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G2Voice Broadcast #179 – Reports from the field with

Bishop Jonathan Grenon founding member of the G2Church!

Feb. 16th, 2020


Still 5 days until our G2Church Seminar in Colombia!

There is still time to purchase tickets to come to our 1st G2Church Seminar in 2020 being held in Santa Marta, Colombia! Feb. 15th-16th. Contact Joseph at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Hope to see you there!

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Here is the article from Business Insider

How conspiracy theorists who claim drinking 'MMS' bleach
is a cure for autism reached millions of people on YouTube

Tom Porter

May 21, 2019, 4:16 AM


Business Insider uncovered a network of hundreds of videos promoting MMS which were easily available on YouTube until last month.


On YouTube, hundreds of videos are available promoting the toxic bleach as a medical cure or interviewing those that do. YouTube

When Business Insider made YouTube aware of the videos, most were removed, and the channels hosting them were banned. The site also said it had altered its search algorithms to avoid surfacing MMS content so readily.

Some videos Business Insider asked about were not removed. YouTube explained that that the site does not proactively search out content violating its policies, but acts when content is flagged to it.


Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE Volume Two is now in print!


“An auto-biography of the G2Church from 2009 – 2014”



1st Review from new book

I've started your second book! You've done a really good job . Bravo :)

Both books just make me feel so alive and good while reading them .

Thank you for all the time  you put into everything you do to make it easy for people like me to get the info you've compiled .


Also, get Volume One!



A review from Dr. Leonard Horowitz

World Without Disease by Mark Grenon is Imaginable and Prophetic.

April 15, 2019

“Imagine a World Without Disease. Is it Possible? is an outstanding compilation of enlightening facts that Divine justice calls into question at these urgent ‘End Times.’ Civilization is now threatened with extinction by corporate fascists, government officials, and their minions of so-called science experts in ‘healthcare’ and biological warfare. Their damage demonstrates their criminal psychopathology, demonic possession, and unGodly impositions. These Deep State stewards of profitable depopulation, geopolitical and economic chaos, and human misery have a karmic destiny that is inescapable. Mark S. Grenon puts a nail in their coffin with this life-saving labor of love. I especially recommend his book for people awakening from their hypno-tronic trance states into the real world of physical salvation and spiritual restoration.”
Review by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

“Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” - Book Reviews

  • I bought your new book you wrote. I love it! It has a lot more detail on foods to eat, what not to eat, and how to do the protocols than the other one I own. I will tell people to get yours for now on since it answers more questions everyone has.
  • Anyway I really enjoyed your Bible, I think it is more than just a book packed with lots of valuable information. There is no other book that I know of with this kind of information. I wish and hope that it becomes a best seller. It is an Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs. It should qualify for a Nobel prize, but, as we know, will not be the case since it is financed by the pharmaceutical crooks. Aldo
  • I am on page 30 and this is the best book I have ever read outside of the BIBLE!!! Bob
  • Congratulations on 100 episodes; you guys have me laughing hard at times; I bought the book and its packed with info and I can only urge people to buy a copy. :)) Peter Martin Blessings! 
  • From Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT Scientist! Thank you for the book.  It looks really interesting, and your views on health and disease are in very good alignment with my own views. A wealth of useful materials on how to stay healthy in the modern toxic world.  You have targeted many of the same things I am concerned about - glyphosate, vaccines, EMFs, fluoride, ....
    I am taking a break from podcasts at this time.  I want to wait until my book comes out, because I think then I will be in a stronger place to defend the idea that glyphosate is the primary cause of the alarming rise in many diseases, including autism. In my book, I have a section that defends chlorine dioxide, and I have references to back it up.  I'm hoping that will help dispel the myth that chlorine dioxide is way too toxic to be used medicinally.


Mike Adams  and Kerri Rivera with Bishop Bob on talking about Chlorine Dioxide!


Natural Medicine versus Coronavirus - a Special Report


Mike Adams on G2Voice


Weekly Testimonies!


  • About 3 months ago I got a tooth ache and had gotten off MMS... so I went to the sorry ass Dentist. They cleaned my teeth, prodded and poked around on each tooth and to me I had incurable Gum disease. I told them not to worry because I had a killer cure at home. I would'nt tell them what the cure was. Shoot fire they went bizerk and wrote me up a ticket of over $2k I laughed at them and said what??? They wanted to treat my gums and teeth for 6 months and rape my bank account. Well I went home with a worse tooth ache, brushed the shit out of them using MMS1 (a 100 drop dose) then flooded my mouth with DMSO and within 10 seconds the tooth ache was gone!!! for good... I then started using MMS 10 drop solution / with DMSO Brush one a week and use Hydroflux machine once a week. Teeth / gums are near perfect for a 68 year old... $2,000 my ash! They musta thunk I was a Democrate commie.... somma beaching eggheads... Thank God fer MMS the bleach that I love to drrank Bahahaha! and Damn DMSO! My favorite squeezed pine tree juice! It's chock full of sunshine....reminds me of the taste of wild pine needles.... Yum Yum! ---- Max Ard


Liver flushes this week

  • I have done personally 8 liver flushes in 4 yrs. Each time feeling more energy and better health. The liver has 500+ functions and when it is cleaned of its blockage it only makes sense that it works better. The better the liver works the better your health and protection against DIS-EASE! Mark Grenon

My Liver Flush Pictures

1st Evacuation 5 AM                                                                           2nd Evacuation 6 A M

                    image004                                                               image005

 250 gallstones various sizes                                                               150 small gallstones

3rdEvaucation 8 AM                                                                           4th Evacuation 10 AM

 image006                                                                                 image007

150 gallstones various sizes                                                               50 gallstones

Note: These numbers are estimations

So, you can see I evacuated 500+ gallstones of various sizes! Those stones were either in my Gallbladder, Liver, Cystic duct, Common bile duct and maybe even in the Ampulla of the Pancreas or maybe all of the above!

