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G2Voice Broadcast #182: The Coronavirus is curable!

Do you believe it? You better!

Sunday March 8th, 2020


(daylight savings time)

Official (rigged) Coronavirus Count: 90,953 infected, 3,118 dead

Realistic estimates: 350,000+ infected, 35,000+ dead

South Korea: 4,812, Italy: 2,048, Japan: 274, Iran: 1,501, USA: 103


America follows communist China as CDC HIDES testing stats


 G2Church Sacramental Dosing for Coronavirus!

For Adults: 6 drops activated MMS in 4 ounces of water every two hours 5 times first day, Repeat 2nd day. If all symptoms are gone then continue with 3 drops and hour for 8 hours for another 3 days!

For Small Children: same a above but with only 3 drops. 1 drop instead of 3 drops for the 3 days after the first two days of strong dosing!

NOTE: This should wipe it out this flu-like virus that many are being scared with its presence in this world!

For Sacramental Guidance and products please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2-27-2020 The G2Church was interviewed on INFOWARS by Dr. Alan Keyes and

IMMEDIATELY Alex Jones gets attacked by Government Agency!


Watch this interview and read the whole story below!

NOTE: Alex didn’t even put up the interview to keep them, (government agencies) off his back!

I don’t blame him but myself because we are the MOST and QUICKEST

to be censored on earth and bring too much HEAT on those that interview us!

Keep going ALEX! Fight them hard! May the Lord help you!


Almost 1,000 people ordered my FREE eBook during and after the interview!

Spanish -


Last week’s G2Voice

Are you entitled to Wealth, Health, or Peace?


Two weeks ago on G2Voice

Why is the mainstream media so scared of Chlorine Dioxide?

Being stopped again from the TRUTH getting out?

NOTE: Google is blocking us again! Remember they even wrote an algorithm against G2Church and MMS on YouTube and Google search! 

If you have Google Chrome and want our books then use Firefox or another uncensored browser!

We received this notice yesterday from a person trying to download the eBook,

“Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” at


Testimony of another kind!

As an FYI, Google Chrome is preventing my ability to download this book, Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” by Mark Grenon The message I received says; "This file is dangerous” so Chrome has blocked it"  Also, says, “known malware from this site”.  I  have been watching your videos and do not believe that to be the case.  But not sure how many people they have blocked... just giving you a heads up. 

Your Friend in the Body of Christ, 

Lynn Gutierrez


Weekly Testimonies


  • Kerry:

Have got 2 people now using MMS to help control diabetes.
One of them got onto it while she was in the middle of tests for what the doctors must of thought was something serious. After about 4 weeks of taking it, one night she kept disappearing to the loo. Said she was weeing blood and clots... I presume it was the tumour.   She was fine the next day and 100 per ever since. The doctors did their test and were surprized to find nothing. Lol. 

  • Pam:
    Got rid of terrible cellulitis on both my legs after 6 years of on and off suffering and intravenous antibiotics failing.

  • MMS recently completely healed an abcess of the gum that I had had for over 5 years with only three days of treatment and two days of MMS mouthwash.
  • Joe:
    Have been using mms for years for asthma (now gone), and any flu's etc that comes along.
    Very helpful. Thank you for what you do.
  • Hi Yes I watched the videos and the herpes part of the healing was 2 years about. And I figured I’ve had it for so long 3 Yrs . It’s going to probably be the last thing to go from me . Just the fact it’s healing the infections in my teeth is amazing! No root canal!! Yeah
    Thank you Bonnie
  • I just saw statements in the search of coronavirus warning people not to take "mms bleach" for the coronavirus.  That false and even evil statement so angers me.  My son is a kidney transplant recipient of one of my kidneys in 2012.  In spite of the immune suppressant drugs, he does not get sick when people around him are getting sick.  We are adamantly against flu shots, and he doesn't get the flu.  I attribute this to two things....God's protection and MMS.  I wish that these liars who are part of the corrupt world system could be sued for blatant and flagrant lies.  My son and I both have worked into the 6 drop maintenance protocol.  My son and I would love to testify against these bastards who publicize such sad misinformation.   People will die because of the lies.  You have some serious support among conservatives, and there are those have promoted MMS and been censored from social media such as Youtube.  

