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Debunking the MMS article:

MMS: Miracle Solution or Trojan Horse?

written by:
Gabriela Segura, M.D. is a heart surgeon with extensive experience and interest in alternative health,
research, psychology and the human condition. She works for the
Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind.

My name is Andreas Ludwig Kalcker and after reading this article i had no choice than to answer....i am researching 2 years from now on ClO2 related health issues

on scientific bases, and definitively this Article is equal to: "The earth is Flat syndrome......"



Many people do not know that MMS is essentially bleach

Is a wrong Statement and lack of chemical knowlege!

It is used to potabilize drinking water without cancerous trihalomethanes for more than 100 years now


In truth, the potential long-term and dangerous side effects of regular MMS use should give anyone the shivers

What long term side effects? ClO2 disintegrates when oxidizing to oxygen and salt !!!! nothing else.


Before we continue, an important lesson on oxidation and free radicals is needed,Oxygen is an essential element that supports life, but in the wrong place or at the wrong time, oxygen can wreak much havoc on our cells, causing cancer, contributing to cardiovascular disease, degenerative diseases, and aging through a process called oxidation.You have seen the effects of oxidation whenever you have observed an apple turn brown and go bad after being exposed to air, or when you see the flame of a candle.

Wrong again !!!:
The free radicals
theory is a postulate from Denham Harman in 1958 !!!

The oxidative capacity of oxygen is 1,3V and the mitocondria can handle this very good, but Ozone has an oxidative potential of 2,07V and is too strong and would do harm. Clo2 has only 0.97V and Cannot harm our cells due to too low electron potential. Oxidative stress is proven to elongate lifespan ! Free radicals = electric potential, the voltage counts! 12V is not the same as 220V

free-radical theory of aging (FRTA) states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell. While a few free radicals such as melanin are not chemically reactive, most biologically-relevant free radicals are highly reactive. For most biological structures, free radical damage is closely associated with oxidative damage.


Oxidation can even cause debilitating changes to your DNA.

Wrong again:

The scientific proof :

Glucose Restriction Extends Caenorhabditis elogans Life Span by Inducing Mitochondrial Respiration and Increasing Oxidative Stress

Tim J. Schulz1, 2, Kim Zarse1, Anja Voigt1, 2, Nadine Urban1, Marc Birringer1 and Michael Ristow1, 2, Go To Corresponding Author,

1 Department of Human Nutrition, Institute of Nutrition, University of Jena, D-07743 Jena, Germany
2 German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke, D-14558 Nuthetal, Germany

Corresponding author

· Summary

· Increasing cellular glucose uptake is a fundamental concept in treatment of type 2 diabetes, whereas nutritive calorie restriction increases life expectancy. We show here that increased glucose availability decreases Caenorhabditis elegans life span, while impaired glucose metabolism extends life expectancy by inducing mitochondrial respiration. The histone deacetylase Sir2.1 is found here to be dispensable for this phenotype, whereas disruption of aak-2, a homolog of AMP-dependent kinase (AMPK), abolishes extension of life span due to impaired glycolysis. Reduced glucose availability promotes formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), induces catalase activity, and increases oxidative stress resistance and survival rates, altogether providing direct evidence for a hitherto hypothetical concept named mitochondrial hormesis or “mitohormesis.” Accordingly, treatment of nematodes with different antioxidants and vitamins prevents extension of life span. In summary, these data indicate that glucose restriction promotes mitochondrial metabolism, causing increased ROS formation and cumulating in hormetic extension of life span, questioning current treatments of type 2 diabetes as well as the widespread use of antioxidant supplements.


By now, you should understand why anti-oxidants are so important
,...This is the reason why we are fond of so many antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, carotenoids, resveratrol, taurine, coenzyme Q10, and melatonin, to name but a few.
Wrong again:

The scientific proof:

Almost 70 clinical trials with more than 230,000 participants have shattered the supposed benefits of antioxidant supplements. A reviewpublished in the journal 'The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)' reveals that not only beneficial, but that beta-caroteneand vitamins A and E slightly increase the risk of mortality.

findings contradict the claim that antioxidants improve health. Given that between 10% and 20% of the adult population in North America and Europe consume the products evaluated, the public health consequences may be substantial ", say the authors, from theHospital of Copenhagen (Denmark).

