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Why Jim Humble's New Book Should be a #1 Worldwide Bestseller!

A bestselling book is one that has sold many copies due to its topic, author, or maybe promotion by someone whom many people trust.

A Book About Your Health – Topic

Jim Humble's new book, The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium, is on a topic that is first or second on most people’s list of priorities, and that is Health. Every person in the world deals with their health everyday. Everyone of us, “checks in” with ourselves everyday, consciously or unconsciously, asking questions like “How do I feel?”, “Anything hurt?”, “Do I look older?” etc. We also “check in” with family members each day about their health. Mothers ask their children how they feel, spouses communicate their health concerns to each other, children are concerned about their parents’ health, etc.

We think about health everyday. It is in everyone's life and mind each day we live. In other words, health is a major topic to everyone, everywhere, everyday! Now, after saying all that, The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium is more than just a book about health. It can help you to:

* Learn to take control of your own health care.
* Learn to take personal responsibility and not rely on doctors, medications, FDA and others to tell you what you need to do about your health and that of your family.
* Learn how to take care of all your health care (except emergency and maternity needs) for $100 a year! Saving your money isn't a consideration for the medical industry. There is no money in a cure.
* Learn how to make the Master Mineral Solution in your home.
* You can learn how to help others to take control of their own health.
* You can become part of one of the greatest alternative health movements in the world.
Note: The pronoun, “you” is used so much because unless you see the need for this information in your life, this book will do you and the rest of the world no good!

How This Book Came to be Written – Author

The author of The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium is James V. Humble. “Jim” Humble discovered MMS (Master Mineral Solution) in 1996, in the jungle of Guyana, South America. After returning to America soon thereafter, he worked on perfecting the protocol to be used for malaria. He then spent years in Africa helping tens of thousands of people with malaria, cancer and AIDS.

During his work in Africa, Jim discovered that MMS cured more than just malaria. It was curing cancers, AIDS, T.B., staph, diabetes and other diseases. Hence MMS was called the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” because it was a “Miracle” curing so many more diseases than originally expected. Jim wanted the whole world to know about this treatment that can help so many.

In 2006, Jim’s first book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century, was published. It has sold 350,000 copies worldwide in many languages. Millions around the world have tried MMS. Many have had wonderful cures. Jim has spent the last 15 years developing specific disease protocols to be used worldwide. In the spring of 2010, The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, (a non-religious Church), was founded by Bishop James V. Humble with just 6 people. In its first year and a half, the Genesis II Church has attracted over 700 members and 249 Health Ministers in 58 Countries trained to help others around the world. Come be a part of this great movement.

The only requirements for joining the Genesis II Church are:

* Doing good deeds
* Healing the sick
* Always doing what is right
* Working for the freedom of all mankind
* Enlightening those who sleep

Note: We are a non-religious church. Please seek your spiritual instruction at the place of worship of your choice.

* If you'd like more information about joining the Genesis II Church, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
* For information about being trained as a Health Minister, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some Personal Testimonials – Promotion

The Personal testimonies are more than a casual promotion for a book; they are an example of people taking personal responsibility for their own health and doing something about it. The following testimonials are dedicated personal promotions of a book that made a difference in these people’s lives.

Bronchitis Cured

I suffered with a severe case of bronchitis every year in the winter for 5 years in a row. I found MMS and started taking it at the first sign of symptoms. I haven't had bronchitis in over 3 years now. I take it once a week during cold season just as prevention and every time anyone in our household shows any symptoms of cold, flu, etc., we grab the MMS and start dosing. It works every time. Thanks so much for making this information available.

M. Robinson, South Carolina, USA

Crohn's Disease Goes Away

My son’s girlfriend aged 28 had Crohn’s Disease. Doctors did everything to try to help her. She could eat anything but couldn’t digest it; she was in the hospital almost every week. Nothing helped and we thought we would lose her. Then we found MMS. After one month of taking it, the doctor said she had no more Crohn’s. She can now eat anything and digest it properly. She feels great. She told her doctor that she was using MMS and he said she had better throw it away! Anyway, what a success story! Thank you.

Gene Hutchens, California, USA

Herpes finally gone!

I have taken MMS for 18 months at 6 drops twice per day. I do not have any mouth ulcers or herpes outbreaks anymore! I also noticed that I sleep much better and breathe much better. Though it has not cured me of my fibromyalgia, it has helped. I will try the DMSO with MMS1 very soon for several months. My brother had a bad case of intestinal flu for a week and popped over one day. I said,"Give this MMS a try!". He took 2 drops and went straight home. He phoned me back 20 mins. later saying all his discomfort had gone. So he came over for some more just in case, but he never needed anymore.

Brian Adams, Bournemouth, UK

You can read many more testimonials at

This is the reason why Jim Humble's new book, The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium should be a worldwide bestseller. The whole world needs this book!

Note: Jim Humble receives no money from the sales of MMS. His only income is from some donations plus the sales of books, videos, and MMS training courses.

Where Can I Buy This Book?

The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium can be purchased in both print and PDF formats at: The first half is available as a free download.

* You can also buy it as a Kindle ebook at
* It is available in the iPhone, iPad, iBook and ePub formats at Osmora Publishing –
* The Spanish eBook is available at
Please get this book for yourself, your family, and for the world. It will save you from a lot of suffering and expense and may save your life, or that of a friend or family member.

Good Health,

Bishop Mark S. Grenon
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