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First Latin American
MMS Seminar a Great Success !
We now have
360 Health Ministers
in 76 countries


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35 people including 3 medical doctors completed the first MMS Seminar conducted in Spanish. Many amazing testimonies were given by the participants who reported cures of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, aids, MRSA and more. 10 people were in attendance for the purpose of being treated. Here are a few photos from the seminar:

01-colombia mms seminar march 2012

02-colombia mms seminar march 2012

03-colombia mms seminar march 2012

04-colombia mms seminar march 2012

05-colombia mms seminar march 2012

06-colombia mms seminar march 2012

07-colombia mms seminar march 2012

Hearing about and actually seeing what has been accomplished here in Colombia has been a very validating experience for all concerned. During the coming months the new Health Ministers will be working among the people and we expect our next seminar in this area to have a greater attendance and more amazing testimonials.

Next MMS Seminar will be in English
March 25th-April 4th
Dominican Republic

The MMS Movement of the Genesis ll Church asks people to take the responsibility for their own health by studying and documenting what happens when they use MMS/CDS. These are Sacraments are the main tools of personal responsibility in the MMS self-health-care program.

We encourage everyone to attend a seminar to learn to use these tools and to gain an understanding of the MMS Movement and what it can contribute to the health of their family and the world community. In the seminars you will hear testimony and talk with people from all over the world who have been cured of a myriad of illnesses some of which have previously been considered incurable.

You will also meet and exchange information with people who have been working in the field in many parts of the world, bringing health to many who often have been suffering for years. You will learn to create the material used in the Protocol/Sacraments by actually producing them yourself.

Next Seminars
English-March 25 –April 4, Dominican Republic

For more information about these seminars and seminars in other countries including Costa Rico and Mexico contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Since the inception of this program we have learned new ways of educating large groups of people at low cost. If you would like to present a seminar for your area or your organization, with a minimum of 50 participants contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is no substitute for the experience of attending an MMS Seminar where you will have the hands-on experience of creating MMS and CDS. In these groups you will talk with people who have cured themselves and you will hear testimony from those who have worked in the field bringing health and safe water to hundreds. However, we realize there are many who wish to learn how to take personal responsibility for their health by studying and researching at home. For these people we have a DVD course and recommend that in addition to studying this video, one will benefit by participating in the online Genesis II Forum. Here you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and information with others in the MMS Movement. You may also learn from the wealth of information on youtube about Jim Humble and the MMS Movement.

MMS Home Video Course
We are extending the special offering for the MMS Home video course at $275 for another month. Take advantage of this opportunity ! Become a Genesis II Church Health Minister. "save your life or the life of a loved one."

Jim's New Book
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The Spanish version of Master Mineral of the 3rd millennium is now available at

Let's save the world!!
Bishop Mark

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