I'm going on and on just to say that if you ever decide to sue these liars, you can call on me as a witness.



Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE Volume Two is now in print!

Imagine Vol. 2 G2Church History


“An auto-biography of the G2Church from 2009 – 2014”



1st Review from new book

I've started your second book! You've done a really good job . Bravo :)

Both books just make me feel so alive and good while reading them .

Thank you for all the time  you put into everything you do to make it easy for people like me to get the info you've compiled .


Also, get Volume One!

 Imagine Cover ENG

NOTE: Get the eBook also to be able to click on the videos and references!


We have raised $1,250.00 US towards the Jeep for Bishop Nana!

Can you help him reach more people in his country?

If so, please contact Bishop Jonathan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Bishop in Ghana

Kofi IV, Barima Asamoah (Bishop Nana)


Bishop Nana attended our in 2018 in our Calgary and we promoted him to Bishop for his work in Ghana! Now, he needs our help in purchasing a stronger vehicle to go to outlying villages with supplies and organizing training.

Here is his letter to me:

“Mark, this is my dream for 2020 to go to 20 villages/towns in each region to help restore health in these communities. HELP! HELP!! HELP!!!

I need help in raising GHS 55.000 ($ 10.110) for a refurbished land Rover Defender, Bishop Nana

Sorry Mark,

I overlooked your request for stats from my end here.

From October 2019 till end January 2020, we have 45 cases:

1. Diabetic sore restored in 2 1/2 months and another being worked on

2. Stroke cases responding very well

3. One Herpes Zoster who is also responding very well

4. Several malaria cases restored

5. Four eye issues

6. 2 infertility cases using enema & douches

7. Many bodily pains restored

8. Respiratory tract infections RTI restored and many more.

As of today, we have helped many people in the following towns:

1. Upper East Region: Bawko

2. Northern Region: Paga, Bolgatanga, Sheini, Tamale, Walewale, Bimbila, Yipilgu and Sandema

3. Bring Ahafo Region: Sunyani, Saakwa, Brekum, Chiraa, Kintampo, Tachiman

4. Ashanti Region: Kumas, Bekwai, Mampong, Bimma, Agogo

5. Eastern Region: Akim Oda, Adadeɛntam, Begro, Kyebi, Anyinam, Parade

Asamankɛse, Suhum, Nkwantanan, Dodowa, Abiabo, Awisa, Koforidua, Mamfe

Akuapim Mampong, Asiakwa

6. Central Region: Cape Coast, Assin Fosu, Assin Kwaata, Abrem Agona, Kasoa

7. Western Region: Takoradi, Sekondi

8. Volta Region: Akosombo, Juapong

9. Greater Accra Region: Tema, Accra, Amasaman

10. Upper West Region: WA

Here is the vehicle he wants to purchase! Will you help him?

image009 image010



Bishop Nana promoted to  Bishop in Canada G2Church Seminar!


Bishop Nana’s present vehicle needs to be replaced with a stronger vehicle to get to out laying areas of Ghana

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“Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE” - Book Reviews

  • I bought your new book you wrote. I love it! It has a lot more detail on foods to eat, what not to eat, and how to do the protocols than the other one I own. I will tell people to get yours for now on since it answers more questions everyone has.
  • Anyway I really enjoyed your Bible, I think it is more than just a book packed with lots of valuable information. There is no other book that I know of with this kind of information. I wish and hope that it becomes a best seller. It is an Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs. It should qualify for a Nobel prize, but, as we know, will not be the case since it is financed by the pharmaceutical crooks. Aldo
  • I am on page 30 and this is the best book I have ever read outside of the BIBLE!!! Bob
  • Congratulations on 100 episodes; you guys have me laughing hard at times; I bought the book and its packed with info and I can only urge people to buy a copy. :)) Peter Martin Blessings! 
  • From Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT Scientist! Thank you for the book.  It looks really interesting, and your views on health and disease are in very good alignment with my own views. A wealth of useful materials on how to stay healthy in the modern toxic world.  You have targeted many of the same things I am concerned about - glyphosate, vaccines, EMFs, fluoride, ....
    I am taking a break from podcasts at this time.  I want to wait until my book comes out, because I think then I will be in a stronger place to defend the idea that glyphosate is the primary cause of the alarming rise in many diseases, including autism. In my book, I have a section that defends chlorine dioxide, and I have references to back it up.  I'm hoping that will help dispel the myth that chlorine dioxide is way too toxic to be used medicinally.



