceutical/medical industry. Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

Now, that’s scientific  –  Observation and Repeatability. That is why you’ll hear me say we are doing “clinical studies” all of the world with humans with our G2 Sacraments and seeing consistent results! Because that is exactly what we are doing, and I will show you testimonies and how to do it for YOURSELF!

This seminar answers questions like:

  • What is the dis-ease?
  • How does the body become dis-eased?
  • How was the body’s Digestive System designed to work?
  • Should you ASK YOUR DOCTOR anything about health or nutrition?
  • Does the Liver NEED to be cleansed?
  • Why is there so much Cancer in today’s world?
  • How to “restore health” from various types dis-ease of the body?
  • Are there testimonies of people restoring their health without a doctor?
  • How can I be involved with “creating a world without dis-ease?
  • As well as many more questions answered you NEED answered to live a healthy life in this toxic world!

Plan ahead for this seminar and hope to see many there and more importantly many there will know how to practice “self-care” for the rest of their lives!

The rooms are NOT included now but, lunch, Sat. and Sun. and snacks are included in the seminar cost of $300.00 US or 1,000,000 Colombian Pesos.

NOTE: The only EXRA cost is the cost of the hotel you choose for three nights!
There are 73 Lodgings in Rodadero. You choose where you want to stay.


Beautiful Rodadero, Colombia on the Caribbean Sea with the Sierra Nevada Mountains behind! Other places to visit while here:

Minca, Colombia

2nd 3rd

Tayrona Park

4th 5th


We are looking forward to training more health ministers on how to use the G2 Sacramental Protocols. We are seeing so many testimonies coming in weekly from around the world using the G2Church Protocols correctly! People can take control of their own health without relying on the medical industry for the rest of their life! Of course, in case of an emergency you need a hospital's emergency ward, but day to day health can be achieved by:

  1. Detoxing the body with the G2 Sacraments of pathogens i.e. bad bacteri, bad viruses, bad overgrown fungi and molds, overgrown parasite population, heavy metals, cancers and oxidize other synthetic and artificial compounds causing dis-ease in the body!
  2. Minimizing and stopping all the toxins that are coming into the body including medications!
  3. Building up the body's internal complex and efficient defense systems that work in conjunction with the 13 systems of the body with naturally organic foods.
  4. Eliminating Stressful relationships and situations in your life!

Everyone that is planning on coming needs to buy their plane tickets to Santa Marta, Colombia. Rodadero is where the seminar will be held and is 20 minutes from Airport, (SMR). Those coming from US through Miami can save money by flying into Barranquilla, BAQ, and take a bus, 1 ½ hours directly from airport to Rodadero 10 mins from Santa Marta where the G2Seminar will be held. This should save you 300 US! The price of the seminar.
NOTE: Please register as soon as possible because this helps us to plan the seminar to run more efficiently.
Contact Bishop Joseph at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are looking forward to a great Genesis II Church Seminar in beautiful Rodadero, Colombia! Come and spend a few extra days relaxing before or after the G2 Seminar. There are a lot of things to see here from the mountains 30 minutes away to the Caribbean Sea and Tayrona park. Santa Marta is 10 minutes away and it is almost 500 years old!

Let’s Change The World Together!

Bishop Mark S. Grenon


Bishop Jonathan on TV in Dominican Republic!

Bishop Jonathan was asked to be on a TV program in The D.R. to explain our

G2Sacraments and a lawyer that was CURED of Diabetes with our Sacraments gave his testimony!


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Weekly testimonies


  • MMS is miracle drug. My father recovered from the fourth stage of cancer. Dominika Waloszková

·        Been almost a year without a cold sore

I've been getting cold sores since I was 5, of course all over the counter and prescribed meds only "treated" the problem. Growing up with a recurring cold sore every 4-6 months was tough especially as a kid, every time i went out on a nice day, was anxious or nervous I'd get the tingle. I first heard about mms from my mother in law, then my wife convinced me to get it. When I started using it I did all protocols wrong, but after correcting my mistakes it's been 8 months since my last sore (the longest stretch of time yet). Looking forward to seeing if this holds up. 