More links ( spanish):



The toxic effects of chlorine dioxide are associated with those of sodium chlorite - a very strong oxidant that at a dose of is considered to be lethal.

10-15 grams of a lightweight gas is really a lot!!!! 70 grams of tablesalt are deadly too !!!

the scientific DATA:

Controlled clinical evaluations of chlorine dioxide, chlorite and chlorate in man.

Lubbers JR, Chauan S, Bianchine JR.

To assess the relative safety of chronically administered chlorine water disinfectants in man, a controlled study was undertaken. The clinical evaluation was conducted in the three phases common to investigational drug studies. Phase I, a rising dose tolerance investigation, examined the acute effects of progressively increasing single doses of chlorine disinfectants to normal healthy adult male volunteers. Phase II considered the impact on normal subjects of daily ingestion of the disinfectants at a concentration of 5 mg/l. for twelve consecutive weeks. Persons with a low level of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase may be expected to be especially susceptible to oxidative stress; therefore, in Phase III, chlorite at a concentration of 5 mg/l. was administered daily for twelve consecutive weeks to a small group of potentially at-risk glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase-deficient subjects. Physiological impact was assessed by evaluation of a battery of qualitative and quantitative tests. The three phases of this controlled double-blind clinical evaluation of chlorine dioxide and its potential metabolites in human male volunteer subjects were completed uneventfully. There were no obvious undesirable clinical sequellae noted by any of the participating subjects or by the observing medical team. In several cases, statistically significant trends in certain biochemical or physiological parameters were associated with treatment; however, none of these trends was judged to have physiological consequence. One cannot rule out the possibility that, over a longer treatment period, these trends might indeed achieve proportions of clinical importance. However, by the absence of detrimental physiological responses within the limits of the study, the relative safety of oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide and its metabolites, chlorite and chlorate, was demonstrated.



The popularity of MMS and its fervent, almost religious marketing involved the claim of curing malaria in tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. Sounds very noble indeed, but this is only natural as MMS’ sodium chlorite is well known to cause hemolysis in red blood cells - meaning that red blood cells are ruptured and destroyed. It is actually by killing red blood cells that the malarial parasite is killed since it invades red blood cells.


Wrong as usual,

the scientific Data:

Chlorine dioxide and hemodialysis.

Smith RP, Willhite CC.

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire 03756.


In the United States chlorination of potable water supplies has been the standard method of disinfection for about 75 years. In recent times concern has been raised about the propensity of chlorination to introduce potentially carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THM) such as chloroform into finished water. The levels of THM introduced depend on many factors including the quality of the raw water. Numerous community water treatment facilities are experiencing difficulty in meeting current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards, and it is likely that the permissible levels may be lowered in the future. An alternative to chlorination which does not generate THM during disinfection is chlorine dioxide, but there are concerns about the acute and chronic toxicity of ClO2 and its disinfection by-products, chlorite and chlorate. Deleterious effects of moderately high levels of these oxychlorines have been demonstrated experimentally on red blood cells, thyroid function, and development in laboratory animals. Adverse effects in controlled prospective studies in humans and in actual use situations in community water supplies have as yet failed to reveal clear evidence of adverse health effects. Among groups who may be at special risk from this suggested alternative are patients who must undergo chronic extracorporeal hemodialysis. The special needs, precautions, and experience to date in regard to finished water are reviewed. Again, very limited human experience has failed to reveal adverse health effects. Further study, caution, and extreme vigilance are indicated, but dialysis patients in carefully controlled facilities may be at no greater risk than the general population.

FDA advises consumers to stop using MMS immediately and throw it away.

Microcyn Technology has a FDA aprooved CLO2 product

Basically the same product as MMS ......



In short, MMS should NEVER be a health treatment, alternative or otherwise!




( RESEARCH by Andreas Ludwig Kalcker a affected person with spontaneous remissions on all his diseases)

Please give this article to any MMS consumer. They have the right to know what is going on within their bodies - and DNA - when they take this Trojan Horse!

Saludos y publicalo por diosssss!!!!!

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