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“Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE Is it Possible?

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The Coronavirus is curable!

You believe that? You better!

Well, the very FACT that 85% of the people that contract this virus get cured by

their own body killing this virus should tell you that this “killer” virus is curable, right?

President Trump said this week that the “vaccine cure” is coming soon.



Italian Governor Zaia from the Veneto region said:

“80% of all sick people heal by themselves, 15% need medication and 5% need to have hospital attention.  All 17 people who died already, had advanced health issues.  No healthy person who caught the coronavirus has died.  It’s an alarm with no foundation.  In the beginning they reacted the way they did because they didn’t have any real information about the virus.  But after seeing what it is, the information is too exaggerated.”

Also, an NIH doctor at a Coronavirus news conference said there is an antiviral drug that can may cure it also! There is a patent stating that the Chlorine Dioxide kills the coronavirus in vitro and even hypochlorous acid patent that says the same thing!

A Promising Antiviral Is Being Tested for the Coronavirus—but Results Are Not Yet Out

The drug Remdesivir is effective against many other viruses, and some experts are optimistic that it—or similar compounds—may work for the pathogen responsible for COVID-19

By Tanya Lewis on February 28, 2020


Even Lysol Wipes which can be cancer causing states it kills the coronavirus!


We say Chlorine Dioxide can cure the Corona Virus and

we are attacked and anyone that interviews us!


Yet, there are patents that say the same thing! The BIG PHARMS, that runs the US govt, and most of the world, doesn’t want competition!

Read this Newsletter:

Why is the mainstream media so scared of Chlorine Dioxide?


NOTE: I am NOT going to attack Alex Jones as some want me to do! He is getting pressured from GOVT. AGENCIES!


Big controversial topics that Mike Adams and Alex Jones cover to open eyes to what is going on in this world! Mike Adams and Alex covering the reverse engineering of the Corona Virus below.


Alex Jones breaks down a scientific study showing how the coronavirus has “key structural proteins” of HIV, indicating the virus is man-made and was developed in a laboratory setting.

Also tune in at

Original article by Mike Adams of Natural News appears below:

Two days ago, a paper published in the journal presented findings that indicated the coronavirus appeared to be engineered with “key structural proteins” of HIV. The paper, entitled, “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag,” concluded that the engineering of coronavirus with such gene sequences was “unlikely to be fortuitous in nature,” providing strong scientific support for the theory that the coronavirus is an engineered bioweapon that escaped laboratory containment in China.

The coverage of this paper by Zero Hedge led to a firestorm of denials by governments, health authorities and the CIA-controlled media, not surprisingly. Any suggestion that the coronavirus was engineered as a bioweapon had to be immediately eliminated. The prevailing panic by the establishment sought to blame this outbreak on Mother Nature — i.e. bats, snakes, seafood, etc. — rather than the human beings who are playing around with deadly biological weapons that are designed to extinguish human life.

Within hours, Twitter slapped down a permanent ban on Zero Hedge, making sure the independent publisher could no longer reach its Twitter audience. After all, the first casualty in any pandemic is the truth, and Jack Dorsey is not only an enabler of pedophiles and child rapists, he’s also an authoritarian tyrant who wants to make sure the public is completely isolated from any “nonofficial” reports about this pandemic. (Jack Dorsey has sided with communist China, in other words. Is anyone surprised?)