  • Hi Mark - Greetings from Illinois. I am sending you this email to report success with MMS and a question. It has been quite some since I was diagnosed with MRSA and went through 3+ years of rounds of antibiotics but it kept coming back.  Determined to find a permanent fix, I found you and others talking of MMS on YouTube before the censorship (which is so sad and a topic for another day).  I followed the protocols just like you state and the MRSA is gone.  And it has stayed gone for 2.5 years now.  Praise God that I found MMS and the G2Church.  Since that time I listen to you and Joe every week.  On Sundays, "Welcome Welcome Welcome" can be heard booming my my kitchen internet radio speaker. 
  • Hey Mark, I just wanted  to thank you for all the work you’re doing to help people. I’m sorry those pigs censored your YouTube, I guess it was inevitable. I do my best to spread the word about mms, it’s helped me so much. Keep it real my man, you guys are truly an embodiment of Christ – David
  • Chronic Fatigue

Dramatic Recovery From Debilitating CFS
I first came across MMS about a decade ago and recommended it to a dear friend of mine who had AIDS. I also used it to treat my herpes simplex infection and it was very successful for that too. Fast forward 4-5 years and I became very ill with chronic fatigue syndrome with debilitating fatigue, anxiety, depression, brain fog and all the usual symptoms. Unfortunately, I had allowed myself to be put off MMS by some of the negative propaganda out there and decided to try to treat my CFS using other means (such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbals, etc). I had been battling to stay well for the last 6-7 years, with some success, but nothing was really working, even ozone and nano silver seemed fairly limited in what they could do for me. A few days ago I was so weak and confused that I was seriously considering taking my own life. I just didn't feel I could carry on anymore. Then, all of a sudden, a little voice inside told me to start taking 2 drops of activated MMS every hour with a few drops of DMSO. I knew about this protocol, but I had never tried it for myself. So that's exactly what I did. Well, I'm astounded as to how effective this is. It's unbelievable. Within a couple of hours it was as though someone plugged my brain back into the mains. I was suddenly able to think clearly and get up off the sofa and start making some food and to think ahead a little for the first time in days. I'm now on day 3 and am continuing to take 2 drops of MMS on the hour. I'm getting no nausea or side effects from this relatively small dose. I just feel fantastic. My whole body feels oxygenated and clean and my brain is getting clearer and clearer. I can't believe I forgot about this miracle but am so humbled and grateful to have re-discovered it. I was really scared that I had come to the end of the road and now I can suddenly see a bright future for myself. I’ll report back again in a few weeks to let you know how I am doing, but I am pretty certain that I am going to be just fine. S.

