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Official Plea for Covid-19 Testimonies


April 4th, 2020

To all the G2Church, Members, Health Ministers, Bishops as well as Friends, Acquaintances, and all those that have read our newsletters and listen and watch to our G2Voice Broadcast each week and have followed out teachings:

The G2Church will be 10 years old April 10th and we need to come to the world’s side to help them. Please gather all people young and old that are Positive for Covid-19 who were given MMS and the Activator for treatment. Then, we need a test done to see if the person is Negative or Positive. We need both. We need to see if there any negatives. We need to show the whole truth. Also, we need to write what  protocol was done and for how long! Get them to me as soon as you can to start testing around the world, which will happen soon, to eliminate another illness from off this planet!

Let’s prove to the world that the G2Church Sacraments work to cleanse the body of DISEASE and that Jim Humble made an incredible formula to truly ‘create a world without disease’. May the Lord help us all with this project.

Let’s change the world together!

Bishop Mark S. Grenon

P.S. Please include audio and video if you can!

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