Read more here: Source:

Why can Alex and Mike cover these VERY revealing topics and it is allowed and when we are interviewed Alex gets attacked IMMEDIATELY?

I’ll tell you why:

The G2Church has so much evidence about what we are seeing and doing to CURE the world of DIS-EASE that they must stop us or the whole world will choose to leave the “healthcare” system and follow our “selfcare” protocols from their home!

Bob Sisson of knows this and has seen this happen in Uganda! Bob talking to Alex Jones live. These are good people!

Bob Interviewing me on

"A morning with Mark" - Bob the Plumber


Why would I not say the same thing on the interview on INFOWAR?

You can see Mike Adams knows what is going on! Mike Adams mentioning Chlorine Dioxide! In fact, the bottles he shows are from our G2Church!


Our Interview with Mike Adams on G2Voice:

Controversial topics with Mike Adams, The Health Ranger!

So, we are invited on the Alex Jones show by Alan Keyes and Bob Sisson who has seen the G2Sacraments work in real time in Uganda. I mention how we have cured Ebola, Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika viruses with Chlorine Dioxide and we now are no longer welcome on Infowars! Why? How can others mention “hypothetical cures” for the coronavirus and we show evidence that we have already cured “hard viruses” and we are banned! Infowars didn’t even put up Alan Keyes and Bob Sisson’s broadcast done in his studio on BANNED VIDEOS because of the attacks they were getting from this episode!

No fairness on INFOWARS by the powers that be or the only ones that can mention a cure are those who will receive financial benefits from therapies like NIH, CDC, FDA, AMA and the rest of the medical mafia! I see many alternative news sites and even some MSM show evidence of the coronavirus being man-made in a laboratory and even weaponized! That can be mentioned, and we can’t even mention what we have seen with our own eyes in regard to other viruses!


We cannot NOT tell the world of what we are seeing and hearing through 10+ testimonies coming in worldwide each week!

For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard”, Acts 4:20

I found out why Alex Jones banned us from Infowars!

Let me say right here that I believe Alex to be a sincere person and he constantly is having to watch what he says do to “being shut down’ by the FTC, FCC, FDA and any other govt. agency that they throw at him to harass him! So, to be fair he is under a lot of pressure for sure! In fact, we are praying for him! With that being said let me tell you what happened during and after the interview with Joe and I by Alan Keyes and Bob Sisson on the 3rd hour of the Alex Jones show, 2/27/20. I didn’t know until the interview that Alex was out of town at the CPAC conference last week. I was asked by Bob Sisson and DR. Alan Keyes to talk about what we have been doing around the world and what can be done about the Coronavirus. That is what we talked about. I told Bob we usually talk about “heath being restored” instead of using the word “cure” or “heal” word but we can and do as a Church! We tell people all other the world that we CURE Malaria. Bob and Alan saw that happen and even talked about the testing that was done in Uganda in 2012 by one of our Bishops and man from a Water project and the Red Cross! 152 were CURED!

LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS in Dec. 2012

Watch here:

Again last year, we did another study in Uganda and within 2 hours the Malaria parasite was killed in the blood.


Malaria cured in 4 hours with MMS Miracle mineral solution:


It was all confirmed by technicians using microscopes. I as a Bishop of a Church mention that and Alex gets attacked! You see we are the quickest organization on earth to be censored! Anyone that gets around us that isn’t a Church is attacked because they ALL are controlled by laws, statutes and codes that we are NOT under! This is something Alex needs to know and get the word out about we are doing as a Church! Its time to go on the offensive Alex against this “satanically controlled globalists that you talk about on your show all the time!


This is what I want to have Alex Jones expose on his show!

5 out of 6 points of the 1st amendment are directly or indirectly referring to the Church!

1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.


  • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”, (refers to Church)
  • “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”(refers to Church)
  • “or abridging the freedom of speech,” (refers to Church)
  • “or of the press;”
  • “or the right of people peaceably to assemble,” (applies to Church)
  • “and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. (applies to Church)

Christians have been stopped from speaking the truth for the last 2000 yrs! The Dark Ages were called that because Truth of the Bible was being hidden in Latin and not let out until the Gutenberg press was invented to print it! Then the world experiences a revival of Truth! William Tyndale was strangled and burned to shut him up after he translated the word of God in English!