  • MRSA “A few days after visiting a friend in the hospital, I noticed one of my fingertips started swelling, turning red and becoming painful. I ignored my symptoms for a few days but noticed they were getting progressively worse resulting in my entire finger being extremely painful as well as swollen and red. I panicked, as I had never experienced, which appeared to be an infection, take hold so fast. I went to the doctor who said that it appeared to be MRSA, prescribed an antibiotic, and said to come back immediately if the antibiotic appeared to not be working. I took most of the antibiotic, which did not have an effect at all on the MRSA. I am very sensitive to any type of drugs and don't like taking antibiotics anyway. So instead of going back to the doctor, I prepared protocol for skin infections and the pain STOPPED COMPLETELY after spraying MMS on my finger and exposing finger to MMS gas in glass "shot glass" the first time. My finger was healed completely in about 3 days. I am so grateful to Jim Humble and his ministry for letting the public know about MMS protocols including their continued support”.
    Thank you again. Christine Cook
  • MRSA wound healed in 24 hours. “I have been fighting MRSA for 5 years. 5 months ago I had a severe outbreak. After 1 week in the hospital and operations on both hands I took IV antibiotics for 10 weeks. Every time they took me off the antibiotics, I would have another outbreak. The last time I had another outbreak before the antibiotics were finished. My MMS showed up the next day. I took 6 drops and waited an hour, I then took 15 drops and waited 4 hours and took another 15 drops. I got up in the morning and took another 15 drops, that afternoon the sores were scabbed over. Took 15 drops that evening then started protocol 1000 the next day. Held the gas in my nose twice a day for a week while on the proto 1000. Haven\'t felt this good for a long time”.  Thank You Jim.
    Steve Zimmerman
  • “Hello, I am a 72 year old male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer last Aug 10,2012 by biopsy in Costa Rica. The Doctor there wanted to remove the prostate, I declined. When I returned to home in USA Dr. here wanted to start radiation treatment which I again declined, planning to do herbal treatment and to spend winter in another part of USA. Dr. said okay we can wait and see (watchful waiting). My PSA level was 10.2 in Aug, I had it rechecked in Oct. it was 9.8 It seemed to be going in the right direction with herbs. Dr. in Costa Rick prescribed Proscar and Dr. in USA prescribed Flomax which I took until January 2013. I contacted a Dr. in Springfield Mo. who wanted the slides from Costa Rica. When I got them and took them to him, he said they were not good enough to determine if I in fact had Prostate Cancer. I submitted to another biopsy,(not fun) results came back still cancer there although on the Gerson scale it had dropped from total of 6 to 5. He wanted to remove prostate I again said not yet I want to do some herbal things to try and defeat the cancer.  He said okay it is your life, but it won't help, but he agreed to watchful waiting again. I was informed about MMS in January and had some difficulty finding a source of supply. I first ordered from Canada and after more than two weeks I had not received order.  It seems it was held up in customs.  I searched further and found a USA source and ordered MMS from them, in less than a week I received both orders.  I began the MMS1 on the old protocol of one drop activated first hour then upped it one drop per hour until I was up to 9 drops, I had not experienced any problem. Next morning I took 10 drops, waited 30 min. to eat breakfast, then 30 min. later took 11 drops.  In very short time I could not get to bathroom fast enough, I upchucked everything I had eaten and had diarrhea. I had to drop back to 4 drops to keep from having diarrhea. After the first week I added the MMS2 every other hour for the 10 hrs. starting with 1/4 capsule for one day then 1/2 for next day then third day one full 00 capsule.  I was able to ramp up the MMS1 to 8 drops per hour for 10 hours/day. I continued the treatment for full 6 weeks, after returning home from Missouri I had blood drawn and sent to lab for analysis and it came back normal (cancer free). I have had PSA test done in July 2013 and it was 8.4 which is going in right direction.  I have much better urine flow than before and less nighttime trips to bathroom. After I had been on MMS for two weeks, I dropped off the Flomax and have not had a return of difficulty in urinating”.  Note: “I had also been of HBP medication for about 16 years to control blood pressure.  I have been off this medication for over two month and pressure is normal (120/62 pulse 64). I am currently on no prescription medication and feel as long as I have MMS I will no longer be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Truman McKillip. 
  • “About ten months ago Ronnie was diagnosed with Gleason scale 7 Prostate Cancer. This is a fast growing number. His PSA number was 11.6. He was told if he didn't take drastic action he had, at the most, five years to live. He decided not to decide at that time but did take a 6 month Harmon therapy shot. We found Jim on the internet a month later. What has happened next is on our web site "", along with Jim's News Letter "Malaria Overcome". We have been telling everyone about the results of  MMs. We also put info on my "Face Foust".  Ronny is now cancer free and his PSA is down to 1.2 Our family and friends are so impressed some are buying your book and even buying some for friends. One doctor told him, after it had already worked, that it would never work. Another Dr. wanted to see the book and even wrote down where to send for it. To read the results of how MMs aided in Ronnie's cure go to "" and click on "List of Studies" and select "Ronnie's Prostate Cancer Ordeal". To read Jim's newsletter select "God's Answer to Ronnie -Cancer Free" I have invited everyone on face book to go there and read it. Many have. We thank God He sent us to Jim!!  Thank you all, and Jim, for dedicating your life and talent for healing so many dying people”. Rhoda and Ronald Foust 
  • In 1997 I was diagnosed with a Gleason 7 prostate cancer having a 1.5cm tumor. My healing modalities at the time did not include mainstream medicine but was expensive. For the last 6 years my AMAS tests were negative. July this year my AMAS test had a Net Tag of 158 which was elevated cancer; on Aug. 2 the Net Tag was 181 and finally on Sept. 21, 2011 my Net Tag was reduced to 81 which is very low and well in the normal range.? I used MMS1 and MMS2 protocols with MMS enemas. What cost me last time over $50,000 I did this time for $50.-. I am ever so grateful for your work, Jim, facing challenges with tenacity and bringing a better and better understanding to how MMS works. On your old program I got rid of a stubborn case of candida [yes, us men have that too] where for 10 years I tried everything, and nothing worked until I took MMS for 3 weeks and the follow-up tests had me clear. I had a hard time taking the MMS the old way and was delighted to be able to take it in capsules now.? I encourage anyone with a serious disease to study MMS; it helped me two times so far. I will now stay on a maintenance protocol. The above mentioned tests and my daily MMS consumption protocol are available on request”.? Many thanks again,
    John Bastian