Note: Remember, the congestion of gall stones in the liver, gall bladder, and bile ducts will lead to the whole digestive system being compromised which leads to many of the following diseases. So, by eliminating the blockage to these organs and ducts, these organs work correctly again which in turn relieves the digestive system and theses dis-eases and their symptoms are eliminated or CURED!!!

  • 22 yr. old that drank a lot of Coca Cola

 image008 image009

  • 53 yr. old

 image010 image011

We will be talking about more testimonies with Bishop Jonathan and from Ghana below!


To stay healthy in this toxic world, do the following while you can.

What you can do!

1. Get our G2Church Documentary to the world!


All the subtitled languages of G2Church documentary!

Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch, Arabic,

Slovenian, Hungarian, Slovakian, English (Hearing Impaired)


2. Get this book and read it!


NOTE: If you think the information can help you then buy the complete book at:

“Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE Is it Possible?


3. Listen to the G2Voice each week!

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4. Get the Online course and study it for you and your family and take the exam and become a Health Minister and open a G2Church Chapter!


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Here is where we are located now. If anyone needs help, please feel free to contact us!


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Take Your G2Sacraments on the road with you!

Keeping the G2Church Sacraments with you at all times is a must in this TOXIC world. It is getting worse every day especially with the poisons found in medications , processed foods and being sprayed in the air on the heavily populated areas of the world! From purifying the water you drink to dealing with allergic reactions from toxins or just daily detoxing the body, the G2Sacraments can keep you healthy in an unhealthy world! We at the G2Church are working hard to keep the donations for our sacraments as inexpensive as possible while other providers are charging double in many cases! There are three main reasons to obtain your sacraments from us:

1. We ensure that your sacraments are prepared correctly which effects the results! We have tested many of the so-called providers and found the solutions to be weak and NOT as effective!

2. We can help guide you with the Sacramental protocols whereas others may or may not know how to use the protocols and are only providing products that might not even be made correctly!

3. We try to keep the donation for the basic kits at around $20 US.

NOTE: The donations received by the G2Church go into helping others around the world!

Many people ask us about carrying G2Church Sacraments while traveling. Well, now you can have them with you all the time with the NEW G2Church Travel Kit! The bottle sizes are small enough to carry on the plane with you!

Travel Kit



Can you help our Bishop in Ghana purchase this vehicle?

Bishop Nana came to our Canadian G2Church Seminar in Calgary, Canada in 2018 after doing our online course.

He passed the exam in the course and become a Health Minister. We elevated him to the office of Bishop due the work he was doing in Holland and Ghana. He has done a G2Seminar and many training sessions in Ghana. He has been using a small station wagon with G2Church sign on it to reach people. Now, he needs a jeep to get to many other areas not accessible with the station wagon. He is a hard worker and a worthy Bishop for us to help him help his people. Would you donate to this the Bishop NANA PROJECT? If so, please contact Bishop Jonathan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. May the Lord bless you for your gift and bless Bishop Nana as he helps many “restore their health” many in Ghana!

Our Bishop in Ghana

Kofi IV, Barima Asamoah (Bishop Nana)


Bishop Nana attended our in 2018 in our Calgary and we promoted him to Bishop for his work in Ghana! Now, he needs our help in purchasing a stronger vehicle to go to outlying villages with supplies and organizing training.

Here is his letter to me:

“Mark, this is my dream for 2020 to go to 20 villages/towns in each region to help restore health in these communities. HELP! HELP!! HELP!!!

I need help in raising GHS 55.000 ($ 10.110) for a refurbished land Rover Defender, Bishop Nana

Sorry Mark,

I overlooked your request for stats from my end here.

From October 2019 till end January 2020, we have 45 cases:

1. Diabetic sore restored in 2 1/2 months and another being worked on

2. Stroke cases responding very well

3. One Herpes Zoster who is also responding very well

4. Several malaria cases restored

5. Four eye issues

6. 2 infertility cases using enema & douches

7. Many bodily pains restored

8. Respiratory track infections RTI restored and many more.

As at today, we have helped many people in the following towns:

1. Upper East Region:


2. Northern Region:

Paga, Bolgatanga, Sheini, Tamale, Walewale, Bimbila, Yipilgu and Sandema

3. Bring Ahafo Region:







4. Ashanti Region:






5. Eastern Region:

Akim Oda,














Akuapim Mampong


6. Central Region:

Cape Coast

Assin Fosu

Assin Kwaata

Abrem Agona


7. Western Region:



8. Volta Region:



9. Greater Accra Region:




10. Upper West Region:


Here is the vehicle he wants to purchase! Will you help him?

 image014 image015 image016


Bishop Nana promoted to  Bishop in Canada G2Church Seminar!


Bishop Nana’s present vehicle needs to be replaced with a stronger vehicle to get to out laying areas of Ghana


First G2Church Seminar in Ghana taught by Bishop Nana!

Reports from the field with Bishop Jonathan Grenon founding member of the G2Church!


Bishop Jonathan on TV in Dominican Republic!

Bishop Jonathan was asked to be on a TV program in the D.R. to explain our G2Sacraents and a lawyer that was CURED of Diabetes with our Sacraments gave his testimony!

 image020 image021


image023 image024 image025 image026

 Bishop Jonathan has just come back from a month in the Dominican Republic where he helped many and updates us on others that had been helped in the past! He will be reporting in from the field in the G2Voice Studio this Sunday, Feb. 16th , 2020


Let’s change the world together!

Bishop Mark S. Grenon


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