Well, everyone, we as a Church can and will mention and proclaim, not “claim” the evidence we have in regard to any illness on earth so help us God! We are not intimidated by these evil paid off agencies like FTC, FDA, CDC, EPA and even the DOJ! Alex Jones is working under the UCC, (universal commercial codes) that the Church isn’t under. In fact, “Congress can make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion OR the FREE EXERCISE THEREOF” from the 1st amendment that Alex defends! (emphasis mine). Why not defend our rights as a Church Alex? I don’t blame him for not knowing the REAL freedom of the Church which can operate without government agencies involvement at all! We don’t even need a license to operate or enjoy the Sacraments we so FREELY use!


What Alex Jones should do!


Alex should have us on to explain the difference! I don’t blame Alex for not publishing the Interview we did with Dr. Alan Keyes due to extreme pressure, but we want him to know he can be free also!

Maybe he should open up a G2Church chapter in Austin and stop trying to cow done to the Big Govt. and Deep State that he says he exposes. We will continue to be the conscience of the government with TRUE freedom of speech that Alex Jones can’t enjoy when it comes to health! We pray that God will help open his eyes. He is trying to exist in an evil system that wants to stop Truth from getting out.

Alex Jones states, that Infowars is the MOST CENSORED news on earth and I believe he is definitely being censored all the BUT not like us as a Church! We get censored within hours when we go to do a seminar anywhere in the world! The MSM is all over us wherever we go! They kicked in a door in England during a Church Service! We kicked them out! Can Alex do that?

Breaking NEWS: England attacks Religious Freedom and Genesis II Church:

We told police to leave our Church service in Washington State last year and they did because they had to! They have NO jurisdiction over a Church! They could NOT interrupt our Church Service, so I invited them in to let them see nothing illegal was being done then ask them to leave us in peace.

4th 5th

We are NOT under laws, statutes or codes! And IF they made a law, statute or code which they CANNOT against a Church, then we would NOT obey it if it was immoral anyways!

This is why the Church is the conscience of the government and always has because the REAL MORAL LAWS of the Bible!

Without the Word of God there is no discernment to govern!

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even

to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a

discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”, Hebrews 4:12 King James Version (KJV)




“There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord.”, Proverbs 21:30

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”, Proverbs 9:10

“For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.”, Proverbs 2:6

TIME to PROCLAIM the Freedom of the Church!

If the Government tells Alex Jones, to NOT mention Hell would he stop telling people? I think not. Then why allow ‘them’ to shut us up, Alex?

Storing Food for emergency is the right thing to do!

I’m all for having food storage in case it is needed but what good will the food do if your dead from the coronavirus? Help us get this message around the world!

Watch the G2Church Documentary Alex: Let’s get this info to the world and help people take control of their own health and NOT be dependent on any outside source for health. Practice Selfcare!

To Alex Jones, my Brother!

We told people how to stay alive! Why are we the bad guys? You should take this opportunity to educate yourself and the world about the power of the Church and the REAL Freedom we enjoy! May the Lord guide you all!



All we can do and say is what we have seen and done!

Peter and John Spoke the Truth!

 Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men,

they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

And beholding the man which was healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it.

But when they had commanded them to go aside out of the council,

they conferred among themselves, Saying, What shall we do to these men? for that indeed a notable miracle hath been done by them is

manifest to all them that dwell in Jerusalem; and we cannot deny it. But that it spread no further among the people,

let us straitly threaten them, that they speak henceforth to no man in this name.

And they called them, and commanded them not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus.

But Peter and John answered and said unto them, Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye. 

For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard”, Acts 4:13-20 KJV

Tune in Sunday, March 8th at: 10 AM CST (DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME NOW!)


Let’s change the World Together!

Bishop Mark S. Grenon

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