G2Church Health Restoration Center


We do preventive maintence on our cars and homes so why not do preventive maintence with your health? Come to our Colombian G2 Church Restoration center BEFORE your body is in a DIS-EASED state and do a 30-day detox and learn how to maintain your body’s health! For more information. Please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or for Spanish This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: We have opening for March – June 2020 at this time!


NEW G2Church Project!

The G2Church is developing a natural farm! Pray that our main base in U.S. continues to develop in 2020!


image011 image013

image015 image017

6 acres!


100’s of Moringa trees were planted already with more to come and we are looking

into raising bees there. Trying to produce Moringa honey! We had doen it in Dominican Republic! Great stuff! I take Moringa every day!


To stay healthy in this toxic world, do the following while you can.

What you can do!

1. Get our G2Church Documentary to the world!


All the subtitled languages of G2Church documentary!

Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch, Arabic,

Slovenian, Hungarian, Slovakian, English (Hearing Impaired)


2. Get this book and read it!

       Read the Free Partial book:


“Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” - Book Reviews

  • I bought your new book you wrote. I love it! It has a lot more detail on foods to eat, what not to eat, and how to do the protocols than the other one I own. I will tell people to get yours for now on since it answers more questions everyone has.
  • Anyway I really enjoyed your Bible, I think it is more than just a book packed with lots of valuable information. There is no other book that I know of with this kind of information. I wish and hope that it becomes a best seller. It is an Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs. It should qualify for a Nobel prize, but, as we know, will not be the case since it is financed by the pharmaceutical crooks. Aldo
  • I am on page 30 and this is the best book I have ever read outside of the BIBLE!!! Bob
  • Congratulations on 100 episodes; you guys have me laughing hard at times; I bought the book and its packed with info and I can only urge people to buy a copy. :)) Peter Martin Blessings! 
  • From Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT Scientist! Thank you for the book.  It looks really interesting, and your views on health and disease are in very good alignment with my own views. A wealth of useful materials on how to stay healthy in the modern toxic world.  You have targeted many of the same things I am concerned about - glyphosate, vaccines, EMFs, fluoride, ....
    I am taking a break from podcasts at this time.  I want to wait until my book comes out, because I think then I will be in a stronger place to defend the idea that glyphosate is the primary cause of the alarming rise in many diseases, including autism. In my book, I have a section that defends chlorine dioxide, and I have references to back it up.  I'm hoping that will help dispel the myth that chlorine dioxide is way too toxic to be used medicinally.


A review from Dr. Leonard Horowitz

World Without Disease by Mark Grenon is Imaginable and Prophetic.

April 15, 2019

“Imagine a World Without Disease. Is it Possible? is an outstanding compilation of enlightening facts that Divine justice calls into question at these urgent ‘End Times.’ Civilization is now threatened with extinction by corporate fascists, government officials, and their minions of so-called science experts in ‘healthcare’ and biological warfare. Their damage demonstrates their criminal psychopathology, demonic possession, and unGodly impositions. These Deep State stewards of profitable depopulation, geopolitical and economic chaos, and human misery have a karmic destiny that is inescapable. Mark S. Grenon puts a nail in their coffin with this life-saving labor of love. I especially recommend his book for people awakening from their hypno-tronic trance states into the real world of physical salvation and spiritual restoration.”
Review by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

See our interview with Dr. Leonard Horwitz  here:



Volume Two, Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE being proofread now!

“An auto-biography of the G2Church from 2009 – 2014”




NOTE: If you think the information can help you then buy the complete book at:

“Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE Is it Possible?


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Take Your G2Sacraments on the road with you!

Keeping the G2Church Sacraments with you at all times is a must in this TOXIC world. It is getting worse every day especially with the poisons found in medications , processed foods and being sprayed in the air on the heavily populated areas of the world! From purifying the water you drink to dealing with allergic reactions from toxins or just daily detoxing the body, the G2Sacraments can keep you healthy in an unhealthy world! We at the G2Church are working hard to keep the donations for our sacraments as inexpensive as possible while other providers are charging double in many cases! There are three main reasons to obtain your sacraments from us:

1. We ensure that your sacraments are prepared correctly which effects the results! We have tested many of the so-called providers and found the solutions to be weak and NOT as effective!

2. We can help guide you with the Sacramental protocols whereas others may or may not know how to use the protocols and are only providing products that might not even be made correctly!

3. We try to keep the donation for the basic kits at around $20 US.

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G2Voice Broadcast # 175 - Why ‘Health Care’,

when you have Genesis II Church SELFCARE?




I want to appeal to your logic here. If there was a study that showed that a certain system has failed miserably to the point of killing the very people that are saying they protect, would there be any reason to continue this system? Wouldn’t it be logical to shut it down immediately?

Well, the good news is there is a study for all to see and that is the results of 100+ years of pharmaceutical controlled medical systems imposed on the people worldwide!

This 100+ year observation has proven without a shadow of doubt that the Allopathic method of healthcare has failed miserably for all to see! You may say, where is that study and who did it. Well, the very developers of this Western medicine, i.e. Nazi experimental testing, have been done on the people of the England, Germany, U.S. Canada, New Zealand, Australia, much of Europe, Asia etc. The world is receiving the data from around the world. Every continent has been affected. The stats are there, and it is most likely worse that they have admitted due to the same people control the “peer-reviewed” studies  as well as the media coverage. Let’s see how the Medical Industry has done.

So, after 100+ years of the Medical Industry’s control of “health”, the world now is experiencing epidemics of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, autism, auto-immune illnesses and many other previously unknown ILLNESSES before 1900’s!

Aren’t the results telling us this system is not ONLY UNNATURAL but slowly making the world sicker and sicker as the human body is getting more toxic and in turn effects the whole world!

One of my friends, Don Tolman put it this way.

“It’s so interesting because people in modern, developed countries have the sickliest population base of any of the countries in the world. Yet, we have more doctors, more hospitals, more this, more that, more medicines, more, more, more, more, more; yet, there’s more cancer every year, more diabetes every year, more disease every year. What we need to do is slow down and realize that health and vitality and well-being are a natural result of performing behaviors on a daily basis that support it. There’s no mystery. Good, clean air, good clean water, sunshine, walking, plant and whole foods for most of your diet, if not all of it, loving relationships, passion, and you stay healthy. You don’t get sick. The truth is there’s only one disease, not 17, 000 diseases that they have made up with 17th-century Latin to create fear and bullying and to sell you 561,000 pharmaceutical drugs that are all patented for over-the-counter prescriptions and all the miracle supplements. The truth is there is only one disease. That is, it. And so, if people will start to look at insufficiencies and look at the behaviors that are toxic and begin to eliminate them and clean up their house i.e. clean up their body, then you heal. It’s a natural process, and I’ve seen it thousands and thousands of times. We have people that had been Stage Three and Stage Four cancers and they’ve been sent home to die. And as long as they stopped all their medications, and maybe do a little bit of water fasting for a few days and juice fasting, and/or just simply go on a fresh, locally grown, whole food diet, I have never seen this people not recover, as long as they don’t keep going back for medical treatment. I believe that what’s going on is a grassroots revolution that is going to build, not through marching and banners and bloodshed, but a revolution of individuals realizing, “Oh, my gosh. We don’t need to fight disease. We need to embrace principles of health.” I think that what’s going to happen just in the next two to four decades is that what today we understand is healthcare with pharmaceutical drugs, miracle supplements, doctors, hospitals, all these different things is going to die and go away, and the only thing that will be there is the brilliant technologies of crisis and trauma such as accidents and stitching flesh that has been torn too deep, or setting bones”, -  Don Tolman

I love that guy! You can see the interview we did with him on our weekly G2Voice Broadcast here:





I am mentioning how people are being programmed and brainwashed to see if you conclude that you are also brainwashed when it comes to the medical industry, doctors, medical schools, pharmaceuticals, CDC, FDA, EPA, DOJ and mainstream media. I want to show you PROOF by showing  what the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing has been doing worldwide so you can see an ALTERNATIVE APPROACH to REAL health outside of the Medical/Pharma Industry. We are teaching SELF-CARE which is totally contrary to ‘healthcare’ or is it ‘sickcare’. Curing people of illnesses is not good for business but keeping people sick keeps the money flowing! Is that why we have been eliminated from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and even Google said they wrote an algorithm to minimize people form seeing what we are doing WORLDWIDE! The G2Church is a snowball that has turned into a MASSIVE avalanche of TRUTH that ‘they’ want stopped! We are now one of the quickest organizations to be censored on earth! Why is that? Is the G2Church a threat to the ‘established’ healthcare system that doesn’t work as we expose how simple and easy it is to take care of your OWN health? 

I recommend you reading my first book, “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE – Is It Possible?” Here is an endorsement and review from Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who contacted me after we were censored by YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and slandered by various newspapers and medias! He sent me the following letter. Dr. Horowitz has trained 1,000’s of doctors in his career and has written numerous books , articles, technical papers and videos covering many different and IMPORTANT topics!

I know that the subject of ‘healthcare’ is all we’ve been hearing about lately, and for good reason. Everyone is concerned about their health because without “good health” life is not enjoyable. “Bad health” takes a lot of extra effort and expense each and every day. I’ve seen people take up to 20 pills and medications daily!!! We all want to be in optimum health at all times. Making ‘toxic drugs’ cheaper is NOT the answer. Getting rid of the ‘toxic health care system’ and taking your health into your hands is the answer! I’m NOT talking about having hospitals for emergencies. We need that help from VERY skilled emergency medical personal and surgeons is VERY needed to save lives! After you are taken care of in an emergency situation in hospital, RUN AWAY before the medical/pharmaceutical INDUSTRY kills you with their toxic protocols! #1 Killer in the world is; ‘Iatrogenic’, death by doctors and their toxic advice!

I want to compare “Health Care” with “Genesis II Church Care of Health”. What are the differences? What are the benefits? What are the costs? And what are the results? 

NOTE: I saw on FOX News or should I say “FOX Pharmacy” about a lady that can’t afford her insulin for Type2 Diabetes. Well, she has been taking a ‘fraction’ of her ‘recommended’ dosing and has survived for 3 yrs! Does that tell you that she doesn’t need it? You see?
First, what are the differences?

Health Care” is a government sponsored health care program that continues with the medical community and government controlling your health under their systems which include vaccines that poison the body causing chronic health issues, and medications that only treat symptoms and don’t seek a cure. There is no money in a cure! They want repeat customers to stay in business.

When a person is trained in “Genesis II Church Care of Health” which makes them a health minister, they control their own health and not an outside source doing it for them.

It is all about personal responsibility. Each person has to choose to control their own health or allow others to do it for them. If anyone takes their God-given right to control their body’s health and then gives it to another, whether it be the medical community or their government, they need to realize that their health is not the main focus.

Did you know that the two most used medical treatment books the PDR, (physicians desktop reference), and the Merck Manual where written by pharmaceutical companies trying to promote their drugs? Many of the medical procedure books used to teach medical students are also written or sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Also, almost every medical school in the world is HEAVILY funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Do you really believe that they are looking out for you, or themselves? To whom are you giving the responsibility for your personal health - you, or an outside source?  “Obama Care” has the government, medical community and the pharmaceutical industry controlling and supervising your health.

Being trained in the health protocols and methods of the Genesis II Church, allows you to take the responsibility for your health yourself and make your own decisions.

Secondly, what are the benefits?

It is really hard to show the benefits of “Obama Care” when Congress, the medical community and those that are responsible to implement “Obama Care” don’t even know for sure! There is not a lot of transparency in this bill and it seems you need a law license just to read it! It is not “user friendly” by any means! Some say everyone is covered, while others say that everyone is not covered - some might even loose the coverage they have to receive even less medical support. I’m not sure what the benefits of “Obama Care” are -- if any!

On the other hand, the benefits of “Genesis II Church Care of Health” is very simple to understand and it is easy to become proficient in its protocols.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Each “Health Minister” is not only taught ALL the protocols but is also tested in its practical applications as well as having ALL the video protocols and workbook available for review when necessary.

2. Little or no side effects which can totally be reversed. Note: The only side effects are nausea, diarrhea and flu like symptoms due to “die off” of pathogens and too many toxins entering the blood too quickly. Reducing the dosing eliminates or lessens the side effects.

3. This is not a protocol to control symptoms, but a “restoration of health”. 

4. Each person taking the protocols can personally oversee his or her own “health restoration” in the comfort of their own home. 

5. The protocols can be taken while at work, home or play.

6. Most people have their “health restored” in 3 weeks or less without having to take the protocols the rest of their life.

7. They will learn how to keep their “health restored” the rest of their life.

8. The cost is minimum

9. The products used to produce the protocols can be obtained fairly easy worldwide.

10. We now have 800+ “health ministers” to assist “health restoration” in 95+ countries worldwide!

11. Each “health minister” learns how to help family, friends and neighbors to “restore their own health” and maintain it!

12. Every member and health minister of the Genesis II Church receives an I.D. card that can be used to deny the use of vaccines, scans and X-rays due to religious belief.

13. Everyone is welcome no matter what race, religion or sex they might be. ALL are welcome!

14. The protocols can also be used to purify water and cleanse home and foods in case of an emergency.

15. Not reliant on the Government.

16. No lines, No waiting!

17. Personal “health restoration” testimonial videos of real people can be seen on our website, as well as our YouTube channel,

Note: English and Spanish languages are available as well as others being added.

18. Anyone can become a “health minister” in the comfort of their own home at their own convenience. Go to: - Look under the “Home Video courses” (upper right area of the website), or attend one of the Genesis II Church seminars worldwide. 

19. Pre-existing conditions are welcomed so that all the health issues a person has can be eliminated as the body is detoxified and the immune system boosted and maintained strong!

20. Genesis II Church membership support is available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and regular protocol support This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - at no cost!

21. Each “health minister” can be authorized to open a Genesis II Church chapter in their own home or community, with adequate training and experience.

22. Each “health minister” can be trained to “teach” others and award the graduates with “health minister” status.

23. Free newsletter from Genesis II Church worldwide bi-monthly with updates and news from around the world. 

Note: There are many other benefits of the “Genesis II Church Care of Health” too numerous to write here.

Thirdly, what are the costs?

Again, no really knows the costs for the Federal and local governments, never mind the personal costs financially as well as physical.

The “costs” of the “Genesis II Church Care of Health” are very small. If an individual wanted to do the basic protocols to “restore health” which is a 3 week protocol then the cost for 1 individual would be about $25.00. For a family of four would be $100 if purchased online or as a donation through a Genesis II Church chapter. 

Note: If a person was trained as a “health minister” then he or she could produce the protocol products themselves and reduce the costs to half for a family of four. Very Cheap!!

Fourthly, what are the results?

The results of ‘Health Care’ are obviously known by the simple fact that the world is getting sicker and sicker especially in ‘1st world developed’ countries such as U.S., Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand and others!

The Truth is NATURALLY being shown to us by the results. Isn’t that REAL science? Observation and  Repeatability!


The results of the “Genesis II Church Care of Health” is the ‘restoration of health’ in 95% of the people that do the protocols correctly. See: for reasons why MMS isn’t working for you. 

See the #1 killer of the world defeated also at:

See our MMS video testimonies at:

We have many written testimonies also on our Church Website:

Conclusion: YOU weight the evidence. YOU make the decision. YOU need to take responsibility for YOUR health and that of your family and friends!

We ARE changing the world together now!

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

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